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A series of conversations with agency owners and entrepreneurs about building a better business online with WordPress and the tools it offers.

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A series of conversations with agency owners and entrepreneurs about building a better business online with WordPress and the tools it offers.

    Ep.6: Business & Law - What You Need To Know

    Ep.6: Business & Law - What You Need To Know

    If you run a business online, what are the legal essentials for small businesses - regardless of whether you have a WordPress website or not? Startups and small business owners must follow basic legal strategies and methods to grow to the next level. Don’t get yourself and your business in trouble or waste time and money embroiled in some legal drama.   
    In this episode, we talk to Reena Popat, Managing Partner at Carter Bond Solicitors, about how small businesses can stay legally compliant by sharing guidance and tips for entrepreneurs. 
    Episode Highlights and Topics:

    How Reena started, built, and grew her legal business from one to 15 offices
    What would Reena have done differently? Hire slow and fire quick
    How to Grow a Business: Learn and acquire management, leadership, and people skills 
    Trial and Error: Low barrier to entry to start a business leads to potential legal problems
    Bare Basics: Things business owners need to be aware of when starting a business
    What is the entity? Limited company, partnership, or trader - consider limited liability
    Legal Documents: Shareholder or partnership agreements and wills for your business
    Legal/Website Compliance Requirements: What do you need and why do you need it?
    Terms & Conditions: Avoid cookie-cutter, copy-and-paste methods - could harm business
    Cookie and Privacy Policies: How and why a business collects data and uses it
    Startups and Small Businesses: Your responsibility to stay up-to-date and in compliance      


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    Ep.5: SEO & WordPress for Business Owners

    Ep.5: SEO & WordPress for Business Owners

    Why are search engine optimization (SEO) techniques important and how do you actually implement them in WordPress to grow your business? 
    In this episode, we talk to Alex Murray from Tilious, an SEO agency that helps ambitious independent businesses grow with a revenue-focused approach. Alex shares how he helps his customers rank higher on search engines and what it takes for businesses with a WordPress website to get quick wins and long-term success. 
    Episode Highlights and Topics:

    COVID Pandemic: Positive and negative business impacts on work/life balance
    Tilious: Story behind the name - paying great attention to details in the SEO world
    SEO vs. Ads: SEO gives a better return on investment (ROI) and accumulates over time
    SEO Misconceptions: The majority of WordPress sites are self-built, and handle SEO, as well
    SEO Foundation: Nobody knows what’s going on or how things work - even at Google
    Content, Content Marketing, and SEO: Mistakes made when setting up a website
    Competitive Data: Follow data, conduct research to fill in gaps closest to revenue
    Search Intent: Google doesn’t rank keywords, but ranks website pages for keywords 


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    Ep.4: DIY WordPress Maintenance

    Ep.4: DIY WordPress Maintenance

    Do you prefer a do-it-yourself (DIY) approach to build, grow, and maintain a business and its website using WordPress? It’s all fun and games in the beginning, but as soon as something goes wrong or functionality needs to be added, that’s when most challenges arise and people start to struggle or get stuck.  
    In this episode, we talk to Lee Rickler from Point and Stare, a London-based WordPress agency. Lee shares some of the basics of looking after your own WordPress website properly and building a business website that works. 
    Episode Highlights and Topics:

    WordPress: Changed from hand-coding everything to a content management system 
    Assumptions/Perceptions: WordPress is really simple, but in reality, it’s more complex
    Downsides to WordPress: Maintenance, security, and potential problems afterward
    Misconception: WordPress is free, cheap, and easy, but functionality/features add up
    Best Practices: How to build a WordPress website for a business to not get hacked
    Free vs. Paid: Limitations and restrictions of WordPress.org or WordPress.com
    Hosting: Ask questions, get advice, search Google, and conduct due diligence
    Current Content: Make sure backups, SSL certificates, plugins, and themes are updated
    Pure Luck and Transparency: Be honest about what you can/can’t do and outsource 
    Networking: Everyone likes to buy something, but no one likes to be sold to       


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    Ep.3: Using a blog to grow your business

    Ep.3: Using a blog to grow your business

    WordPress makes it easy to publish blog posts and simple for businesses to thrive online. Why and how does having a blog on your website increase traffic, inquiries, and help you to become an expert in your field? 
    In this episode, we talk to Angela Squires, Accounts Director at WordHound, which writes WPMaintain’s blog posts using WordPress.   
    Episode Highlights and Topics:

    Why blogging is important - to tell people what you do and why you do it
    How the pandemic of 2020 impacted WordHound and other businesses
    White Label Services: Copywriters helping copywriters to speed up the content process
    Benefits: Blogging boosts business by being honest, giving people what they want/need
    Potential Pitfalls: Prepare to outsource to get better results faster with insider knowledge
    Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tools: Creates compelling copy but lacks human element/input
    Angela’s Big Takeaway: Just write, you can always change it


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    Ep.2: How to build a WordPress website in a day

    Ep.2: How to build a WordPress website in a day

    Where should you start when setting up a WordPress website for your business to get it created in just one day? 
    In this episode of What the ‘Press? Podcast, Suraj Sodha talks to Cheryl Laidlaw, CEO of Website in a Day, who shares tips and ideas about building WordPress websites.   
    Cheryl is passionate about making accessible and affordable websites using WordPress. She proves that you can quickly get a website built on WordPress to get a business up and running. 
    Episode Highlights and Topics:

    Eliminate the Gap in Market: How and why Cheryl started Website in a Day
    Why WordPress? Favorite choice for flexible CMS and platform
    Rubbish or Remarkable? Cheryl describes Website in a Day concept and process
    Two Perspectives: Cheryl understands the developer’s and business owner’s POV
    Superpowers: Speed, efficiency, and simplicity are WPMaintain’s core values
    Pain Point: Not starting, finishing, or launching website, but getting content from clients
    Feel Good Factor: Cheryl watches clients go from complete disbelief to confidence boost
    Common Challenges: Make sure clients have managed and maintained hosting services
    Website Necessities: Copy, professional photographs or stock images, and passwords
    How to build a healthy business to attract clients, give good customer service, get paid  


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    Ep.1: What's this all about?

    Ep.1: What's this all about?

    Are you passionate about business and WordPress? Looking for insights from agency founders, customers, and peers to grow your businesses?
    Listen to shared lessons learned over the years and WordPress knowledge and business ideas that will help you scale your business faster. Hear from other successful business owners, entrepreneurs, and experts from different industries.
    Welcome to the first episode of What the ‘Press? It’s a brand new podcast that features conversations about business and WordPress. The podcast is brought to you by WPMaintain and hosted by its founder, Suraj Sodha. 
    The common thread in all episodes will be how WordPress is used to grow a business. Listen for insightful conversations with successful entrepreneurs and innovative business owners. 
    Episode Highlights and Topics:

    What is WPMaintain? A UK-based WordPress maintenance and support agency 
    How to grow a subscription business with recurring income vs regular agency model
    How to recruit to grow your business
    How to manage remote teams better
    How to achieve work-life balance as a business owner
    How to look after your and your staff’s mental health in a remote working environment
    How to deal with from imposter syndrome when facing challenges in your businesses


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