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A daily download into the lives of 3 friends who constantly give each other grief. Mix in today’s hottest stories from the internet.
While We’re at It is a pop culture podcast with a twist of dark humor, witty banter and a fair amount of swearing.

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A daily download into the lives of 3 friends who constantly give each other grief. Mix in today’s hottest stories from the internet.
While We’re at It is a pop culture podcast with a twist of dark humor, witty banter and a fair amount of swearing.

    Thrussy Business

    Thrussy Business

    Back at it on a Monday night! We hope everyone had a nice thanksgiving with their families or zoom meetings.

    Marc is in trouble with the FTC and the BBB after a new hopeful opportunity. Sam brought home C2C for Thanksgiving with the family. Kyle had an eventful Birthday weekend.

    Marc reads some suggestive tweets from Kyle’s Twitter. Sam has a new job and a new commute. Marc is still very sleep deprived reading up on Kyle’s Twitter comments and going over some new vocabulary.

    Join us for the first week back after the holiday and have a laugh!

    • 58 min
    2 Tops 3 Chainz

    2 Tops 3 Chainz

    Happy Monday and kicking off the holiday weekend with a riveting episode of While We’re At It featuring Marc, Kyle and Sam.

    Tonight we discuss a tweet Sam made and dive into that dilemma. Marc celebrates an 11 year anniversary of saving a life. Kyle is almost 29 and feeling very stressed out about his last year in his 20’s.

    Tonight we also feature some listener questions! If you’ve got a question you’d love for us to answer please send it over to @whilewereatitpod on Instagram or whilewereatitpod@gmail.com. We’d love to be cynical and hear what you’re thinking of the show.

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving you jamokes and look for our next episode next Monday 11/30!

    • 1 hr 2 min
    Bang For Your Buck

    Bang For Your Buck

    Marc is drunk on red wine, Kyle is unamused by Marc's less than fatherly decisions to be drunk before 9PM. Sam is just trying to keep this show on its tracks while our fearless leader discusses ripped zoo workers having rough sex..

    While We're At our daily shit show lives, Kyle describes the types of gays in the community, discussions arise over men wearing dresses as it pertains to Harry Styles on the cover of Vogue. Marc thinks that Kyle can beat Russian President Putin, in a boxing match because he is short.

    Who else is having a REALLY HARD TIME adjusting to the new layout of Instagram and checking out what Twitter fleets are all about?!

    We're off the rails tonight and well Marc is lubed up and feeling it...again.

    Listen to tonight's podcast!

    • 1 hr 4 min
    No Sex Show

    No Sex Show

    Well....listen in to see if the show name holds up to its name!

    Marc had newborn photos taken at a very odd location to bring a vulnerable newborn baby.

    Kyle got Catfished. What do you say to someone clearly using old photos?

    Sam had a few more interviews today and did her hair up nicely. The guys are more focused on her recent social media post and have beef about one photo in particular.

    Listen in to another weekend round-up of While We're At It shenanigans, ya Jamokes!

    • 53 min
    Finding Love on LinkedIn

    Finding Love on LinkedIn

    SPOILER: Stories of Tyler Seguin in honor of Episode 19

    How hot is it Marc? What the hell are Manillas? Tonight, While We're At It is another bag of cats for you jamokes. 

    Marc is disgusted about this one thing that happens to babies, Kyle is scared of his strength when doing this to someone, Sam is yet again, INTERROGATED. 

    Marc may get his son's nickname tattooed on him because he's such a proud Dad. Dad-clothing dressed and all! Kyle gets a very strange Grindr message about a suitor's secret life. 

    Now stay tuned to see what happens when Kyle seeks out a potential LinkedIn lover on Monday's While We're At It! 

    • 1 hr 4 min
    Good Time Sally

    Good Time Sally

    Marc is severely sleep deprived and is combining five stories at a time.

    Have you ever lived with a Craigslist killer? Kyle and Sam dish on their random roommates. Kyle celebrated the president elect with a special purchase bottle of champagne in the street.

    The furthest you’ve traveled for someone you were dating/hooking up with depends on the level of commitment. Kyle says he won’t travel very far and Marc has driven 45 minutes. Sam apparently is holding her own bachelorette and has given some gentlemen more opportunities than they deserve.

    • 1 hr 5 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
10 Ratings

10 Ratings

Dan morse ,

Great show!

Love this show! Like listening to your friends chop it up about ... pretty much everything and anything lol
Definitely a must sub!

BigKyleFan ,

Laughs for daysssss

This podcast is like listening to your friends go on about what’s going on in the world and what’s going on in their lives. Once you listen you won’t be able to stop.

P1SinceDay1 ,

Laugh at them and with them

This podcast is not afraid to go there or expose themselves. If you want to laugh at their opinions on different topics or their lives in general make sure to listen.

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