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Discover how the minds, methods and money that fueled the explosion of innovation and disruption in silicon valley are working to build the technology, products and companies that will save the planet. Hosts: Lex Kiefhaber and Tony Noto. Music: Bill Gagliardi.

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Discover how the minds, methods and money that fueled the explosion of innovation and disruption in silicon valley are working to build the technology, products and companies that will save the planet. Hosts: Lex Kiefhaber and Tony Noto. Music: Bill Gagliardi.

    Arrival Navigates Headwinds in the EV Market

    Arrival Navigates Headwinds in the EV Market

    Prior to becoming the President and Chief Strategy Officer of Arrival, Avinash Rugoobur, led General Motor's billion dollar acquisition of autonomous driving company Cruise. Understanding frontier technology in the world of automotive advancement is squarely in his wheelhouse, which is why it created quite a stir when he left Cruise in 2020 for the startup electric bus company, Arrival. 

    Since he joined, they've been on a roller coaster of valuations and product launches. In 2021 Arrival went public through a SPAC, listing at a $13 billion valuation. Today the valuation is less than down 97%, to under $300 million. But, where there's a will there's a way, and Avinash is in it for the long term. We touch on the future of the electric vehicle industry, the need for innovation on a scale to equal the threat of climate change, and not the least, what working in a chocolate factor can teach you about running an billion dollar car manufacturer. 

    Note: This interview was recorded in May of 2022. 

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    How To Turn Your Credit Card Into a Force for Climate Prosperity

    How To Turn Your Credit Card Into a Force for Climate Prosperity

    As with most things magically, Joro was once an excel spreadsheet. Sanchali Pal was concerned with her personal carbon footprint when she was in undergrad at Princeton, so did as anyone would: she started tabulating the specific carbon weights of all of her choices on what became a massive excel sheet. After Harvard Business School, Ms. Pal was ready to turn this hobby into a force for empowering every consumer with better information about- and the means to offset- their personal consumption choices.

    Joro was founded in 2019 backed by one of (if not the) world's most preeminent venture capital firms, Sequoia. The app connects with a consumer's credit card to track and analyze spending habits, proving automated insight into what our most carbon intensive activities are, how to curb those habits, and opportunities to offset the carbon we consume in our daily lives. 

    More broadly, Sanchali's mission goes to the heart of consumer behavior, and human nature. How can we make it so simple to save our planet, that not doing so is actually less convenient?

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    How to Invest in A Sustainable Future

    How to Invest in A Sustainable Future

    Put your money where your mouth is, perhaps more effect would be to put your moneys where your values are. Carbon Collective is an investment platform that identifies companies dedicated to creating the technology, infrastructure, commerce and business necessary for a sustainable future, and they put your money to work supporting those companies. The value proposition is simple: if you think that not destroying the earth is good business, then investing in the businesses doing the most to save the planet while divesting from the companies actively destroying it is a great long term investment strategy.

    This week Zach Stein, CEO and Co-Founder of Carbon Collective joins us to talk about how his company is using simple metrics to unlock an investment strategy appropriate for anyone keen on the survival of civilization and the environment. We discuss the path to creating carbon collective, how their model differs from the status quo, and what makes for a winning investment strategy. Or, at least one that won't kill us along the way. 

    Note: Nothing in this podcast (and certainly nothing from me) should be taken as financial advice. 

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    The Rise of a Fashion Entrepreneur

    The Rise of a Fashion Entrepreneur

    We often discuss saving the planet in terms of technological breakthroughs, political movements or individual choices. This week we examine a more fundamental element necessary for our survival: empathy.

    Jordana Guimaraes is many things. She is an author, an entrepreneur, a global ambassador for fashion, and a champion of human rights. She joins us to peel back the curtain on how her journey unfolded, the challenges she had to overcome both personally and professionally to realize her vision. The through line for all of her works has been a deeply held compassion for her fellow humans, expressed in many forms but always a driving force in her life story.

    Jordana is the co-founder of Fashinnovation, a global platform at the frontier of technology and sustainability in the fashion industry. After a career in PR she built fashinnovation to highlight the changing landscape of one of the world's largest and important industries. Along the way she also authored a book, It Could Be You, an exploration of homelessness, that is a vehicle for philanthropy. 

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    Sustainable Ride Sharing... but with Soul

    Sustainable Ride Sharing... but with Soul

    They say culture eats strategy for breakfast, and if that's true it's unlikely Raven Hernandez, CEO and founder of Earthrides, will be hungry any time soon. She's an attorney, entrepreneur, and visionary rebuilding the relationship between ride sharing companies and the people who actually drive the cars. 

    Earthrides offers a fully electric fleet of cars, largely owned by the company themselves, with employees rather than just contract workers. She's taken the proven model for ride sharing but infused it with a deeply felt conviction of honesty, integrity and purpose. In the episode we get into the company, how and why she founded it, and how her lived experiences are informing the culture of Earthrides, which sets it apart from the competition. 

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    Saving the Planet Takes All of Us

    Saving the Planet Takes All of Us

    Who gets a voice when it comes to the environment? After all, we all have to live on this little blue dot together. Everyone, regardless of identity, has a right to define humanity’s relationship with the environment. However, environmentalism has a long and unfortunate track record of exclusion towards BIPOC and other marginalized groups. If we truly want to save the planet, we need to work towards a future that is just and equitable for all.

    Who’s Saving the Planet is celebrating Earth Day this year by collaborating with Isaias Hernandez, (@queerbrownvegan), Sally Garcia (@callmeflowerchild), and Reza Cristian from Sustain the Mag to discuss how sustainability and social justice intersect!

    Isaias Hernandez is an environmental justice activist and influencer, and he is the creator behind Queer Brown Vegan, an educational platform and safe space for other like-minded individuals to learn terminology in the environmental movement.

    Sally Garcia is a BIPOC environmental activist and influencer who is working to make America’s National Parks more safe and equitable for all.

    Reza Cristián is the founder and editor-in-chief of SUSTAIN THE MAG, an online media platform where eco-conscious warriors cultivate a healthy, planet-friendly lifestyle. Sustain disrupts complacency and refuses the old habits of our over-consuming, throw-away society.

    Listen, share with friends, and get out there to keep saving the planet!

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4.9 out of 5
48 Ratings

48 Ratings

melizpen77 ,

Hopeful and uplifting

Such an uplifting and educational podcast series. It really has opened my eyes to all of the amazing work people are doing to create a healthier and more sustainable world!

gammy hooz ,

Thankful fo Jenn Harper

As a Native it was gratifying to hear the interview with Harper. It helped that Jess was also a Native and that she identified with Jenn’s experiences. Such an easy to listen to story, even the tough parts. Well done. And now, I’m going to shop Native because I can.

Schay0983421 ,

Great podcast!

Inspiring!! A must listen!

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