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    S04E07 | Metasurfaces Enables Telekinesis

    S04E07 | Metasurfaces Enables Telekinesis

    WEBSITE - https://wickedgood.xyz

    TIMESTAMPS / SHOW NOTES -  https://pastebin.com/2e0tbH2C

    (0:00) SLS rollout 

    (11:55) Every email OpenSea has is compromised and in “the ocean” 

    (19:58) California DOJ data breach exposes personal information of all concealed carry permit holders 

    (30:01) Voice of FN Meka speaks out 

    (34:54) Music revenue sharing for video creators on Facebook 

    (41:18) 988 makes calling easier when your down in the dumps 

    (42:52) Metasurfaces Enables Telekinesis and Telepathy With Technology 

    (47:38) Smart contact lenses with AR display trialed for the first time 

    (56:20) AI Speed runs Minecraft 

    (1:09:24) 3D Printed Cartilage Ushers In Ear-a Of Custom Body Parts 

    (1:17:57) Google falsely accuses man with sick child of being a kiddy lover 

    (1:31:27) FBI Child ID App

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    S04E06 | Hypoallergenic CRISPR Cats

    S04E06 | Hypoallergenic CRISPR Cats

    WEBSITE - https://wickedgood.xyz

    TIMESTAMPS / SHOW NOTES -  https://pastebin.com/USRmKaRS

    (0:00) Goldman Sachs 2030 music predictions 

    (13:54) Live Nation CEO Has Sold Almost $160 Million In Stock During 2022 

    (22:32) Apple’s Self Service Repair now available 

    (32:48) Samsung and Google join iFix it to do self repair 

    (39:50) Clearview AI to stop selling data to most private companies 

    (59:21) Homeland Security Is Tackling Disinformation 

    (1:09:03) Rocket Lab catches rocket with helicopter 

    (1:12:56) Astronomers reveal first image of the black hole at the heart of our galaxy 


    Everyday Astronaut - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6uKrU_WqJ1R2HMTY3LIx5Q 

    (1:19:35) Scientists Use CRISPR Gene Editing to Try to Create Hypoallergenic Cats 

    (1:24:48) Vision scientists revive light-sensing cells in organ donor eyes 

    (1:31:01) Opensea insider trading charged  

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    S04E05 | CashApp Hack Exposes NFT Game

    S04E05 | CashApp Hack Exposes NFT Game

    WEBSITE - https://wickedgood.xyz

    TIMESTAMPS / SHOW NOTES -  https://pastebin.com/5RLiZt3L 

    (0:00) Grammys Narrowly Avoid All-Time Low 

    (5:48) Ingrooves Claims to ‘Double Listener Streams’ 

    (12:54) Animal that doesn’t have to breath 

    (17:37) The complete sequence of a human genome 

    (20:54) Old skins cells reprogrammed to regain youthful function 

    (28:12) NASA astronaut Mark Vande Hei reflects on record 355 days in space 

    (39:42) SpaceX launches Ax-1, the 1st fully private astronaut mission to the space station 

    (45:04) 2 Spacewalkers Imaged From The Ground 

    (49:50) Mailchimp hack compromises Trezor 

    (1:01:42) $600 million NFT game hack 

    (1:14:45) CashApp Hack Exposes 8.2M Customers 

    (1:21:53) Elon wants to buy twitter 

    (1:36:08) OpenAI Dall E 2 

    (1:45:32) Colin and Samir - WICKED GOOD YOUTUBE CHANNEL 

    (1:47:04) US Authorities Seize $34M in Largest Crypto Confiscations 

    (1:53:29) Universal Music Group Files Trademarks for Its Bored Ape 

    (2:01:23) Crypto.com to Pay Bitcoin Bonuses to UFC Fighters  

    • 2 hr 9 min
    S04E04 | "Fazed Up" Moon Rocket | WICKED GOOD

    S04E04 | "Fazed Up" Moon Rocket | WICKED GOOD

    WEBSITE - https://wickedgood.xyz

    TIMESTAMPS / SHOW NOTES -  https://pastebin.com/6fXDf6VT 

    (0:00) Donda 2 Ruled “Ineligible” For Billboard Charts 

    (15:32) Epic Games bought Bandcamp 

    (22:33) Amazon AMP. Create your own internet radio station legally  

    (30:43) Google Genius lawsuit update 

    (38:32) Spotify Patented its Own A&R Technology 

    (48:29) Final rule occupant protection amendment automated vehicles 

    (53:31) TikTok nears Oracle deal 

    (57:24) NASA Studies ‘New’ 50-Year-Old Lunar Sample to Prep for Return to Moon 

    (1:02:35) Artemis moon rocket rolled out to pad 

    (1:07:16) Snoop joins Faze Clan investment 

    (1:09:38) WICKED GOOD YOUTUBE CHANNEL - Real engineering

    (1:13:38) Mouse gives birth after gene-editing experiment 

    (1:18:50) RIP CRYPTO PUNKS???? 

    (1:26:17) Executive Order on Ensuring Responsible Development of Digital Assets 

    (1:39:51) “Fingerprints, batteries, and people” BLOCKs high transaction fingerprint scanner 

    (1:45:39) ‘No permission’ to cheer at BTS concert in south Korea 

    • 1 hr 47 min
    S04E03 | FDA Approves Face ID For The IRS | WICKED GOOD

    S04E03 | FDA Approves Face ID For The IRS | WICKED GOOD

    WEBSITE - https://wickedgood.xyz

    TIMESTAMPS / SHOW NOTES -  https://pastebin.com/jcVnLJvX 

    (0:00) OpenSea hack 

    (12:15) NVIDIA Hack 

    (17:18) Samsung Hack 

    (20:30) Kanye Stem player 

    (29:08) BlackRock teams with Warner to launch new $750m music-buying fund via Influence Media 

    (32:29) BMI wants to get into the buying catalog craze 

    (39:08) AT&T shutting down it’s 3G network 

    (41:41) Ziff Davis 

    (47:12) FBI google geo fence data warrant  

    (57:19) IRS "not" going to use facial recognition for IRS accounts 

    (1:07:36) USCO Officially Refuses to Issue Copyright For AI-Created Art 

    (1:15:04) WICKED GOOD YOUTUBE CHANNEL - Patrick Cc - https://youtube.com/c/PatrickCc 

    (1:18:54) FDA approves first condom for but stuff 

    (1:27:29) The first woman has been cured of HIV using donor stem cells 

    (1:31:42) White Castle Expands Partnership with Miso Robotics to Install Flippy 2 in 100 New Locations 

    (1:38:06) Another one bites the dust 

    (1:40:27) Addressing Vaccine Inequity  

    • 1 hr 45 min
    S04E02 | "Crisis Text Line" Sells User Data | WICKED GOOD

    S04E02 | "Crisis Text Line" Sells User Data | WICKED GOOD

    WEBSITE - https://wickedgood.xyz

    TIMESTAMPS / SHOW NOTES - https://pastebin.com/8ghkd36G

    (0:00) Space Station end of life 

    (14:21) Starship fullstack and presentation 

    (21:20) New SpaceX polaris dawn 

    (34:03) EARN IT act 

    (36:07) Old catalogue out paces new songs first the first time 

    (42:37) Snoopdog buys death row records 

    (46:23) ALIAS equipped Black Hawk helicopter completes first uninhabited flight 

    (52:12) Walmart joins founding for vertical farm company 

    (1:04:22) Nord and surfshark merge 

    (1:09:20) 25 million for one podcast episode 

    (1:13:50) More Rogan 

    (1:18:13) Pageviews sues Business Insider 


    (1:29:04) Scientists regrow frog leg 

    (1:32:13) Assange NFT 

    (1:35:46) Snoop NFTs 

    (1:38:10) Crisis text line selling data to big companies 

    (1:50:25) CDC isn't publishing large portions of data

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3 Ratings

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