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Every month, Mariposa Leadership, Inc. Founder/CEO, Susan Bethanis, speaks to thought leaders in leadership, tech, design thinking and human resources. Join us for inspiring conversation and practical insights.

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Every month, Mariposa Leadership, Inc. Founder/CEO, Susan Bethanis, speaks to thought leaders in leadership, tech, design thinking and human resources. Join us for inspiring conversation and practical insights.

    Parents Who Lead

    Parents Who Lead

    Sue Bethanis hosts Alyssa Westring, Ph.D., an associate professor of management at the Driehaus College of Business, DePaul University and an award-winning educator and an inaugural Presidential Fellow at DePaul. As the Director of Research for Total Leadership, Alyssa brings her expertise to evaluating the impact of Total Leadership on clients and program participants. Findings from this research are used both for continuous program improvement and for disseminating the authors’ discoveries and their implications for both scholars and practitioners.

    Alyssa is the co-author of Parents Who Lead: The Leadership Approach You Need to Parent with Purpose, Fuel Your Career, and Create a Richer Life (Harvard Business Review Press, March 2020) and a scholar of diversity and inclusion, with a focus on women’s careers in STEM fields. Her work on women in medicine has been funded by the National Institutes of Health. She is a founding member of the Research Partnership for Women in Science Careers, and my scholarly writing can be found in numerous academic journals and regularly speaks to Fortune 500 companies about creating organizational cultures that facilitate work-life integration, diversity, and inclusion. In her TEDx talk, The Secret Life of a Work-Life Insider, she shares how her research questions and personal journey into motherhood have shaped one another.

    Sue and Alyssa discuss:

    - How to best navigate WFH as a parent — how do we really do this juggling act in the New Normal?
    - How to engage with your kids in meaningful ways, generally, and during Covid-19
    - How to get community support virtually
    - How to best deal with your own stress levels so you can be a more patient parent

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    How to Thrive Under Stress

    How to Thrive Under Stress

    Sue Bethanis hosts Elizabeth A. Stanley, Ph.D., an award-winning author, veteran, and pathfinder. She is an associate professor of security studies at Georgetown University, jointly appointed in the School of Foreign Service and Government Department. She speaks, teaches, and publishes widely about resilience, decision-making under stress, civil-military relations, military effectiveness and innovation, and international security.

    Liz served as a U.S. Army intelligence officer in Asia, Europe, and on Balkans deployments, leaving service as a captain and created Mindfulness-based Mind Fitness Training (MMFT)®, which she’s taught to thousands in high-stress environments. Her book about the neurobiology of resilience, Widen the Window: Training Your Brain and Body to Thrive during Stress and Recover from Trauma, is based on her teaching in these high-stress environments. MMFT research has been featured on 60 Minutes, ABC Evening News, NPR, Time Magazine, The Washington Post, and many other media outlets. She has given several MMFT-related plenary keynotes at major conferences, including the Departments of Defense/Veterans’ Affairs National Suicide Prevention Conference and the International Trauma Conference. She has also presented MMFT research during Congressional testimony and at the White House.

    Liz and Sue discuss:

    - How to find resilience and well-being in times of coronavirus
    - The relationship between stress and trauma
    - How to train survival brain agency

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    Boosting Your Self-Care

    Boosting Your Self-Care

    Sue hosts Dr. Suhas Kshirsagar, a world-renowned Ayurvedic physician and educator from India, and the director of the Ayurvedic Healing and Integrative Wellness Clinic in Santa Cruz, California. He holds a B.A. in Ayurvedic medicine and completed a three-year residency as an M.D. (doctorate in Ayurvedic internal medicine) with a gold medal at the prestigious Pune University.

    He is the author of several books including The Hot Belly Diet: A 30-Day Ayurvedic Plan to Reset Your Metabolism, Lose Weight, and Restore Your Body's Natural Balance to Heal Itself, the co-author of The Art and Science of Vedic Counseling with David Frawley, and his most recent book, Change Your Schedule, Change Your Life: How to Harness the Power of Clock Genes to Lose Weight, Optimize Your Workout, and Finally Get a Good Night's Sleep. Suhas is an advisor and consultant at the Chopra Center, a faculty member at several Ayurvedic institutions, and a sought-after motivational speaker, researcher and an acclaimed educator in the field of integrative medicine.

    Suhas and Sue discuss:

    - How to stay healthy during COVID-19
    - How your body tells time
    - How your schedule could be killing you
    - Why sleep is considered to be a miracle drug
    - Three simple steps to transform your life

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    Outsmart Your Anxious Brain

    Outsmart Your Anxious Brain

    Sue hosts David A. Carbonell, PhD, a clinical psychologist who specializes in treating anxiety in all its forms. He is author of several books including, Panic Attacks Workbook, The Worry Trick,  Fear of Flying Workbook, and his most recent, Outsmart Your Anxious Brain: 10 Simple Ways to Beat the Worry Trick. He is “coach” of the popular self-help site www.anxietycoach.com, and has taught workshops on the treatment of anxiety disorders to more than 9,000 professional psychotherapists in the U.S. and abroad.

    He is a long-standing member of the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, and a frequent presenter at their annual conferences. He received his doctorate in clinical psychology from DePaul University in 1985, and has maintained a practice devoted to the treatment of anxiety disorders since 1990. He lives in Chicago, IL, with his wife and a pair of rescue dogs. In his spare time, he is founding member of The Therapy Players, an improvisational comedy troupe of professional psychotherapists which performs at clubs, theaters, and mental health conferences throughout the Chicago area.

    David and Sue discuss:

    - How anxiety tricks you into changing your everyday behaviors
    - Why, despite your best efforts, your anxiety keeps getting worse
    - How to follow his three steps for coronavirus anxiety
    - What to do differently to allow you to worry less

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    Free Yourself From Conflict in the New Normal

    Free Yourself From Conflict in the New Normal

    Social distancing really means physical distancing and does not have to inhibit your ability to connect socially and emotionally with others. With shelter-in-place here for the near future, many of us are already grappling with feeling isolated, anxious, and overwhelmed.

    Sue hosts Dr. Jennifer Goldman-Wetzler, a leading expert on conflict and organizational psychology. Jennifer and Sue will discuss how we can limit conflict to be able to focus more on connecting with our colleagues and families.

    Jennifer is the founder and CEO of Alignment Strategies Group, and author of Optimal Outcomes: Free Yourself from Conflict at Work, at Home, and in Life selected as Financial Times “Book of the Month.” In the corporate arena, Jennifer counsels CEOs and their teams on how to achieve optimal organizational health and growth, specializing in innovative technology, healthcare, financial and professional services companies. She has served clients including: CSC, IBM, Intel, Athena health, Novartis, Oscar Health Insurance, Oxeon, Roche, Barclays, GE Capital, Moody’s, Cornerstone Research, Lexis Nexis, Navigant, and KPMG. She also coaches global business and government leaders in the Executive Education Program at Columbia Business School. A former counterterrorism research fellow with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, she received her B.A. with honors from Tufts University and holds a Ph.D. in Social-Organizational Psychology from Columbia University.

    Jennifer and Sue discuss:

    - The New Normal: How do we set both physical and psychological boundaries in our WFH (work from home) in order get stuff done, limit confrontation, and stay calm
    - How do we deal with conflict when it does come up in both home and work
    - How do we harness difficult emotions
    - How do we cope with social isolation

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    Waking Up A Leader

    Waking Up A Leader

    Sue Bethanis kicks off 2020 with Dr. Daphne Scott. Daphne brings two decades of real world coaching and corporate development experience to her work with organizations, teams and individuals. She combines strong leadership abilities with highly-trained facilitation skills to bring individuals and teams into greater relationship, creativity, and ultimately, success.

    Daphne is the Founder of DS Leadership Life and the Chief Culture Officer for Confluent Health. She is an expert at waking up leaders to a mindful way of leading, and given her improv comedy training, she brings a unique sense of humor to her work helping merged companies integrate cultures. Daphne holds a Master’s of Applied Positive Psychology and is also a certified mindfulness meditation teacher. She hosts The Super Fantastic Leadership Show podcast and the series Leadership in the Driver’s Seat on her YouTube channel. Her latest book is called Waking Up A Leader: The Five Relationships of Success.

    Daphne and Sue discuss:

    - How to mindfully assess these five relationships to see whether they’re helping you thrive or holding you back
    - How to be equipped with new transactional skills that will not only improve your leadership and time management capabilities, but help you address the real-world challenges
    - How to be prepared to lead with far less stress than before and a newfound sense of well-being

    • 47 min

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