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Work From The Inside Out is a weekly podcast focused on helping people to pursue work they will love. Inspiring stories of real people who overcame the barriers and unhappiness that kept them feeling stuck in a career are featured. Practical tips and approaches for moving into more meaningful, satisfying, and fulfilling work are shared by experts in the field. Go to www.tammygoolerloeb.com/podcast to learn more!

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Work From The Inside Out is a weekly podcast focused on helping people to pursue work they will love. Inspiring stories of real people who overcame the barriers and unhappiness that kept them feeling stuck in a career are featured. Practical tips and approaches for moving into more meaningful, satisfying, and fulfilling work are shared by experts in the field. Go to www.tammygoolerloeb.com/podcast to learn more!

    195: Empowering Working Parents - Lori Mihalich-Levin

    195: Empowering Working Parents - Lori Mihalich-Levin

    After returning to a full-time law practice from maternity leave, Lori Mihalich-Levin discovered that she did not have the resources she needed to manage her life in the ways she wanted. Once her second child was born, her stress multiplied. Lori decided to do something about it and help other parents who had many of the same issues. She created Mindful Return to help parents transition back to work after parental leave. Mindful Return offers a multitude of resources for new working parents, including e-courses, programs that employers can offer to their employees, and chapters based in the US, UK, India, and South Africa. 
    Lori has been committed to promoting women’s equality and leadership throughout her career.  As a Partner at Dentons US LLP, Lori founded and Co-Chaired Dentons’ Parent Professional Network for two years. In her prior role at the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), she founded the Returning to Work Community (RWC) for mothers returning to work from maternity leave and a D.C. Health Policy Lean in Circle. At Princeton, Lori wrote her undergraduate thesis on immigrant women in France who experienced domestic violence. At Georgetown Law, she was co-President of the Women’s Legal Alliance and represented clients through the Domestic Violence Clinic.
    She is the author of Back to Work After Baby How to Plan and Navigate a Mindful Return from Maternity Leave, and co-host of the Parents at Work podcast. 
    In this week’s Work From The Inside Out podcast, learn more about Lori’s journey:
    Lori’s thought leadership has been featured in publications, including Forbes, The Washington Post, New York Times, Parenting, and Thrive Global.  Today, Lori advises clients in her law practice on issues relating to Medicare graduate medical education payments. Learn more and connect with Lori here:

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    194: Scale a Business That You Love - Eleanor Beaton

    194: Scale a Business That You Love - Eleanor Beaton

    Eleanor Beaton is the founder of SafiMedia, an education & coaching company for women entrepreneurs. Through SafiMedia and her podcast Power Presence Position, Eleanor and her team are committed to advancing global gender equity and a model of economic growth that nourishes the planet, one woman-owned business at a time.
    Eleanor grew up in Nova Scotia, Canada, although she was born in England. Her father was an economics professor at a university in Nova Scotia, and previously, her Mom was a teacher in her native Fiji, where Eleanor’s parents originally met. In fact, in those earlier years, Eleanor’s mother earned more than her father, owned her own home, and was living very comfortably, fully supporting herself when they began dating. Once they moved to England and had Eleanor, they decided that her mother would stay home and raise her, which she did for eighteen years. 
    Eleanor’s parents had a good relationship, yet her mother regretted not having her own finances to manage. Her message to Eleanor: make your own money. Money is power.
    Eleanor started her career in PR and advertising, but something was missing. She decided to attend journalism school and, then, started her own communications firm. Eleanor was drawn to content about women’s independence and financial equity. She trained in coaching and shifted her business model to support female entrepreneurs in their growth and development.
    In this week’s Work From The Inside Out podcast, learn more about Eleanor’s journey:
    Eleanor's work has been published or quoted in publications including The Globe & Mail, The Atlantic, CBC, Chatelaine, and more. She’s on a mission to double the number of women entrepreneurs who scale past $1M in revenue by 2030. Learn more and connect with Eleanor here:
    Free gift from Eleanor: Eleanor's 13 secrets for sharing your message -  https://safimedia.lpages.co/selling-with-stories-list/

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    193: Fearless Culture: Thriving in the Hybrid Workplace - Gustavo Razzetti

    193: Fearless Culture: Thriving in the Hybrid Workplace - Gustavo Razzetti

    Gustavo Razzetti’s favorite question is “what if?” That simple question has helped him on his quest for continuous exploration and experimentation. As the fifth child of seven siblings in his family, he learned early to look for new ideas and solutions and to challenge the status quo. Growing up in Argentina during the civil war added to the context in which he valued freedom and independence. What began as responsibilities he took on as a child, such as cooking meals for his siblings when his parents were traveling, has translated into a lifetime of continual experimentation, learning, and discovery.
    Change has always been a constant to Gustavo. His diverse background is at the intersection of change leadership, marketing strategy, innovation, and design thinking. He has led and transformed six organizations in different scenarios over 20 years: start-up, high-growth, and turnaround, and has worked in diverse places: New York, Argentina, Chicago, Puerto Rico, and Los Angeles. He loves advising CEOs from both Fortune 500 and startups alike.
    The author of hundreds of articles on change leadership, innovation, and self-improvement, Gustavo released his most recent book in June 2022: Remote Not Distant: Design a Company Culture That Will Help You Thrive in a Hybrid Workplace. He addresses multiple areas of company cultures, from keeping teams connected and improving remote collaboration to managing asynchronous communication, facilitating courageous conversations, and defining the right hybrid model for your organization.
    In this week’s Work From The Inside Out podcast, learn more about Gustavo’s journey:
    He was invited to participate in the cutting-edge Innovation Leadership Program at Stanford University. Gustavo is the author of three books prior to his current publication:  Stretch for Change: How To Improve Your Change Fitness And Thrive In Life, Stretch Your Mind: How to conquer your comfort zone one stretch at a time, and Stretch Your Team: How to Adapt And Thrive in a Changing World. Learn more and connect with Gustavo here:

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    192: Building the Business of You - Connie Steele

    192: Building the Business of You - Connie Steele

    Connie Steele grew up as a first generation Chinese-American with the traditional pressures to excel academically as the pathway to success. Her Dad had a Ph.D. in economics and statistics, so there was an emphasis on excellence in math. Connie studied statistics in college. In her junior year, she sought out vocational books in the library to figure out what she was going to do next. She read about marketing research, then took a marketing class and loved it. Connie went to the University of Michigan for a master's degree in applied statistics where she was also able to take classes in the business school. Later, she earned a doctorate in statistics. 
    Today, Connie is passionate about helping leaders build fluid organizations to adapt and thrive in a world where uncertainty is the new certainty. She is on a mission to help professionals and companies get unstuck to achieve their goals confidently. With over twenty years of working at Fortune 500 companies, such as AOL and General Mills, start-ups and scale-up organizations, and high-growth tech companies, Connie shared with me the full range of how businesses have had to become more collaborative and fluid. 
    Connie has always been intrigued by the “why” behind companies and careers that thrive. Her goal is to help people discover their portfolio career or super job, their “career mashup”, her term for the career of the future in which they merge their skills, passions, and values. In her best-selling book Building the Business of You, Connie shares future work trends that explain how people’s motivations and expectations are changing with respect to work and life. She couples this with a five-step long-term strategic planning framework to help readers take greater control of their careers, personal and leadership development.
    Connie just published "What Workers Want," the second annual State of Work and Career Success survey. Connie is conducting this survey annually to understand what does it take to be successful now in this new world of work? What holds us back as individuals (not employees) from reaching our goals? What does it take to reach one’s career potential, and what is that relationship with their company’s potential?
    In this week’s Work From The Inside Out podcast, learn more about Connie’s journey:
    Connie is the host of the Strategic Momentum podcast, devoted to meaningful work-life fit in an ever-changing world through inspiring stories, actionable tips, and pragmatic advice from those that found their fit. Her perspectives and advice have appeared in Forbes, Authority Magazine, TechRound, and Thrive Global. Learn more and connect with Connie here: 
    Book “Building the Business of You"
    Podcast: Strategic Momentum
    @conniewangsteele (Instagram)
    @conniewsteele (Twitter)

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    191: Use Your Voice to Offer Transformative Value - Deborah Coviello

    191: Use Your Voice to Offer Transformative Value - Deborah Coviello

    Deb Coviello is an introvert who likes to talk. As a child, she often wanted to express herself and enjoyed participating in activities such as the school play. Deb was a good student and even skipped fifth grade, heading straight into middle school. Yet, throughout her early years and even into her professional career life, Deb found that teachers, bosses, and others did not always want her to speak, so there were periods of time when she would clam up. This created misperceptions of her abilities. Teachers assessed she was not too bright and bosses perceived she was not aligned with the team. 
    In college, Deb found a zone where she could offer her voice and became a natural leader. She studied biomedical engineering (at a school her guidance counselor told her she would not be able to get admitted to!) and upon graduation entered a manufacturing management development program with her first employer.  From there she built a 30 plus year career in strategy, quality and operational excellence roles, primarily in the flavors and fragrance industry.
    Today, Deb has struck out on her own as an advisor, author, podcast host, and founder of Illumination Partners, a consulting firm for CEOs navigating change. A trusted partner to C-suite leaders, Deb supports her clients as they work together to identify, assess and solve the issues that may be preventing their business growth. 
    Deb has developed powerful programs devoted to helping CEOs identify emerging leaders. She hosts a weekly show, The Drop-In CEO Podcast . And she is the author of the book, The CEO’s Compass, Your Guide to Get Back on Track.
    In this week’s Work From The Inside Out podcast, learn more about Deb’s journey:
    Deb is certified as a Lean and Six Sigma Black Belt in process improvement. She is a board member of Women in Flavor and Fragrance Commerce. Deb is an avid curler with the Cincinnati curling club and won a silver medal in a national tournament. Learn more and connect with Deborah here:
    Website: https://dropinceo.com
    Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/deborahacoviello/
    The CEO’s Compass: https://bit.ly/OrderCEOCompass
    Drop in CEO Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-drop-in-ceo/id1498953914?ls=1
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IlluminationPartnersLLC/
    Twitter: @DropinCEO
    Instagram: dropinceo

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    190: Ask Questions. Don’t Assume. Gather Resources. - Julie Schecter

    190: Ask Questions. Don’t Assume. Gather Resources. - Julie Schecter

    Julie Schechter danced her way through childhood into college, focusing on ballet. When she wasn’t dancing, she might be hanging out with her dad in his editing room as he spliced film for his documentaries. Mom was a child psychologist. Needless to say, Julie had a front-row seat to entrepreneurism and passion-connected careers. It came as a bit of a shock when Julie announced that she was going to Harvard Law School. There’s more to that story…
    After studying dance in college, Julie spent two years in Americorps, a national program that engages Americans in intensive community service to meet needs in education, the environment, public safety, health, and homeland security. Julie worked with nurses going into preschools in the San Juan Capistrano, CA area, near the Mexican border, doing wellness checks on children, and trying to identify health needs because English was not their first language. She was inspired by that experience and decided she wanted to be like Atticus Finch, from To Kill A Mockingbird. 
    Upon entering law school, Julie intended to pursue a career in public interest law, and like many in her shoes, she had a huge debt load at graduation. So, she joined a large law firm and became a litigator, an experience she values to this day. Yet, she is no longer practicing law.
    Julie in her heart is a serial entrepreneur. Once she left law, she leveraged her background as a ballet dancer to create the successful fitness company fitBallet, which ran for three years in New York City’s hyper-competitive fitness market. 
    Today, Julie is the co-founder and CEO of Small Packages. Her curated care packages help busy people maintain their friendships despite the pressures of physical distance.
    In this week’s Work From The Inside Out podcast, learn more about  Julie’s journey:
    Julie took a day job counseling attorneys while she was building fitBallet to support herself.  Small Packages has been featured in NYT Wirecutter, CNN, Good Morning America, and awarded a Visionary Women Grant by Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran. Learn more and connect with Julie here:
    Instagram: @smallpackages
    Twitter: @smallpackagesco
    Website: www.smallpackages.co

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4.9 out of 5
73 Ratings

73 Ratings

Lisa Fain ,

Great conversation!!!

Tammy is an expert interviewer. Her natural curiosity and kindness radiate in her interviews. She understands that a career is more than just a series of jobs - but rather is a product of life views and experiences. Highly recommend!

CoreyBlake9000 ,

Fabulously Real

Tammy is so wonderfully sincere in her interviews. She is an absolute blessing to spend time with and listen in on. Her desire to see others and her ability to bring honest value to her listeners’ lives is her superpower.

Lunagoon ,

Fantastic Career Transformation Stories

This show has so many wonderful stories of career transformation. I have learned a ton listening to highly respected professionals share their career path and the tips and tools they have utilized to get more aligned with their authentic purpose and how they have accelerated their success in their chosen directions.

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