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This is a safe space for men to express their emotions. We are here to bring a new and different definition of manhood one topic at a time. We want to help create a new generation of men that are emotionally aware in order to improve relationships.

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This is a safe space for men to express their emotions. We are here to bring a new and different definition of manhood one topic at a time. We want to help create a new generation of men that are emotionally aware in order to improve relationships.

    Open the Book on Mental Health

    Open the Book on Mental Health

    We are pleased to have Award Winning Author H.D. Hunter on the show to have a discussion surrounding mental health. H.D. Hunter is the author of the book Torment: A Novella which gives us a glimpse of the waves of emotions a young man goes through trying to understand his mental state during a very trying time in his life. We talk about the inspiration that brought H.D. to write a book surrounding mental health in African American families. We discuss the stigmas associated with mental health and the link between mental health and drug use, petty crime, and the need to be seen. We dive into the family dynamic that plays a role in how mental health is viewed and the underlying fear of actually accepting the idea that mental health actually exists.  We talk about what it means to be broken and how you can potentially find beauty in the broken pieces.  

    Special Guest:

    H.D. Hunter




    • 1 hr 1 min
    Let's Talk Sexuality and Gender

    Let's Talk Sexuality and Gender

    Today we are talking about sexuality and gender identity. When it comes to sex the US is a sexually repressed society; however, we seem to be consumed by sexuality and the topic of sexuality. We are so consumed by it that we conversations back and forth with strangers about how people choose to raise their children when it comes to sexuality and gender identity. Today we tackle the idea of where the disconnects are in society when it comes to gender identity and the idea of the "gay agenda". What is the gay agenda? What is on that gay agenda? Is acceptance so negative that people need to fight against gay portrayal in the media or in art forms? We touch briefly on Lil Boosie's comments regarding Dwayne Wade and his son who now wants to identify as a girl. Why do we even care? How do we explain sexuality/gender to our children? 

    • 59 min
    Who's Fighting for Black Women

    Who's Fighting for Black Women

    As black men we feel it is our duty to protect our women and children. In recent years it seems there has been a conversation surrounding the lack of protection our black women feel from black men. We see these conversations on social media we discuss this topic with our friends, but with the current state of black people in this country it is important not to polarize our mission and that black men and women speak to each other to figure what is needed in order for us to move forward and attack the true forces oppressing our people. Today we bring HQ, Nikita, Reese Anderson, and Warren Pettis on the show to talk about the different perspectives when it comes to what protection looks like for black women. We discuss how black men can be silent when it comes to violence against women whether it be physical and emotional. We discuss the way black women have protected black men during these uncertain times in America and what black men can do better so that black women can feel the same level of protection. 
    Show Gems: 
    -Does the world forget when black women are harmed by police or in the community (30:00)
     -What role does the media play in the narrative (31:00)
    -Women are on the forefront of the current movement for equality for black people and it may be because they have to be (40:00) because black men are almost all ready to resort to violence (43:00) black women have an ability to transfer emotions in a way that men have not been able to and to and extent if we don't want the violent outcome we need their presence on the frontline. 

    Special Guest;
    Reese Anderson- www.reeseanderson.com         IG: @reeseandersondotcom
    Heather and Nikita    IG: @straight2itpod
    Warren Pettis  

    • 54 min
    Each One Teach One

    Each One Teach One

    Today Dwayne comes on the show to give insight about his life and how he went through the journey to become an educator. Dwayne was born to a family of educators his mother and father were both teachers early on in his life. However, addiction overcame both Dwayne's mother and father and he was forced to pack up his life in Florida and move to Georgia within the course of a weekend where he would have to start a new life. Almost overnight he went from staying with both of his parents to staying with his grandmother. Dwayne discusses the anger issues that he had early on and how he had to battle to discover himself during his formative years. He talks about how he didn't want to share his background with people and so in an effort to be something other than vulnerable he became a people pleaser and in order to keep friendships and neglect his own happiness. Dwayne talks about his issues with people always leaving him being a pattern in his life and has caused him to have a pessimistic outlook on life even though he has to go to work and give the kids optimism and hope. 

    Episode Gems

    Being a people pleaser can be a detriment to who you are (25:00)

    You expect bad things to happen when you go through childhood trauma it creates pessimism (29:00)

    KASH (Knowledge, Attitude, Skill and Habits) (38:00)

    • 1 hr 12 min
    Who's Your Daddy

    Who's Your Daddy

    Today we are taking on the topic of the role of the Step Father in the household. Is it okay to call your stepchildren your son or daughter? What should your stepchildren call you? Today we bring on Tim Patterson and Avery Rosser who are two stepfathers with different perspectives on whether or not it is okay to consider yourself the father to your stepchildren. This topic was birthed out of a conversation about how Russell Wilson parents Baby Future and how he considers himself a father to the rapper Future's son. How far is taking it too far?  We talk about the challenges of being a stepfather and the boundaries that need to be set. 



    • 49 min
    Ryan Cameron Uncensored Town Hall (What Should White People Do Now?)

    Ryan Cameron Uncensored Town Hall (What Should White People Do Now?)

    Tell Mikell had the opportunity to speak on MajicAtl 107.5/97.5 on the Ryan Cameron Show to help people understand how this current racial climate is affecting black men. They also tackle the question as to what white people should do and what their roles are when it comes to this movement. This is a compelling conversation that needs to be discussed and should continue to be discussed in order to bring about change. 

    • 52 min

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5.0 out of 5
25 Ratings

25 Ratings

Dr2U ,

Real and Entertaining

I love that this is from male perspectives! The conversations are so real and the hosts are hysterical so there is a comedy angle. They can also be serious. It’s helping men and women come to realizations about themselves and the opposite sex.

Blackrobakarlt ,

Enlightening for everyone

This seems more for adults. It gives insight on a variety of issues as well as personal experiences. I have learned about more fathers who earn custody and raise children by themselves as well. Very informative and deep.


Finally, A Quality Podcast From The Mens’ Perspective

I have listened to a few podcast by all-men hosts, and the majority have been underwhelming. This podcast speaks about real life situations applicable to men AND women, but the views are from the mens' perspective. I enjoy hearing their views on mental health, love, marriage, and daddy issues. Keep them coming fellas!

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