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Horses. They are a passion, a culture and a lifestyle. Young Black Equestrians will discuss the ins and outs of equine culture with an extra dose of melanin. Follow us as we open up the conversation educating and promoting the lifestyle we love.

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Horses. They are a passion, a culture and a lifestyle. Young Black Equestrians will discuss the ins and outs of equine culture with an extra dose of melanin. Follow us as we open up the conversation educating and promoting the lifestyle we love.

    UNCOVER: Tiffany Baker

    UNCOVER: Tiffany Baker

    Tiffany Baker is a up and coming barrel racer hailing from the midwest! Idaho to be exact. After growing up around horses and being heavily involved in the 4-H program, Tiffany’s goal is the be the first African American woman to reach the National Finals Rodeo (NFR).

    Tiffany shares that while growing up in the midwest the stigma surrounding being mixed in a rural community could have discouraged her. She seldom saw similar faces in the activities she was interested in, especially horses. Instead, Tiffany used the negativity as fuel to pursue her passion. “Black girls don’t ride horses” is something she has heard from multiple races of people and Tiffany is here to break down that barrier.

    As a self taught barrel racer, Tiffany took to reading, watching videos, watching her competitors runs to studying the discipline. It has always been her passion to develop on her own string of horses from start to finish (and ultimately to pro!).

    In this episode, Tiffany shares how working in the medical field at night and working her horses during the day is her current routine, but she experiences burn out pretty frequently. She is also the mother to a beautiful little boy and strives to show him that if you put your mind to anything, you can achieve it. Tiffany breaks down the process of riding up the ranks to pro rodeo, how she maintains her horses, and her vision for the future.

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    Mentioned in this episode:

    Cowboys of Color Rodeo: https://www.facebook.com/cocrodeo/

    National Finals Rodeo: www.nfrexperience.com

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    UNCOVER: Miesha Lynn

    UNCOVER: Miesha Lynn

    Ever heard of “no hoof, no horse”? Well where would they be without their mouth? Miesha Lynn of Fort Worth, Texas gave up her successful white collar career in real estate to pursue her dream of working with horses. After traveling hundreds of miles from home, living in her horse trailer for a month and 150 hours of extensive education, Miesha became a certified equine dentist. After building her confidence by working on her horses and her friends’ horses, Miesha launched her own dentistry practice, Twisted Bit Equine Dentistry. 

    In this episode, Miesha shares with us the importance of continued education for veterinarians because dental care is much more than throwing a rasp in the mouth and knocking off the sharp points. Miesha educated us on several conditions in the horse’s mouth from wolf teeth to geriatric care. She recommends having horses’ teeth checked starting at 18 months and at least annual (recommendation is every 6 months). When hiring an equine dental professional, Miesha suggests asking as many questions as you feel comfortable with. For example, you can ask if the dentist will balance the incisiors, if they use power or hand tools, and how many hours of experience they have with power tools. 

    Advice for Entrepreneurs/Equestrians 

    - If its your passion/dream, go for it 

    - Do what you love and what makes you happy 

    - If you are going to be a horse owner, get educated and stay educated! The more you know about your horses and how to take care of them the better life they will have and the better life you will have as a team. 

    IG: @twistedbiteqdt 

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TwistedBitEqDt/ 

    Photo Cred: Smith the Photographer 

    YBEtv Episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xj7vbf6306w

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    UNCOVER: Brandon Rease

    UNCOVER: Brandon Rease


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    UNCOVER: Lydia Heywood

    UNCOVER: Lydia Heywood

    YBE goes international!   

    In this episode we had the pleasure to chat with Lydia Heywood, an international rising eventing star residing in the UK, but representing Jamaica.  

    How does one become an internationally known eventer with a passion for producing quality horses, mentoring and increasing diversity in the sport? Lydia knows and is doing just that. She shares with us her background that led her into this industry with the support of her mom. Her goal is to open up opportunities for other like-minded equestrians and to build a team around her that has the same vision as she does. When asked how having horses has affected her life, Lydia shared it has had a calming effect on her nature by allowing her to connect with the animals on a deeper level and kept her on the straight and narrow.  

    Lydia shares some of the challenges of she experiences as an upcoming rider, but also explains that even the greats are experiencing hardship in this industry, regardless of race. With mentors such as the High Commissioner of Jamaica that helped her gained rightful citizenship and multiple trainers who helped her hone her skill, Lydia is thankful for her path and hopeful for what is to come.   

    Lydia posed a question and we would love your feedback: Social media has a major effect on notoriety these days and although we see black cowboys/equestrians on our newsfeeds (because that is our interest), how do we align ourselves in the sights of non-black equestrians and continue to spread awareness with current algorithms?  

    Advice for equestrians: 

    - Ride any horse you can get your hands on, it will build your toolkit 

    - Network! Exposure will benefit you and the community 

    - Have as many strings to your bow as you can  

    *Correction - Ebony Horse Club and Urban Equestrian Academy have similar missions, but ARE NOT the same program*  

    Mentioned in this episode:

     Lydia Heywood Equestrian - https://www.facebook.com/LydiaHeywoodEquestrian/ 

    Ebony Horse Club - https://www.ebonyhorseclub.org.uk/ 

    Urban Equestrian Academy - http://www.urbanequestrian.co.uk/ 

    Turtles Nest Villa - https://www.turtlesnestja.com/  

    Episode Thumbnail Photo Credit to @iainbimages

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    UNCOVER: Randy Savvy

    UNCOVER: Randy Savvy

    *Disclaimer: occasional adult language*  

    From Abercrombie, Adidas and Ariat to Zara, Compton Cowboys are putting the city of Compton and black cowboys on the map. In this episode we had the pleasure to speak with Randy Savvy, the managing member of the Compton Cowboys.   

    Randy speaks with us about the history of their ranch, how they manage their herd and their non-profit organization Compton Jr. Equestrians. He discusses the challenges they have faced as a family run organization, how the program has developed as well as some of the key lessons he has learned and tried to incorporate into their program.  

    With his background in entertainment and media, Randy used his professional skills to develop a brand that has transcended social media and infiltrated big box brands. In the post-“Old Town Road” era where the cowboy aesthetic reigns high, Randy shares his philosophy for the modern day cowboy, gaining sponsorships, and content curation as one of his passions.  

    Randy reminds us that this is their lifestyle and the only difference now is the attention. Their main priority is still the kids, the horses and their farm.  

    Website: https://www.comptoncowboys.com/ 

    Facebook: www.facebook.com/comptoncowboys

     IG: @comptoncowboys @comptonjrequestrians  

    Visit www.youbgblackequestrians.com for more information and merchandise to support this movement!  

    Head over to our Facebook and Instagram pages for the newest updates and special content.  



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    Chiropractic Care for Equestrians

    Chiropractic Care for Equestrians

    As an equestrian, physical fitness is a key part in becoming a great rider. Chiropractic care is undoubtedly one of the most important self-care practices an equestrian can invest in. While riding, horsemen and women must be conscious of posture, pressure release and functional movement. Today we decided to chat with Dr. Ar'neka Montford about how equestrians can best care for themselves through chiropractic care.

    Dr. Ar'neka was born and raised in North Carolina in a small town called Bogue. She was a multi-athlete playing softball, track and field, basketball, volleyball, and marching band. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from North Carolina State University where she discovered her path towards Chiropractic. This journey led her to Marietta, GA where she attended Life University enrolling in the Doctorate and Masters Program. 3 months into the program she met her other half Ashley, and introduced her to chiropractic. At the completion, she worked with Life U as a Sports Chiropractor for their athletic department. At the end of that contract she was looking to move out of Georgia and believed that California was calling her name so, Ashley and her packed up their house, two dogs and drove across the country to live in California. Dr. Ar'neka is excited to bring mobile chiropractic to Northern California.

    Dr. Ar'neka opened Resilient Spine Family and Sports Chiropractic in early 2020 after working under several successful chiropractors. She uses her experience with sports chiro and athletes to educate us on how horseback riding affects the body. During this episode, Dr. Ar'neka shares her journey to owning her own practice, how chiropractic care helps with riding and tips for equestrians to improve their riding.

    Chiropractic tips to improve riding:

    Since the inner thighs are a major muscle group used for riding, train the outer thighs off the horse to prevent muscle imbalance or strain on the knee.

    Practice pelvic tilt: lay on floor and tuck pelvis in (upward) to practice neutral spine and improve muscle memory

    Increase core strength: lay on back and put a folded towel underneath your back, engage your core forcing your back to the floor (you shouldn’t be able to remove towel)

    Practice breathing exercises: deep breathing will help with core strength and tension release, take 5 deep breaths and hold for 3 seconds at each inhale/exhale

    You can learn more about Dr. Ar'neka on her website and reach out to her on her social media pages where she posts educational videos and tutorials on how to improve your life through chiropractic care.

    Website: www.resilientspine.com

    Facebook: www.facebook.com/resilientspine

    Instagram: www.instagram.com/resilientspine

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