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Come hang out with us on Your Friends Podcast.

Your Friends Diana and Ben

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Come hang out with us on Your Friends Podcast.

    Winter Solstice

    Winter Solstice

    We're back!  Among a bunch of other random things, we talk about what Winter Solstice is and why it's the holiday that we're celebrating this year.  


    Black Pumas https://open.spotify.com/album/54SlWgNocRPhlZEFTYjOfW?si=MCZw8_qmQDam1WfOoAOgHw

    The Allusionist: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-allusionist/id957430475?i=1000378638758

    • 39 min
    The Internet as a Library

    The Internet as a Library


    Hannah Pasch author of The Milleneagram

    The Holistic Pyschologist

    Movie: I think We're Alone Now (watch for THE VIEW!)

    AND as always Team Human by Douglas Rushkoff

    • 40 min
    (let's try this again) The Trees are Calling

    (let's try this again) The Trees are Calling

    Just talkin in the backyard like some fools. 

    • 50 min
    Why We Left UPDATE

    Why We Left UPDATE

    We've been podcasting for a year! It's time to give an update on why we left the Mormon church and reflect on how we felt about it a year ago. Thanks for listening friends!

    • 1 hr 1 min
    Ben gets ambushed.

    Ben gets ambushed.

    Diana just starts recording while Ben is distracted and they talk a little about how they’ve had a podcast for a year and some other stuffs.

    • 21 min
    A Little Less Conversation

    A Little Less Conversation

    We just ramble.  Enjoy. 

    • 52 min

Customer Reviews

BRich816 ,


Love listening to you guys. I’ve only caught your first cast and a few others, but it’s nice to sorta catch up and hear what’s going on. Also, there is product placement in Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. Later episodes push Lavazza Coffee.

DottieG02 ,

Love these two!

I have a long commute to work/school and this is one of my top podcasts to listen to. They are so genuine and the conversations they have are thought provoking. They also give rad suggestions for great music and books!

Rtie ,

It had to be good!

B&D are great conversationalists and getting to sit in on one each week is so enjoyable! I love the way they balance each other in perspective. The topics are interesting to think about each week and then talk to my husband and other friends about. Also, the inside jokes I get to be a part of make me laugh out loud. I always thought they would make a fun podcast and then they did!

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