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A bite-size podcast showcasing modern Hebrew and its slang. Host Guy Sharett explains what we can learn about Israeli psyche, society, and culture through the Hebrew language.

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A bite-size podcast showcasing modern Hebrew and its slang. Host Guy Sharett explains what we can learn about Israeli psyche, society, and culture through the Hebrew language.

    That Date Was Somewhat Successful

    That Date Was Somewhat Successful

    The Hebrew dictionary says that מוצלח means “successful, accomplished.” But as Guy explains, מוצלח has some interesting nuanced uses that you really should discover.
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    New Words and Expressions:
    “Yossi, yeled sheli mutslach” – Yossi, my perfect boy – יוסי, ילד שלי מוצלח
    Lehatsliach (Hif’il) – To succeed – להצליח
    Mutslach – Good, excellent, perfect, successful – מוצלח
    “Eich legadel yeladim mutslachim yoter” – How to raise outstanding children – איך לגדל ילדים מוצלחים יותר
    “Ha-achayot ha-mutslachot sheli” – My perfect sisters – האחיות המוצלחות שלי
    Hinne shuv achalti yoter midai – Here again, I ate too much – הנה שוב אכלתי יותר מדיי
    Im lo hayiti kacha, ulai hayiti mutslachat – If I wasn’t like that, I might have been a better person – אם לא הייתי ככה, אולי הייתי מוצלחת
    Ha-date haya mamash mutslach – The date was really great – הדייט היה ממש מוצלח
    Ha-date lo haya mutslach – The date was not great – הדייט לא היה מוצלח
    Ha-yeshiva hayta mutslachat – The meeting was great – הישיבה הייתה מוצלחת
    Ha-yeshiva lo hayta mutslachat – The meeting was not great – הישיבה לא הייתה מוצלחת
    Ze lo seret mutslach – This movie is not great – זה לא סרט מוצלח
    Zot taarucha lo mutslachat – This exhibition is not great – זאת לא תערוכה מוצלחת 
    Ze lo haya raayon kaze mutslach – It wasn’t such an amazing idea – זה לא היה רעיון כזה מוצלח
    Ze atar pachot mutslach – This website is not great – זה אתר פחות מוצלח
    “Lihyot be-tik-tok ze lo omer she-hacheshbon mutslach” – To be on Tik-Tok doesn’t mean that the account is successful – להיות בטיקטוק זה לא אומר שהחשבון מוצלח
    Maavar mutslach! – Have a good move! – מעבר מוצלח
    Misada mutslachat meod – A great restaurant – מסעדה מוצלחת מאוד
    “Lo tsalachti et ha-perek ha-rishon” – I didn’t get through watching the first episode – לא צלחתי את הפרק הראשון
    Lo tsalachti et ha-sefer – I didn’t get through this book – לא צלחתי את הספר
    Playlist and Clips:
    Ha-tarnegolim – Yossi, Yeled Sheli Mutslach (lyrics)
    Yeladim mutslachim yoter
    Ha-achayot ha-mutslachot sheli – trailer
    Aya Korem – Hinne Shuv (lyrics)
    Ep. 151 – Intensifiers and superlatives
    Ep. 223 – Eich

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    I Am Sure You’ll Succeed

    I Am Sure You’ll Succeed

    The Hebrew word להצליח means to succeed, but there’s much more to it than just that. In past tense, we use הצליח to compliment a baker on their delicious cake, the owner of a well-behaved dog and even a parent whose child is an absolute sweetheart.
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    New Words and Expressions:
    Lehatsliach – To succeed in doing something – להצליח
    “Ya binti tatslichi” – My daughter (Ar.), you’ll make it – יא בנתי תצליחי
    Tatslichi! Tatsliach! – Good luck – תצליחי, תצליח
    Ani me’achel lach she-tatslichi / lecha she-tatsliach – I wish you to be successful – אני מאחל לך שתצליחי, שתצליח
    Behatslacha – Good luck – בהצלחה
    Ani batuach she-tatsliach – I am sure you’ll succeed – אני בטוח שתצליח
    “She-tatsliach amen”, “She-tatslichi amen” – May you succeed – שתצליח אמן, שתצליחי אמן
    Halevai she-tatsliach – May you succeed – הלוואי שתצליח
    Lehatsliach be-gadol – To make it bigtime – להצליח בגדול
    Elef kabaim lo yatslichu lechabot oti – One thousand firefighters won’t succeed in putting out my fire – אלף כבאים לא יצליחו לכבות אותי
    “Eich tatslichi leshanot et atsmech” – How will you succeed in changing yourself? – איך תצליחי לשנות את עצמך
    Im at ro’a she-at lo matslicha lehagi’a, lo chashuv – If you see that you cannot make it, no worries – אם את רואה שאת לא מצליחה להגיע, לא חשוב
    Ata batuach she-tatsliach? – Are you sure you’ll be able to make it? – אתה בטוח שתצליח
    Eich lehatsliach be-ritsot arukot – How to succeed in long runs – איך להצליח בריצות ארוכות
    Eich lehatsliach ba-limudim – How to succeed in school – איך להצליח בלימודים
    Eich lehatsliach ba-hayim – How to succeed in life – איך להצליח בחיים
    Eich lehatsliach ba-asakim – How to succeed in business – איך להצליח בעסקים
    Eich lehatsliach be-instagram – How to succeed on Instagram – איך להצליח באינסטגרם
    Eich lehatsliach im ugat gvina – How to succeed with cheesecake – איך להצליח עם עוגת גבינה
    Eich lehatsliach im haverim – How to succeed with friends – איך להצליח עם חברים
    Eich lehatsliach im banot – How to succeed with girls – איך להצליח עם בנות
    Hitsliach lecha! Hitsliach lach! Hitsliach lachem! – You did a great job – הצליח לך! הצליח לכם!
    Hitsliach lo itach – He lucked out with you – הצליח לו איתך
    Matslichan, matslichanit – Successful person – מצליחן, מצליחנית
    Playlist and Clips:
    Sarit Hadad – Ani Od Zocheret (lyrics)
    Doda – Elef Kaba’im (lyrics)
    Gali Atari – Ha-shir she-yavi lach ahava (lyrics)
    Eich Lehatsliach be-ritsot arukot
    Ep. 29 – Shitat Matsli’ach
    Ep. 276 – Lechabot

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    Would You Turn On the Air Con?

    Would You Turn On the Air Con?

    Nothing pairs better with a hot and humid Israeli summer than מזגן, air conditioning. So what should we say to the taxi driver who's got all the windows rolled down? And why did the air temperature in our trains make such big national headlines?
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    New Words and Expressions:
    Mazgan – Air conditioning – מזגן
    “Erkondishen” – “air condition” – אייר קונדישן
    “Efshar mazgan?” – Could you put on the aircon? – אפשר מזגן
    Ata yachol lasim mazgan ‘vaksha? – Could you put the mazgan please? – אתה יכול לשים מזגן ‘בקשה
    Yesh mazgan? – Is there aircon? – יש מזגן
    Efshar lehadlik mazgan? – Could you turn the air conditioner on? – אפשר להדליק מזגן
    Efshar lechabot et ha-mazgan? – Could you turn off the air conditioner? – אפשר לכבות את המזגן
    Ha-mazgan hachi chadshani – The most innovative air conditioner – המזגן הכי חדשני
    Mazgenei tornado, Mazganim shel chevrat tornado – Tornado air conditioning units – מזגני טורנדו, מזגנים של חברת טורנדו
    Kar li ba-mazgan tamid – I am always cold in the air conditioner – קר לי במזגן תמיד
    “Ha-olam ktsat mitnahel lefi ha-banim” – The world is run according to the guys – העולם קצת מתנהל לפי הבנים
    Matkinei ha-mazganim – The aircon installers – מתקיני המזגנים
    Matkin – Installer – מתקין
    Hatkana – Installation – התקנה
    Technai mazganim – Aircon repairman – טכנאי מזגנים
    Shalat – Remote control – שלט
    Mizug avir – Air conditioning – מיזוג אוויר
    Takala be-maarechet mizug ha-avir – Fault in the air conditioning system – תקלה במערכת מיזוג האוויר
    Yesh be-aya ba-mizug – There’s a problem with the mizug – יש בעיה במיזוג
    Playlist and Clips:
    Mazgan – Pirsomet
    Mazgan in Arabic
    Mazgan – Pirsomet
    The Minister of Transport about Mazgan
    Matkinei ha-mazganim
    Noa Kirel & Agam Buchbut – Etsel Ha-doda Ve-ha-dod (lyrics)
    Ep. 207 – Lehadlik
    Ep. 252- Shalat
    Ep. 276 – Lechabot

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    #177 It’s Getting Hot in Here (Rerun)

    #177 It’s Getting Hot in Here (Rerun)

    It’s so hot in Tel Aviv, you cannot believe it. Ham! But if you want to say, “I am hot”, don’t translate directly from English to Hebrew. Listen to this episode first. Without your kids. You’ll understand in a minute.
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    New Words and Expressions:
    Ham – Hot, angry, horny – חם
    Haya ham – It was hot – היה חם
    Yihye ham – It will be hot – יהיה חם
    Ham! – It’s hot – חם!
    Ha-bos sheli ham alay – My boss is angry at me – הבוס שלי חם עליי
    Hu ham esh, Hi hama esh – He’s horny, she’s horny – הוא חם אש, היא חמה אש
    Haya li ham – I was hot – היה לי חם
    Ham li – I am hot – חם לי
    Ani ham – I am horny – אני חם
    Haya li ham – I was hot – היה לי חם
    Gal hom – Heatwave – גל חום
    Hom – Heat, fever – חום
    Yesh lo hom gavoha – He’s got high fever – יש לו חום גבוה
    Mehamem eize marak kufsaot – I am heating up canned soup – מחמם איזה מרק קופסאות
    Lehamem – To warm, heat up, to stir up, to inflame – לחמם
    Tehamem ta’shnitzel – Heat up the schnitzel – תחמם ת’שניצל
    Ma at/a mehamem/et? – Why are you stirring things up? – מה אתה מחמם? מה את מחממת?
    Himum – Heating, Warming – חימום
    Himum koli – Vocal warmup – חימום קולי
    Lehithamem – To get hot / to become angry – להתחמם
    Ma ata mit’hamem – Why are you getting so angry? – מה אתה מתחמם?
    Ham, ham, mithamem – Warm, warm, getting warmer – חם, חם, מתחמם
    Hamam (Arabic) – Bathroom – חמאם, حمام
    Playlist and Clips:
    Yuval Banai – Makat Shemesh (lyrics)
    Danny Litani – Yahas Ham (lyrics)
    Gary Eckstein – Haya Li Tov (lyrics)
    Shlomo Artzi – Hom Yuli August (lyrics)
    Ehud Banai – Mahari Na (lyrics)
    Gidi Gov – Erev Avud (lyrics)
    Shiran Yosef – himum koli (vocal warm-up)
    Israeli Ministry of Health – Heatwave campaign
    Zehava Ben – Ahava Asura (lyrics)

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    Let It Simmer

    Let It Simmer

    What does the phrase תן לו להתבשל (‘ten lo lehitbashel’) mean? As Guy will explain, we can use the verb להתבשל, which means to let something cook, not only when speaking about vegetables, but also about… people!
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    New Words and Expressions:
    “Ke-chol she-tachtechu yoter katan, ze yitbashel yoter maher” – The smaller you cut it, the faster it will cook – ככל שתחתכו יותר קטן, זה יתבשל יותר מהר
    Marak katom – Orange soup – מרק כתום
    Ha-yerakot sheli mamash hitbashlu – My vegetables cooked really well – הירקות שלי ממש התבשלו
    Tnu le-ze lehitbashel al esh ktana – Let it cook on a low flame – תנו לזה להתבשל על אש קטנה
    “Ten lo lehitbashel” – Let him marinate in his own juices, let him simmer down – תן לו להתבשל
    “Ani mitbashelt le’at” – I simmer slowly – אני מתבשלת לאט
    “Eize erev mitbashel po” – What an evening is being cooked up here – איזה ערב מתבשל פה
    Ha-pri hivshil – The fruit ripened – הפרי הבשיל
    He’edim – He became red – האדים
    Hilbin – He became white, turned white – הלבין 
    Hishmin – He gained weight – השמין
    Bashel – Ripe, mature – בשל
    “kablu tip”- Here’s a tip – קבלו טיפ
    “Klipat avocado bashel tamid tihye mavrika” – The peel of a ripe avocado will always be shiny – קליפת אבוקדו בשל תמיד תהיה מבריקה
    Pri bashel – Ripe fruit – פרי בשל
    Hu od lo bashel la-tafkid – He’s not yet ready for the job – הוא עוד לא בשל לתפקיד
    Od lo hivshilu ha-tna’im – All the pieces have yet to fall in their place – לא הבשילו התנאים
    Mivshala – Brewery – מבשלה
    Mivshelet bira – Beer brewery – מבשלת בירה
    Tavshil – Stew – תבשיל
    Playlist and Clips:
    Jeki Azulay’s Cooking Show
    Tair Haim – Mitbashelet Le’at (lyrics)
    Static & Ben-El Tavori with Eden Ben Zaken and Stephane Legar – Yassou (lyrics)
    Gaby Shushan – Bereshit (lyrics)
    Avocado bashel – Pirsomet
    Ep. 201 – Ta’am
    Ep. 202 – Ochel
    Ep. 263 – Does it come with a side dish?
    Ep. 283 – Falafel

    • 9 min
    Home Cooking And Assisted Goals

    Home Cooking And Assisted Goals

    The Hebrew word בישול means cooking, but it is also used on the football field and in police investigations. Interesting, right? Bonus: A special Israeli-Berliner way to ask for the bill.
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    New Words and Expressions:
    Levashel – To cook – לבשל
    Ha-yom kulanu nidrashim levashel harbe yoter ba-bayit – Today we all have to cook much more at home – היום כולנו נדרשים לבשל הרבה יותר בבית
    Ve-be-yichud bishvilchem yatsarnu et mitcham “zman bishulim” be-atar “bishulim” – And just for you we created a page called Zman Bishulim, on the Bishulim website – ובייחוד בשבילכם יצרנו את מתחם “זמן בישולים” באתר בישולים
     Atar ha-matsi’a ra’ayonot yichudiyim le-bishul im yeladim – A website which offers unique ideas for cooking with children – אתר המציע רעיונות יחודיים לבישול עם ילדים
    Bishul – Cooking – בישול
    Bishulim beitiyim – Home cooking – בישולים ביתיים
    Ani be-emtsa ha-bishulim – I am in the middle of cooking – אני באמצע הבישולים
    Sadnat bishul – Cooking workshop – סדנת בישול
    Sadna’ot bishul – Cooking workshops – סדנאות בישול
    Sir bishul – cooking pot – סיר בישול
    “Bishul sheni shel Sallalich” – A second assist by Sallalich – בישול שני של סלליך
    Levashel shaar – To assist in the scoring of a goal – לבשל שער
    Bishulim (football) – Assists – בישולים
    Bashlan – An amateur chef – בשלן
    Mishehu bishel et ha-clip ha-ze – Someone ‘cooked’ this video clip – מישהו בישל את הקליפ הזה
    Zeitim mevushalim be-signon marokai – Moroccan style cooked olives – זיתים מבושלים בסגנון מרוקאי
    Ha-zeitim bushlu – The olives were cooked – הזיתים בושלו
    “Bishul tigun, Betsalel Bitton!” – Cooking, frying, Betsalel Bitton – בישול-טיגון, בצלאל ביטון
    “Entschuldigung, bezahlen bitte” (Ger.) – “Excuse me, I’d like to pay”
    Playlist and Clips:
    Bishulim – Pirsomet
    Bishul shaar (kaduregel)
    Zeitim mevushalim
    HaTikvah 6 – Po Kavur Ha-kelev (lyrics)

    • 9 min

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4.6 out of 5
7 Ratings

7 Ratings

Steesuz ,

Ingenius language guide

What an awesome way to teach modern Hebrew!

Mart7na ,

Yet another way to get ripped off

It started off as a good concept with useful expressions in modern Hebrew, grammar, explanations, links to songs and lyrics, and even some episodes in Hebrew.

But then they got greedy and most of the good features got “privatized”. The host wants us to pay extra and has slimmed down the original show to little more than a teaser in which he advocates the “private” show.

It’s a real shame and has put me and my friends off it.

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