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This is a conversation about the future. About creating a culture that values tomorrow. We reckon a slower, simpler, steadier existence is the first step - one that’s healthier for humans and the planet. We call it Futuresteading. Each month we chat to people prominent and humble in food, farming, health and environment, gathering practical advice and epic solidarity - so we can all nut this thing out together. Join our nitty, gritty, honest and hopeful convo every Monday during our 10 episode seasons.Support the pod by shouting us a cuppa >>> buymeacoffee.com/futuresteading

Futuresteading Jade Miles

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This is a conversation about the future. About creating a culture that values tomorrow. We reckon a slower, simpler, steadier existence is the first step - one that’s healthier for humans and the planet. We call it Futuresteading. Each month we chat to people prominent and humble in food, farming, health and environment, gathering practical advice and epic solidarity - so we can all nut this thing out together. Join our nitty, gritty, honest and hopeful convo every Monday during our 10 episode seasons.Support the pod by shouting us a cuppa >>> buymeacoffee.com/futuresteading

    Beau Miles - a rather odd, story telling hermit who defines community when doing the dishes

    Beau Miles - a rather odd, story telling hermit who defines community when doing the dishes

    Our most downloaded backyard adventurer is chatting with us again but this time with better sound and more sleep under his belt so  we are witness to a  more true version of this humorous, odd character.  A self titled 'polyjobist; a generalist at many things, he shares the challenge of writing a book after a decade in academia, worrying about breaking the law to make films and shares why he took up his granddads wood chopping axes despite his mediochre capability.
    Our conversation is all 'Miles' - it follows tangents,   is really personal and stays true to his advice giving allergy. 
    Show Notes
    Falling short on expectations and promisesFear of being sued - breaking the law to film documentariesReframing your view of the world from your child-like baseline“Bad River” - soon to be released film series‘I don’t like being a negative storyteller but the time for me to have an opinion is hereI suppose I love attention but I’ve got hermit written all over meA really quiet kid that began to bust out into his physicality which helped define himWas he an undiagnosed dyslexic kid? Is that formative in creating who he is?Learning maths by building things Why he took up grandads ax’s to become a wood chopperBeing the mouth piece for those who you surround yourself withStorytelling via various mediums: Film, book Being Beau - thinking in tangents, following abstract thoughts, speaking in first person, finding your voiceMy greatest skill in life is being a hard workerWhy recording his book as an audio book taught him where his writing faults arePhenomonology - crating definition and essences out of subjectivityThe challenges of being a story teller Our life is about defining our essencesWhile being attracted to individualism - life is simply just better when lived with othersBeing watered down as an individual by becoming a parentWhy community is defined by doing the dishesReducing moving parts - from film making to doing dishesIsland foods - planning a trip with Paul West, Jade Miles and Beau Miles and three basic foodsDescribing himself in three words: Hardy, Resilient, OddI think we are all odd but I'm just willing to say itHis allergy to advice givingIf a story teller is doing their job, there will be a million outcomes as others interpret the insights. This is desirable rather than a singular outcomeLiving like tomorrow matters  MUST look different for every single one of us -that's where the magic sitsLiving life with an intentional unknowingnessAs a film maker he doesn’t want to know what the outcomes will be, he wants a surprise and that raw, honest reality of one day at a time. His hopefulness comes from where he livesReferences
    The Backyard Adventurer
    Beau Miles You Tube
    Beauisms - Instagram
    Casey Nistadt - New York story teller
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    Wwoof Australia

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    Tammi Jonas - hands-in-the dirt activist encouraging a de-growth model of farming

    Tammi Jonas - hands-in-the dirt activist encouraging a de-growth model of farming

    Sharing her evolution from academic keyboard warrior to her current reality of being an agroecological pork and beef farmer who's pretty darned handy with the butchers knife and equally as sharp of mind in her contributions to the UN small scale farming policy initiatives.

    Tammi Jonas is indeed a force of the natural world, never backwards in coming forwards but mellowing with every decade and sharing her successes and failures for the sake of thousands who are following in her footsteps towards a life of farming democracy.

    Episode Summary
    We dive right into how she fits it all inLeadership - her style of leading from the front with doggedness and squared soldiersResearch and UN food systems mobilisation Credibility that comes out of the dirtHer commitment to food sovereignty across aaaalllllll the tiers of the movementThe brain breaking need to relate local practices to global policyLinking good global initiatives to local practicesApplying food sovereignty thinking to general consumption issuesTaking power back  one skill at a timeWe can’t buy ourselves out of this mess - we literally need to joyfully work competently through the upskilling and sharing of The illusion of choice when you see thousands of items for sale in a supermarket is not a place to genuinely beginWhy she considers herself an “agroecological” farmer (political, social, Agroecological theory of change is considered a science, social movement and practical - dedicated to circular bio economies rather than a purchasing of inputs. Agroecology rejects capitalism but values labour over yield.‘Benefaction’ - enabling the farm to do their tasks joyfullyThe rich reality of running internship programs - who are welcomed with the knowledge that they are becoming food sovereignty warriorsAFSA - first-peoples-first initiativeSolidarity - garnering unexplained wholeness but remembering we are all here for each otherWhy there's value in building a new system rather than creating one from the ashes of the old one.Why the rise and fall of farms and community orgs is part and parcel of the movement and should be encouragedBeing comfortable to share the successes AND the failures as a gift for the greater goodBuilding a de-growth mentality to avoid the ruthless capitalist systemCreating small scale farming businesses that are FUN rather than slaves to growthKeeping her eye on the end game dilutes her need to be binary and rage filledWhy the States are not actually similar to the Australian culture  - they are wedded to a growth mentality that we don't  have so we have an opportunity to learn from their mistakes.Why it’s ok to scale back from the initial visionFraming ‘enough’ as being disentangled from the capitalist system - seeing the sky, feeding her community and others and being ok to go slow when needed.References
    Jonai Farms
    Righteous Porkchop: Finding a Life and Good Food Beyond Factory Farms
    Farming democracy
    Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance
    Thanks to our podcast partners:
    Wwoof Australia

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    Alice in Frames - Squeezing the bejesus out of life!

    Alice in Frames - Squeezing the bejesus out of life!

    You might remember this pocket rocket from Masterchef,  perhaps you've heard her on the wireless, has she entertained you at a conference or was she the genius who convinced your kids to love their veggies via 'phenom-e-nom '.

    Alice-in-frames loves life and doesn’t take herself too seriously but definitely has multi dimensional attributes.  A poly-math who's mischevious pixie like-grin and twinkling eyes defy her hard working  focus on reaching her singular goal of 'getting us all to love food - fresh food - especially kids.
    Her self proclaimed super power is seeing everyone else's gold and connecting people to create an outcome of alchemy. If her best selling book 'In praise of Veg is anything to go by, this dynamo is on a ticket to success - What a gift to those in the kitchen...and the farm...and the classroom...and the family dinner table!

    Her current lockdown project - writing a new book and launching tumami
    Eating more plants as a self care mechanism
    Recalibrate your resolution in Spring
    Teaching skills is in her wheelhouse - reconnecting kids to their food
    Harnessing pester power for good and allowing kids an agency to share
    Talking about food from a place of curiosity and open hearted kindness
    Seeing kids more like a garden than like a piece of wood - soft, evolving, in the moment
    Pandemic acceleration of people valuing food
    Creating food markets that are direct to consumer
    Going without other things to ensure food is her priority
    Food empowers people to connect in a sensual way 
    Tumami is the everything spread - what actually is it though?  40 days of two ingredients
    Being a poly math because its fun and it adds value to her community
    Why she wears a lot of hats and a lot of frames
    Being a chameleon in the way she presents
    Four eyes and proud! Her self proclaimed myopic ambassador role
    Powered by people - plugged into a battery and flying high
    Her legacy vision - changing the way we speak about food to kids, getting them to love veg
    Why she can’t meditate but can lose hours potting broad beans
    Futureproofing the relationship that the next generation has with food 
    Coming at projects from a place of hopefulness and seeking allies 
    Food is the hook to engage kids early and teach them everything from there
    'Phenomenom' - a free resource for everyone to engage kids in knowing their 
    Enough is a feeling, its a spark, connection, growth, fulfilment, my family.
    She wants to finish every single day and feel like she's squeezed the bejesus out of it. 
    Super power: seeing the super powers of others and connecting people. Contagious enthusiasm, she's been gifted a voice that people listen to and find comforting
    In Praise of Veg - Alice Zaslavski
    The Gardener and the Carpenter
    Tumami paste - the everything spread
    Phenomenom - free website resource to teach kids about food
    Alice in frames - website 
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    THROWBACK EP 4 of 4 - Charlie Showers

    THROWBACK EP 4 of 4 - Charlie Showers

    Next season will kick off next Monday but in the meantime, we are satisfying your insatiable hunger with throwbacks to our fave episodes from season 1. Enjoy these wonderous humans and all their brilliance.

    Before you ask, yes this is Charlie Showers of Black Barn Farm - Jade's other half.

    Charlie is a fair food advocate, holistic orchardist, landscape scientist and insatiable reader, with an appetite for knowledge that sees him getting up before the birds to devour scientific papers, books and teachings, before putting it into practice at Black Barn Farm.

    In this conversation, he shares decades of wisdom with his trademark patience, clarity and intellect. He covers the power of community and regional pride, a new way to frame our 'hypocrisy' in this time of transition, the reality of first generation farming and a sugar-free account of a 'working marriage' and unified vision. You'll get to hear Jade's answers too ;)

    No hopium, all clarity in this complex interview that inspires action!

    Sitting with the contradiction inherent in your morals and lifestyleReconciling hypocrisy in your everyday existenceBeing self aware without it becoming unbearable His childhood role-modelling of ‘family statesmen’ who committed to the needs of their community equally with their ownMaintaining curiosity about our system, culture and economy to impart changeWhy farming is the best place for him to share knowledge at a community level and make meaningful change Why showing rather than telling is the most powerful way to inspireBeing exposed to those who have a different way of being, whirrs the thinking cogsThe importance of self time to recuperate and maintain balance when you’re an introvertWhy endless hope is not always helpful, and hopium is a recipe for ignoranceWhat a new future might look likeThe raw reality of starting up a long-game farming enterpriseThe potency of creating a dream togetherUndertaking change journeys as a coupleIdeas to ‘blow your mind’Living examples of how systems interact with and impact on each otherAwe of the Indigenous Australian cultural understanding of the complex web of the worldMaking ‘complexity science’ more mainstream for the betterment of allHis evolution of changemaking from panicked urgency to slow and steady solutionsWhy being more settled will make his children better change makersThe evolution and personal nature of successImportance of a ‘solutions based mindset’LINKS YOU'LL LOVE
    Black Barn Farm website & Instagram
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    THROWBACK EP 3 of 4 - The Perma Pixie

    THROWBACK EP 3 of 4 - The Perma Pixie

    Next season goes live Monday 11th October. Until then  we've selected four of our faves to share with you again - they are just SOOOOO good, they're worth hearing again so enjoy having these wonderous humans back in your ears!

    If you've never met a Perma Pixie, prepare to be delighted. 
    Taj, aka. The Perma Pixie, is bringing a little old school witchcraft and spades of permaculture wisdom to Melbourne - and now, to you.
    This chick beats to a drum of ‘reciprocity’, a philosophy that acknowledges that we’re part of a cycle that should give as much as it takes. 

    She’s been delivering permaculture education courses for over a decade (not bad for a young sprout!) and has recently started clinical work as a qualified herbalist. Social patterns and interactions are her greatest love, equal to her fascination with plants and their healing capacity. 
    This conversation is a must for anyone interested in natural medicine, staying grounded in the fray, the freedoms - and struggles - of running a small business, how to balance impassioned action with self care, and how to be regenerative within a culture programmed to run us dry.
    Her deeply felt connection to the seasons, and life steeped in reciprocity and relationship, will either resonate deeply or sow seeds in the garden of your mind. 

    How her early ADHD diagnosis encouraged her to seek calm in the natural world.Taking a circular approach to living in reciprocity with nature.The power of seasonal acknowledgement; combining the ‘doing’ with the ‘sensing’.Having the courage to trust your instincts to follow the path of the heart.Finding balance in the juxtaposition of being an anti-capitalist while running a small business.Reframing financial stability.How being an extrovert has enabled her to build a network of nourishers.Ways to create nurturing community hubs and nodes, which in turn create valid community connection.Why it's worth summoning the gumption to talk to total strangers and be open to spontaneous interactions.The fundamental need to have a relationship with our own bodies to take ownership and responsibility of our most important asset - and avoid being a ‘baseline’ human.Actively avoiding a sedentary body and mind. Her permaculture and herbal medicine journey - and how it led her to the plants which nourish her.Why a world filled with sharing is better than a life lived alone. How she calms the voice urging her to "do more".Finding balance as a one-woman show when her greatest desire is to be outside - not behind a screen.Why to do a "needs analysis": What are your needs and what can you offer?Why relationships are what fundamentally give her hope.LINKS YOU'LL LOVE
    Website: The Perma Pixie/Insta: @thepermapixieVisit: CERES Community Environment ParkMovie: The CraftSupport the show (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/futuresteading)

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    THOWBACK EP - 2 of 4 Dan Palmer

    THOWBACK EP - 2 of 4 Dan Palmer

    Next season kicks off on Monday 11th October - until then, enjoy having these humans of wonder back in your ears!

    ARCHIVE 2 of 4
    Dan Palmer is co-founder of Permablitz, Landed, Holistic Decision Making, Making Permaculture Stronger and Very Edible Gardens. He has a PhD in systems thinking and contagious levels of enthusiasm for supporting the journeys of others. He recently moved with his wife and two daughters back to New Zealand.
    We hear Dan’s thoughts on consciously shaping a vibrant and beautiful life, getting paid for your passion, how to be vulnerable and cut to the chase (rather than participating in superficial BS), the deception of ideas, the illusion of separation from the natural world and why to ask better questions.

    Away from reductionist thinking and towards a holistic framework. Discovering holistic management and the influence of Allan Savory.How to uncover the deeper intention beneath the goal or dream.What are the core ingredients of a fulfilling life?How linear thinking sustains our industrialised society.Why you can’t just ‘join your life back up’ to create a whole - you need to go right back to the DNA of your values and beliefs.How to tap into deep harmony and coherence.Why life can’t be like a knitted jumper. “Deciding your way” towards the life you want.Why self work isn’t selfish - it’s a precursor to genuine altruism.Honouring the need for financial security in a world that hinges on money.An uncompromising approach to making profit from your passion.Having hard conversations vs. modern ‘communities’ that stroke our egos.Why Dan’s excited to be alive at this time in history. Sending positive ripples into space and time. The gnarly question of how to instil hope, buoyancy and knowledge in your kids. Approaching each day as a living whole. Our obligation to contribute to the beauty of the universe. How we’ve been hijacked by the idea that the world is a machine. How to lead with feeling and back up with thinking.“The intellect is too crude a net to catch the whole” - Christopher AlexanderWhy we don’t need to “reconnect” with nature - we have never been separate. How to relax back into underlying non-separateness.Understanding “life sheds” rather than arbitrary borders.Why advice and “answers” can disempower people.How can we ask better questions?  LINKS YOU’LL LOVE
    Making Permaculture Stronger PermablitzLandedHolistic Decision MakingVery Edible GardensAllan SavoryBrian GoodwinCharles EisensteinSupport the show (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/futuresteading)Buy the Book! Futuresteading - Live like tomorrow matters
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    • 50 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
100 Ratings

100 Ratings

Tall Poppy-Jo Flintham ,

It feels like you are speaking directly to me.

I know that I’m not alone when I hear you both and your amazing guests talking about the things that swim around my head. I have only been listening for a few weeks but I can’t get enough. Please keep this amazing conversation going. You’ve inspired me to connect with my community more on all levels and I’m feeling so amazing because of it. 🙏❤️

Nixstar ,

Interesting and inspiring

Recently discovered this podcast and it’s exactly what I needed in this time of pandemic fatigue. Guests are fascinating, tips and advice is approachable and doable and just overall made me feel that my interest in food and sustainability are important for not only my family but near by community too. My lemon tree had been very productive this year and have left buckets on the street for neighbors - it’s my start.
Thanks for putting this podcast out there.

KyKyAnd ,


I love this podcast so much. It has motivated me to make some big changes in my life and teaching my children more about the changes we can make.

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