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    Ps Braam Botha - The End of the World: Ethics, Ego and Conflict

    Ps Braam Botha - The End of the World: Ethics, Ego and Conflict

    With so much of our world in seeming flux, decay and upheaval, it is becoming popular to ask if we are witnessing the death of the world we always knew.

    Why do our cultures and institutions pursue relentless 'change' with such zeal? Why are we redefining language and logic to support subjective views?

    Are we destined for a societal train wreck?

    Senior Pastor of Berwick Church of Christ, Braam Botha, discusses ethics, homosexuality, egoism, utilitarianism, government, conflict and morality in this 90 min interview.

    This episode is for you if you're interested in a perspective that takes aim at the aggrandisement of 'SELF' and calls for a radical departure from the momentum of popular culture.





    Topics discussed:

    The plague of 'Ethical Egoism'

    The cult of Self-Actualisation

    Redefining culture on the search for purpose

    The perverse elite who want to control the narrative

    Ethics are often limited to the temporal, not the eternal

    What is morality?

    What about 'Love is Love'?

    The Woke definition of Love

    Homosexual marriage

    Generational love and transcending lifetimes

    When standing against culture paint a target on your back

    True ethics found in transformational experiences

    Laws that conflict with morality

    Utilitarianism is not ethical

    Affirming gay marriage and non-traditional lifestyles

    Disobeying the government

    Covid oppression of the church

    Political activism by Christians

    Experimental vaccines that divided the church

    Fighting for your own rights

    Why are Christians so docile?

    Die by the sword or die by the cross?

    The war That ends humanity will not be physical

    Elites will only keep alive the 'useful' who share their beliefs

    Christianity is a 'Weak' religion

    • 1 hr 31 min
    Corey White Live in Melbourne - Comedy That Doesn't Hold Back!

    Corey White Live in Melbourne - Comedy That Doesn't Hold Back!

    In tough times humans look to our comedians to fearlessly call bullsh*t on our human foibles and absurdities.

    Corey White takes no hostages in this hour-long set, murdering every sacred cow you hold dear.

    Tune in for a dose of humour, reality and relief as this comedian from The People's Republic of Western Clownia (Western Australia) brings the fire.

    The full comedy special is available for purchase at: https://discernable.locals.com/post/4717127/corey-white-live-in-melbourne-comedy-that-doesnt-hold-back

    • 3 min
    Dr James Stewart: The Truth About Cannabis

    Dr James Stewart: The Truth About Cannabis

    Dr James Stewart is an Australian doctor at the forefront of plant-based medicine and medical cannabis.

    As a General Practitioner he found pharmaceutical solutions frustrating in their narrow focus and lengthy side effect profiles and began to incorporate plant-based treatments in his practice.

    He is now sought out by celebrities and business leaders who are looking for expert advice and care when it comes to medical cannabis and other plant-based treatments.

    He joined Discernable to educate us on how cannabis works from a chemical, legal, and practical point of view.







    Why cannabis was demonised

    How Big Pharma cashed in on the fear

    Legalising cannabis properly

    USA case study (California and Colorado)

    How THC and CBD works

    Practical use cases of cannabis

    What does it mean to be 'high'?

    The body's natural endocannabinoid system

    ADHD, migraines, allergies, autism, fibromyalgia associated with a decline in endocannabinoid systems

    The threat to pharmaceutical companies

    Addictions to cannabis

    Comparisons with endone and opioids

    Matt's story of addiction

    GPs keeping patients

    Why alcohol is more dangerous than cannabis

    When you can't drink alcohol

    Getting legal cannabis in Australia

    The attitude of Australian regulators

    Kickbacks from Big Pharma

    Busy but ignorant doctors captured by industry reps

    Mistaking acute medicine for chronic and lifestyle care

    How to take cannabis - oils, wafers, capsules, vapes, bongs

    How vapes work

    Vaporising vs burning

    The pandemic of nicotine vaping

    CBD isolates vs broad spectrum

    Driving while using cannabis

    • 1 hr 13 min
    The People's Project: Placebo Vaccines, Hospital Crisis, Crashing Fertility, Racist Medicine

    The People's Project: Placebo Vaccines, Hospital Crisis, Crashing Fertility, Racist Medicine

    On tonight's show with Obstetrician Dr Tom Cade and paramedic turned doctor Dr Sean Runacres, brought to you by Intensive Care at Home:


    Data from a German/Danish study raises whether placebo batches exist, and whether authorities already know about them.


    Global fertility rates have been crashing around the world for a long time. Why?


    All around the country hospitals are under pressure, with many reaching crisis levels. What can people do to 'protect' the health system or is that just an inversion of morality?


    New Zealand has decided to award preferential treatment to Maoris on surgery waiting lists. Is this ethical and will it be copied in elsewhere?


    Discernable broke the story about police officers changing their gender identity in their HR system, thus being awarded higher pay. What was the response? Police Command is now demanding that officers 'look' gender diverse or they won't qualify for the extra payment.

    Ohio court rules that trans woman is too fat for her genitals to have been visible in flashing incident

    How the Titanic submarine conveniently covered bigger stories


    • 1 hr 23 min
    Nick Karamouzis: Why The Fascists Will Fail (and Humanity Will Win)

    Nick Karamouzis: Why The Fascists Will Fail (and Humanity Will Win)

    Nick Karamouzis is a retired lawyer who regained his practising certificate to start defending Australians he feels are being marginalised by their governments.

    He is also the Chair of Self Employed Australia, and has a successful post-law career in business.

    In this interview he shares his hatred of woke culture, the obsession with racism and transgenderism, why he believes Australian governments are acting like 'fascists', and why he believes 'humanity' will ultimately win.





    • 1 hr 28 min
    Daniel Lopez on the Irresistible Rise of Socialism

    Daniel Lopez on the Irresistible Rise of Socialism

    Daniel Lopez is the contributor editor overseeing Australia for U.S. based Jacobin magazine which offers a socialist perspective on politics, economics and culture. He is an active member of the 'Victorian Socialists' party which achieved a remarkable result in the 2022 state election.

    Daniel visited the Discernable studio to explore the evils that neo-liberalism has wrought on the world, where it came from, and what points of agreement a socialist perspective might have with a free-market libertarian perspective. Of particular concern was generational inequality, with a growing resentment among younger Millennial and GenZ cohorts who feel they are being left behind in a declining world.


    • 1 hr 35 min

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4.8 out of 5
61 Ratings

61 Ratings

Cam the Aussie Economist ,

Terrific and thoughtful interviews

I find a lot of podcasts all want to interview the same people but Discernable seems to get actual real people to share their stories in a super interesting way.

Fligby ,

Thought provoking show

Always a balanced view on current events and philosophy

Antoinette2607 ,

Great Show!

Interesting content and guests from an Australian context.

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