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Capturing the important social history of the trans and gender diverse community

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Capturing the important social history of the trans and gender diverse community



    On our last episode of season 2 we interview the Melbourne-based writer, performer and graphic novelist Fury, one of the stars of the smash-hit show Gender Euphoria.

    Fury is the queer, non-binary author of the stunning graphic memoir “I Don’t Understand How Emotions Work” that weaves straight forward dialogue with emotive imagery to mimic the drifting and coming-together of the conscious and subconscious; thought and emotion. It interrogates the notion of selfhood, asking the question: if who we are is constructed through our memories, what does that say about the integrity of our identities?

    You can buy a copy of “I Don’t Understand How Emotions Work” here. 

    Fury is also a prolific writer, whose work you can read on their website Fury Writes. 

    • 50 min
    Simona Castricum

    Simona Castricum

    Simona Castricum is an architecture academic, musician and designer from Melbourne. As an educator and PhD candidate at the University of Melbourne, her work explores gender nonconforming and queer intersections in architecture, the city and public space. Simona is one of Melbourne’s unique electronic music performers, and a community radio broadcaster on RRR FM. Simona is active in trans and gender diverse advocacy in music and the built environment as a design consultant, public speaker, and freelance writer.


    Sylvester – ‘Rock The Box’

    Simona Castricum – ’Supertouch’

    Lower Dens – ‘Gallapagos’

    SaD – ‘Don’t Go’

    Further info:

    LGBTIQ COVID 19 Organising Group

    Pandemic Housing Action Group 


    • 59 min
    Libraries Special Episode with Clare O’Hanlon and Anne Rowlands

    Libraries Special Episode with Clare O’Hanlon and Anne Rowlands

    In this episode we chat with Clare O’Hanlon and Anne Rowlands, two librarians with a passion for queering the archive. We have a fascinating chat about what being a librarian is all about and how classification systems can harm trans and gender diverse people. Finally, we get an extensive recommendations list from them both for our listeners to pour over in these times of social isolation.





    Are you with me now? – Cate Le bon

    That’s That – Cass McCombs

    Stutter – Elastica

    Fluid Alex Ebert


    Clare’s recommendations:

    GenderQueer : voices from beyond the sexual binary

    Queering the Catalog: Queer Theory and the Politics of Correction

    Transgender Studies Quarterly 

    Knowledge Industries Need Queerying 

    One from the Vaults Podcast 

    Genderqueer: A Memoir

    Danger Music

    Alison Evans 

    Confessions of the Fox 

    Queer Digital Histories Project 

    Museum of Transology 


    Anne’s Trove Lists



    Anne’s Recommendations

    About a Girl

    Transgender communication studies : Histories, trends, and trajectories

    Gender Rebels Podcast 

    Questionable Content Webcomic 

    El Goonish Shive Webcomic 

    Transgender Archives 

    • 50 min
    Transgender Warriors: Sally Goldner

    Transgender Warriors: Sally Goldner

    In this episode Gemma and Sam interview Sally Goldner, who will be well-known to many in our community as a long-standing trans activist and co-founder of Transgender Victoria. Sally is a radio broadcaster on 3CR’s Out of the Pan, a trained accountant and a trans inclusion educator with Transgender Victoria. Sally is also a part of the Bi Alliance Victoria and TransFamily. 

    On this show Sally tells us about some books that she’s found really useful in her personal development, including The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey, The Career Guide for Creative and Unconventional People by Carol Eckleberry , and the music and writing of Wendy Rule. 

    You can stay in touch with Sally on twitter @salgoldsaidso and on facebook. 


    No one sees me like you do – Yoko Ono

    Disgruntled Postal Worker – Billy Tipton Memorial Saxophone Quartet

    Wow and Flutter – Stereolab

    Singing Plants – Mujo & Hakone

    • 52 min
    Transgender Warriors: Starlady

    Transgender Warriors: Starlady

    In this episode we interview Starlady, a person who will be known to many in the queer community across Australia. Starlady is an activist, artist, educator, youth and community development worker who has been a long-time advocate for the LGBTIQ community. Starlady also the Program Manager at the Zoe Belle Gender Collective, an independent trans and gender diverse advocacy organisation.



    Pnau – Go Bang

    Janelle Monae – PYNK

    Miley Cyrus – Mothers Daughter






    • 55 min
    Transgender Warriors: Dr Yves Rees

    Transgender Warriors: Dr Yves Rees

    On this episode Sam chats with Dr Yves Rees, a writer, podcaster and award-winning historian based at at La Trobe University, where they are a Lecturer in History.

    We discuss what Yves’s gender journey, what it’s like being a historian, their podcast Archive Fever, life over at the ABC and their upcoming gig at Queerstories.

    Sam also gives a shout out to Trans Pride March, organised by Trans Sisters United, which is happening on Sunday 29 March 2020 from 12pm to 1pm at the State Library, followed by a celebratory concert at Fed Square.


    Saada Bonaire – More Women

    Christine and the Queens – Five Dollars

    Electric Fields – Don’t You Worry

    Too Attached – Diversity

    Rich, White, Straight Men – Kesha

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