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Moving forward beyond recovery to live a life filled with ease

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Moving forward beyond recovery to live a life filled with ease

    Episode 34: Dr Sara Smith with Core Confidence

    Episode 34: Dr Sara Smith with Core Confidence

    Dr. Sara Smith is a doctor of Physical Therapy, Yoga instructor, and Certified Coach. She specializes in helping women activate their Core Confidence.

    She has been mentoring, inspiring & educating others on how to quickly improve their life by using the latest neuroscience, mindfulness and pelvic floor research for over 15 years. By weaving in easy to follow processes, Sara enjoys getting over-scheduled, multi-tasking, “get the job done” women to move beyond their current stress and reach far into the possibility of “where can I thrive?

    I enjoyed our conversation immensely and Dr Sara graciously explained more about what makes up the pelvic floor and why it is important in both our physical and mental health. She touches on the link between the need for control and pelvic imbalances such as stress and urgency.

    We touch on vitally important topics such as: chronic pain and how the simple act of listening and presence can begin to change a person’s life and world, the importance of learning to listen to one’s own body and a simple technique for how to drop into the pelvis, the great need for human connection, and Sara’s practice of delineating a word of the year.

    Sara shares her own journey in self-discovery and relinquishing control with her diet in working with a nutritionist this past year.

    If you love hearing about the interconnections between mind and body, spirit and flesh, along with a heartfelt approach to facilitating real change, you will love this episode.

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    Activate Core Confidence Workbook: https://www.drsarasmith.com/core-confidence/

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/drsarasmithofficial/

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/drsarasmithofficial/

    LinkedIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sara-smith-888132100

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    Episode 33: Bruce Parry of Tribe

    Episode 33: Bruce Parry of Tribe

    Bruce Parry has lived an incredibly adventurous life. He has traveled and led expeditions to some of the most remote regions of the world and lived with indigenous people around the globe.

    Bruce is an English documentarian and indigenous rights advocate, having produced the documentary series Tribe, Amazon, and Artic for the BBC, showing Bruce exploring extreme environments and living with remote indigenous peoples and highlighting many of the important issues being faced on the environmental front line.

    In my conversation with Bruce, I was curious to hear how his widespread travels and adventures have impacted him personally, and how this dictates his past and current lifestyle and practices. We talk psychedelics, silent Vipassanna meditation, and the awareness found in foraging.

    Bruce is an environment advocate, having witnessed firsthand the destruction brought to tribal people by ongoing and disruptive development in remote regions. He is also well practiced in ceremonial psychedelics, from a personal standpoint as well as an observational one.

    As my own work focuses on anxiety and trauma resolution, I was curious to hear his thoughts on how stress and trauma show up in tribal cultures, and what the sense of living with a truly egalitarian people feels like.

    I was quite excited to speak with Bruce for many reasons, my own great love of the wilderness and adventure first and foremost. I also have a deep sense of responsibility for being a steward on the planet, and love Bruce’s take on how we must all “fall in love with nature” to begin restoring and protecting our natural and wild places.

    If you are as fascinated by interesting people as I am, or want to deepen your own connection with nature, with your essential self, and with your fellow humans—give this episode a listen.

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    Tawai: A voice from the Forest Documentary https://www.tawai.earth/#home-section



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    Episode 32: Jason Michael Stepina, Shiva Murti Healer

    Episode 32: Jason Michael Stepina, Shiva Murti Healer

    In the midst of an incredibly tumultuous time, I wanted to provide a sweet episode with a message of healing and hope. This is not to deny or gloss over the racial injustice and subsequent protesting and looting that is currently occurring in the United States. As a white woman, I am well aware of my privilege, and am learning how to be an ally. If you fall in a similar category, please take a look at some of the links I have posted below. What I can do is discuss trauma and healing, and I am grateful to introduce you to one of the finest people and most brilliant healers I know in this episode. 

    Jason Michael Stepina is a Certified Shiva Murti Healer, Certified deep tissue and shiatsu practitioner, an amazing artist and so much more. He also happens to be one of my best friends on the planet.

    Jason and I discuss our personal history together and how we met many moons ago at The Heartwood Institute, a live in school for the healing arts up in the northern CA mountains.

    Jason shares about his own journey with sobriety and the many pivotal moments he has had since becoming sober that have led him along his healing journey.

    We dip into the power behind leaning into uncomfortable feelings, and the space and release that comes with having the capacity to actually feel them.

    Jason shares his work with the Balinese healing practice of Shiva Murti, and describes some of the benefits he has received as well as those he sees in his clients.

    We talk about the power of remembering we are all magical humans on the planet, and that embracing our magical powers as humans does not mean we are cut off from reality, but on the contrary, it allows us to be more present and engaged and grounded with our lives.

    This is a beautiful and fun episode, and I am privileged to introduce all of my listeners to the wonderful work of Mr Jason Michael Stepina.

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    Links & Resources for stepping into the conversation on racism and how to be an ally

    75 things white people can do to for racial justice: https://medium.com/equality-includes-you/what-white-people-can-do-for-racial-justice-f2d18b0e0234

    Anti-racism resources for white people: http://bit.ly/ANTIRACISMRESOURCES

    Rachel Rodgers on why white allies need to do better

    Trevor Noah on why looting is a symbol of a breakdown in society and not just a free for all: https://youtu.be/v4amCfVbA_c

    So You Wanna Talk About Race (get the audiobook or kindle, it seems to be sold out)

    White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism

    me and white supremacy

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    Episode 31: Ginger Burr of Total Image Consultants

    Episode 31: Ginger Burr of Total Image Consultants

    I am Ginger Burr’s newest fan, and I think you probably will be to when you listen to this episode!

    For 33 years, Ginger Burr, President of Total Image Consultants, has helped women around the world create a wardrobe they love by connecting with their inner essence. She is a graduate of Mount Holyoke College and the author of That’s So You! Create a look you love with beauty, style and grace. Ginger has been interviewed by Worth Magazine, Forbes Magazine, FoxNews and Bloomberg Business.

    In this episode, she enlightens us to the difference between fashion and style, and offers tangible ways that we can develop and embrace our personal style well into our 40s and beyond.

    Ginger works from the inside out and has a process to identify the four inner beauty words that are unique to each individual. She helps me to dig into one of my own words, and I reminisce about some of my favorite clothes as a kid.

    Ginger makes having a sense of style and dressing as a representation of our inner self seem do-able and FUN! She has systems that take the guesswork out of getting dressed in the morning, and encourages all of us to not settle for “good enough” when it comes to selecting our clothes because it is such a huge representation of how we feel.

    I have truly loved clothes since I was a little kid, and had very specific ideas from an early age on what went with what and how to wear it. Fast forward to my life now and I am climbing over rocks most days, and can’t seem to combine that with wanting to dress as a joyful professional woman. Ginger has helped me see this is not only possible, but knowing a few simple things can help immensely in creating my personal style.

    What a great conversation, and I know you will love the passion and delight Ginger brings to her work.

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    Website: https://totalimageconsultants.com/

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    IG: https://www.instagram.com/gingerburr/

    Wait list for upcoming course: www.createyourpersonalstyle.com

    ‘How to Look Good on Zoom’ seminar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wfOPH8FinqY&t=3028s

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    Episode 30: Dr Matt Jeffs, Physical Therapist and Professional Educator

    Episode 30: Dr Matt Jeffs, Physical Therapist and Professional Educator

    Join me in this beautiful interview with a beautiful guy, Dr Matt Jeffs, DPT PSM CEAS  Principal Faculty at The Back School and National Faculty at Summit Professional Education.

    Matt is clearly a skilled clinician, educator, and innovative thinker. He excels at examining the latest scientific research regarding our global relationship with stress, and more importantly, what we can do about it.

    In this interview, we discuss the flow state, how it changes the brain, and ways we are able to easily access it within our busy lives.

    Matt discusses his own journey with practicing Tai Chi, and how an almost accidental daily practice led to remarkable decreases in stress and anxiety within his daily life.

    He shares his realization that yin/yang is a lifestyle and that in our culture of spending long hours in front a computer, sitting meditation may not be the best choice for a daily practice, and how tai chi can become a meditation of movement practice.

    We talk about the changing world of physical therapy, the forward placement of telehealth, and how we must transition to a whole body approach to treatment.

    if any of these topics grab you, I promise you will love the flow and storytelling in this episode!

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    Episode 29: Jess Jeboult of A Sober Girl's Guide

    Episode 29: Jess Jeboult of A Sober Girl's Guide

    This was a fantastic episode with Jess of A Sober Girl's Guide. She has built an amazing collection of resources for any and all things to stick with sobriety!

    Jess shares her own journey of dipping into and out of sobriety for ten years before finding a system and methods that helped her to fully integrate sobriety. She discusses some of her very practical strategies and techniques, workbooks and planners, that offer a guided and accountable method for practicing sobriety. 

    Jess is a lot of fun to speak with, and we discuss traditional recovery programs and why they may not work for everyone, the power of listening, and the importance of owning a trampoline. 

    Jess kindly offered a free giveaway to one lucky gal for her Sober Plan of Action Workbook and Journal. The giveaway will take place next week in The Self Love Project Facebook Group linked below. 

    If you have been trying to get sober, or stay sober, or are simply curious what a life without alcohol will look like, please enjoy this episode and the practical wisdom Jess and I share. 

    If nothing else, you will leave with a renewed appreciation that sober girls have lots of fun! 

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