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Equiosity is the podcast about all things equine with a special emphasis on the horse-human bond.

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Equiosity is the podcast about all things equine with a special emphasis on the horse-human bond.

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4.8 out of 5
4 Ratings

4 Ratings

Eceni23 ,

Groundbreaking, inspiring, essential listening for horse owners

or, indeed, anyone interested in animal behaviour. Alex Kurland has long been a passionate, educated, inspiring champion of clicker training in horses, combining the best of the latest behaviour theory with classical riding and an understanding of how horses can be physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually balanced.
Combining with Dominique Day creates a dialogue that explores the depths of what can be done when compassion and passion align with the animals with whom we share our lives. This is essential listening for those who care about genuinely enhancing the lives of all those with whom we share our time on earth. Thanks to Alex, Dominique, and the horses, goats and dogs who are their teachers.

Alkice ,


What I am enjoying about the podcasts, aside from just listening to good clicker training stories, is that each one has given me a 'nugget' to go away and think about: how is my treat delivery, could it be better, what could I change about it? Or the last one, ending well - I was was out with the horses who were in the far end of the field. I did a bit with each horse then said goodbye and started walking back across the field. Alkor decided to come with me and he walked nicely, calmly by my shoulder all the way across the field. Well, I felt that deserved a nice reward even though we had finished - but, at least with Alkor who is an eager, more, more, more type of horse, I need to think each time about the end and make a decision. If I then go on to do something with another horse and he says 'look, look, I'm doing a nice back up for you' do I reward that or not? I am now teaching him a 'stand and wait' and building a bit of endurance with that. But because I have 4 horses together in a large field training goes on all the time - where is the beginning? Where is the end? There aren't any clear, hard and fast answers but just trying to make good decisions and trying not to be sloppy or not really thinking about it (such as easy trap to fall into). Anyway, it is great to be reminded to think about things, and I love the stories!

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