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Do you want to share the Inside-Out understanding (the 3Ps) but you don't know where to start?

This podcast series is dedicated to helping you find your own authentic voice.

If you're a coach, change-worker -or if you work in education or an organisation - then this podcast is for you.

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Inner Compass Liz Scott

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Do you want to share the Inside-Out understanding (the 3Ps) but you don't know where to start?

This podcast series is dedicated to helping you find your own authentic voice.

If you're a coach, change-worker -or if you work in education or an organisation - then this podcast is for you.

Check out more at www.innnercompassguide.com

    IC 40 Freedom to Be

    IC 40 Freedom to Be

    We're exploring the theme of freedom in this week's In the Convo, with artist Terri Broughton.
    Terri only started to describe herself as an artist 3-years ago. She was haunted by the feeling of being a fraud.
    She never felt she had the right to be called an artist, even though she (as a teacher) was instrumental in some inspiring art projects in schools that were adopted by the curriculum. It's likely that her experiences as a child (she was orphaned and then abused by her carers) haunted her for much of her adult life.
    A couple of years ago Terri picked up a paint-brush and felt an incredible freedom of expression through painting.
    The judgemental feeling of being a fraud has disappeared and she now feels free to 'play' and to 'just be'.
    The painting above is called 'There Is No Place Like Home'. This painting represents the transition between the old Terri and the new, grounded Terri that dances with life.
    In this interview we explore:
    The difference between being and doing Seeing beyond the fear of being a fraud The freedom of creativity and 'play'
    You can find out more about Terri and her art work at her website Terribroughtonart.co.uk

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    IC 40 Schools Wellbeing and Covid

    IC 40 Schools Wellbeing and Covid

    Schools have been up against it as they manage COVID. Over the past year staff, parents and pupils have been experiencing a bumpy, ever-changing year of disruption.
    Deputy Head, Russell Pearson knows that wellbeing is right at the heart of his school moving forward.
    He sees that the Inside-Out understanding will help create a foundation of authentic wellbeing in the school. He sees that connection and compassion have been some of the positive impacts of COVID in his school community.
    Stuart Newberry from Inner Compass Guide talks to Russell Pearson in this interview.
    Don't forget to check out our free introduction webinars if you'd like to learn more about becoming a wellbeing listener for your friends, family, clients or colleagues. The information is here
    You can find out more about Russell and Dynamic Deputies on Facebook
    Follow Russell on Twitter @enrichlearning

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    IC 39 The Inside-Out GP

    IC 39 The Inside-Out GP

    Dr Bryan MceElroy is worth listening to - he's a GP with a different view on mental health and mental illness.
    HIs curiosity and studies have given him insight into various states of distress such as depression, anxiety and paranoia and how people can find some peace of mind.
    He isn't wedded to the 'medical model'. Instead he explores a wider range of interventions and is inspired by the results.
    Wellbeing is something that Bryan is passionate abut. Here's how he describes it:

    "Wellbeing is your experience living day to day with a sense of presence and light-heartedness and not getting too caught up in negative thoughts/feelings".
    He regularly sees patients who are struggling with anxiety and worry and rather than immediately prescribe medication he wants patients to explore something deeper and more intuitive.
    "If you're feeling well in yourself with a spiritual connection with something 'greater' to yourself you'll start looking after yourself."
    In this conversation we explore::
    What is Wellbeing? The Inside Out understanding and how it can support patients The challenges for GPs and the health service Listening as an important missing piece to mentally well society. Find out more about Dr Bryan McElroy and his work by going to his website. 
    If you're interested in our Wellbeing Listening work - check out our online training and courses here.

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    IC 38 Beyond Thinking

    IC 38 Beyond Thinking

    What is left without our thinking?
    What happens when we see beyond the labels and identities we have created through our life?
    Natasha Swerdloff, works as a consultant in businesses, she is also a writer, speaker and trainer. This is the question she explores with her clients. Rather than looking at what's wrong or broken, she looks to the essence within. It is from this space of connection that healing occurs.
    As she says:
    "When I speak to people from this space I see into their soul."
    I first met Natasha 5 years ago. We were at the London 3P conference and we both ended up with a group of people eating out at a restaurant. We sat next to each other and fell into an easy conversation. At the time Natasha was transitioning away from working as a traditional coach and consultant, she had come across the Three Principles and was starting to engage in a whole new way of working.
    Catching up with her after all these years was a real pleasure and as we connected on Zoom I fell into, what I can only describe as a 'love bubble'.
    I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did.
    Natasha has written a book with Dicken Bettinger "Coming Home"
    Visit her website here: 
    Her YouTube channel is here

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    IC 37b Who Am I?

    IC 37b Who Am I?

    Sam Jarman and Liz continue their conversation around the three questions:
    Who am I? What is this reality? What is the purpose of life? It's a good idea to check out the first part of our conversation before listening to this one.

    • 33 min
    IC 37a Who Am I?

    IC 37a Who Am I?

    It seems to me that many people feel lost, insecure and adrift in the world. It seems that many are trying to chase happiness and find fulfilment in the world. It is exhausting.
    Rather than turning our attention outwards, what if we looked within and what if we explored some of the most profound questions of the ages?
    My guest is someone who regularly reflects on this question with his clients. Sam Jarman is a golf professional, author and writer. Sam asks three questions when with his clients. The questions are
    1. Who am I
    2. What is this?
    3. What is the purpose of life?
    Our conversation was so rich and deep I've split this podcast into two parts. We start by exploring the question 'Who am I'? and then in part 2 of the podcast we continue the conversation.
    If you'd like to learn more about Sam and his work:
    Twitter @samjarmangolf
    samjarmangolf.com - 
    sportsprinciples.com - 
    Sam mentioned Rupert Spira and Francis Lucille - here are links to their sites.
    Rupert Spira 
    Francis Lucille 

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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
3 Ratings

3 Ratings

Stu Newberry ,

Professional and engaging

The quality of the discussion tells me this new podcast series is worth fresh and exciting.
In the first, Ian Watson is so engaging in his explanation of the Inside Out understanding and Kathy Rablah, a teacher and mother, explore the possibilities and hope for young people suffering with mental health issues.

Wonderfully held together by Liz Scott, this series promises a new perspective on so many different areas that consume our lives.

Jack2975 ,


This is such a professional podcast, Liz's experience in radio shines through in how she facilitates this conversation. The passions of both speakers shines through. Anyone interested in mental health and well-being should give this a listen.

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