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A podcast on living simply. Follow two Canadian millennials, Kelly and Lauren, as they remove life's excess in favor of adopting minimalist lifestyles. Be inspired to design a simpler, more intentional life.

Millennial Minimalists Kelly & Lauren

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A podcast on living simply. Follow two Canadian millennials, Kelly and Lauren, as they remove life's excess in favor of adopting minimalist lifestyles. Be inspired to design a simpler, more intentional life.

    Simplify Your Diet with Lauren Morley

    Simplify Your Diet with Lauren Morley

    If you are looking for a new way to simplify your diet and lifestyle, this conversation is for you!

    The Millennial Minimalists' very own co-host, Lauren Morley, shares how intermittent fasting can be a helpful way to simplify the way you eat without sacrificing the food you love!

    Together with Kelly, Lauren shares lessons from her new book titled, Act Like A Lady, Eat Like a Man, which if you can tell by the title, is a hilarious and fun read!

    In this discussion, you will learn about the different types of fasting methods, how to manage fasting with ease, the long list of benefits, and more!

    Be inspired by Lauren’s take on intermittent fasting and be prepared to laugh with Kelly and Lauren along the way!

    Read Lauren's Book: Act Like A Lady, Eat Like A Man

    • 53 min
    Declutter Your Home Quickly & Easily

    Declutter Your Home Quickly & Easily

    Be inspired to clear your space of excess and reap the rewards of a clean, simple home today!

    In this 30-minute preview of one of Lauren and Kelly's simple living classes, Lauren shares a quick and easy way of decluttering that will help you remove the excess in your spaces in a matter of minutes to an hour.

    You will learn the difference between decluttering and organizing, how to eliminate the clutter in your home quickly and easily, and how to make intentional decisions about the items you keep in your spaces.

    Plus, Lauren and Kelly share tips and tricks to help you maintain a simple home for the long term.

    You can find the full audio and video version of this class at mastersimplicity.com/classes.


    • 32 min
    Own Less & Live More with Chris Lovett

    Own Less & Live More with Chris Lovett

    Be inspired to let go of the physical and/or mental clutter in your life.

    Kelly speaks with minimalist author, Chris Lovett, about his new book titled, “Discovery of Less: How I Found Everything I Wanted Underneath Everything I Owned," which follows his journey from living a busy and cluttered life to now designing a simpler and happier every day. 

    You will learn about the benefits of letting go and the power of saying no and taking a chance on a different path.  

    Gain the courage to own less and live more today.


    Book: Discovery of Less


    • 59 min
    Make Your Life Effortless with Greg McKeown

    Make Your Life Effortless with Greg McKeown

    Kelly speaks with two-time New York Times bestselling author, Greg McKeown for a second time to discuss his latest bestseller, Effortless: Make it Easier to Do What Matters Most, which provides you with the tools to pursue what matters most to you with ease.

    This is a special part two to Kelly's first discussion with Greg in Episode 85, where he shared insights from his first bestseller, Essentialism: How to Focus on What Matters Most.

    In this discussion, you will learn how to create effortless productivity and make your essential tasks lighter and more enjoyable.

    Be inspired to achieve effortless results for a lifetime.

    Read Effortless
    What's Essential Podcast

    • 1 hr 3 min
    Pare Down Your Possessions

    Pare Down Your Possessions

    If you are looking to pare down the physical things in your life, this episode is for you!

    Kelly and Lauren share tips to help you declutter excess possessions and strategies to help you get clear on the most essential items in your every day.

    They also share a powerful exercise that will challenge you to reflect on your lifestyle needs and help you uncover the extra stuff that may be weighing you down.

    Be inspired to clear the clutter and start reaping the benefits of owning less!


    101 Things that can be reduced in your home
    10 Things You Need to Discard to Downsize Your Life Space
    Paring Down Your Life

    • 50 min
    Master Simplicity: Closet Kit

    Master Simplicity: Closet Kit

    In this quickie episode, Kelly and Lauren announce the launch of their first Master Simplicity product called the Closet Kit to help you reinvent your wardrobe habits, build a capsule collection, and maintain an organized closet for good! 

    If you find yourself spending too much time deciding on what to wear each morning, or if you are struggling with the excess in your wardrobe, this Closet Kit is for you! It's also a great gift idea!

    If this sounds like something that would be of great value to you or a family member or friend, please go to MasterSimplicity.com/closetkit to get your kit today! Worldwide shipping, 100% Sustainable, Made in Canada.

    Limited quantities, more to come!

    • 5 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
14 Ratings

14 Ratings


Relaxing view into less

This is a go to podcast for me, especially around simplifying. Kelly and Lauren make it a comfy and relaxing space and I enjoy listening to them discuss and debate the best ways to enjoy a minimalist life. It’s also great to get a female perspective on minimalism and I was lucky enough to be a guest on their show. It was everything I was hoping it would be. Calming, relaxed and fun. Whether you are a seasoned simplifier or just starting your journey into less, this will tick the boxes for you. Enjoy and keep up the great work! CL.

Evz87 ,

My new besties

Kelly and Lauren have such a fantastic dynamic.
They provide different prospectives whilst making you feel included and inspired. I feel like I’m amongst friends. I am enjoying their topics so much and they are encouraging me along my minimalism journey. Thank you sooo much!

CatBongard ,

Great podcast

I have recently discovered this podcast and I been trying to follow a minimalist lifestyle and it’s so refreshing to hear this topic from a female perspective. I love their advice on physical and emotional minimalism and I feel their podcast has had such a positive impact on me. Thank you Lauren and Kelly for taking the time to produce this podcast.

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