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Socialism the Podcast offers a Marxist approach to the big issues we face in a world of capitalist crisis. Fighting for jobs, homes and public services for all. From strikes and mass movements through to community campaigns, history and theory. We shine a light on the struggles of workers and young people, and discuss the strategy for a socialist fightback.

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Socialism the Podcast offers a Marxist approach to the big issues we face in a world of capitalist crisis. Fighting for jobs, homes and public services for all. From strikes and mass movements through to community campaigns, history and theory. We shine a light on the struggles of workers and young people, and discuss the strategy for a socialist fightback.

    121. Fighting to save the NHS

    121. Fighting to save the NHS

    The future of the NHS hangs in the balance. Nearly five million people are waiting for treatment. Covid has pushed our health services to the limit, but years of underfunding meant it was already in crisis before the pandemic. Waiting lists were already rising, as were the huge staff shortages.

    But rather than addressing these problems as a priority, the government is proposing more drastic reorganisation of the NHS.

    Thousands of NHS workers, in dozens of towns and cities, protested on Saturday 3 July against the Tories' insulting 1% pay offer. Just days later, on 5 July, it was announced that workers in the NHS will be awarded the George Cross medal. Not something that will pay the bills for the thousands of nurses who are forced to visit food banks.

    And then, the next day, the government presented its health and care bill in parliament, spelling out plans for further privatisation and even less democratic oversight of our NHS.

    Socialist Party members have been helping to organise numerous protests since.

    In this podcast we speak to a number of our members both before and after the 3rd of July about the struggle for a 15% pay rise and what the health and social are bill is trying to do to our NHS.

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    120. Tories in crisis - Preparing for struggle in post-Covid Britain

    120. Tories in crisis - Preparing for struggle in post-Covid Britain

    Tories in crisis - Preparing for struggle in post-Covid Britain

    Far from an era of sustained economic upswing, social peace and a Tory ascendency opening up for post-Covid Britain, the prospects ahead are for heightened class conflict and turbulent political times.

    The last fifteen months have been unprecedented in the history of capitalism. In Britain a total failure to deal effectively with Covid in its early stages left the government struggling to cope with a developing health catastrophe, via belated and inadequate lockdowns, leading to the deepest economic recession in 300 years. As in other major economies, only levels of state aid unprecedented outside of wartime prevented worse disaster.

    The population has been through a deeply traumatic experience. Almost 130,000 have died of Covid, with many more suffering long term health problems. Over six million were claiming Universal Credit in May 2021. Eleven and a half million have been furloughed at some point, usually resulting in a 20% pay cut. Despite a formal ban on evictions, 130,000 families have lost their homes so far.

    Now, albeit with delays and reverses, Britain appears to be edging towards its post-pandemic future. What will that hold?

    We speak to Hannah Sell - General Secretary of the Socialist Party and Rob Williams - Industrial organiser for the Socialist Party

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    119. Organising in the food and retail industry

    119. Organising in the food and retail industry

    Retail has felt the full impact of the Covid pandemic but the resulting heightened struggle between different capitalist interests within the sector, and between big business and retail workers, reflects longer-term trends.

    During the pandemic, we saw shortages of basic goods during the first few weeks – what was this due to?

    There were lots of talk around food shortages due to how much food the UK imports, around the Brexit negotiations – what do socialists think should be done about this?

    As part of overcoming these shortages, the big supermarket companies started pooling some of their distribution networks – what does this say about the role of the market?

    Iain Dalton - chair of Usdaw Broad Left talks to Socialism

    Further reading



    Website of Usdaw members in the CWI - usdawactivist.wordpress.com



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    118. Where now for the Scottish independence movement?

    118. Where now for the Scottish independence movement?

    6 May 2021 saw the election of a majority of MSPs to the Scottish parliament committed to a second referendum on Scottish independence.

    Is an independent Scotland now inevitable?

    How will Boris Johnson and the Tories respond?

    Should socialists and the workers' movement fight to lead the struggle for self-determination for Scotland?

    Philip Stott, national secretary, Socialist Party Scotland, speaks to Socialism the Podcast

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    117. How can Palestinian liberation and an end to Israeli state terror be won?

    117. How can Palestinian liberation and an end to Israeli state terror be won?

    What can the Palestinians in Palestine and Israel do to develop their struggle?
    What are the UN and governments around the world doing to try to get a ceasefire?
    And what about the methods of Palestinian struggle? Do the rockets fired from Gaza help the Palestinians’ struggle?
    And what about the working class in Israel? How possible is it for Israeli workers to remove warmongering political leaders?
    How can Palestinians achieve national and democratic rights?
    What is the socialist solution to the poverty and repression of Palestinians?

    Further reading
    For a socialist solution to poverty and repression of Palestinians: https://www.socialistparty.org.uk/articles/32530/19-05-2021/stop-the-israeli-state-terror
    Conflict in Jerusalem widens across Israeli cities and to war on Gaza: https://www.socialistworld.net/2021/05/13/conflict-in-jerusalem-widens-across-israeli-cities-and-to-war-on-gaza/
    Socialists fight for Palestinian liberation and workers' unity: https://www.socialistparty.org.uk/articles/27320/09-05-2018/socialists-fight-for-palestinian-liberation-and-workers-unity

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    116. May elections and crisis in the Labour Party

    116. May elections and crisis in the Labour Party

    The Tories are claiming victory – but what is the perspective for Johnson and his party? The austerity they are planning for the working class and the lack of solutions that they have for all the problems we face will smash any hope-against-hopes there is that they will improve things.

    The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) is the electoral coalition in which the Socialist Party participates. Following Starmer’s reclaiming of the Labour Party for big business TUSC was back in action standing no-cuts and socialist candidates for this election. How did TUSC get on?

    Why does the working class need a political voice and how can it be built?

    This episode of Socialism looks at the 2021 elections in Britain and what they tell us about the crisis in Labour - and the key tasks facing the working class and the fight against the coming post-covid austerity.

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    Hartlepool sums uo Labour crisis https://www.socialistparty.org.uk/articles/32480/09-05-2021/hartlepool-sums-up-labour-crisis

    Scotland: Pro-independence majority in highly polarised election https://www.socialistparty.org.uk/articles/32494/12-05-2021/scotland-pro-independence-majority-in-highly-polarised-election

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    Is the Liverpool road still possible? http://socialismtoday.org/is-the-liverpool-road-still-possible

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4.7 out of 5
58 Ratings

58 Ratings

Polo? ,

Based and trotskypilled


lineral88 ,

Socialism is not liberal, it’s authoritarian.

Socialism and communism is about removing all rights of the people, and giving all money to the government, who will then distribute to only those who they feel worth are it, someone has to pay for all the takeovers and all the welfare services, and that is the everyday person.
There is no research that shows socialism works, the likes of Venezuela shows this, they have the largest oil reserves yet there are people starving.
Capital is the only economy that actually works as it enables everyone to be free to own their own business, once you take away people’s rewards for owning a business or inventing something they will stop and innovation will stop, why should people take the risk if they get nothing extra.
If a business owner starts a business they take the risk, why should an employee who has no risk instantly be given more power than those who taken the risk.
No socialist society will ever be able to be as agile as a capitalist society as it allows people to charge and innovate without the government intervention.
It would be foolish to base base a socialist society on certain countries that claim to be socialist or communist, which is one of the most unequal society in the world with far less rights than most capitalist countries in the world.

Hazey Jayne ,

Alternative perspective to MSM

I enjoy listening to Socialism podcasts on my commute to work. They never fail to give insight on significant events that are ignored or brushed over in the mainstream media. The explanations make total sense whereas MSM never really answers your questions.

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