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Socialism the Podcast offers a Marxist approach to the big issues we face in a world of capitalist crisis. Fighting for jobs, homes and public services for all. From strikes and mass movements through to community campaigns, history and theory. We shine a light on the struggles of workers and young people, and discuss the strategy for a socialist fightback.

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Socialism the Podcast offers a Marxist approach to the big issues we face in a world of capitalist crisis. Fighting for jobs, homes and public services for all. From strikes and mass movements through to community campaigns, history and theory. We shine a light on the struggles of workers and young people, and discuss the strategy for a socialist fightback.

    125 Dave Nellist - former 'Workers' MP on a Worker's Wage' discusses the Tory sleaze scandal

    125 Dave Nellist - former 'Workers' MP on a Worker's Wage' discusses the Tory sleaze scandal

    We sat down with Socialist Party member Dave Nellist to discuss the latest Tory sleaze scandal, how he went about only taking a average worker's wage and how as a supporter of the Militant (now the Socialist Party) he used his position as a Labour MP to give a voice for working class people everywhere and fight for socialist change.

    Dave was a ‘Militant’ Labour MP for Coventry South East 1983-92 before being explleed from the Labout Party in 1991 for refusing to pay the Poll Tax and was a Socialist Party Councillor in Coventry between 1998-2012.

    Currently Dave is the chair of the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC), which the Socialist Party is a part of alongside the RMT trade union and others.

    TUSC is preparing to stand candidates in the council elections in May against councillors - Labour, Tory or others - who continue to carry out austerity attacks on working-class communities.

    We invite trade unionists and community campaigners, who are prepared to pledge to oppose the council cuts, to stand with us as part of TUSC.

    We hope this can be a step towards building a new, mass working-class party to fight in our interests, not those of the bosses.

    Interested in finding out more or Joining the Socialists?
    Don't hesitate to get in touch.
    Its easy to get involved!

    Tory sleaze scandal continues, an ex-workers' MP responds

    A political voice for the working class

    Terry Fields MP, Prisoner DV 3695 - The jailing of 'poll tax' rebel and Militant

    Terry Fields: A socialist voice that rocked Whitehall

    Join the Socialists!

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    Cop 26 - Socialist Change to end Climate Change

    Cop 26 - Socialist Change to end Climate Change

    November 5/6 in Glasgow saw some of the largest political mobilisations since the onslaught of the Covid pandemic. The catalyst was the bosses’ summit, COP26, a forum to find ‘solutions’ to limit global warming, but more importantly, to save the capitalist system.

    The first protest on the Friday saw a march of up to 20,000 strong – which was an overwhelmingly youthful demonstration organised by Fridays for Future, with a huge openness to the ideas that a systemic change to the profit-driven rottenness of capitalism is necessary.

    The Saturday demo, organised by the COP Coalition, was a larger demonstration of around 70,000 and not so youthful, but nevertheless the widespread lack of faith in COP to deliver a workable solution for the vast majority of humanity was clear to see.

    This episode is a recording of the post demo meeting organised by the Socialist Party's sister organisation - Socialist Party Scotland and the CWI.

    We hear from Matt Dobson from Socialist Party Scotland and Mark Best from the Socialist Party.

    After tens of thousands marched and walked out in Glasgow and across the world in response to the failure of the UN COP26 summit, many are discussing what next for the climate strike movement.
    The situation is critical. Major capitalist powers, despite all their rhetoric around the Glasgow Climate pact, are stepping up oil production and using reserves to combat an energy price hike. How is mass pressure going to be built to fight for the aspirations of the climate movement when the capitalists meet again in Egypt for COP27?
    The environmental crisis wrought by unchecked capitalist greed is just one of the clearest examples of how the that system offers no future for the vast majority of humanity.

    Workers and youth are increasingly drawing that conclusion. We would appeal to them to discuss with us, join us and fight for the socialist transformation of society.

    Growing support for socialist ideas at COP26 protests

    After COP26: where next for the climate movement?

    COP26: Zero trust in capitalist class: Fight for socialism to end climate destruction

    COP26 begins - workers strike for pay

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    123. Cuban protests – what do they represent?

    123. Cuban protests – what do they represent?

    Cuban protests – what do they represent?

    On 11 July, Cuba was rocked by the largest protests to have taken place since the “Maleconazo” protests that erupted in 1994. The 1994 protests followed the collapse of the former USSR and the abrupt cutting off of aid to Cuba. It resulted in a staggering 30% decline in Cuban GDP and the introduction of what Fidel Castro dubbed at the time the “special period”.

    The protests in July 2021 undoubtedly have been trumpeted by imperialism yet they may represent a decisive change in the situation in Cuba. They may have shocked some on the left who have looked towards Cuba as an alternative to capitalism and standing up against the might of US imperialism.

    Many have looked to the impressive gains made in Cuba following the revolution in 1959/60 in health, education, literacy and other areas. The Socialist Party and CWI has consistently defended the conquests made by the revolution. At the same time, we have criticized the bureaucratic top-down methods of rule, and the absence of genuine workers’ democracy and democratic workers’ control and management of the nationalised economy.
    Unfortunately, most of the gains of the revolution have been eroded over the last thirty years. It is, therefore, necessary for socialists to accurately assess what is unfolding in Cuba and draw crucial lessons from it.

    What has sparked this latest crisis in the country?
    What's the nature of the forces involved in the protests and counter protests?
    Is there a threat of counter revolution?
    What would that mean for the Cuban working class and poor?
    What is the nature of the Cuban state that emerged for the 1959 revolution?
    What is the international relevance of developments in Cuba and the future of the Cuban revolution?
    What programme should socialists be fighting for in Cuba ?

    All articles we have produced on Cuba https://www.socialistworld.net/category/international/americas/cuba/

    Cuban protests – what do they represent?

    Cuba: Covid-19 and the 60-year-old embargo

    60th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution

    Che Guevara 50 years on – revolutionary socialist and fighter

    Cuba: At a crossroads

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    122. Afghanistan in crisis: A colossal failure of western capitalism

    122. Afghanistan in crisis: A colossal failure of western capitalism

    Afghanistan in crisis: A colossal failure of western capitalism.

    After two decades of military occupation and trillions of dollars spent by western governments, millions of Afghans are now back to where they were in 2001 - under the brutal rule of the Taliban.

    Yet the capitalist politicians responsible for this tragic debacle - Messrs Tony Blair, George Bush, and others - continue to defend this colossal failure. And today's crop of establishment politicians, including Johnson and Starmer, also defend the western invasion and occupation of Afghanistan in 2001.

    It's clear from the experience of working-class and poor people in Afghanistan, and indeed in many other countries, past and present, that capitalism cannot guarantee democratic rights or decent living standards. That requires ordinary working-class people uniting behind a socialist banner and fighting for fundamental change.

    We talk with Niall Mulholland from the Committee for a Workers' International (CWI) about the situation in Afghanistan.

    What does it represent in terms of US and British influence internationally and in the region?

    After 20 years of bloodshed, how did the Taliban take back control so quickly?

    What and who are the Taliban and what does this mean now for the working class and poor in the region?

    What position do socialists take and what did socialists argue at the time of the invasion?

    What is the way forward for the working class and poor of the region?

    Further reading

    Afghanistan: The Taliban takeover - what are the lessons for the workers' movement internationally

    Afghanistan in crisis:
    A colossal failure of western capitalism
    Fight for a socialist alternative

    Editorial of the Socialist
    Afghanistan disaster - Unite to fight for funding for refugees and local communities

    Historical reprint: The Russian defeat in Afghanistan

    The Afghanistan disaster
    The limits of US power

    The consequences of 9/11
    A world turned upside down

    Afghanistan aftermath

    Taliban, Islam and Oil

    Check out all our articles on Afghanistan going back to 2001 here

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    121. Fighting to save the NHS

    121. Fighting to save the NHS

    The future of the NHS hangs in the balance. Nearly five million people are waiting for treatment. Covid has pushed our health services to the limit, but years of underfunding meant it was already in crisis before the pandemic. Waiting lists were already rising, as were the huge staff shortages.

    But rather than addressing these problems as a priority, the government is proposing more drastic reorganisation of the NHS.

    Thousands of NHS workers, in dozens of towns and cities, protested on Saturday 3 July against the Tories' insulting 1% pay offer. Just days later, on 5 July, it was announced that workers in the NHS will be awarded the George Cross medal. Not something that will pay the bills for the thousands of nurses who are forced to visit food banks.

    And then, the next day, the government presented its health and care bill in parliament, spelling out plans for further privatisation and even less democratic oversight of our NHS.

    Socialist Party members have been helping to organise numerous protests since.

    In this podcast we speak to a number of our members both before and after the 3rd of July about the struggle for a 15% pay rise and what the health and social are bill is trying to do to our NHS.

    Further reading here;

    Unite to fight Tory pay insults
    Build for strike action

    Public sector pay: NHS, teachers -Prepare for action!

    NHS: Kick out the privatisers - Fight for a 15% Pay rise

    Fight the health and care bill

    Fight is on to save our NHS

    NHS after 3 July protests
    Trade unions must organise serious action

    Tories threaten to axe free prescriptions for older workers

    Scrap the privatising health and care bill
    For a publicly funded, democratically run, NHS

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    120. Tories in crisis - Preparing for struggle in post-Covid Britain

    120. Tories in crisis - Preparing for struggle in post-Covid Britain

    Tories in crisis - Preparing for struggle in post-Covid Britain

    Far from an era of sustained economic upswing, social peace and a Tory ascendency opening up for post-Covid Britain, the prospects ahead are for heightened class conflict and turbulent political times.

    The last fifteen months have been unprecedented in the history of capitalism. In Britain a total failure to deal effectively with Covid in its early stages left the government struggling to cope with a developing health catastrophe, via belated and inadequate lockdowns, leading to the deepest economic recession in 300 years. As in other major economies, only levels of state aid unprecedented outside of wartime prevented worse disaster.

    The population has been through a deeply traumatic experience. Almost 130,000 have died of Covid, with many more suffering long term health problems. Over six million were claiming Universal Credit in May 2021. Eleven and a half million have been furloughed at some point, usually resulting in a 20% pay cut. Despite a formal ban on evictions, 130,000 families have lost their homes so far.

    Now, albeit with delays and reverses, Britain appears to be edging towards its post-pandemic future. What will that hold?

    We speak to Hannah Sell - General Secretary of the Socialist Party and Rob Williams - Industrial organiser for the Socialist Party

    Further reading here;

    Preparing for struggle in post-Covid Britain

    For a fighting programme and a new left in Unite

    Batley & Spen by-election
    Another condemnation of Starmer's New Labour

    Chesham and Amersham by-election
    Urgent need to build alternative to pro-capitalist politicians

    Fight is on to save our NHS

    Hopeless Hancock replaced

    Unite general secretary contest: Vote for Sharon Graham

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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5
64 Ratings

64 Ratings

Polo? ,

Based and trotskypilled


manofdogz ,

Sadly as expected.

I listened to the first episode hoping for the promised discussion on what socialism actually is; you know - some theory of it’s philosophy, it’s history, why it is superior to capitalism and so on. Sadly, got a lot of evangelism and almost no definition. Like evangelists - heavy on persuasion but light on detail. Lively and listenable however so I’ll give it further time for sure. Question: is it de rigueur for socialists to not pronounce their ‘t’s? Talk about conforming to type 😅

lineral88 ,

Socialism is not liberal, it’s authoritarian.

Socialism and communism is about removing all rights of the people, and giving all money to the government, who will then distribute to only those who they feel worth are it, someone has to pay for all the takeovers and all the welfare services, and that is the everyday person.
There is no research that shows socialism works, the likes of Venezuela shows this, they have the largest oil reserves yet there are people starving.
Capital is the only economy that actually works as it enables everyone to be free to own their own business, once you take away people’s rewards for owning a business or inventing something they will stop and innovation will stop, why should people take the risk if they get nothing extra.
If a business owner starts a business they take the risk, why should an employee who has no risk instantly be given more power than those who taken the risk.
No socialist society will ever be able to be as agile as a capitalist society as it allows people to charge and innovate without the government intervention.
It would be foolish to base base a socialist society on certain countries that claim to be socialist or communist, which is one of the most unequal society in the world with far less rights than most capitalist countries in the world.

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