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Every week we analyse the big tech issues, interview industry leaders and review the hottest gadgets. Hosted by Adrian Weckler

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Every week we analyse the big tech issues, interview industry leaders and review the hottest gadgets. Hosted by Adrian Weckler

    The great media paywall debate

    The great media paywall debate

    This week, Adrian and Sunday Independent business editor, Samantha McCaughren, discuss the rise of paywalls across major newspaper brands.

    Adrian argues that while they sometimes attract narky comments from online readers, paywalls have simplified the news consumption process and set a more solid path for future business models.

    They discuss whether it’s ethical to put critical news, such as Covid-19 updates, behind a subscription paywall.

    They also look at how related business models, such as reader contributions and online advertising, are faring for those who depend on them.

    • 27 min
    How I raised €10m in 3 months of lockdown

    How I raised €10m in 3 months of lockdown

    “March 12, 2020 was the day that the Dow Jones Industrial Average had its largest drop since 1987, the year I was born. That was the day I decided to take the next step and start fundraising for our Series A.”

    But how on earth did Corkman Robert Fenton, founder of life science data management firm Qualio, do it?

    This week, he gives Adrian the story of how he went from zero to $11m, from multiple VC firms, in 90 days. He also talks about the temptation that some companies now have to leave San Francisco, where he now lives.

    • 29 min
    Vestager vanquished, Schrems scores

    Vestager vanquished, Schrems scores

    This week, Adrian tackles the two giant breaking news stories of the week: Apple’s €13bn tax win against the European Commission and what the Schrems data privacy ruling means for ordinary Facebook and web users here.

    On the first topic, he’s joined by tax expert Brian Keegan, who attended the court case last year.

    On the privacy ruling, Adrian grills data protection expert Katherine O’Keeffe (from Castlebridge) about where the ECJ decision leaves ordinary people who are now wondering whether their use of cloud services might soon fall foul of European law.

    • 56 min
    The Cork lads who went straight to the source for €15m

    The Cork lads who went straight to the source for €15m

    This week, Adrian talks to John Goulding and Joe Lennon, co-founders of the workplace communications software firm Workvivo. The two just raised almost €15m in venture funding, having decided not to shilly-shally around with Irish VCs. Instead, they followed the bigger money trail stateside and landed it.

    The chat involves raising money, growing a company from Cork and a host of other things.

    • 38 min
    “I came within hours of selling it for $1bn”

    “I came within hours of selling it for $1bn”

    This week, Adrian has a lively chat with one of Ireland’s most interesting serial entrepreneurs, Norman Crowley.

    Crowley built and sold three companies for $750m by the age of 40.
    But he came tantalisingly close to selling one of them for $1bn. He explains how that episode hit him hard for a year. But he also now says that it was “the best thing that ever happened” to him.
    Crowley has gone on to mix his love for the environment with new successful companies, including Crowley Carbon (which raised $31m earlier this year) and Electrifi, which reconditions classic sports cars into all-electric vehicles.
    He also challenged Adrian to walk on hot coals, a dare that the host is currently considering.

    • 42 min
    How to run, and maybe save, a media business

    How to run, and maybe save, a media business

    This week, Adrian is joined by the CEO of the country’s biggest online-only media publisher, Journal Media, and the CEO and co-founder of Silicon Republic, one of Ireland’s longest-running and most successful online publishers.

    Adrian Acosta and Ann O’Dea dive deep into commercial and business challenges that media companies now face in Ireland.

    Is online advertising for media firms doomed? That’s a big question that the panel discusses in some depth.

    Alternate funding methods are also discussed, such as reader appeals and membership clubs. Acosta reveals that The Journal has attracted over 5,000 financial contributions since launching its reader contribution scheme two months ago.

    O’Dea describes the factors around creating other businesses adjacent to media, such as conferencing.

    And the panel looks at the prospects for different Irish media organisations from any new or re-organised ‘media fund’ that might be put together by the Irish government.

    On the health of media, the panel also analyses some of the issues around trust, or lack of it, in press and media.

    • 44 min

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