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A series of conversations celebrating the multi-faceted photographic industry, aiming to enlighten, entertain and educate the listeners whether they be keen hobbyists, seasoned shooters or simply visually-driven individuals.

The Exposed Negativ‪e‬ Tom Barnes & Greg Funnell

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A series of conversations celebrating the multi-faceted photographic industry, aiming to enlighten, entertain and educate the listeners whether they be keen hobbyists, seasoned shooters or simply visually-driven individuals.

    #24 - Art, mental health & Creativity w/ Mimi Gray & Sarah Williams

    #24 - Art, mental health & Creativity w/ Mimi Gray & Sarah Williams

    Mimi Gray and Sarah Williams

    The Visual Diet website and a news article the launch of the visual diet and the article in Creative Review that Mimi wrote.

    Rankin’s project ‘Selfie Harm’ - allowing kids to photoshop their ideal selves.

    The endless scroll design feature - why the developer says sorry

    Jack Davison’s work

    Darklight-art and Darklight on instagram

    Book mentioned by Tom: The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp

    Mimi Gray
    Desert Island Photobook: Diane Arbus - A Box of Ten Photographs
    Desert Island Camera: Yashica SLR

    Sarah Williams
    Desert Island Photobook: The Circus by Noel Daniel
    Desert Island Camera: Fujifilm Instax

    • 1 hr 9 min
    #23 - Further Education & Photographic Theory w/ Jim Campbell

    #23 - Further Education & Photographic Theory w/ Jim Campbell

    This week on the pod we are delighted to be joined by Jim Campbell. Jim is the course leader of the BA photography degree at University of West of England Bristol (UWE). Jim talks us through the course specifically, but we also discuss the wider topics of further education in the photography world, what people can expect to take away from such courses, how we can take lessons from this and apply them to our own practices.

    Sony Alpha A1 camera
    Gear Acquisition Syndrome (GAS) - a breakdown of what it is
    The 80% rule
    An explanation of Kaban boards

    More information about the BA Photography UWE course or the festival here https://photobristol.co.uk/

    Some of the Alumni mentioned:
    Alex Ingram and his project Gate Keepers
    Manon Ouimet and her project ALTERED
    Jasmine Bruno
    Bella Phillips
    Mike Swann

    Other mentions

    Mark George Photo Agent
    Dan Burn Forti
    Alice Zoo

    As part of the course they often have guests speakers from the industry and Jim wanted this year to extend his thanks to the following:

    @solvesundsbostudio @stacykranitz @sarkerprotick @k_koenning @laurenforster_photo @ariamark @izaradz @shoair_m @tamiaftab @tracymarshallgrant1 @maxferguson @alice.zoo @ellieburd @alexingramphoto @bella.artois @onurbenimsaj @mike_rt_swann @manongraphy @siandavey1

    Desert Island Photobook: Iris Garden by William Gedney

    Desert Island Camera: Hasselblad 503

    • 1 hr 24 min
    #22 - Newspapers & Picture desks w/ Fiona Shields

    #22 - Newspapers & Picture desks w/ Fiona Shields

    In this weeks episode we are joined by the Guardian’s Head of Photography Fiona Shields. She has been working at the paper for over 20 years and so has a wealth of experience. She talks to us about the realities of covering breaking stories, of commissioning photographers and what she looks for in submitted work, as well as tips on how best to approach busy people. Hopefully todays episode will give people a peak behind the curtain of what it is like to be a professional editorial photography director. As ever see below for links to resources mentioned in the pod.

    Some of the camera retailers mentioned in this episode: AJ’s, Wex, CVP

    Get your own Ken doll to practice lighting
    Reduce the size of your PDFs: PDF squeezer
    Aletheia Casey’s portfolio and her piece in the Guardian
    Lisa Sorgini, photographic project; Behind Glass
    Finbarr O’Reilly - senegal images
    Zhora Bensemra - reuters
    Guardian Website In pictures section

    Desert Island Photobook: Harold Evans - Pictures on a page
    Desert Island Camera: Nikon F3

    • 1 hr 21 min
    #21 - Storytelling & Social Media w/ Finn Beales

    #21 - Storytelling & Social Media w/ Finn Beales

    We talk about the importance of storytelling in your work, the do’s and don'ts of instagram and what it’s like living up a hill in Wales. We also discuss working in teams, digital workflows and colour theory amongst other things.

    Colour Theory: some resources here and here

    Alex Strohl
    Mindnode the software Tom talks about using to get ideas and tasks onto paper
    Finn Beales book - The Photography Storytelling Workshop: A five-step guide to creating unforgettable photographs

    Finn’s desert island choices
    Photobook: The Great Life Photographers (2006)
    Camera: Leica Barnack iiia
    Finn’s Instagram, Twitter and Website

    • 1 hr 5 min
    #20 - Listeners Questions & festivities w/ Tom & Greg

    #20 - Listeners Questions & festivities w/ Tom & Greg

    In this weeks special ‘Exposed Xmas Episode’ we answer your questions. In the process of answering your FAQs we talk about Imposter syndrome, taking back control from social media dominating your life, living below your means, cutting operating costs, treatments,, getting assisting work, carnets, and Capture One Optimisation amongst other things! Thanks so much for your questions and we both wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year...

    Mentioned in the podcast...

    Affinity Publisher for putting together treatments

    Finn Beales book which has information on treatments

    Jake Stangel video - All the things you need to know as an Assistant

    Gaffer and Gear reviews on you tube

    Capture One tutorials

    • 1 hr 27 min
    #19 - Agents & Artistic Visions w/ Kate Abbey

    #19 - Agents & Artistic Visions w/ Kate Abbey

    Kate Abbey is a commercial and Lifestyle photographer based in the north of England. She is represented in the UK and the US and in this episode we talk to Kate about how she got to where she is, and what that journey involved. Studying others to inform her own practice, creating a coherent brand and portfolio and how to get in front of the agents that you want representing you. We also discuss creating personal work and how her decision to take a step back and do an MA later in her life helped reinvigorate her personal work.

    From the intro Tom’s cable clips that he’s so in love with

    Mentioned by Abbey Photographer - Nick Meek

    Photographer - David Harriman

    Photographer - Kerry Harrison

    Photographer - Peter Beavis

    We discuss test shoots and what lengths Kate went too, to create her own shoots abroad.

    Creating your own website by analysing other websites - figuring out what works and what doesn’t.

    Key to having a consistent portfolio is repetition; repeat what you do 100’s of times - means clients will have no bad surprises about what you’ll deliver

    Getting an agent in the US - putting them in a list - A, B and C of priority - and sending personalised mailers

    Using Bikini lists - Subscription based mailout lists

    Keeping organised by using Insightly - CRM software and tying that into using Linkedin and other social media

    Desert Island camera: Hasselblad 503 with a 60mm

    Desert Island Book #1: Mountain and waters by Alexander Gronsky

    Desert Island Book #2: Girl Pictures by Justine Kurland

    • 1 hr 28 min

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4.9 out of 5
22 Ratings

22 Ratings

SR_Photo ,

The most realistic look at what it is to being a working photographer

A great insightful podcast with hosts who are super knowledgable on the inner workings of the photographic field - it offers a look at the reality of being a working professional. From big picture views on inspiration and creativity to the nitty gritty details on the tools and tricks that go in to making shoots happen. Well worth a listen.

Fannychops ,

Excellent concept

I have enjoyed how frank and revealing the conversations have been. Tom and Greg have done an excellent job and are able to give a real insight into the photographic industry. I can’t wait to see what else they have in store.
Thanks guys, keep ‘em coming!

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