ウェブ開発、プログラミング、モバイル、ガジェットなどにフォーカスしたテクノロジー系ポッドキャストです。 #rebuildfm

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ウェブ開発、プログラミング、モバイル、ガジェットなどにフォーカスしたテクノロジー系ポッドキャストです。 #rebuildfm

    278: Professional Podcast Guest (N)

    278: Professional Podcast Guest (N)

    Naoki Hiroshima さんをゲストに迎えて、macOS Big Sur, iOS 14, スタージス、Apple, 将棋などについて話しました。

    Show Notes
    Podcasters: don’t install the Big Sur beta
    Recover lost QuickTime files with this handy trick
    Attempt to repair an interrupted QuickTime Player audio recording
    Virginia: COVIDWISE
    Apple and Google’s COVID-19 tracking system will make its full US debut in new Virginia app
    Sturgis 2006 (その0) - ぼんやりと考えたこと
    Sorrowful Shinji Wajima (from NINGEN ISU)
    Apple confirms cloud gaming services like xCloud and Stadia violate App Store guidelines
    Trump’s WeChat ban could devastate Apple’s Chinese business
    Watch the full "Axios on HBO" interview with President Trump - Axios
    Can you guess what Trump was asked based on his answer?
    Spy pixels are evolving like malware, so HEY's adapting
    シリコンバレーの金儲け | 海部美知

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    277: You Must Be Asleep By Now (typester)

    277: You Must Be Asleep By Now (typester)

    Daisuke Murase さんをゲストに迎えて、ポートランド、Dropbox, スリープトラッカー、Dark Sky, F1 などについて話しました。

    Show Notes
    Portland protests and unmarked federal agents arresting people, explained
    Mount Hood
    How we migrated Dropbox from Nginx to Envoy
    Why Discord is switching from Go to Rust
    A Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Day at Slack
    Envoy Proxy
    Oura Ring: the most accurate sleep and activity tracker
    There’s unproven tech in the NBA’s COVID-19 prevention plan
    Amazfit ZenBuds: Fit Right, Sleep Tight | Indiegogo
    In wake of Apple acquisition, Dark Sky ends Android support
    Weather Timeline
    Ghost of Tsushima: Patch 1.05 Details
    landonorris - Twitch
    Formula 1: Drive to Survive
    8Bitdo ワイヤレス BT アダプタ Nintendo Switch
    Gamer Grandma

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    276: The Staff Enjoyed The Sushi Later (hak)

    276: The Staff Enjoyed The Sushi Later (hak)

    Hakuro Matsuda さんをゲストに迎えて、Intel, ARM, 中国、GPT-3, Ghost of Tsushima, 日本沈没、ガジェットなどについて話しました。

    Show Notes
    Rebuild: 275: Not-So-Smart Speaker (higepon)
    Alfred - Productivity App for macOS
    Intel's 7nm is Broken, Company Announces Delay Until 2022, 2023
    PassMark CPU Benchmarks - AMD vs Intel Market Share
    Sony May Make 10 Million PS5 Units This Year
    Report: ARM is for sale and Nvidia’s interested, Apple isn’t
    Cell (microprocessor)
    Watch an army of Spot and Pepper robots cheerlead a baseball game in an empty stadium
    Communist China and the Free World’s Future - United States Department of State
    What India’s TikTok ban means for China
    China's Great Cannon
    Subresource Integrity - Web security
    UFO Report: Pentagon Has ‘Off-World Vehicles’ Not From Earth
    心の社会 | Marvin Minsky
    OpenAI’s new GPT-3 language explained in under 3 minutes
    The brain behind the Google Pixel camera is building a universal camera app for Adobe
    Ghost of Tsushima Game
    Ghost of Tsushima - About Tsushima
    Weee! Asian Grocery, Delivery.
    Anker PowerWave Pad Alloy ワイヤレス充電器
    RAVPower Type C 急速充電器 65W USB-A + USB-C
    AmpliFi HD Mesh Router
    AmpliFi を試してみた | yabe.jp
    Fitbit Charge 4 Advanced Fitness Tracker

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    275: Not-So-Smart Speaker (higepon)

    275: Not-So-Smart Speaker (higepon)

    Taro Minowa さんをゲストに迎えて、GitHub, 汎用AI, Alfred, Twitter, Netflix, 低温調理などについて話しました。

    Show Notes
    Rebuild Search
    Groonga - An open-source fulltext search engine and column store
    GitHub Archive Program: the journey of the world's open source code to the Arctic
    Abstraction and Reasoning Challenge | Kaggle
    Conversational AI: The Science Behind the Alexa Prize
    The Myth of a Superhuman AI
    The Migration Guide from Chainer to PyTorch
    François Chollet
    Alfred - Productivity App for macOS
    blueutil: CLI for bluetooth on OSX
    Typora — a markdown editor, markdown reader.
    A hacker used Twitter’s own ‘admin’ tool to spread cryptocurrency scam
    Rebuild: 37: N Factor Auth (Naoki Hiroshima)
    Twitter: An update on our security incident
    How to Protect Your Phone Against a SIM Swap Attack
    三体Ⅱ 黒暗森林(上) | 劉 慈欣
    日本沈没 2020
    Unsolved Mysteries
    低温調理器 BONIQ
    Instant Pot
    リロ氏 (@ly_rone) / Twitter
    Anker PowerWave Pad Alloy 15W

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    274: The Curse of the Quad (hak)

    274: The Curse of the Quad (hak)

    Hakuro Matsuda さんをゲストに迎えて、WebRTC, 広告、チップ、機械学習、PS5, UE5, 移民などについて話しました。

    Show Notes
    Facebook Messenger likes WebRTC
    Intel Introduces New Mesh Architecture For Xeon And Skylake-X Processors
    Is MacOS Big Sur version 11 or 10.16?
    Safari can now stream 4K HDR and Dolby Vision content on Netflix with macOS Big Sur
    Developers Begin Receiving Mac Mini With A12Z Chip to Prepare Apps for Apple Silicon Macs
    The Talk Show ✪: Ep. 288, With Special Guest Dan Frommer
    Google acquires North
    Inside the Ad Boycott That Has Facebook on the Defensive
    CALEA | Electronic Frontier Foundation
    Zoom says free users will get end-to-end encryption after all
    NVIDIA GTC 2020 Keynote Part 1: CEO Jensen Huang Introduces Data-Center-Scale Accelerated Computing
    NVIDIA RTX Voice
    NVIDIA RTX Voice Removes All Microphone Background Noise in Real Time!
    Google debuts AI in Google Translate that addresses gender bias
    FULL PS5 Future of Gaming Reveal Event
    PS5 size comparison
    ARM-based Japanese supercomputer is now the fastest in the world
    イエスタデイをうたって 1
    映画『シドニアの騎士 あいつむぐほし』
    The Last of Us Part II Game | PS4
    きょうも厄日です 1 | 山本 さほ
    この町ではひとり | 山本さほ
    President Trump signs executive order temporarily suspending work visas for H-1B holders
    HyperJuice GaN 100W Dual USB-C/USB-A ACアダプタ
    I-O DATA ACアダプター用電源タップ ACTAPM3
    Brutus No. 917
    東京大学制作展Extra 2020

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    273: Always Quarantined (hak)

    273: Always Quarantined (hak)

    Hakuro Matsuda さんをゲストに迎えて、WWDC, iOS 14, Apple Silicon, YouTube Music などについて話しました。

    Show Notes
    App Clips - Apple Developer
    Google Play Instant
    Apple adds a dedicated biking feature to Maps in iOS 14
    iOS 12 has a game-changing NFC feature that works even if your iPhone battery dies
    The Talk Show Remote From WWDC 2020
    MKBHD: Apple Responds to Your Comments!
    AirPods updated with automatic switching and a new ‘Spatial Audio’ feature
    Foundation — Teaser | Apple TV+
    ファウンデーション | アイザック アシモフ
    バーナード嬢曰く。: 5
    YouTube for Android TV adopts AV1 video codec in certain devices
    macOS Big Sur Preview
    Neumorphism in user interfaces
    Browser Extensions
    Apple is bringing Face ID and Touch ID to the web with Safari 14
    Why 9:41 AM is always the time displayed on iPhones and iPads
    Apple announces Mac transition to Apple silicon
    Explore the new system architecture of Apple Silicon Macs - WWDC 2020
    Quality of service
    Amazon's Arm-based Graviton2 Against AMD and Intel
    Rebuild: 108: John Bull's Instruction Set (hak)
    Veteran chip engineer Jim Keller leaves Intel after just two years
    With YouTube Music, Google is holding my speakers for ransom
    SRS-HG10 | ソニー
    AfterShokz Aeropex 骨伝導ワイヤレスヘッドホン
    三体Ⅱ 黒暗森林(上)

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