Tennis podcast featuring casual, semi-respectable conversations about the ATP & WTA.

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Tennis podcast featuring casual, semi-respectable conversations about the ATP & WTA.

    sTaY sTrOnG, guys

    sTaY sTrOnG, guys

    Since we last came to you, Daniil Medvedev continued his impressive end-of-season run to capture the ATP Finals in London. We take you through the paces of the final hosting of that event at the O2 Arena. After recapping the actual tennis on court, we pick up where we left off last episode with Alexander Zverev and the domestic assault allegations made against him. This time we’ve got an actual response (or lack thereof) from the ATP, a further statement from Zverev himself, and another misstep from Novak Djokovic. Have you been wondering what Bernard Tomic has been up to? Well, we’ve got answers! 
    01:29 Medvedev bookends Davydenko’s opening win at the O2 Arena
    07:03 Dominic Thiem falls short in London, but he is all the way THERE
    14:31 James’ optimism that this would have been Rafa’s year
    19:05 Sabalenka, like Medvedev, doubles up to end the WTA season
    21:31 The latest, ever changing developments with the 2021 Australian Open
    29:44 Vasek Pospisil and Novak Djokovic resurface with the PTPA
    40:00 Wading back into the Zverev waters 
    54:54 sTaY sTrOnG, guys
    58:29 Gimelstob resurfaces with a little help from his friends
    64:19 Bernard Tomic is up to what? A SCAM!

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    The Sound of the ATP's Silence

    The Sound of the ATP's Silence

    We're delving into the serious allegations of domestic abuse against Alexander Zverev. Many in tennis -- including Sascha himself -- are invested in painting this as Zverev "overcoming adversity" on his way to growing up, diminishing and erasing Olya Sharypova's story. The ATP has failed to send a clear message; indeed, they have not sent any message at all. We ask: why is tennis so inept at handling situations like this? Why hasn't the ATP followed the NFL and developed a robust domestic violence policy? What happens when we as a community treat intimate partner violence as a private matter?
    01:12 Where this story begins 
    09:32 Why do we believe women? 
    16:08 Zverev's glib, narcissistic response to the allegations
    21:59 The appalling social media fails from big tennis orgs
    29:10 The ATP's deliberate failure to meet the moment
    42:40 For example: where is your internal investigation?!
    46:06 Zverev's management, Team 8, asleep at the wheel

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    Yes or Mess: A Pop Culture Experience

    Yes or Mess: A Pop Culture Experience

    Grab a cocktail and dive into the pop culture garbage our tattered brains have been thinking about these past few weeks. 2020 has demanded we seek out diversions when possible, and we've got you on that front: 90 Day Fiance, Mariah's memoir and her lost tracks album The Rarities, TV we've been loving, and the week-long election coverage that birthed a million crushes on the #chartthrob Steve Kornacki. Every topic is either a yes or mess - some are both! 
    1:30 The US election! Are you tired yet?
    14:55 Thirsting for the cable news map guys -- we've got a big batch for ya
    19:10 Nene Leakes' new venture
    25:25 The Hocus Pocus reunion - this movie is perfectly crafted for millennial gays
    28:55 2020 has been Mariah Season all year -- highlights of the memoir
    42:00 The Rarities, an album of Mariah's b-sides and unreleased tracks
    51:50 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way -- still exploitative but, like, exploitative lite
    59:00 TikTok: minstrelsy, WAPs, and a welcome Fleetwood revival
    1:09:40 There is a lot of injustice in the world, but nothing worse than Chris Pratt being selected as the least of the four Chrises
    1:14:30 TV report: watch The Queen's Gambit, Grand Army, and the Dolly Parton Netflix doc!

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    Das ist mein Haus

    Das ist mein Haus

    Alexander Zverev will be building his latest house in Cologne, Germany after nabbing back-to-back titles at the same event. The German's twin triumphs headline this abridged episode recapping the tennis events of the last two weeks. Aryna Sabalenka joined the fun with double titles of her own in Ostrava. After rolling through the results, we say "YES" or "MESS" to other tennis happenings off the court. 

    5:10 Zverev wins Cologne eins und zwei - why are there two? (we'll tell you)
    16:30 Sabalenka tears through the Ostrava singles and doubles draws
    19:50 Humbert wins Antwerp, Khachanov gives Lumberjack 2.0
    24:40 Ruby joins the top 10 - the Harry Styles of tennis (or at least the Niall Horan)
    28:55 What's the deal with the Race to London? Do the rankings make sense?
    34:20 From Russia With Haste: Sam Querrey flees the Four Seasons under cover of night
    38:55 Other yeses and messes: Basilashvili's domestic abuse case becomes a cultural touchstone in Georgia; auf wiedersehen, Julia; auf wiedersehen, Boris (for a different reason)

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    I Want Your Sets

    I Want Your Sets

    The 2020 Fall French Open is in the history books! Iga Swiatek and Rafael Nadal swept through their respective fields on their ways to historic title runs in Paris. For Nadal, it was his 13th time lifting the Coupe des Mousquetaires, while Swiatek blitzed her way to a first Slam title, both efforts coming without the loss of a set. We go through most of the matches from week two that led to the weekend’s coronations, push back against the idea that the younger men are just “happy to be there,” and try to get to the bottom of why so many folks do not like Sofia Kenin. We finish the 2020 Grand Slam season with a dramatic reading of a captivating Danielle Collins moment.
    4:00 Rafa wins his 13th at Roland Garros without losing a set
    19:15 Fedal and the record books
    26:00 Next Gen isn't breaking through quite yet, but not for lack of trying
    37:25 Fly Like an Iga: the 19-year-old Swiatek stuns the women's draw
    46:10 Flourishing without the benefit of wild cards
    52:20 Why is Sonya Kenin so polarizing?
    68:05 Mladenovic/Babos overcome coronadversity to win doubles; Jelena Djokovic and Neil Harman, partners in grievance; will FoxTenn Real Bounce be the solution?
    81:50 Dramatic Reading: in which no grace was given

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    Kick Rocks, Eat Dirt

    Kick Rocks, Eat Dirt

    Welcome to our mid-Roland Garros 2020 dispatch. Those sounds you may have heard over the last few days were those of players often being loud and wrong. We’ve got a fairly predictable final eight on the men’s side, while the women’s draw has turned out some truly shocking yet inspiring results. We dive into the latest Zverev mess, Novak’s quip, Hawkeye misinformation, Sara’s cursing, retiring players before they’re ready, and finish with a rant on calling Naomi’s man her “rapper boyfriend.” Who’s deserving of being told to kick rocks and eat dirt?
    5:00 A lot of surprises in the men's draw, but the quarterfinals are still pretty standard
    10:30 Sooo many first-time third rounders on the men's side
    14:40 Zverev has a fever. Oh?
    27:50 Women's draw: Swiatek destroys the clear tournament favorite, among many surprises
    32:30 Errani loses the match and her mind as Bertens cramps
    44:00 Damn, it's tough to be an umpire these days: the HawkEye saga
    56:20 Keep your saliva in your mouth; keep your dad in his seat
    59:40 Et ceteras: don't retire players before they're ready
    65:20 Why are we still telling players how to schedule and whom to date, during a pandemic?

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