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An unfiltered and honest channel exploring who God is through his word, family, and life experiences.

As For Me And My House As For Me And My House

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An unfiltered and honest channel exploring who God is through his word, family, and life experiences.

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4.9 out of 5
2K Ratings

2K Ratings

Joshalyn McHargue ,

New Listener 💜

I initially downloaded the How to Study the Bible episode for a youth group teaching I was preparing, and after listening to that episode I quickly moseyed back over to the podcast app to subscribe. First of all, Jordan and Milena are HILARIOUS and most of that comes from their authentic storytelling. They're so comfortable sharing what it's really like to be a Christian because it comes with both challenges and joys. What I appreciate most is that they capture the faith journey really well, and I LOVE the prayer requests at the end. It makes me feel connected to other believers and listeners and helps me partner with what the Lord is doing with the podcast.

*Chelcd* ,

Great podcast but constructive criticism

I love Jordan and Milena. I’ve been following their family since they got engaged through YouTube. They are a great representation of a young Christian couple who are trying to cope with their recent life changes. They are imperfect but that’s what makes them upbuilding. I noticed a few comments about Milena’s attitude and I see how someone could draw negative conclusions. I personally don’t have any issues with it. I believe that’s her just personality and it’s obvious Jordan loves her very much. Some people have different types of humor. Even if it was an issue as Christians we need to be understanding to each other’s shortcomings. You don’t know what she could be working on personally so you shouldn’t cross judgment on someone just because you don’t understand their tone. Also I really do enjoy Darry but I believe that your audience is on another level spiritually. A lot of you listeners are young and newly married or high schoolers. I’m not saying that anyone in those important stages of their life couldn’t have an advanced knowledge of the Bible but it seems like the majority of your audience does not need to hear that extensive of an explanation. A lot of what he says could go over there heads. I’ve studied the Bible all my life and in conjunction a lot of what he said was hard to keep up with. That doesn’t not mean I don’t agree with a lot of what was said it’s just something I wanted to point out. Maybe for subjects like that, ones that you want to go deeper and examine on a theological standpoint, maybe y’all could break it up and focus on and go over them in a part series.. still love you guess and you’ll be in my prayers.

alejepal ,

Mangoes are life.

I just have to say 20 mangoes is justifiable. More than 20 mangoes is justifiable.

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