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Commentary is America's premier monthly magazine of opinion: General, yet Jewish. Highly variegated, with a unifying perspective.

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Commentary is America's premier monthly magazine of opinion: General, yet Jewish. Highly variegated, with a unifying perspective.

    Biden Condescends

    Biden Condescends

    What did the president-elect mean when he invoked treating Trump voters with "dignity" in an interview? And how desperate is he to go back into the Iran nuclear deal? All this, plus pardons and some really disgraceful behavior by Roger Stone and Michael Flynn on today's podcast. Give a listen.

    • 1 hr
    The Elite Thinks It Knows Best

    The Elite Thinks It Knows Best

    Today's podcast takes up elite condescension—in advice on how to use words to convince people to be more responsible pandemic citizens and on the credentialism that limits social mobility and privileges the already privileged. Give a listen.

    • 1 hr 4 min
    Emergencies Aren't Supposed to Last Forever

    Emergencies Aren't Supposed to Last Forever

    Today's podcast takes up the Supreme Court's ruling on religious shutdowns, the COVID spike that doesn't quite seem as horrendous as the conventional wisdom says, and the crocodile tears being shed over the Iranian nuclear scientist who was assassinated in Tehran. Give a listen.

    • 55 min
    Whom Can We Trust? We Can Trust You.

    Whom Can We Trust? We Can Trust You.

    Today's pre-Thanksgiving podcast concludes with our heartfelt expressions of gratitude for family, friends, co-workers... and our readers and listeners. Before that, we take up new CDC guidance on quarantining and an astonishing thing Barack Obama said about Latino voters. Give a listen.

    • 51 min
    Trump's Stolen-Election Gambit Is Over

    Trump's Stolen-Election Gambit Is Over

    With the news that Donald Trump is allowing the transition to begin, the post-election madness has pretty much come to an end. What will its long-term consequences be, if any? Give a listen.

    • 57 min
    There Is No Kraken

    There Is No Kraken

    Our podcast crew wonders at the disintegration of the Trump case and the dissolution of the Trump legal team and asks whether it is comic or tragic and what the fallout will be. And then we take up the incoming Biden foreign policy team and how woke or not-so-woke it will be. Give a listen.

    • 59 min

Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5
2.2K Ratings

2.2K Ratings

Heislegend007 ,


Has quickly become one of my favorite podcasts. I have friends that listen also and we would all love to hear a discussion at some point about gun rights in the Biden era.

vw10 ,


Podhoretz continues to insult his subscribers and listeners.
Ignores information and analysis to further his own confirmation bias, blinkered view, and agenda.
Drenched in narcissism and dripping with contempt for others, particularly, and strangely, his own subscribers and listeners.
He’s become unlistenable.
He over talks, is distractingly overbearing, rarely acknowledges Christine and her analysis, and Abe and Noah and Christine try, sometimes desperately, to ameliorate John’s TDS and bring some balance to the conversation, with little success.

I’ll miss, both in the magazine and podcast, Abe’s thoughtful and substantial cultural and political meta analysis;
Noah’s impressive comparative analysis, and love of, and deep skill at, detail and data to bring nuance (I read your book and thought it was great);
and Christine’s, when she has a chance to speak and develop a theme or point, always pertinent and welcome historical comparative analysis and context, humanist view, street level citizen experience takes, and rich and wry observations and humor.

As John said himself in a recent podcast that was the tipping point, ‘enough!’

I agree.

I’ll be canceling my print subscription, switch to other podcasts that have a host that is more balanced in view and analysis, and has a much less insulting, contemptuous and disdainful attitude towards his listeners and their various perspectives, whatever they are.

Abe, Christine, and Noah, considering I was a subscriber and daily listener, I’d like to say, with much affection and appreciation, thank you and wishing you all the best.

AbrahamNMaimonedes ,

The new middle, God help us.

Must listen. Takes that are always very smart and now, post election, straddle the ‘middle’. The 4%. That’s me, but I died in 1901. The country may be in trouble.

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