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Commentary is America's premier monthly magazine of opinion: General, yet Jewish. Highly variegated, with a unifying perspective.

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Commentary is America's premier monthly magazine of opinion: General, yet Jewish. Highly variegated, with a unifying perspective.

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4.8 out of 5
1.3K Ratings

1.3K Ratings

rubek65 ,

Much less crushing morosity!

JPod- Miss you on Twitter!

Weissalater1 ,

Great podcast

I love the collaborative effort that you have. I would say that it is off putting that your contributors hold Trump and his administration to standards that the opposition party is not held to. No party will unilaterally disarm so I don't expect or want Trump to back down if the opposition won't or didn't.

j.mosi ,

Constructive Criticism

Hello All. I want to start off by complimenting the work you all do with Commentary Magazine. It provides a tremendous cultural and intellectual benefit to the American populace. As someone who is relatively open-minded and politically independent, I enjoy hearing your conservative commentary on the weekly issues, particularly as it is harder and harder to find on television. I most importantly appreciate your intellectual defense of Israel and continual combating of anti-Semitism in these troubling times. However, I feel I must offer a strict criticism of the podcast. I believe that when you all relay and summarize a news event, you (mostly John...no offense) are oftentimes loose with the specific details in events that require a factually correct foundation for the listeners. For example, in the most recent episode, you incorrectly set up the entire premise of Rashida Tlaib’s despicable remarks to Yahoo on Friday. While I am no less disgusted by her remarks than anyone else, I was troubled when you led the entire argument on the premise that she was comforted by the Holocaust, when what she said was less evil and more historically inaccurate or insidiously misleading in her description of how her family “sacrificed” and “welcomed” Jews to Israel. Instead of focusing on the countless historical examples of Palestinian Arabs being quite unwelcoming and terroristic towards Palestinian Jews and then and now Israeli Jews. I felt it was a lazy effort to discuss such a profound unintellectual and potentially maniacal statement by Tlaib, but you instead served as a precursor for the GOP as a whole to use the same talking points, thus making the same mistakes that your show did yesterday (May 13 2019). Now, the Democrats have a free pass to defend her from your mischaracterization and instead confront the reality of her ignorance (if you listen to her interview with the Times today, she compares the black experience in America to that of the Palestinians. Nothing could further drive a wedge between that argument and reality than being on point with the facts when you discuss these issues.) I wouldn’t normally criticize professionals I admire in such a manner, but I’m afraid this isn’t an isolated incident, and that a review of all the necessary facts are discussed and digested before going to record. Nevertheless, I do truly appreciate the work you do and very much enjoy reading and learning from Commentary Magazine. Very Best. (PS., Abe reminds me of Kent on VEEP)

Added 5/21: in the latest episode, John said the pro-abortion bill in Virginia (sponsored by my local Delegate Kathy Tran in Lorton, VA) WAS in-fact signed into law by the Governor. While the Governor’s comments on the radio promoting the bill were remarkably disgusting and ignorant considering his long medical and political background, the bill was in-fact tabled and neither passed the VA Legislature nor was signed into law by Northam. This is a matter of what is law and not law, and, as I noted last week, facts such as these that may seem minute in the moment are nonetheless necessary to be correct when promoting oneself as an intellectual to a large audience. Otherwise I thought the new episode of the show was great.

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