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Crohn’s Fitness Food Podcast is dedicated to raising awareness, sharing IBD stories, and offering support for those with Crohn’s & Colitis. If you’re going through your own IBD journey or are a family member supporting someone with this disease, I hope you find inspiration, confidence, and community through this podcast. Together we can share knowledge, experiences, and help show the world the many faces of IBD.

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Crohn’s Fitness Food Podcast is dedicated to raising awareness, sharing IBD stories, and offering support for those with Crohn’s & Colitis. If you’re going through your own IBD journey or are a family member supporting someone with this disease, I hope you find inspiration, confidence, and community through this podcast. Together we can share knowledge, experiences, and help show the world the many faces of IBD.

    Nicole Candelaria: IBD Journey Part 2 (E58)

    Nicole Candelaria: IBD Journey Part 2 (E58)

    In today’s episode, we continue Nicole Candelaria’s story from her decision to begin traveling to and from New York to see a gastroenterologist who specializes in IBD. Everything happened quickly as her new doctor was determined to not let her suffer any longer, but she quickly became weary of the travel and the reluctance of her doctors in Florida to cooperate. 
    In New York, however, her doctor blew her away with the amount of information she knew about IBD and her willingness to explain and discuss in detail the answers to many of Nicole’s questions that her doctors in Florida were never able to give. From medications to surgical options, her new doctor shared the reasoning behind every step of her treatment plan. 
    This past fall, Nicole went on short-term disability and began seeing her doctor in New York once a week. As she began healing, her visits dropped to every other week and then every few weeks. Using Methotrexate to help her transition from Remicade to Stelara, Nicole and her doctor finally started to see an improvement just this past February. 
    It was then, after all the years battling IBD and only achieving remission for one brief period, Nicole finally had hope and she realized that in order to get better she needed to move to New York to be able to continue this journey with her new doctor. As the timing worked out, she was able to move and get settled into a place in New Jersey just before the Coronavirus pandemic hit the U.S. in March. 
    Today, Nicole is vibrant, energetic, and thriving. Looking back, she realizes what a shell of her former self she had become – not realizing she was simply going through the motions day in and day out. Now, she’s happy, appreciating every moment of life, and sharing her story with the IBD community.
    One of her biggest struggles throughout her journey, with all the highs and lows that IBD brings, was body image. Nicole often found herself hating her body for fighting against her, she was uncomfortable, and had no self love. Over the years, however, she gained a different outlook. Her experiences with IBD, she said, were humbling and she learned to love and be grateful for her body and everything it was doing to fight FOR her. With that new perspective, she created her Instagram handle, @crohnsically_beautiful, and began sharing her journey to help provide comfort and show others that they are not alone. 
    To those who are newly diagnosed, Nicole gives a reminder that you will get through it, you’re not alone. For those who are currently battling flare ups, “you’ve got this!” And for family members, she shares the importance of reading up and becoming as informed as possible to help better understand the person in your life with IBD.
    Follow Nicole: www.instagram.com/crohnsically_beautiful

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    Nicole Candelaria: Crohn's Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, and Perianal Crohn's (E57)

    Nicole Candelaria: Crohn's Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, and Perianal Crohn's (E57)

    In today’s episode, Nicole Candelaria shares her IBD journey that began in 2007 during her first semester in college. After ignoring the symptoms for a few months–attributing them to stress–she finally went to the hospital and a colonoscopy revealed both Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis. From there, life became a roller coaster. 
    Like many who are unfamiliar with IBD, she was overwhelmed. Her life changed dramatically as flare ups prevented her from doing the things she loved. From band to athletics, she started losing a sense of who she was as IBD started to define her.
    She was put on a number of different medications over the next few years, from antibiotics and steroids to 6MP and Remicade, but nothing gave her the relief she was searching for and a few resulted in serious side effects. Nicole’s search for remission led her to a naturopathic doctor, and although she was able to achieve a brief period of remission by listening to his advice, changing her diet to a vegon one, and taking a variety of supplements and herbs, it didn’t last.
    Over the next couple of years she found herself back in the emergency room on multiple occasions. She experienced intestinal blockages, partial blockages, fistulas, and had part of her small intestine collapse and deteriorate over her large intestine–dangerously close to ruptering. During one surgery, she had 10 inches of her large intestine removed and 12 inches of her small intestine. Between her surgery and blood infusions on separate occasions, Nicole said it was eye opening to just how serious IBD and the long-term effects of inflammation are. 
    In 2017, Perianal Crohn’s Disease was added to her list of diagnoses and changes to insurance forced her to switch doctors. It started a search that led her to multiple physicians and discovering the difference that a doctor who specializes in IBD can make. Her search for relief eventually led her to a doctor in New York, over 1,200 miles away from her home in Florida. It was during her search that Nicole also realized the importance of advocating for herself and listening to what her body was telling her. 
    Like many others, her journey has been–and continues to be–a long and winding one. Though she found herself wishing for the guide book on how to cope and accept IBD, she recognizes that everyone’s journey is different and that there’s not one clear path. In this episode, we break here in Nicole’s story and will pick up next week as she continues her journey with a new gastroenterologist in New York who specializes in IBD.
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    Ryanne Sullivan, Crohn's Warrior finding remission through diet and lifestyle (E56)

    Ryanne Sullivan, Crohn's Warrior finding remission through diet and lifestyle (E56)

    In today’s episode, Ryanne Sullivan, shares her 20-year journey with IBD. Diagnosed with both Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis, she’s learned to manage her symptoms and achieve remission through nutrition and lifestyle. At age 14, she started treatment with medications, like many others, using steroids and 6MP to try and control inflammation and symptoms. But, she often found the side effects of medications to be worse than the IBD itself. 
    Over the years, Ryanne has found stress to be a major trigger of her flare ups. Right out of high school she started working full time and living on her own, but the stress brought on yet another flare. Remicade helped to put her back into remission, however, it was short lived and soon after she was back to battling Crohn’s symptoms. 
    After the Remicade failed, her aunt introduced her to “The Maker’s Diet” by Jordan S. Rubin. It focused on bringing nutrition back to the basics of real food, grown in nutrient-dense soil and improving the microbiome. The book kicked off her journey to discovering how she could control inflammation from within. Since then, Ryanne has only had a few flare ups due to the stress from each of her three pregnancies and with the knowledge and experience she’s gained over the years (and continues to gain!), she was able to get right back into remission. 
    Ryanne focuses her diet around foods and supplements that help reduce inflammation, including plenty of fruits and vegetables and grass-fed meats. Her family eats the same and follows a healthy lifestyle with her, though she does try to let her kids be kids and enjoy the occasional bowl of ice cream and Goldfish crackers :) She’s learned to listen to her body and knows what the first signs of a flare up are for her, which gives her a chance to head off a full-blown flare up by sticking to the basics and giving her gut a chance to heal. Her go-to methods and supplements include intermittent fasting/gut rest, aloe vera capsules (or juice), Protandim® Nrf2 and Nrf1, prebiotics and probiotics, easy-to digest foods and soups, golden milk (made with almond milk, turmeric, black pepper, ginger, and cinnamon), and dandelion tea.
    As many of us with Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis know, genetics play a role in IBD. Recently, Ryanne’s 8-year-old daughter was diagnosed with Crohn’s and they’re working together to help give her the same level of control and quality of health. Ryanne talks about what it was like to have open and honest conversations about taking a holistic route with her daughter’s pediatrician and gastroenterologist. While medications are not off the table, they are hoping to avoid them. Ryanne’s advice for other parents with children diagnosed with IBD: keep a food journal, learn everything you can about the disease, learn to talk to doctors openly, and  get involved in the community!
    To keep up with Ryanne and her IBD journey, follow her on Instagram at:https://www.instagram.com/ryanne_sullivan/

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    Jackie Robbins, Ulcerative Colitis Warrior on a mission to help others become fearless! (E55)

    Jackie Robbins, Ulcerative Colitis Warrior on a mission to help others become fearless! (E55)

    In today’s episode Jackie Robbins shares her 30 year IBD journey. Diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis at age 8, she spent most of her childhood feeling alone and angry. 
    Once diagnosed, she was immediately started on prednisone that helped control her symptoms, but caused her to gain weight and eventually wreak havoc on her body image. Her symptoms never fully went away, however, and she spent her entire childhood going into flares. In 1998, at age 17, she had her colon removed and a temporary ileostomy made. Then in 1999 she had her reversal surgery, but things didn’t get better. 
    While she struggled with symptoms over the next few years, she slowly started to close herself off from the world. Then, in her early 20s, things took a turn for the worse when she suddenly lost the ability to go to the bathroom. She couldn’t hold her bowels anymore and was left having to use a catheter that she later nicknamed her “poop straw.” Though she laughs about it now, and her vibrant personality radiates in her posts, podcasts, and everywhere she speaks, having lost the ability to go to the bathroom spiraled her into a version of herself that you wouldn’t recognize having met her now. 
    Over those next 15 years, she became more and more distanced from friends and her outlook was negative. But it was only after she found out that people didn’t want to be around her, that she took a hard look at what had happened and how far away she was from the person she wanted to be. She worked on her mindset, focused on exercise (something that has always been a passion of hers), sought the help of a therapist, read many self-help titles, and pushed herself to become the person she wanted to be.
    Her confidence grew and she started engaging in activities again. When she signed up for a Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation Team Challenge event and discovered how openly and easily she could talk about her own story, she immediately applied to become an Ambassador. 
    A year ago she sat down and started writing about her experiences. Out of that, came her eBook, The Fearless Academy, 21 Days to More Self Confidence. She’s on a mission now to continue raising awareness about IBD and help others overcome their fears and self-imposed limitations. Jackie’s advice, “You have the power to change your story. Don’t get stuck in one that you don’t like.”
    Find and follow Jackie at:
    Podcast: Being Fearless with Jackie Robbins
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2274349429251806/
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    Yovani Gonzalez, Crohn's Warrior and founder of Purple Roots Clothing (E54)

    Yovani Gonzalez, Crohn's Warrior and founder of Purple Roots Clothing (E54)

    In today’s episode, Yovani Gonzalez shares his IBD journey from rapid onset and diagnosis to turning down surgery and finding the right balance of medication, diet, and lifestyle changes to take back his health.
    Before Yovani’s diagnosis, he was an active 26 year old working 12-hour shifts, hitting the gym hard, and enjoying everything in life–including great food and watching the game with a beer. But when he had his first sudden flare up and immediate Crohn’s diagnosis, his life turned upside down.
    Steroids helped with the initial inflammation and then he started Remicade treatments. But his mindset was one of “let’s take a drug to fix this and go on with my life.” Young and stubborn, as he described himself, he wasn’t ready to make any lifestyle changes. But, Remicade eventually lost its effectiveness and he found himself back in the hospital. He switched medications to Entyvio and later to Humira.
    At the end of 2017 and beginning of 2018, Yovani faced his worst years yet. His weight dropped from around 170 lbs. to 138 lbs. and it was then that he decided he needed to do more than just take medications.
    Yovani took a look at all areas of his life and with the support of his friends, family, and girlfriend (now fiancé), he made some significant changes. He took a new role at work that was less stressful, he began changing his diet and workout routine, and sought the help of a holistic doctor.
    Yovani focused his workouts on endurance and started incorporating new activities, including yoga, which helped him slow down both physically and mentally. He focused on sleep and changed his priorities–allowing him to focus on his health. For his diet, he gave up beer (though he still has an occasional glass of wine or cocktail), learned what he tolerated and what he didn’t, and adopted the Autoimmune Paleo diet as his way of eating.
    Over the years, he’s kept his positive outlook and tends to look at new hurdles as challenges that he can take on and overcome. He adapts to what life throws his way, looks at problems from new angles, and is grateful for the support of his friends and family around him.
    One of the biggest life changes that Yovani and his girlfriend recently made was moving to Palm Springs. With long-term health as their focus, they wanted a quieter place that would allow them to be outdoors more with less traffic and stress. Throughout his journey, Yovani has always kept a focus on his roots–what drives him and what anchors him.
    His focus on remaining true to his roots, combined with a passion for clothing and fashion, led him to start Purple Roots Clothing just over a year ago. His line is focused on clothing for active lifestyles that raises awareness and supports a cause (Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation), while at the same time being approachable and wearable by anyone–not just those with IBD. Purple Roots Clothing is about finding your roots–your anchors in life–and remaining true to those.
    Follow Yovani & Purple Roots Clothing:https://www.instagram.com/crohns_fit_yo/ https://www.instagram.com/purple_roots_clothing/
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    Sanaa Lynne, Crohn's Warrior from bedridden to businesswoman, Part 2 (E53)

    Sanaa Lynne, Crohn's Warrior from bedridden to businesswoman, Part 2 (E53)

    In today’s episode, we pick up where we left off last week in Sanaa Lynne’s IBD journey. She continues her story today with how she regained her quality of life through dietary and lifestyle changes. As her health slowly returned, she began focusing on her passions, flipped her negative mindset to a positive one, focused on relationships that brought peace–leaving behind the ones that didn’t, and began taking courses in Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, and nutrition.
    Her new path led her to focus on healing the body as a whole, instead of addressing one symptom at a time. She learned the importance of gut health and how it impacts the entire body and how mindset and mind training–like meditation–are equally important to overall health. As she deepened her learning, she found herself on a path that was destined to help others and recently became a Functional Nutritionist focused on helping women with chronic illnesses.
    At the same time, Sanaa began sharing the powerful formulas that she and her husband created together that helped with her symptoms and health. Shortly after, they started Ancient Remedy and are now in the process of making their supplements available on a wider scale. As their business is in its early phases, Sanaa is offering free samples of their Fatigue Fighter and Nighttime formulas to anyone who is interested in trying the products and providing a review–simply DM her or send an email.
    Follow Sanaa:https://sanaalynne.com/ https://www.instagram.com/sanaalynne/ https://www.instagram.com/ancient.remedy.llc/ hello@sanaalynne.com
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4.9 out of 5
15 Ratings

15 Ratings

rachelfitmom ,

Solo podcast

Loved this one and Stephanie's personal experiences. Lots of tips and good info for anyone to lead a healthier life!

Susanm53 ,

Very Informative Podcast

This is a must-listen podcast for people with IBD whether into fitness or not. Stephanie is a skilled interviewer who gets the most and best information out of her guests. I think I say "wow!" at least once a podcast, as I learn, hopefully, better ways to deal with my Crohn's disease. I am especially interested in the connection between food and IBD, and Stephanie and her guests often give me great ideas to try. Great job, Stephanie!

Anthoney Q ,

Learn from the warriors who are at the front lines.

I don’t have IBD or Crohn’s, but I do train people that have many issues. This podcast is helping me learn more about how each person deals with gut issues on a personal level. The more we learn the better we can help others. Stephanie is a great communicator and her knowledge about Crohn’s and gut health definitely guide’s her guest to bring up great content!
Must listen even if you don’t deal with gut issues(yet)!!

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