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Bi-weekly narratives on the unsolved and the unexplained, mysteries, historical true crime, touches of the paranormal and cultural peculiarities.

Dark Histories Ben Cutmore

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Bi-weekly narratives on the unsolved and the unexplained, mysteries, historical true crime, touches of the paranormal and cultural peculiarities.

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4.9 out of 5
302 Ratings

302 Ratings

JunkMails ,

Good stuff.

Found this podcast about a week ago and I’ve been catching up on all the past episodes ever since. I love how 98% of the podcast is actually about the subject, unlike some podcasts which start with 20 minutes of pointless banter and a million ads. Dark Histories is almost entirely content. Ben seems like a really genuine guy, curious and eager for ideas and input from listeners, unassuming and very appreciative of support in any form. The podcasts are well researched and well written. It’s clear Ben does his homework, and really enjoys the subject matter. Thanks Ben!!

mshawfish ,

Great show. Great stories and dark...dark histories

Gotta hand it to Ben, the guy’s a Victoria-era detective trapped in the body of a 21st Century hairdresser whom one can easily picture sitting over his tomes by candlelight, savoring each mystery like a fine wine... or coffee in his case. It is evident: his heart is all over this passion project. He allows each episode to move him in a unique way (as you can tell by his author debriefings following each episode.) The tales range from unexplained phenomena, to unsolved mysteries, ancient folktales...the list of genres is truly limitless, which makes each new episode an undiscovered country for the listener. The atmosphere to the production is intoxicating, the music is spine-tingling and the pacing hypnotic. Ben’s descents into his subjects are thoroughly researched, balanced with skepticism, wit, humor, sometimes unpopular opinion, but always a healthy open mindedness. In fact his pursuit of these often macabre subjects is so relentless that I honestly worry about his mental health. Regardless, episode after episode our brave host bounces back giddy to go on the next voyage with us. His delivery remains cool and constant with this difficult material, and he looks to us, his listeners, to get involved in the conversation, to clarify his blindspots and just...ya know.. hang out:)

This is to say he really bends over backwards to establish a community of dark historians for the carnival of fantastical and terrifying true-life curiosities he so lushly unfolds for us - most of these tales I had never heard before discovering Dark Histories. I’m delighted to say they have made my world a stranger and more mysterious place. Can’t wait to see what Ben’s headlights illuminate next on this dark lane!

(I should mention that I just got caught up on all the episodes - which I heard on the website - and finally came to iTunes to subscribe. I was a little surprised there are so few reviews here..? I know for a fact there are more listeners out there, so let’s rally Dark Historians!!!)

cool-beans9 ,

From Houston, Texas

I love this podcast, one of my favorites. Ben’s voice is intoxicating and the research he does on each subject is much appreciated. He states the facts and gives his opinion but never insists on the listener’s agreement. I do enjoy when the subject stirs an emotional response from him. Keep it going, please.

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