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Artificial Intelligence, algorithms and tech tales that are shaping the world

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Artificial Intelligence, algorithms and tech tales that are shaping the world

    Debunking AGI Hype and Embracing Reality [RB] (Ep. 245)

    Debunking AGI Hype and Embracing Reality [RB] (Ep. 245)

    In this thought-provoking episode, we sit down with the renowned AI expert, Filip Piekniewski, Phd, who fearlessly challenges the prevailing narratives surrounding artificial general intelligence (AGI) and the singularity. With a no-nonsense approach and a deep understanding of the field, Filip dismantles the hype and exposes some of the misconceptions about AI, LLMs and AGI. Join us as we delve into the real-world implications of AI, separating fact from fiction, and gaining a firm grasp on the tangible possibilities of AI advancement. If you're seeking a refreshingly pragmatic perspective on the future of AI, this episode is an absolute must-listen.

    Filip Piekniewski Bio

    Filip Piekniewski is a distinguished computer vision researcher and engineer, specializing in visual object tracking and perception. He approaches machine learning with a pragmatic mindset, recognizing its current limitations. Filip earned his Ph.D. from Warsaw University, where he explored neuroscience and later joined Brain Corporation in San Diego. His extensive study of neuroscience inspired him to develop innovative, bio-inspired machine learning architectures. Filip's unique blend of scientific curiosity and software engineering expertise allows him to quickly prototype and implement new ideas. He is known for his realistic perspective on AI, debunking AGI hype and focusing on tangible advancements.



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    • 59 min
    Destroy your toaster before it kills you. Drama at OpenAI and other stories (Ep. 244)

    Destroy your toaster before it kills you. Drama at OpenAI and other stories (Ep. 244)

    Brace yourselves, dear friends! In this episode, we delve into the earth-shattering revelation that OpenAI might have stumbled upon AGI (lol) and we're all just seconds away from being replaced by highly sophisticated toasters (lol lol). Spoiler alert: OpenAI's CEO is just playing 7D chess with the entire human race. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy this totally not ominous exploration into the 'totally not happening' future of AI!

    • 26 min
    The AI Chip Chat 🤖💻 (Ep. 243)

    The AI Chip Chat 🤖💻 (Ep. 243)

    Dive into the cool world of AI chips with us! 🚀 We're breaking down how these special computer chips for AI have evolved and what makes them different. Think of them like the superheroes of the tech world!
    Don't miss out! 🎙️🔍 #AIChips #TechTalk #SimpleScience

    • 32 min
    Rolling the Dice: Engineering in an Uncertain World (Ep. 242)

    Rolling the Dice: Engineering in an Uncertain World (Ep. 242)

    Hey there, engineering enthusiasts! Ever wondered how engineers deal with the wild, unpredictable twists and turns in their projects? In this episode, we're spilling the beans on uncertainty and why it's the secret sauce in every engineering recipe, not just the fancy stuff like deep learning and neural networks!
    Join us for a ride through the world of uncertainty quantification. Tune in and let's demystify the unpredictable together! 🎲🔧🚀

    • 22 min
    How Language Models Are the Ultimate Database(Ep. 241)

    How Language Models Are the Ultimate Database(Ep. 241)

    In this episode, dive deep into the world of Language Models as we decode their intricate structure, revealing how these powerful algorithms exploit concepts from the past.
    But... what if LLMs were just a database?

    • 26 min
    Elon is right this time: Rust is the language of AI (Ep. 240)

    Elon is right this time: Rust is the language of AI (Ep. 240)

    In this episode, I delve into Elon Musk's foresight on the future of AI as he champions Rust programming language. Here is why Rust stands at the forefront of AI technology and the potential it holds.


    • 24 min

Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5
85 Ratings

85 Ratings

Norincovey ,

Andrea I

The recent show about databases and their impact on AI felt like unraveling a mystery. I got a full picture of the tech and the challenges in the field. Though not exhaustive, still a very good start. Will explore more!

WilliamEnglis ,


In the recent episode, the insights into prompt engineering were akin to unlocking a secret chamber in the world of AI. Mr Francesco seamlessly blended education and discovery, giving listeners a key to understanding the complexity of language models.

Harwillcain ,

A Knowledge Elevation!

Finally, a podcast that strikes the perfect balance! Easy not easy. Content always up to date and sexy. thumbs uppp!

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