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Equestrian Voices dives deep into the emotions, lives, stories, and everything we don't talk about when it comes to life as an equestrian. Join our host, Caroline Culbertson, for vulnerable, different, and sometimes hilarious chats with riders from all backgrounds. We want to get the 'human' out of horse people. Thanks for being here.

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Equestrian Voices dives deep into the emotions, lives, stories, and everything we don't talk about when it comes to life as an equestrian. Join our host, Caroline Culbertson, for vulnerable, different, and sometimes hilarious chats with riders from all backgrounds. We want to get the 'human' out of horse people. Thanks for being here.

    Buying and Selling Horses Under $40K

    Buying and Selling Horses Under $40K

    What if you don't have $100k to spend on buying a horse? Join the club - there's a whole lot of us! 
    It's time to give this portion of the horse market some air time. 
    What's the buying or selling experience like in the, say, $40,000USD and under range? How do we find good quality horses in budget? Where do we look? What's a PPE like in that price range? How are those horses valued? 
    Today on the podcast I have the lovely Pippa Moon to walk us through this. Pippa has described selling horse under 40k as the “bread and butter” of her business. While she is originally known as a top level eventer having competed up through the (old) CCI4* level, her business now is heavily focused on sales in the hunter/jumper, eq, dressage, and eventing disciplines. Her home base is in Aiken, SC where she sells roughly 30 horses a year, although this year she’s set to far exceed that number. 
    In addition to the questions above, Pippa and I chat about:
    What types of horses and clients she sees searching under 40k Trends in horse prices in each discipline and how they compare to one another  How the horse market has changed in the past 3 years in her view Tips for people who are searching for a horse in this price range

    • 56 min
    The Barefoot Vs. Shod Debate

    The Barefoot Vs. Shod Debate

    We’re taking on a spicy topic this week! (But why is this such a heated debate? We’ll get to that, too!) If horses are born without shoes, why do they need them? Are we disrupting their natural gait/growth/biology by putting shoes on them, or are we actually helping them cope with their lifestyle and demands by nailing some steel on their feet? 
    Rich Affonso is a seasoned farrier and Equestrian Masterclass instructor who has worked for decades on horses of all disciplines, from working ranch horses, to fancy dressage horses, and everything in between. You name it, he’s probably seen it.  He’s also done his own research into why barefoot 
    With host Caroline Culbertson, Rich dives into: 
    Why do folks like to argue about this topic so much?  What is barefoot trimming versus regular trimming?  If you’re going to try going barefoot, what do you need to know about the transition? What supplements/hoof topicals are useful?  Will we see more unshod horses after Peder Fredericsen’s performance with All In at Tokyo Olympics last summer? What about shod up front, barefoot behind? And more… 

    • 53 min
    Bringing a Scientist's Approach to Your Horse

    Bringing a Scientist's Approach to Your Horse

    Are you an expert on your horse? Do you see your peers or even your trainer “winging it” when it comes to structuring rides, or figuring out why that rail fell down, or why your horse seemed tired in today’s ride? We’re learning about ways to use science and data to drastically improve the performance of ourselves and our horses – and it’s exciting. 
    On this episode of Equestrian Voices, Dr. Tim Worden and Nicole Lakin from the Equine High Performance Sports Group join us to discuss how we can use what we’ve learned in recent decades from human sport, and use it to our benefit in horse sport. 
    This can sound a little intimidating at first, but there are simple practices to bring a “scientist’s approach” to your horse’s care and training. In fact, you probably use a data-focused approach in your horse’s training and management in small ways without even realizing it. 
    Along with your host, Caroline Culbertson, Nicole and Tim dive into: 
    Why and how horse sport is behind in using science and data to improve athlete performance (that is, we mostly think of it to fix problems or injuries that have already happened) Why data and intuition can coexist - because the horseman’s intuition is also a powerful thing! Small, easy ways that you can start to “log data” about your horse and how that can help you  Rethinking how we use video to determine where our horses’ weaknesses are (hint: it’s more than just having your friend video your round at a horse show!)

    • 58 min
    What's Going on with Horse Slaughter in the U.S.?

    What's Going on with Horse Slaughter in the U.S.?

    Do you know what’s going on with horse slaughter in the States?
    Most of us don't - or didn't. And that includes me, your host, Caroline. The equestrian community is pretty good at turning a blind eye to this issue. It's easy to think, "those horses aren't our horses." I did it, too. But today, we're going to bring some transparency to horse slaughter in a way that doesn't aim to feel divisive, or inflammatory, or set out to shock you. This is an emotionally charged topic with implications for horse welfare and public safety, but this episode tries its best to present some facts so that we can find common ground on which to improve outcomes for horses and humans alike. Because what's happening currently is unacceptable. 

    In this episode, Caroline Howe from Horse Welfare Collective joins us to discuss:
    - Why the state of horse slaughter is so dire right now, despite the fact that it's effectively banned in the U.S. 
    - Understanding what drives the horse meat market
    - Where many horses who end up on trucks originate from 
    - The "unwanted horse" and what happens to a surplus of horses when slaughter is banned
    - Safety issues around using horses for meat
    - Financial incentives around horse slaughter

    • 42 min
    A Tale of Two Pros: Very Different Routes to Careers in the Industry

    A Tale of Two Pros: Very Different Routes to Careers in the Industry

    There are a million ways to “make it” - depending on what “making it” means to you. While many riders might dream of winning a gold medal in a pinque coat on a shiny, impeccably braided horse, sometimes you’ll find an even more fulfilling way to be in the horse industry that you hadn’t considered before.  Today on the podcast, we have two equestrian professionals with very contrasting backgrounds, journeys, and careers reflecting on how they found their way in the horse world. 
    Nikko Ritter was the trainer’s kid; in fact, his entire family is in horses. He had loads of opportunities handed to him from the time he was small (and yes, he was on the show Horse Power - Road to Maclay on Animal Planet). He’s ridden for folks like Mclain Ward, Missy Clark, Frank Madden and most Peter Leone. Now, he and his wife operate Nikko Ritter Showstables in Wellington, a boutique training and showing operation with one main sponsor for financial backing, as well as some sales and breeding. He produces horses for all 3 rings. 
    Anne-Sophie Milette had a vastly different path. She had really supportive parents, but they had no experience in horses which meant that she spent a lot of her young rider years learning as she went. She studied computer programming while she continued chasing her riding dreams, and then tried opening her own 30-stall stable for a few years before realizing she really wasn’t happy. She shifted her focus to sales and acting as an agent for horse buyers, and coupled with her computer programming background, started Europa Horse Agency while still bringing along a few horses on the side as well - what she describes as her perfect balance. 
    They discuss: 
    - How Anne Sophie and Nikko's differences in backgrounds led them in 2 different, but both successful and fulfilling, directions
    - Being the trainer's kid versus coming from a non-horsey family
    - Nikko's personal reflections on how, as a young rider, he lacked the ability to see the opportunities he took for granted 
    - Mentorship and whether it's really available to anyone who seeks it in our industry
    - The attitudes towards young professionals in Europe vs. North America
    - What happens when self-doubt comes into play 

    • 43 min
    Bits, Behaviors, & Teeth: Misconceptions About Your Horse’s Mouth

    Bits, Behaviors, & Teeth: Misconceptions About Your Horse’s Mouth

    As important as the horse’s mouth is for his health, as well as our riding, most of us don’t know much about it. For many of us it’s a long, black tunnel of mystery that we try to understand by experimenting with a variety of feeds or anatomical bridles or bits or… you name it. 
    Today, we’re shining a metaphorical light up into that mouth to give you some information that we bet you didn’t have (we sure didn’t know all of this!). Dr. Bess Darrow, a DVM, certified equine dentist and Equestrian Masterclass instructor, is going to debunk some of the common myths and misconceptions about the horse’s mouth as they relate to bitting, behaviors, and overall health. 
    If you’ve ever wondered about your horse dropping grain, or if sticking his tongue out is related to his teeth, or if he really has a “low palate” and what the heck that means… or if you just want to hear some crazy stories about what she’s found in horses’ mouths, this episode is for you. 

    • 41 min

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151 Ratings

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