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A comedy podcast about extinct stuff. Join Melissa & Jack as they attempt to uncover the natural histories of bygone creatures and other things.

Extinction Event Melissa Thomas, Jack Collier

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A comedy podcast about extinct stuff. Join Melissa & Jack as they attempt to uncover the natural histories of bygone creatures and other things.

    Indian Cheetah

    Indian Cheetah

    Prized for its hunting prowess and beautiful fur, the Indian cheetah served as a hunting companion and pet to Indian rulers for thousands of years. Despite being the world’s fastest land animal, speed alone won’t be enough for this big cat to outrace extinction. The usual culprits are at play in this week’s episode, but tune in for some interesting info about the famous ruler, Akbar The Great, and his impressive menagerie of cheetahs.

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    • 54 min
    Baiji River Dolphin

    Baiji River Dolphin

    This nearly blind river dolphin that relied almost exclusively on sonar, entered a living hell when motorized boats, along with a host of other messed up stuff, started taking over its home, the Yangtze River system. Though not official, the 20 million year reign of the “goddess of the Yangtze” is likely over. Dive in to this weeks episode as Jack & Melissa have an honest conversation about their discomfort of river dolphins, being electrocuted, and falling in love with the baiji’s unofficial mascot, QiQi.

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    • 42 min
    Bad Bass

    Bad Bass

    Get ready for an epic battle of survival in the heart of Guatemala! The Atitlán Grebe, also known as the “poc” by local Maya, is facing off against some killer big mouth bass! After these vicious predators were airdropped into the lake, the brave Lake Atitlán birds must team up with an American grad student to wage war against the unwelcome fish. It’s a fierce battle for survival. Not just for the Grebe’s, but the airline that started the whole thing: PanAm. 
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    • 43 min


    Welcome to the magical world of fungus. From the spooky to the trippy, it’s all things fungi on this week’s episode. We talk about fungus outbreaks following extinction events, the cordyceps fungus on The Last Of Us and a bunch of other random stuff. 

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    • 50 min


    Extinction Event moonlights as a true crime podcast in this cross-genre special episode. It’s nature-meets-murder mystery as we delve into the unsolved disappearance of the famous mountain lion known as P22 (Puma 22). Join our under qualified and overly speculative detective squad as we explore the mysterious circumstances surrounding the killing of Los Angeles’s beloved big cat, and with the help of AI, provide some alternative theories of our own.


    • 52 min
    Camel Corps

    Camel Corps

    The Camel Corps was an elite team of Arabian camels used by the American army. These hardy creatures were all set to replace horses and burros as the country’s top beasts of burden, until the entire camel corps quickly went extinct. 

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    • 57 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
38 Ratings

38 Ratings

ayla th ,


I love this podcast! Jack and Melissa are hilarious so I can laugh while learning!

uthodern ,

Fun, funny, and educational!

I love Melissa and Jack’s banter, silly side bits, and all the research that goes into making this podcast! Definitely one of my favorite podcasts.

rskillion ,

90% slow unfunny banter, 10% facts.

I love the topic of this podcast, but my goodness are there really people who can listen to this painfully slow and unfunny banter for an hour patiently waiting for the occasional fact to appear here and there? Cause I can’t.

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