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Fire Draw Near is a monthly podcast and radio show which investigates Irish traditional music and song in all of its myriad forms.


Fire Draw Near Ian Lynch

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Fire Draw Near is a monthly podcast and radio show which investigates Irish traditional music and song in all of its myriad forms.


    Prince Robert

    Prince Robert

    This episode looks at the ballad Prince Robert aka Lord Abore and Mary Flynn aka Harry Saunders.


    Frank Feeney – Lord O’Bore and Mary Flynn
    Jim Kelly – Lord Abore and Mary Flynn
    Al O’Donnell – Lord Abore and Mary Flynn
    Ewan MacLennan – Prince Robert
    Peggy Seeger – Harry Saunders


    Artwork by Anthony Van Dyck c.1630

    • 36 min
    Fire Draw Near Episode XLIII

    Fire Draw Near Episode XLIII

    Episode XLIII features songs of war, songs of love, songs of death, songs of the siren and songs of the Devil.


    Michael Gallagher – The Plains of Boyle / The Leitrim Fancy
    Brìghde Chaimbeul - Carry Them With Us - Tha Fonn Gun Bhi Trom (I Am Disposed of Mirth)
    Zeitkratzer, Svetlana Spajić, Dragana Tomić and Obrad Milić
    - The Battle at Mackov Kamen
    Maria W. Horn & Sara Parkman – Till Margaretha
    Isa Gordon – Love is Teasing
    Paddy Shine – Another Song To The Siren
    Mohammad Mostafa Heydarian – Bayeh Bayeh Suite (Narrative to Seyed Arash Shahriari)
    Nathan Salsburg – X
    The Mary Wallopers – The Night the Guards Raided Oweny's
    Blood on Satan’s Claw OST – Main Theme
    Tommy Reck – The Kilfrush / the Trip to Durrow


    • 59 min
    The 'Child Ballad' in Ireland - Johns Hopkins University 06/10/2022

    The 'Child Ballad' in Ireland - Johns Hopkins University 06/10/2022

    This is an audio recording of a lecture / performance I gave in the Shriver Hall Auditorium, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore on the 6th of October 2022.


    • 1 hr 22 min
    Fire Draw Near Episode XLII

    Fire Draw Near Episode XLII

    Fire Draw Near Episode XLII is a moody frontline assemblage of traditional folk adjacent magic with new tracks from Jonny Dillon, A Clatter and Drone, Áit Ait, Cormorant Tree Oh and Eliza Carthy, recently discovered tracks from M(h)aol and Perinne Bourel as well as old time classics from John Griffin (the 5th Avenue Bus Man), Stefan Shkimba & Co., Cyril Biddick, the Young Tradition as well as none other than the legendary J.R. R. Tolkien.


    Perinne Bourel – Rigodon du Château d'Ancelle
    A Clatter and Drone - The Day That Broke Winter
    Jonny Dillon – Rose Gardens & Requiems
    Áit Ait – Miss Brown
    Mhaol – Oró Sé Do Bheatha Bhaile
    J. R. R. Tolkien – Sam's Rhyme of the Troll
    Cyril Biddick – Old Daddy Fox
    The Young Tradition – Daddy Fox
    John Griffin – The Real Old Mountain Dew
    Stefan Shkimba & Co. – LemkoWedding pt 11
    The Kossoy Sisters – Down in a Willow Garden
    Cormorant Tree Oh – All Of It
    Eliza Carthy & The Restitution – Whirly Whorl
    Jonny Dillon – The Corridor Of The Heart


    • 56 min
    Go Dig My Grave / Died For Love / The Butcher Boy

    Go Dig My Grave / Died For Love / The Butcher Boy

    This episode looks at the ballad Sailor Boy aka All Around My Hat aka London City aka the Brisk Young Sailor aka the Brisk Young Farmer aka the Brisk Young Miner aka A Bold Fisherman Courted Me aka the Student boy aka the Maid’s Tragedy aka Maid’s Complaint aka the Distressed Maid aka the Unfortunate Swain aka There is an Alehouse aka I Know My Love aka Apron Strings aka the Irish Boy aka Lullaby aka Knutsford Town aka in Woodstock Town aka the Effects of Love


    Joseph Taylor – Go Dig My Grave
    Jasper Smith – Died for Love
    A.L. Lloyd – Died for Love
    Rachel Unthanks and the Winterset - I Wish I wish
    Isla Cameron – Died for Love
    Elizabeth Cronin – The Alehouse
    Pops Johnny Connors – There is an Alehouse
    The Dubliners – I Know my Love
    Sarah Makem – The Butcher Boy
    Almeda Riddle – The Butcher Boy
    Elvis Costello – The Butcher Boy
    Dillard Chandler – I Wish my Baby was Born
    Love Has Brought Me to Despair – Berzilla Wallin
    Jean Ritchie – Go Dig my Grave
    Susanna – Go Dig my Grave


    • 1 hr 1 min
    Barbara Allen III

    Barbara Allen III

    This episode looks at North American versions of the ballad Bonny Barbara Allen aka The Ballet of Barbara Allen aka Barbara Allen's Cruelty aka Barbarous Ellen aka Edelin aka Hard Hearted Barbary Ellen aka The Sad Ballet Of Little Johnnie Green aka Sir John Graham aka Barbry Allen.


    Norman Candler – Barbara Allen
    Almeda Riddle – Barbara Allen
    Texas Gladden – Barbara Allen
    Banjo Bill Comet – Barbara Allen
    Jean Ritchie – Barbara Allen
    Royal Dadmun – Barbara Allen
    Eddie Arnold – Barbara Allen
    The Everly Brothers – Barbara Allen
    A Christmas Carol – Barbara Allen
    Frank Luther – Barbara Allen
    The Hillmen – Barbara Allen
    Roscoe Holcomb – Barbara Allen Blues
    Billie Joe Armstrong and Norah Jones – Barbara Allen
    The Handsome Family – Barbara Allen
    Balanced Voices – Barbara Allen
    UTSA Wind Ensemble – Barbara Allen
    Norman Candler – Barbara Allen


    • 1 hr 16 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
31 Ratings

31 Ratings

Matthew Gronholm (Moose) ,

My favorite

Just a really great podcast. By a truly exceptional human. Love the music, and thank you for this.

Liam The $100 Dollar Doorman ,

My Absolute Favorite Podcast!

I have learned so much about music and songs that I have heard my whole life and found so much amazing new artists and music as well. Ian’s approach is not from a stiff, academic know it all place. Instead it’s akin to hanging out with a friend as he plays records and shares his deep, researched knowledge of them in that excited way that only down to earth music fiends can. Highest Recommendation!

Tim Donner ,

The podcast for jams!

Ian does an incredible job of selecting tracks that deepen your musical appreciation, expand your historical knowledge, and really just brings a lot of joy that he shares with us. If you’re interested in traditional music, look no further, I wouldn’t miss any episodes!

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