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Fire Draw Near is a monthly podcast and radio show which investigates Irish traditional music and song in all of its myriad forms.


Fire Draw Near Ian Lynch

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Fire Draw Near is a monthly podcast and radio show which investigates Irish traditional music and song in all of its myriad forms.


    Fire Draw Near Episode XXVIII

    Fire Draw Near Episode XXVIII

    Episode XXVIII features an in-depth analysis about how we’re all descended from the great eternal drone of the universe, recently recorded uilleann piping from Chris McMullan, Jason Rouse and Pádraic Keane, recordings from the Inishowen International Folk Song and Ballad Seminar and Café Oto, dying for love and my own personal favourite - dying for poor old Ireland.


    FDN live podcast intro recorded at Café Oto, 11 October 2021
    Chris McMullan – The Downfall of Paris
    The Wolfetones – Rule Brittania
    Ding Dong Denny O’Reilly – The Craic We Had the Day We Died for Ireland
    Jason Rouse – Rathawaun / The Hare in the Corn / The Cock of the North / Oh Susanna
    Maureen Jelks – Broom Blooms Bonny
    Pádraic Keane - Rince Scioból an Ghabha / Smash the Windows
    Antaine Ó Faracháin – Johnny Seoige
    Jason Rouse – The Rocks of Bawn / Kitty Got a Clinking Coming from the Fair
    Peggy Seeger – I Wish I was a Single Girl Again
    Leann Toland – Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye
    Amps for Christ – The Blacksmith


    • 58 min
    FDN Christmas Special - Episode XXVII

    FDN Christmas Special - Episode XXVII

    Featuring all of the usual plus even more of the unusual than usual! Joyce, NO PRISONS, songs that sound like other songs, English toffs doing Irish pleb cosplay, Irish ne’er do-wells doing English farmer cosplay, English farmers singing songs that are actually plots of 1970s pornos set in the 1700s, a dramatical audio tale, people playing the taps, everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Irish rebel ballads with @rebelmatters and that’s without even mentioning what you’ve been waiting for all week - the winners of the Fire Draw Near Raucous Rebel Christmas Cock Challenge 2021!!!


    James Stephens – The Brown and the Yellow Ale
    Jim Eldon – I Wish There Was No Prisons
    Gan Ainm – Triple concerto for faucet, water pipes and fiddle
    Michael Lee Yonkers – Funboots
    The Pogues – Thousands are Sailing
    Tommy Reck – The Irish Washerwoman
    Tommy Reck – The Scholar / the Salamanca / Hand Me Down the Tackle
    Eimear Walshe – The Piper’s Grip
    Willie Clancy – The Gander
    Thomas Allen and Sheila Armstrong – Billy Boy
    Aberdeen Schoolchildren – My Mother and Your Mother
    The Copper Family – Dame Durden
    A Feckless Pack of Ne’er-Do-Wells – Ebeneezer Goode
    Rebel Matters Interview


    • 1 hr 56 min
    The Baffled Knight

    The Baffled Knight

    This episode looks at the ballad The Baffled Knight aka Blow Away the Morning Dew aka Clear Away The Morning Dew aka The New Mown Hay aka the Shepherd Lad aka Jock Sheep aka Katie Morey.


    The City Waites – The Baffled Knight
    Emily Bishop – The Baffles Knight
    Sam Larner – Blow Away the Morning Dew
    Assassin’s Creed – Clear Away the Morning Dew
    Guildford Boy’s Choir – Blow Away the Morning Dew
    Ewan Mac Coll – The Shepherd Lad
    Various – Jock Sheep
    John Campbell – The Baffled Knight
    Ian Lynch – The Baffled Knight
    Captain Pearl R. Nye – The Banks of Sullee
    Doc Watson – Katie Morey
    The Buffalo Silver Band – The Baffled Knight
    Far From the Maddening Crowd OST – Blow Away the Morning Dew


    • 48 min
    Fire Draw Near Episode XXVI

    Fire Draw Near Episode XXVI

    Episode XXVI features Irish traditional dance tunes, Sean Nós, English Gypsies, 1970s Reggae, uilleann pipes, fiddle, a man with no balls and poor old England. Pictured is my Granda Thomas Lynch Snr. on the accordion.


    Ceoltóirí Chulann – An Tonn Reatha (The Rolling Wave)
    Jackie Roche – The Blackbird (Set Dance)
    Peter Ingram – Mandi went to Poove the Gri – Untitled Stepdance - Can you Rokker Romany
    Jasper Smith – Father Had a Knife
    Harold Covill – The Happy Family
    Sandy Archibald – My Faither's Gied's a Horse
    Teri York and Kids – That’s the Way You Spell New york
    Dillinger – Cocaine in My Brain
    Chicken in the Car by Ralph Flanagan
    Harry Cox – What Will Become of England
    Sarah Ghriallais – Amhrán and Phúca
    Paddy Glackin and Robbie Hannan – The Cook in the Kitchen / The Wandering Minstrel
    Seán ‘ac Dhonncha – Our Famous Cathal Brugha
    Seán ‘ac Dhonncha – Green Brooms
    Thomas McCarthy – No Balls at All


    • 57 min


    This episode looks at the ballad Edward aka What Put the Blood? aka My Son David aka Son Come Tell It Unto Me aka Sven I Rosengård aka The Blood of the Old Red Rooster.


    Mary Delaney – What Put the Blood?
    Pops Johnny Connors – What Put the Blood?
    John Reilly – What Put the Blood?
    Weenie (Selphinus) Brazil – Son Come Tell it Unto Me
    Angela Brazil – Son Come Tell it Unto Me
    Mr. Webb – Son Come Tell it Unto Me
    Jeannie Robertson – My Son David
    Lena Willemark – Sven I Rosengård
    Garmarna – Sven I Rosengård
    Carl Loewe – Edward
    Almeda Riddle – The Blood of the Old Red Rooster
    Amps for Christ - Edward


    • 1 hr 6 min
    Fire Draw Near Episode XXV

    Fire Draw Near Episode XXV

    Episode XXV of Fire Draw Near features Paddy Moloney, Stick in the Wheel, Máire Ní Ghráda, the Friel Sisters, Louise Mulcahy, Jelly Roll Morton, Mike Oldfield, the return of Lomax Does Ireland and more!!!


    The Chieftains – An Phis Fhliuch (the Wet Quim)
    Paddy Moloney – Bumper Squire Jones
    Paddy Moloney and Mike Oldfield and band – Planxty Fanny Power and more
    Stick in the Wheel – The Cuckoo
    Stick in the Wheel – Wierds Broke It
    Dennis Donahue – My Uncle Dan McCann
    Mick Moloney – My Uncle Dan McCann
    Máire Ní Ghráda – Queen of the Rushes
    Louise, Michelle and Mick Mulcahy – Charlie Mulvihill’s, Farewell to Ireland
    The Friel Sisters – The Humours of Ballyloughlin, Rakes of Clonmel, the Kilkenny Jig
    Mickey Doherty – Story of St. Columcille and the Curse of Only Putting on One Shoe
    Mickey Doherty – Haste to the Wedding, My Match is Made
    Mickey Doherty – Story of the Fiddler with Only One Tune
    Mickey Doherty – The Fairy’s Reel
    Jelly Roll Morton – The Dirty Dozen


    • 59 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
21 Ratings

21 Ratings

harddickwarrior ,

Live at the Death Factory brought me here

Wish I could do what this guy does. It’s been said here, but I love how he de-academizes the study of this music while still putting in insanely rigorous research. Amazing amazing stuff. Please keep it up.

TimJr.5678 ,

Lovely bit of music history

This show is genius. The history is fascinating, and the music is all beautiful. Put into historical context and made human, the delivery is not at all “academic” (using that term as a pejorative) but is coming from a place of love and passion (and is still well researched and thoughtfully presented!).

Milwaukee Zach ,


Very interesting background and history! Also highly recommend Lankum’s music! Cheers!

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