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A resource for parents who are feeling outpaced and overwhelmed as they raise children in a tech world.

Our goal: Equip parents with the tools, resources, and confidence they need to raise kids who love God and use tech.

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A resource for parents who are feeling outpaced and overwhelmed as they raise children in a tech world.

Our goal: Equip parents with the tools, resources, and confidence they need to raise kids who love God and use tech.

    129. Crash Course #6: RESET & RENEW

    129. Crash Course #6: RESET & RENEW

    There's lots of good information out there on tech. You can watch a documentary, read a book, or review the research. But often ingesting that information doesn't motivate change. Until today.

    Today we focus on what we CAN do, wherever we are in our tech use and with whatever information we've got on us as of this morning.

    We'll talk about what it looks like to RESET & RENEW. Then we'll apply those to our families and have practical steps for making conversations, and changes, we need to love God and use tech.

    Resources Referenced:

    The Lexon Flip Plus: the alarm clock you've been looking for
    a helpful article talking more about RESET
    The 2 hour course I reference: The Gospel Tech Small Group Curriculum
    Our website: gospeltech.net
    our social media: Instagram & Facebook
    The Biblical Standard for our tech use: That we produce the fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22), not the fruit of the Flesh (Galatian 5:19-21 & Romans 1:30), that our content meets God's expectations for what we enjoy (Philippians 4:8), and that it reflects the fullness of God's love (1 Corinthians 13:4-7).

    Show Notes: https://bit.ly/3OVu6B5

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    128. Crash Course #5: Smart Phones

    128. Crash Course #5: Smart Phones

    There’s a really good chance your child has asked you to get them a smartphone. My first conversation was with my oldest child when he was in kindergarten. His classmate had one and used it to play games during the school day. Whatever age you child, this conversation is fraught with big emotions, a predictable “but everyone else has one” argument, and the difficulty as a parent of threading the needle between being intentional and being out of touch with reality. It's not easy, and today's conversation will walk through the research and practice that will help inform our decisions, as well as practical steps we can take to help get our children on the road to eventual (if delayed) digital independence.


    Addiction By Design: Machine Gambling In Las Vegas. The book I couldn't remember in the podcast--Ms. Dow Schull looks at how slot machines engage users beyond just gambling, and the implications that has for other digital tech.

    Gabb Wireless: great options for trainer phones

    The Wise Phone: another great dumb phone option

    An article we wrote for Fierce Parenting on how to make your smartphone a dumb phone

    A great Protect Young Eyes article on home routers

    Some other honorable mentions:

    Irresistible: The Rise of Addictive Technology and the Business of Keeping Us Hooked. A look at unhealthy tech design and specifically the pull to refresh in Smartphones.
    The Social Dilemma: A documentary that sheds light on some of the design aspects of social media (although know going in that the documentary falls short of giving any practical or hopeful next steps)
    Hooked: How To Build Habit Forming Products A book by Nir Eyal in which he explores “experiences designed to connect the user’s problem with the company’s product with enough frequency to form a habit.” Show Notes: https://onpurposely.com/gospel-tech-crash-course-5-smart-phones/

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    127. Crash Course #4: Social Media

    127. Crash Course #4: Social Media

    Should my child be on social media?

    This question can feel loaded, but it doesn’t have to be. Social media conversations are fraught with strong opinions, a desire for belonging, and the parenting version of the boogieman: We don’t know everything ab out every app, and what we do know is often enough to make us lose the little sleep we get.

    Today we're going to clarify that there is, in fact, a Biblical standard for social media. We'll talk about how we make these big decisions with our children, and what parents need to know in order to be informed and intentional when stepping into the world of algorithm-guided relationships. Show Notes: https://bit.ly/3RPyEMf

    • 29 min
    126. Crash Course #3: Pornography

    126. Crash Course #3: Pornography

    Pornography is real and it is hurting the minds of our children.

    7/10 tweens and 8/10 teens will encounter nudity or content of a sexual nature online (Bark, January 2021). So what can we do? A lot! There is great hope for this conversation and very practical, loving steps we can take to help our children know what love is, what God says about their bodies and sex, and how to handle pornography when they run into it.

    • 43 min
    125. Crash Course #2: Video Games

    125. Crash Course #2: Video Games

    There is a lot of new tech out there. As parents, we often ask: Should my child use _________ (insert new amazing device)?

    To help us answer this question we often want data, research, and public opinion. Is it worth it? Should they have it? While this question spans the breadth of all tech, ranging from VR to e-readers, we’re going to focus today’s conversation specifically on video games.

    The conversation is actually much simpler than it seems, because our goal isn’t to get the most distraction in a day, but the most true joy in each moment.

    • 34 min
    124. Crash Course #1: Gospel Foundation

    124. Crash Course #1: Gospel Foundation

    Welcome to Week #1 of the Gospel Tech Crash Course!

    Each week this summer we’re going to address the most-asked questions from families, starting this week: Why do we need the Gospel in our tech conversations? The Gospel is more than just “good information”, it’s Good News, and in today’s conversation we’ll look at how that Good News changes even the way we use our tech.

    Thanks for joining us, and welcome to the conversation!

    • 46 min

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5.0 out of 5
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44 Ratings

Grasshopperswt ,

Very timely and super helpful!

Thanks for all your hard work on this podcast. Found you through Fierce Marriage and so thankful I did. It’s already been so helpful not only for myself but for my family and how to manage our 4 kids and tech. Thanks Nathan and Anna and keep up the great work!

NordlieHJ ,

Love all of the topics discussed

Such great content and purpose!

j.Roth518 ,

What do I do with my kids and technology?

Thank so much Anna and Nathan for putting this resource to help us understand what tech is doing with our brains and how to set up great guard rails.

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