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Learn first hand from Group Home entrepreneurs how to help out your community AND make great money while doing so! Get started today for free at www.grouphomeriches.com!

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Learn first hand from Group Home entrepreneurs how to help out your community AND make great money while doing so! Get started today for free at www.grouphomeriches.com!

    2021 - The Year of No More Excuses With Jasmine

    2021 - The Year of No More Excuses With Jasmine

    About a year before opening her first Group Home, Jasmine found herself jobless, homeless and IN NEED of a Group Home for her and her children. 

    Fast forward a year later and she's now the provider for housing like this. 

    What changed??

    One thing that didn't change was her MINDSET.

    She had been working in sales before her circumstance left her without a home, where she learned how to have a winner's mindset. Although she may have been "broke", she was most definitely not POOR. 

    When looking for affordable housing herself, she realized her calling:


    This was a way to not only earn a great living, but help people at the same time! 

    So how can one go from homeless to being a business owner with no money up front???

    A key section of our GOLD COURSE is the "How to Find a Partner and Start with Little to No Money" guide. It's counterintuitive, and might take some educating, but Group Homes are a way to 

    10x the average cashflow of a rental property...Most investors would FIGHT over a property that cash-flows $300 per month! A good sized Group Home will 10x this! 
    Avoid the biggest hassle of Property Management - Collections. No need to deal with excuses on why you're not receiving payment on time, sending scary letters, filing eviction etc. etc. Your tenants will be paying every single month guaranteed by UNCLE SAM! 
    Have WAY more control over a property. Think about it: can a landlord just go peak into their property whenever they want? Have a team member supervising the tenants? Catch & fix maintenance issues immediately? Require guaranteed/3rd party payments? Kick a tenant out whenever they break the rules avoiding the eviction process??

    Now you see why after Jasmine's FIRST phone call to a landlord on Craigslist, after hearing the Gold Course pitch, HE was the one following up with HER a few days later! 

    The first one worked out so well that he's also funding her 2nd & THIRD property!!! 

    You do not want to miss this episode! 

    If you are the type of person that is energized by helping your community and building long term wealth while you do it, then stop making excuses! 

    You don't need a license. You don't need permission from anyone. You don't need a home yet. You don't need the dough to purchase one!! 

    Jasmine is walking and talking proof of this! 

    It's not easy. But it's a SIMPLE process. Sign up for your free training at www.grouphomeriches.com if you haven't already and if this sounds like the perfect business for you, join THE GOLD COURSE today!

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    How a Mother of NINE Got Her 1st Group Home Filled in 1 Month

    How a Mother of NINE Got Her 1st Group Home Filled in 1 Month

    If you want to start a Group Home, this episode is yet another one that proves you have no excuses! 

    On top of her job, Kellie has another full time (plus overtime probably) job...and that's being a mother to NINE children! 

    She is the typical "Caregiver" personality and luckily found the perfect business to satisfy her need to help others AND make a great living while doing so. 

    She got started by working in Group Homes herself and eventually became a foster parent (in addition to her own children). 

    She saw how some Group Homes were not being run up to her standards and thought that she could do better. That's when she hopped on Google, looked up "How to Start a Group Home", and luckily found our GOLD COURSE (CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO). 

    She wasted NO TIME and quickly got the ball rolling. Her and her husband purchased a home in September, and it was FILLED with tenants by the next month! 

    Listen to how she got started, found her House Manager, learned the art of delegation and her future plans. Her husband and son are researching Real Estate Investment strategies and we discuss how if they can combine those skills with the Group Home business model, their family will be sitting pretty for generations to come! All by filling a MUCH needed void in her community! 

    If you're interested in the Group Home industry and want to learn how to get started with no license, no house, and little to no money, than head to www.grouphomeriches.com. Sign up for your free training material and if it sounds like the perfect business for you, join our GOLD COURSE today! 

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    Duane's 1st Year Establishing "Sober University"

    Duane's 1st Year Establishing "Sober University"

    Last year we interviewed an extremely motivated AND motivatING Group Home Entrepreneur named Duane who was "Ignorant and on Fire"! 

    By "ignorant" he means...

    ig·​no·​rant | adjective | lacking knowledge or comprehension of the thing specified

    Duane's ultimate goal was to start a Sober Living Brand and provide all of the licensed services under one nonprofit. 

    Even though he didn't know every single detail to do that (which is usually a 6 -12 month process), when he found out he could get started out by simply providing the housing at first, without any licensing, complex paperwork, and by leasing a property he was off to the races! 

    He spent that 1st year networking, building his brand, developing his board of directors, getting set up to provide a full service Sober Living Organization and learning the business all while income was streaming in from his 1st unlicensed and leased property! 

    Check out his Sober University at https://thesoberuniversity.org/

    Learn how he got started on THIS EPISODE and if this sounds like the perfect business for you, sign up FOR THE GOLD COURSE today! 

    Have any questions? Join our mailing list, get free training, check out our testimonials, free blog and contact at www.grouphomeriches.com! 

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    How Tara and Renee Networked With the VA to Open Their First Group Homes

    How Tara and Renee Networked With the VA to Open Their First Group Homes

    On this Episode we chat with Tara, who is a new Group Home Owner and GOLD COURSE STUDENT, and she was kind enough to bring on her local mentor as well, Renee. 

    Renee has been working with the Veterans Administration through the "Medical Foster Home  Program" and took Tara under her wing after they met at a Veteran's Services Networking event. 

    We talk about the power of mentorship, and how for many, just being around people who are successful makes THEIR success much more believable. 

    This newfound BELIEF mixed with the desire to succeed that they already have, is often the winning formula success! 

    If you don't know any local Group Home Owners that will take you under your wing, check out our ONE ON ONE COACHING PROGRAM or bare minimum, sign up for the GOLD COURSE and join our private Facebook group!

    There you can network with both experienced Group Home owners like Tara AND people just starting out who are asking the very same questions you're probably trying to figure out on your own. 

    On the podcast, Tara and Renee break down

    What motivated them to do this in the first place
    Navigating the VA
    The Medical Foster Home Program
    The types of events they both attend to continuously educate themselves and network to establish business relationships.
    And MUCH MORE! You will definitely want your notebook for this one!

    There are many different types of business models you can follow when starting Group Homes. We discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each method, and touch on the steps needed to take for one to be working ON a Group Home Business rather than IN one.

    If you're ready to get started today, JOIN OUR GOLD COURSE TODAY. 

    Still on the fence, sign up for your FREE TRAINING HERE and reach out to us anytime! 

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    Tasha's First Couple Months in the Group Home Business

    Tasha's First Couple Months in the Group Home Business

    A few months ago we released a podcast episode admitting that this has been a scam along. 

    We've been creating all of this content for years, moved in additional furniture/beds into staged homes for our tours, and made the whole idea of Group Homes up out of thin air in order to sell our GOLD COURSE for $179 at the time of this writing. 

    This is absurd of course and we did that for April fools. 

    Tasha is living proof that our business model is NOT a scam and she was the subject of our April Fools episode. 

    She plugged "How to Start a Group Home" into Google, found us, signed up for THE GOLD COURSE, COACHING and our WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT, and had her first home open and profitable in THREE WEEKS!!

    We catch up with her to see how the first couple of months in business has been for her and SPOIL ALERT: it's been awesome! 

    She's in the process of opening Group Home #3 already! Folks, a lot of people can start to think about retiring at that point. 

    What other business out there can you do like this?? The lottery maybe?

    If you're the type of person who is motivated by helping others AND you're seeking a more financially fulfilling lifestyle SKIP THE LOTTO TICKETS!! 

    GET STARTED HERE TODAY and if you haven't already, make sure to join our mailing list and sign up for your free training material at www.grouphomeriches.com! 

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    How This 20 Year Industry Vet Filled 4 Group Homes **DURING THE LOCKDOWN**

    How This 20 Year Industry Vet Filled 4 Group Homes **DURING THE LOCKDOWN**

    This episode is one you will DEFINITELY want to break out the notepad for!! 

    On it we sit down for an "Ask Me Anything" session with the founder of Group Home Riches and cover our students' most popular questions and topics. 

    To start off we get an update on our new niche focusing on "Sober Living". The 4th property will be open soon and guess when the 1st was started?

    The property was JUST getting finished up with furniture when COVID-19 hit! So we get all of the details on that before covering one of our most frequently asked questions:

    How do you get started with little to NO money??? We have many members get started by leasing their first property. So we cover WHY this works, makes sense for both parties, and why Andy is actually considering this strategy for the next home. 

    From their we move onto the top 5 questions voted on by our GOLD COURSE MEMBERS (CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO) in our private Facebook group for them... 

    So if you have questions on leasing your first property, starting with NO MONEY, what kind of insurance to get, other streams of income for your Group Home and MUCH MORE than you do not want to miss this one! 

    Make sure to subscribe and give us a like or review if you get some value from this! 

    Sign up for your free training at www.grouphomeriches.com

    If you're ready to get started in the next 30 - 60 days check out our GOLD COURSE HERE

    We also offer ONE ON ONE COACHING and WEBSITE DESIGN if you really want to streamline things! 

    For more free learning and Group Home Business info check us out on INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE and our BLOG.

    Have any questions on the material? Contact us anytime! 

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23 Ratings

Monaja J ,

I’m so happy

I’ve been saying I want to own group homes since a teenager and right now I am currently a real estate investor. I know God is using what I’m currently doing as a steppingstone to what I’ve always wanted to do. I have been looking for a podcast that can give knowledge on what the business is like. I am so thankful for this podcast and I look forward to learning and tuning in every episode! Thank you guys!

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