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Learn first hand from Group Home entrepreneurs how to help out your community AND make great money while doing so! Get started today for free at www.grouphomeriches.com!

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Learn first hand from Group Home entrepreneurs how to help out your community AND make great money while doing so! Get started today for free at www.grouphomeriches.com!

    How Tee Filled Her 1st Group Home in 45 Days

    How Tee Filled Her 1st Group Home in 45 Days

    Tee is one of our most recent reviews on FB, and when we saw it we had to hear her story!

    You will not want to miss yet another inspirational story.

    When she found us online she was a stressed out landlord.

    Putting in the work, but LOSING $$ all while dealing with horrible tenants.

    She was a little skeptical before joining but she quickly realized that this business model was the real deal!

    Soon after implementing some of the marketing techniques from THE GOLD COURSE her phone was ringing off the hook!

    With the Real Estate market heating up, little to no competition in her area, she quickly found that the demand for this housing is THROUGH THE ROOF!!

    She has the VA hospitals, nonprofits, and folks looking for affordable, cooperative living BEGGING to stay in her home now and her problem is not filling beds, but acquiring enough property to meet the demand! 

    If you are looking for a way to help your community AND bring in enough income to live the lifestyle you've always dreamed of, then look no further! 

    If you haven't already, sign up for your free training material HERE

    Ready to get started? Join the GOLD COURSE HERE

    Have any questions holding you back? Email andy@grouphomeriches.com or CLICK HERE to book a free consultation with our team today! 

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    Will this be you in 30 days? Inspiring Interview with Nichole - The Mobile Home Mami

    Will this be you in 30 days? Inspiring Interview with Nichole - The Mobile Home Mami

    In this inspiring interview, learn how a struggling social worker went from working check to check, struggling to pay bills, to investing in niche Real Estate - Mobile Homes AND Group Homes - and making HUNDREDS of thousands of dollars...


    Folks, this is yet another story highlighting the difference in mindset...

    Between those who sit back in analysis paralysis, and those that TAKE ACTION! 

    Although Nichole was successful in her Mobile Home flipping business, she was still feeling the stress of problem properties, and the feeling of always needing a deal. 

    When she discovered www.grouphomeriches.com, she found the formula to create massive wealth (close to 100% ROI on her 1st property) while ALSO satisfying that "caretaker personality" need to help her community as well! 

    If you too have the desire to be your own boss, earn an unimaginable return on your investments, start a business with little to no money down, and help those who are in need...

    Will you make the decision to start today, and take action? Or will you continue to sit back and analyze?

    If you decide to finally take action, Nichole has 1 question for you...

    "Which tomato are you going to pick???" (   make sure to listen to the end for this powerful story ;)   )

    Sign up for your free training material at www.grouphomeriches.com

    Nichole was SHOCKED at how affordable our GOLD COURSE was. Grab that to streamline things and check out all of our PRODUCTS HERE. 

    To learn more about Nichole, head to her Instagram @mobilehome_mami

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    How Jasmine and Duane Completely Changed Their Lives With Group Homes: Live Q & A

    How Jasmine and Duane Completely Changed Their Lives With Group Homes: Live Q & A

    Jasmine and Duane both joined the Group Home Riches GOLD COURSE (CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO) a little over a year ago.

    Duane had a 9-5 that was simply paying the bills, and Jasmine was actually homeless at the time.

    They were both able to completely transform their lives in their first year since joining us.

    Both of them have a successful Group Home business that are basically on autopilot, freeing them up to do what they love. This includes helping their community as well as helping people like you! Jasmine is actually putting the finishing touches on her autobiography, and Duane is taking future Group Home entrepreneurs under his wing through personal 1 on 1 coaching.

    The reason we wanted to do a live Q & A with them is that they both started with LITTLE TO NO MONEY!!

    This is the most common EXCUSE that we get for folks that want to get in this business, but feel like they can't start yet.

    Grab a pen and pad, and block off 2 hours of your day. No where on the internet will you ever get this much value for absolutely FREE!!

    If you are ready to start your Group Home in the next 30 - 90 days, check out all of our PRODUCTS HERE to help streamline things for you and reach out anytime if you have any questions :)

    Make sure to sign up for your free training material at www.grouphomeriches.com if you haven't already and we look forward to working with you!

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    How to Lease a Property & Open Your 1st Group Home with Orlando

    How to Lease a Property & Open Your 1st Group Home with Orlando

    On today's episode of the Group Home Riches podcast we sit down with Orlando who is a brand new member of THE GOLD COURSE (CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO).

    Even though he found us just a few weeks ago, he has already secured 2 properties to operate out of and was moving in his first tenant the day after recording our podcast. 

    How can you get a Group Home business up and running so quick you might ask?

    Well to start, contrary to popular belief there really is no lengthy legal process required. You don't need to get a license, or a certification, or zoning approval, or permission from anyone to start. 

    Once you understand your rights as a landlord, your tenants' rights, and wrap your head around the idea of "outsourcing" any services your tenants may need, you just need to START!

    The first step is to start marketing your future Group Home. Reach out to local agencies that work with people who are in need of this type of housing, find out where the opportunities are and the demand is, and when you're comfortable and confident enough go find a property! 

    There are a number of different strategies to secure a property. 2 of the most popular are partnering with landlords with zero money down, or like Orlando did, just simply lease a property. 

    On the podcast we really dial in on some of the key points to doing this. 

    Have Confidence. This will come from your ACCOMPLISHMENTS. Maybe you have a background in a related field like nursing. Maybe like Orlando you have experience as a Real Estate Investor. This all helps, but the key accomplishment that a landlord is going to care about is actually having some tenants lined up. They are going to want to know that you can follow through on your promises. This will come from your marketing. 
    Have a good pitch. Our GOLD COURSE will tell you exactly what to say and you can work in your own personal touch like Orlando did. He tended to focus on the demand and how much this type of housing is needed in his community. 
    Mindset. You must start with a positive mindset. Matter of fact...you must have a positive mindset or you WON'T START. Orlando learned this quickly in his Real Estate investing career. He spent ZERO time sitting around in analysis paralysis mode. He did the same thing with his Group Home business. This mindset is the biggest difference between people like Orlando who have a blossoming business and others who WANT to start but (insert excuse here). 

    We know these are topics a lot of beginner's struggle with so we went into as much details as possible for you! 

    Make sure to grab a notebook and pen so you can take some notes and subscribe and/or leave us a review if you get some value from it! 

    If you're curious about this business, make sure to sign up for your free training material at https://www.grouphomeriches.com/

    If you're ready to get your 1st home up and running in the next couple of weeks like Orlando did, check out THESE TOOLS HERE to help you streamline things! 

    Have any questions holding you back? Email andy@grouphomeriches.com and we look forward to working with you soon! 

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    Lessons Learned From a Group Home Veteran with Albert

    Lessons Learned From a Group Home Veteran with Albert

    On today's episode we have another veteran from our private Facebook group for GOLD COURSE MEMBERS. 

    We've been watching him drop gems for so long in the group, that it was great to finally chat with him! 

    Albert has been in the game for almost 10 years, and as expected he packs this episode with knowledge that you absolutely need to hear if you want to be a Group Home entrepreneur yourself. 

    Through his experience in the medical field, he was fortunate enough to meet a mentor/partner who had started out running "care homes". 

    Just as we teach in THE GOLD COURSE if you're on a tight budget, they started out by leasing their first couple of properties. 

    We talk about how Albert pitched them, some negotiating points, and why ultimately we believe you should eventually want to operate your homes using what we call "The McDonald's Method". 

    **HINT** McDonald's #1 Revenue Generating Activity is NOT selling food ;)

    One of the many advantages of this industry is that once you learn the fundamentals, there are so many different routes you can take. Licensed homes, unlicensed homes, Real Estate Investing, providing services, and a number of different demographics that you can serve. 

    While we prefer to focus on the business side of things like marketing, networking, outsourcing, and systems to scaling, you can tell that Albert is truly energized by helping his tenants/clients and likes to be more hands on. He has some amazing pointers on providing great service, building relationships, and some pretty entertaining stories from the frontlines as well. 

    Even though his personality, like most in the medical field, is that of the "caretaker" with traits like generosity, empathy, self-sacrifice, compassion and service, he has also learned over time to be an astute businessman, basically falling into the position of a successful Real Estate Investor. On the backend of his business he is building up equity in his investments, tax advantages, and looking into larger multi-family projects in the future! 

    Make sure to tune in, grab your pen and take some notes! If you gain some value don't forget to subscribe and drop an honest review about what you think! 

    If you're not on our mailing list yet and curious about this wonderful business, make sure to head over to www.grouphomeriches.com so you can at least get our free training material.

    If you're ready to get started, with no license, no experience, little to no money, and STILL be up and running in the next 30 - 60 days then sign up for our GOLD COURSE HERE. 

    Have any questions  holding you back? Shoot us an email anytime! 

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    From Rehab to Riches with Dave & Felicia

    From Rehab to Riches with Dave & Felicia

    From the hub of the affordable housing crisis, Los Angeles, on this episode we are joined by Dave & Felicia with Uncle Dave's Housing. 

    Dave & Felicia met in drug rehab and started their life's journey in transitional, affordable, sober housing after they became sober themselves. 

    Felicia was an attorney who was actually hired by a Group Home owner. This person did NOT have the proper systems in place like we teach in our GOLD COURSE (CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO) but essentially was a slumlord with a business that had gotten out of hand. She needed Felicia to help with some paperwork but also needed a stern, management type personality to straighten things out in the homes. Felicia had the perfect person: Dave. He cleaned things up and eventually became the house supervisor for Felicia's client. 

    It soon dawned on Dave and Felicia that they could run the business better, more passionately, and be their own bosses while also increasing their bank balance a little. Uncle Dave's Housing was born. 

    This was 10 years ago and Dave and Felicia now own, run, and operate multiple properties in Southern California. Uncle Dave's Housing is a household name in the community & industry, and they are living their dream of getting paid well to help out those who are in need. 

    If you want to get 1st hand knowledge about the Group Home industry from 2 vets in the trenches, then you do not want to miss this episode! 

    We talk about how they got started by leasing their 1st property, what they look for in a property to make it profitable in one of the most expensive areas of the country to live in, their legal battles about housing discrimination (the ultimate lesson learned was to choose your battles), management tips and much more! 

    Even though they dropped a ton of gems here, we only scratched the surface! Luckily, if you are in the Los Angeles area than you can pick their brains yourself! They are actually starting a new business to help new Group Home owners. Check out their website at www.uncledaveshousing.org and contact them if your interested in hearing more about their new Group Home auditing business. 

    If you want to get started in this amazing business than you have 2 options. 

    1) Learn the hard way like Dave, Felicia, and our Founder Andy did or 

    2) Save a ton of time, energy and funds by earning from them! Check out our GOLD COURSE HERE for a digital library of how to guides, videos, and sample material you can use in your own business and if you're in the LA area give Dave and Felicia a shout at their website! 

    Interested but on the fence about starting still? Head to www.grouphomeriches.com for your Free 10 Part Guide and Training Video. 

    If you enjoyed make sure to subscribe, like, and drop us a review! 

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4.3 out of 5
33 Ratings

33 Ratings

Monaja J ,

I’m so happy

I’ve been saying I want to own group homes since a teenager and right now I am currently a real estate investor. I know God is using what I’m currently doing as a steppingstone to what I’ve always wanted to do. I have been looking for a podcast that can give knowledge on what the business is like. I am so thankful for this podcast and I look forward to learning and tuning in every episode! Thank you guys!

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