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Head First is an in depth conversion with thought leaders in the wellness space. Guests include entrepreneurs, fitness professionals, elite athletes, psychologists, biohackers, and out of the box thinkers.

Head First with Dr. Hill Dr. Andrew Hill

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Head First is an in depth conversion with thought leaders in the wellness space. Guests include entrepreneurs, fitness professionals, elite athletes, psychologists, biohackers, and out of the box thinkers.

    Ep16 - Building the Unmistakable Creative with Srini Rao

    Ep16 - Building the Unmistakable Creative with Srini Rao

    Srini Rao is an author and podcaster focused on what makes us creative. He joins Dr. Hill on Head First to discuss how to build that into your life, with tips on creative output, how to find your unique voice, and other lifehacking wisdom and strategies.


    Srinivas Rao is the host and founder of The Unmistakable Creative podcast where he has conducted over 600 interviews with thought leaders and people from all walks of life, which has given him an incredibly distinctive view into branding, storytelling, and marketing. Extracting unmistakable stories out of people is his superpower.

    He's also written multiple books including the Wall Street Journal bestseller The Art of Being Unmistakable and his latest book, Unmistakable: Why Only Is Better Than Best. He also holds an MBA from Pepperdine University and enjoys chasing waves in his spare time.



    Facebook: @UnmistakeableCreative
    Twitter: @UnmistakableCEO
    Instagram: @UnmistakableCEO

    Topics covered:

    – Founder of Unmistakable Creative podcast
    – Bringing back creativity for its own sake
    – Little c vs. big C creativity
    – Viral fame vs. organic success
    – Creative output: quantity and timing
    – Echo chambers or copycats of others’ blueprints of success: good or bad?
    – Modeling vs. mimicking what works
    – Keeping your uniqueness
    – Surfing as a metaphor for business and life
    – How do we sustain creativity throughout our whole lives?
    – The uncertainty of creativity
    – Not using technology in the morning
    – The value of meditation, nutrition, exercise, and things that make you happy
    – Reactive life vs. control of your behavior
    – Getting rid of distractions
    – Habit forming platforms and the benefits of changing the defaults
    – The problem with social media: comparison and misrepresentation of reality
    – The draw of intermittent reinforcers via social media
    – The thousand word habit
    – Minimizing the activation energy for habits

    • 42 min
    Ep15 - Biohacking Cancer with Eric Remensperger

    Ep15 - Biohacking Cancer with Eric Remensperger

    Eric Remensperger has been a practicing attorney for over 30 years, and casual biohacker until he discovered his Stage IV cancer and began an exploration of the science and treatment possibilities available to him. Learn about how he returned to health.
    Eric Remensperger is not just a big-time attorney, but also a deeply knowledgeable and practice biohacker who beat Stage IV metastatic Prostate Cancer. He has been a practicing attorney for over 30 years and a “health nut” for the past 20 years. He is a partner at a major law firm, Proskauer, where he heads up the West Coast real estate practice, representing traditional banks and private lenders. After Eric was diagnosed with Stage IV metastatic Prostate Cancer, he refused to accept his fate by dismissing Western medicine’s standard treatment of radiation and chemotherapy that destroy healthy mitochondria and compromise the immune system. He took his health into his own hands by reading 14 books in 21 days on cancer prevention, metabolism, and treatment.
    After learning how cancer operates and discovering the best science-backed treatments, Eric beat the disease and now stands as both an example and messenger of optimal health.
    Eric founded Quest to Cure Cancer, where he shares his story and how he did it so that he can help others beat cancer too.
    Links: Website www.questtocurecancer.com
    Social: https://www.facebook.com/questtocure/
    Topics covered: - Gym rat on men’s health diet (protein, whole grains, no fat)
    - Was physically fit but had chronic illness problems
    - "Raw primal diet"
    - raw meat, eggs, honey but discontinued it soon after
    - Diagnosed with Stage 4 prostate cancer
    - Warburg theory of cancer
    - How he discovered what the cause of his cancer was
    - Healthy state vs. cancer state
    - How he achieved remission
    - The benefits of fasting with cancer
    - Benefits of ketosis and how to actually induce it
    - Why his prostate cancer progressed so rapidly
    - The two forms of life energy
    - Redox or hormetic effect
    - The value of oxygen
    - Oxidative stress therapies to combat cancer
    - The hazards of oral antioxidants
    - Life with zero testosterone
    - The wide variety of therapeutic techniques he tried
    - Breathing techniques and oxygenation
    - Quest to Cure Cancer
    - Provides the tools for people who want to take control of their medical care
    - Biggest risk factor for cancer
    - Correlation between anti-aging techniques and anti-cancer ones
    - Why you need to take charge of your own healthcare

    • 55 min
    Ep14 - The Lifestylist: Dialing in what works, with Luke Storey

    Ep14 - The Lifestylist: Dialing in what works, with Luke Storey

    Fashion stylist, transformational coach, public speaker, and entrepreneur Luke Storey joins HeadFirst with Dr. Hill to discuss his journey from fashion styles to life stylist, and how he uses himself as a guinea pig to evaluate different biohacking strategies.


    Luke Storey has spent over 20 years developing and refining the ultimate lifestyle, based on powerful principles of health and spirituality.

    As a transformational coach, public speaker, and entrepreneur, Luke continues to share his strategies for healing and happiness to corporate as well as private clients, through his innovative and highly effective lifestyle design coaching system, Youtube channel, and wildly popular podcast, The Life Stylist.

    Since 2008, Luke has also served as Founder and CEO at School of Style, the nation's most prominent fashion school for stylists.

    Featured Links:

    Website: http://www.lukestorey.com/
    Facebook: @MrLukeStorey
    YouTube: Luke Storey
    Twitter: @MrLukeStorey
    Instagram: @lukestorey

    Topics covered:

    What is a life stylist?

    – From fashion stylist to life stylist
    – School of Style
    – what is it?
    – His journey from drug addiction to spiritual exploration to where he is now
    – Vedic meditation and kundalini yoga
    – Importance of sleep and how to optimize it
    – How neurofeedback has improved his life
    – Benefits of cold exposure
    – cryotherapy and ice baths
    – Supplements and the importance of being aware of possible adverse reactions/interactions
    – What is he experimenting with now (amp coil)?
    – Trying to rid the body of toxic metals
    – Faith vs science in the wellness industry
    – The existence/nature of consciousness

    • 1 hr 9 min
    Ep13 - Becoming Ultra Spiritual and HealthyAF with JP Sears

    Ep13 - Becoming Ultra Spiritual and HealthyAF with JP Sears

    Health coach and comedian, JP Sears, discusses how comedy can deliver different perspectives and help us get in touch with our emotions by teaching us to not be so rigid and attached to our own beliefs to the point that we can negatively impact our health and well being. JP also shares 3 affirmations that he lives by, plus his daily self-care rituals to center the mind, wake up the body, connect mind with body, and connect to feelings.
    JP Sears is a life coach, comedian, and author. He is known for his satirical parodying of veganism, gluten-free fads, new age beliefs, and other "modern hippy" topics with his "Ultra Spiritual" video series on YouTube. He is the author of the satirical book How to Be Ultra Spiritual: 12 1/2 Steps to Spiritual Superiority.
    JP is certified as a Holistic Coach Advanced Practitioner through the Holistic Coaching Institute in Columbus, OH. He previously served as a faculty member for the C.H.E.K. Institute from 2006-2013. Most importantly, he has red hair, blue eyes, a caring heart, and a warped sense of humor.

    • 49 min
    Ep12 - Nourishing Our Bodies and Minds with Wendi Michelle

    Ep12 - Nourishing Our Bodies and Minds with Wendi Michelle

    Health coach, author and nutrition entrepreneur, Wendi Michelle discusses optimizing health, nurishing our bodies, healing ourselves, reversing her late stage lyme disease, cryotherapy, neurofeedback training, and the “brain cocktail.”
    Wendi Michelle is the VP of Operations and Executive Director of Wellness at Next Health, which is one of the premier health and wellness centers in Los Angeles. She is also a nutrition entrepreneur as the founder and creator of food startups Hoola Bars and Hummish. Wendi is also a long-time health coach, biohacker, personal trainer, and author of Effortless Real Foods.
    Wendi has dedicated her life to giving people tools to master their own nutrition, fitness and health goals. A life altering face to face confrontation with her own health set her on a path to disrupt every system that opposes complete health and wellbeing in order to empower people in truth. Wendi continues to seek out and apply the latest in scientific advancements believing that we have barely scratched the surface of human potential.

    • 47 min
    Ep11 - Creating the Unbeatable Mind of a Navy SEAL with Mark Divine

    Ep11 - Creating the Unbeatable Mind of a Navy SEAL with Mark Divine

    Human performance coach and former Navy SEAL, Mark Divine, discusses how to develop an unbeatable mind through traveling your personal "5 mountain" journey, practicing integrative training, and incorporating a forward thinking morning routine, plus the keys to longevity.


    Mark Divine is an expert in human performance as it is displayed in mental toughness, leadership and physical readiness. His work is based on an integral warrior-leader model that he developed and tested on over a thousand special operations candidates worldwide. The integrated training, which involves physical, mental, emotional, intuitional and spiritual training, has resulted in over a 90% success rate for the Spec Ops candidates. It is now taught to executives and corporate teams, tops sports teams, top athletes, professionals, first responders and warriors from all walks of life.

    Mark is the founder and leader of several highly successful enterprises including SEALFIT (Physical and mental training), Unbeatable Mind, LLC (Executive Mastery Development), NavySEALs.com and USCrossFit. He also co-founded the Coronado Brewing Company in Coronado, CA.

    SEALFIT developed out of the Navy's SEAL candidate Mentoring program, which took the pass rate for Navy SEAL candidates from 33% to over 80% on the Physical Screening Test at Navy Boot Camp. This program was instrumental in helping the Navy grow the size and quality of the SEAL force.

    Mark's other professional experience includes 20 years as a Navy SEAL officer, retiring as a Commander in 2011. Also 4 years as a CPA with the firm now known as PriceWaterhouseCoopers prior to his joining the Navy. As a reserve SEAL he led several prominent projects, including the Navy's internal study on whether to support the invitation of USMC into the Special Operations Command.

    Mark served as Adjunct Professor of Leadership at the University of San Diego and has authored four books: "The Way of the SEAL," published by Reader's Digest Publishing, "8 Weeks to SEALFIT" and "Kokoro Yoga" by St. Martin's Press, "Unbeatable Mind" and the "SEALFIT Training Guide," both self-published.

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10 Ratings

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