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Health comes in many shapes and forms. We‘re treating ”health” as a verb because it‘s up to each person to change it for themselves. So the team at MSW in Austin, Texas wants to know: How do YOU Health?

How Do You Health‪?‬ HOW DO YOU HEALTH?

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Health comes in many shapes and forms. We‘re treating ”health” as a verb because it‘s up to each person to change it for themselves. So the team at MSW in Austin, Texas wants to know: How do YOU Health?

    Holistic Care and Acupuncture: A Conversation with Anne Woods.

    Holistic Care and Acupuncture: A Conversation with Anne Woods.

    In this episode of the How Do You Health? podcast, hosts Baldo and Jen welcome Anne Woods, an acupuncturist based in San Francisco, to discuss holistic care and the benefits of acupuncture. They dive into Anne’s personal journey into the field and her passion for helping others through natural therapies such as acupuncture. Fellow acupuncturist Jen Smith also joins the conversation. The group discusses the benefits of acupuncture, its ancient origins and how modern practices have evolved. Overall it’s an insightful conversation into the world of holistic health and alternative medicine.

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    E218: Reversing Extreme Weight-Loss And Balancing Hormones w/ Nikki Zahka

    E218: Reversing Extreme Weight-Loss And Balancing Hormones w/ Nikki Zahka

    Nikki Zahka is a fitness enthusiast in Austin, Texas. She is a full-time tech sales rep, but also has an interest in health and wellness. She fell in love with the process of fitness and nutrition after becoming a D1 athlete in college, losing 25 pounds in the process. She posted a picture of her transformation on Instagram, which sparked her interest in the fitness world.
    Nikki talks about the prevalence of weight loss pressure in social media and magazines, and how this can have a reverse effect on people's health if they don't have much to lose. She shares her own experience of body dysmorphia and how she didn't recognize how skinny she was. She talks about the human condition of wanting more and how it can be detrimental to one's health. Finally, she reveals that it was her lab results that opened her eyes and made her realize she needed to make a change.
    (00:00) Interview with Nikki Zahka: Fitness Enthusiast and Tech Sales Rep
    (00:03) Challenges of Reversing Weight Loss and Fat Loss for Females
    (00:05) Journey of a Fitness Influencer: A Conversation with [Name]
    (00:07) Dangers of Unhealthy Weight Loss Practices
    (00:10) Jo's Weight Loss Journey
    (00:12) Impact of Hormones on Weight Fluctuation in Women
    (00:16) Menopause Symptoms in a Twenty-Year-Old Female
    (00:18) Examining the Progress of Reversing Hormonal Imbalances in Women
    (00:20) Hormone Dysregulation and Insulin Resistance
    (00:26) Impact of Over-Exercising on Hormone Levels
    (00:27) High Cholesterol, Liver Enzymes, and Liver Health
    (00:29) Adrenaline and Cortisol Levels in Endurance Athletes
    (00:31) Healthier Eating Habits and Exercise Regimen
    (00:33) "Journey to Self-Confidence Through Fitness"
    (00:38) Benefits of Mindful Meditation
    (00:39) "Healthy Addictions: Finding Balance in Life"
    (00:41) Overcoming Body Dysmorphia and Gaining Weight
    (00:42) Body Image and Long-Term Health Goals
    (00:45) Benefits of Having a Health and Wellness Community
    (00:47) Holistic Wellness and Hormone Balance
    (00:49) Power of Community in Achieving Health and Wellness Goals
    (00:51) Benefits of Healthy Living and Fitness
    (00:52) Health and Self-Confidence
    (00:54) Social Media and Body Image Testimonials
    (00:56) Gaining Weight and Healthy Eating Habits
    (00:59) Allergies, Weight Loss, and Women's Hormones
    (01:02) Metabolism and Healthy Eating Habits
    (01:05) Mindful Eating Habits
    (01:07) Changing Eating Habits and Introducing Healthy Snacks to Kids
    (01:08) Healthy Eating Habits and Avoiding Processed Foods
    (01:09) High Energy Snacking and Apple Eating
    (01:11) Navigating Social Pressure to Eat Unhealthy Foods and Drink Alcohol
    (01:12) "Benefits of Not Drinking: A Conversation on Confidence and Self-Awareness"
    (01:13) Enjoying People and Socializing without Drinking Alcohol
    (01:17) Allergic to Everything: Refusing a Delicious Pizza
    (01:18) Eating Habits and Cravings
    (01:19) Engaging with Followers on Social Media

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    E217: Gentle Acceptance Of Life With Grace with Integrative East Asian Medicine Practicioner Jen Ashby

    E217: Gentle Acceptance Of Life With Grace with Integrative East Asian Medicine Practicioner Jen Ashby

    Today's discussion covers a range of topics related to integrative health, the Osher Center of Integrative Health at UCSF, the issue of trust in medicine, and the importance of humanism in medicine. Also cover the importance of simplifying information to make it accessible to everyone and the need to regain power and agency over the process of healing. Overall, it was a fascinating conversation that shed light on the value of integrative health in today's society. Hope you enjoy it!

    (00:00) Acupuncturist and Practitioner of Integrative East Asian Medicine
    (00:03) Osher Center for Integrative Health
    (00:05) Women's Health, Business, and Traditional Chinese Medicine
    (00:07) Nutrition and Anti-Inflammatory Diet
    (00:09) Humanism and Medicine
    (00:11) Regaining Power and Agency Through Embodiment
    (00:13) Meaning of Grace
    (00:17) Meaning of Grace and Self-Care
    (00:18) Patterns of Receiving and Rejecting Love in Family Structures
    (00:20) Women's Health Diagnosis and Treatment in East Asia Medicine
    (00:23) Eastern Medicine Practice and Diagnosis
    (00:25) Journey to Becoming an Acupuncturist
    (00:26) Traditional Chinese Medicine and Its Impact on Health and Wellness
    (00:31) Eastern Medicine Research Pragmatics and Reproducibility in Western Clinics
    (00:33) Explaining Traditional Chinese Medicine in a Western Medical Setting
    (00:35) Pioneering Steps Forward for Chinese Medicine Practitioners
    (00:37) Celebrating Health and Joy in Life
    (00:40) Health and Joy: Privilege and Sensitivity
    (00:42) Possibilities of AI in Medicine
    (00:44) Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Future
    (00:46) Potential Use of AI in Healthcare and Chinese Medicine
    (00:49) Creating a New Health Insurance System
    (00:51) Health and Wellness
    (00:55) Benefits of Not Specializing Too Soon in Primary Care
    (00:57) Diagnostic Experience and Energetic Boundaries in Practitioner Care
    (01:01) Future of Medicine
    (01:03) Nature of Chinese Medicine and Cultural Appropriation
    (01:05) Future of Integrative Medicine
    (01:08) Non-Pharmacological Approaches to Cancer-Related Pain
    (01:10) Consulting on East Asian Medicine for Howdy Health Fest

    Resources Mentioned:
    The Osher Center of Integrative Health at UCSF: https://www.osher.ucsf.edu/
    Sam Harris' Waking Up series: https://samharris.org/podcast/

    • 1 hr 11 min
    E216: Learn How To Decalcify Your Pineal Gland With Scott Greenleaf

    E216: Learn How To Decalcify Your Pineal Gland With Scott Greenleaf

    Scott Greenleaf teaches people how to heal themselves using the quantum field through a practice of breathwork and meditation. By drawing energy up the cerebral spinal fluid channel to the pineal gland in the brain, we can decalcify the pineal gland from toxins in our environment, stimulate our inner vision, and tune into the potentials of our highest and greatest timelines.
    00:00) Exploring the Pineal Gland with Scott Greenleaf on the HA Health Podcast
    (00:03) Role of the Pineal Gland in Consciousness
    (00:05) Peno Gland: A Transducer for Mystical Experiences
    (00:07) Third Eye and Pituitary Gland: A Conversation
    (00:09) Effects of Fluoride on the Pineal Gland
    (00:13) Fluoride and Oral Health Care Practices
    (00:16) Effects of Television on Brain Activity
    (00:17) Effects of TV and Blue Light on the Pineal Gland
    (00:21) Benefits of Breath Work for Health and Wellness
    (00:22) Benefits of Breathwork for Creatives
    (00:25) Lower Third Energy Centers and Breathwork
    (00:29) Exercise Demonstration: Strengthening the Core Muscles
    (00:30) Microcosmic Orbit Meditation Technique
    (00:33) Benefits of Breathwork for Enhancing Reality Creation
    (00:36) Experiencing the Benefits of Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) Meditation
    (00:38) Benefits of Joseph Spencer's Meditation Technique
    (00:40) Understanding the Benefits of Spinal Curves for Cerebral Spinal Fluid Flow
    (00:42) Higher Frequency Perception Through Inner Vision and Love
    (00:43) Effects of Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) on Consciousness
    (00:46) Manifesting Abundance and Visualization
    (00:48) Balance Between Manifestation and Surrender
    (00:51) Possibilities of Human Optimization
    (00:54) Benefits and Risks of Psychedelic Use
    (00:56) Benefits of Psychedelics and Heart Coherence for Healing and Manifestation
    (01:00) Grace and Adversity
    (01:04) Practice of Grace: Gratitude and Thankfulness
    (01:05) Interview with Scott Greenleaf: Benefits of Breathwork and Gratitude Practices
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    • 1 hr 6 min
    E215: The Business Of Health: Following Your Vision To Building A Brand And Community

    E215: The Business Of Health: Following Your Vision To Building A Brand And Community

    In today's episode, we are sharing the conversation from our panelists at How Do You Health Fest 2023 speaking on The Business of Health.
    This panel was moderated by CJ Finley. The panelists included Baldo Garza, co-founder of MSW and How Do You Health, Danielle Gertner, speaker, ownership coach, and community Builder, Noah Huisman, a startup VC attorney and health entrepreneur, Peter Rushford, Co-Founder of Shar Snacks, and Freddie Kimmel, a transformational health coach.
    (00:03) Understanding the Impact of Restless Spirits and Anxious Minds on Business Health
    (00:05) Importance of Taking Care of the Soul for Sustainable Business Success
    (00:08) Maintaining a Positive Mindset and Morning Routine
    (00:11) Building and Cultivating Communities for Health and Wellness
    (00:14) Building a Brand and Sustainable Packaging in the CPG Industry
    (00:18) Selling High-End Products in the Health Industry
    (00:20) Benefits of Problem Solving in Business
    (00:23) Investing in Health and Raising Capital
    (00:24) Entrepreneurship and Product-Founder Fit
    (00:28) Benefits of Storytelling and Fitness for Entrepreneurship and Community Building
    (00:30) Impact of Fitness on Business and Relationships
    (00:33) Creating Experiences and Platforms for Others
    (00:35) Benefits of Meditation and Journaling for Personal Growth
    (00:36) Openness and Feedback in Professional Development
    (00:38) Quality Ingredients and Determining Events to Attend
    (00:45) Benefits of High and Low Achievement in the Biohacking and Optimization Community
    (00:47) Benefits of Being an Entrepreneur
    (00:48) Business Advice: The Grail Question
    (00:50) Pursuing Dreams and Achieving Highest Service to the World
    (00:54) Advice for Young Entrepreneurs: Choose Joy and Befriend Your Ego
    (00:57) Value of Making Wrong Decisions and Working with a Team
    Connect w/ Panelists
    CJ Finley
    Baldo Garza
    Danielle Gertner
    Noah Huisman
    Peter Rushford
    Freddie Kimmel

    • 59 min
    E214: The Healing Power of Sound with Brittany Myers A.k.a. DJ Catwalk

    E214: The Healing Power of Sound with Brittany Myers A.k.a. DJ Catwalk

    Brittany Myers also known as DJ Catwalk joins us today in another episode of the How Do You Health podcast. She is a creative director, curator, producer, and deejay based in San Antonio, TX. She has held residencies in San Antonio, Austin, and Los Angeles. She has traveled all over the United States & Mexico providing music & entertainment for multiple companies.
    Don’t miss out as DJ Catwalk talks about how music can help us reduce stress, create a deep sense of well-being and even promote healing.
    (00:39) Getting to know Brittany more
    (  03:34) What is sound healing? 
    (06:12 ) How to use Music as Therapy
    (08:22) What is solfeggio frequencies?
    (13:28) How she started in Music?
    (20:14 ) How music can change your mindset?
    (28:39) How Does Music Help Heal Trauma?
    (35:28) Binaural beats therapy: Benefits and how they work
    (49:24) Common Misconceptions About Focus 
    (01:01:41) Why do people love going to music festivals?
    Website: DJ Catwalk: HOME
    Facebook: DJ Catwalk - Facebook
    Instagram: DJ Catwalk (@catwalk.music) 
    Twitter: DJ Catwalk (@djcatwalk) 

    • 1 hr 5 min

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4.9 out of 5
31 Ratings

31 Ratings

DannyJFoley ,

Wish I could give more than 5 stars for Human Design episode 160

I wish there were more than 5 stars to give for this podcast. No one can be yourself better than you … Just listened to episode 160 with Annie Yoder on Human Design. I learned so much about Human Design in such an interesting and insightful way that makes it fun to learn. Thank you HDYH Podcast for doing a great job of getting health and wellness information out there in a clear way that anyone can understand. Thank you Ms. Yoder for sharing your wisdom with the universe would highly recommend booking a Human Design reading with her. My human design consultation was life changing to learn about why you are the way you are and how that can help to improve your life in vast ways.

mary frances s ,

Perfect in every way

These guys are full ok knowledge with kind hea

Sweet_t_33 ,

so much fun and educational

i love this podcast! thank you for all the health info and please continue to serve the community in this way. can’t wait to listen periodically!

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