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Two men who’ve spent a lifetime in the boxing game - Mike Costello and Steve Bunce - discuss the latest news and big fight nights, with special guests. New episodes every Monday.

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Two men who’ve spent a lifetime in the boxing game - Mike Costello and Steve Bunce - discuss the latest news and big fight nights, with special guests. New episodes every Monday.

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4.8 out of 5
67 Ratings

67 Ratings

Mikehillslasveg ,

The Undisputed Champions of Podcasting

November. The way Ruiz spoke after the fight about not training properly and eating/drinking too much. He talked himself out of a rubber match. He doesn’t now deserve a rematch. How can we trust him to come in the ring prepared. He also never took any risks on Saturday. He just plodded along round after round. Joshua is now free to pick and choose his opponents. Fury and Wilder are tied up until after February so Joshua can go after her fights.

November. Mike and Bunce’s build up to the Joshua v Ruiz rematch has been legendary. There’s even two podcasts the day after the fight. Thanks boys.

November: ok no “top-spinning “ since you are revisiting the Ali V Foreman classic fight. I want your opinion, who wins the fight under these conditions?

1. Foreman does not get cut and so the fight is not postponed. Foreman is not held in Africa against his will. Who wins?

2. Foreman v Ali is held in the USA, not in Africa. Ali doesn’t get the chance to turn a country against Foreman. Who wins?

3. Ali grants Foreman a rematch in in the USA. Who wins?

4. The reincarnation version of Foreman aged 39 years old v Ali 32 years old. Who wins?

My opinion? In all 4 of the scenarios, Foreman wins via stoppage over Ali.

Keep up the EXCELLENT podcast - still my highlight of the week.

Mike Hills - Aspen

September 2019:
Great podcast last week boys, your podcast is still the highlight of my week.

I enjoy you ranking Vasiliy Lomachenko amongst the postwar elite lightweights. Let’s be honest though, Vasiliy Lomachenko is more a natural super bantamweight/ featherweight. Do you feel comfortable ranking Lomachenko amongst the great postwar featherweights? People like Argello, Nelson, Sanchez, Pedroza, Hamed, Morales, Barrera, Pac-Man, etc.
looking at those names it would be a hard night for Lomachenko, he may lose some there. That’s a weird statement as, outside of Roy Jones, Vasiliy Lomachenko is the best I’ve ever seen.

Keep up the excellent work.

Mike Hills

Thank you for keeping me company tonight as I climbed Storm King Mountain in Colorado. I was feeling tired and needed some motivation. You gave a heartfelt opinion on the dangers of boxing. As Buncey knows I was ringside when Michael Watson was injured. I know the BBB of C changed the rules to be 24 hours so fighters could rehydrate, I know boxers STILL take risks dropping weight too late in the preparation, yet a weigh-in just before the fight may interfere with the rehydration process and effect the fighters mindset. I’m not saying it’s s bad move to have weigh-ins again just before the fight, I’m just saying tread vary cautiously in this area. I’m confident that the BBB of C will make the right decision. thanks for another epic podcast, you made the climb more enjoyable. Cheers Mike Hills, Aspen, Colorado. USA

cmattt ,

Love this coverage from Saudi Arabia

Costello & Bunce are terrific... loved the multiple episodes from Saudi Arabia. I especially enjoyed the travelogue feeling of the coverage. To go that far and not immerse yourself into the culture would have been a shame and C&B made me feel like I was there. Several comments on the event which I streamed in its entirety on DAZN in the US. Horrible undercard with the exception of the decent Povetkin/Hunter fight. Agree completely on Ruiz disrespecting the title with his total lack of preparation. He seems like a likable enough guy but he’s wasted (or eaten) away such a wonderful opportunity. Just curious, Ruiz reported to have made 13-million for rematch. After taxes, trainer, cut man, hangers on, training camp, travel, lodging in Saudi etc... how much do you think he actually gets ?
Loved the look back on Ali-Foreman. One final question... i’ve search the internet several times but have never found an undercard for that fight OR for the Ali-Frazier fight of the century. Where these truly stand alone events ??? Seems incredibly risky, especially the Foreman fight which potentially could have ended in under 6 minutes like his bouts with Frazier & Norton.

mashy1974 ,


I’ve listened to your podcast from the start and i love it, never felt the urge to write to you but after the episode after wilder Ortiz fight was a tough listen, you guys actually sounded like you was working for al hayman. I can see valid points of his punching power but you guys were blowing smoke up his arse way to much he knocked out an old man who was walking straight in line to get hit with that shot. Wilder has only had 5 meaningful fights at the most the rest are terrible opponents, he cherry picked fury thinking it would be a walk in the park and should have lost. He will lose to fury next time without a doubt but the way you guys were are going on about him it’s like a reincarnation of ali.

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