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Weekly conversations with San Franciscans who are making this city a better place. Photography by Michelle Kilfeather

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Weekly conversations with San Franciscans who are making this city a better place. Photography by Michelle Kilfeather

    Poet Shizue Seigel, Part 2

    Poet Shizue Seigel, Part 2

    Shizue picks up where she left off in Part 1. Topics include:

    * her paternal grandmother
    * her dad's life in Stockton
    * her parents' time in Japanese-American internment camps
    * her ultimately fruitless effort to fit into the "model minority" demographic
    * her work in advertising
    * how she got started writing poetry and publishing poets of color

    We end the episode with Shizue's thoughts on our theme this this season: "We're still here."

    • 39 min
    Poet Shizue Seigel, Part 1

    Poet Shizue Seigel, Part 1

    The poet and author digs deep into her family's history, which goes back to Japan just two generations ago. Her mom's family came from Kyushu, but her mom was born in Hawaii. The family later moved to San Luis Obispo and picked up farming

    Her dad's family moved from Hiroshima to Hawaii. Life was tough there for them as well, and so her grandfather moved to California while her grandmother went back to Japan for a couple years before tracking him down in Stockton.

    • 39 min
    Musician Andrew St. James, Part 2

    Musician Andrew St. James, Part 2

    Andrew was in many bands during high school. He tells us how he got his stage name. After high school, he got into the Berklee school, but dropped out his first semester. He came back to SF briefly before moving to LA. Then the pull of San Francisco brought him back.

    He started putting on shows, first at Amnesia and then at The Chapel. When the pandemic hit, Andrew took his show to the streets, literally.

    We end this podcast with Andrew reflecting on our Season 4 theme: We're still here.

    • 41 min
    Musician Andrew St. James, Part 1

    Musician Andrew St. James, Part 1

    In this episode, Andrew traces his lineage back to being adopted by a young SF couple. They first lived in Glen Park, then they moved to the Sunset, where Andrew was raised.

    He sang in the Boys Choir before getting jaded. He decided to branch out on his own, and soon began playing rock music with friends roughly his age—12.

    Andrew got into Urban High School, which he shares the background of. By the time he started there (late-2000s), that philosophy had more or less gone by the wayside.

    • 34 min
    Erin and Jeff's #SanFrancisco Wedding

    Erin and Jeff's #SanFrancisco Wedding

    The whole point of our recording us talking about the wedding is that we felt it needed to be memorialized. Yes, it was my wedding ... but I have no problem saying that it was f*****g epic.

    Please listen to the podcast for details of the day. Too many shout-outs are in order to list here. As you'll hear, many of the folks instrumental in making the day what it was have been on the podcast.

    • 49 min
    Poet Yeva Johnson, Part 2

    Poet Yeva Johnson, Part 2

    In this podcast, Yeva continues the story of her life.

    Just before her move to SF, she came out to help with 1989 earthquake recovery efforts. Yeva also discovered poetry and shares the story of how that happened.

    We end this episode with Yeva's thoughts on SF today as well as what could be in store for The City's future. And then she reads one of her poems: "Incantation for Black Lives to Remain in Focus After the Outrage Fades."

    • 31 min

Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5
31 Ratings

31 Ratings

Pismo Steve ,

Ed Wolf

Loved the Podcast with Ed. He really gives an intimate look at such a sensitive and heartbreaking time in our nation. Thank you for having him on your show.

Cpdb ,

So much hypocrisy and phoniness

Some of the stories are really painful to listen to. Listening to gentrifiers talk about the ills of gentrification is infuriating. For example, Listening to upper middle class valley girls from Walnut Creek talk about how THEY are bringing diversity to San Francisco is the height of self importance, arrogance and pandering. Honestly, get over yourselves.
I have a art studio in Bayview, right on 3rd st. I don’t see any of these people down there helping out the community.

Fredrick H ,

Interesting, real, engaging stories

Love these stories. I feel like I am listening to someone tell a nice yarn at my local bar. Great stuff.

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