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007 experts and fans from around the world discuss the latest news and views on the James Bond universe

James Bond & Friends MI6

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007 experts and fans from around the world discuss the latest news and views on the James Bond universe

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4.1 out of 5
7 Ratings

7 Ratings

Daniel Risk ,

Quite Enjoyable

I’ve enjoyed the first set of episodes. Every episode is like a Masterclass in Bond history and fandom. Never sugar-coated, always covering interesting topics. Rotating guests always keep the perspective fresh. Keep up the good work!

A less interesting Matt ,

A lot of negativity

It seems like people who love something enough to start a podcast solely devoted to that thing would have a bit more positivity about its subject matter. I looked past the subjective opinions regarding the world of 007 that didn’t align with my own for two episodes because everyone is entitled to their opinion, but it doesn’t seem like these guys actually like James Bond. I always ended the podcasting thinking, “What did they say about this film series that wasn’t either a back-handed compliment or outright complaint?”
My breaking point was their beef with the James Bond-themed Funko Pop figurines. While the fad of Funko Pop has become a bit over the top, there is nothing wrong with those who want a tiny version of James Bond or Oddjob on their mantle at home or on their office desk. To be so against these fun bits of 007 merchandise as to want to soak it in gasoline and burn it is unnecessary.
Most will probably like getting their James Bond news and hearing the opinions of others regarding 007 from this podcast, but their are so many other podcasts out there devoted to Bond that even its criticism of the series’ flaws come from a place of love. I would just rather not spend an hour feeling the need to defend the movie franchise I love the most.

MrB0nd ,

Bond banter at its best

The team certainly know their Bondlore but what’s best about this podcast is the light-hearted tone and banter between the hosts. This is not your dry analysis you get elsewhere. And then occasionally they drop in a nugget that you never heard of before and you double take like a Moonraker pigeon. Excellent entertaining stuff!

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