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A couple of nerdy brothers discuss the latest episodes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe TV shows.

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A couple of nerdy brothers discuss the latest episodes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe TV shows.



    With no new Marvel shows this week we have pivoted to covering other live action superhero stuff, and for some ungodly reason we chose Legends of the Superheroes, two live action DC Comics specials from network TV in 1979. Featuring the return of Adam West, Burt Ward and Frank Gorshin to their Batman roles, this first special, The Challenge, is a stunningly inane and unfunny hour that also happens to have some of the most comic-accurate versions of the DC characters ever put on film. Therein lies the fascinating dichotomy. 

    When the Legion of Doom decides to end the world in one hour the Superfriends have to go out and bumble their way through unbearable sketches, and then Mordru the Merciless rides a Ski-Doo. It's the worst of Old Hollywood meets a whole bunch of absolute nobody actors with a script by people who could have definitely done better. And it's just the first one - we're doing the second special next week!

    Both are available free on Tubi, but be aware they have the episodes flipped, so The Challenge is presented as the second episode, when it's actually the first. As if there was going to be continuity to worry about. 

    If you're wondering what we thought of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness the one place to find out is Watch Men, our monthly superhero deep dive podcast, available to $5 and above subscribers at www.patreon.com/cinemasangha. Check it out - the episodes are loooong. Speaking of long, this lengthy ep has an intro/news that runs to 30:23, in case you feel like skipping all that. 

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    MOON KNIGHT: "Gods and Monsters"

    MOON KNIGHT: "Gods and Monsters"

    The finale is here! Does Moon Knight make it all work? Is there room for a second season? Did they introduce a new superhero who can show up in team-ups instead of Oscar Isaac?

    Plus: Marvel news! The usual digressions! Skip to 27:24 if you don't care about that stuff. But if you do: we love you. 

    This show will NOT be going dark until Ms. Marvel. We're gonna talk about some stuff that's slightly outside of the remit of the program, just to keep the fun going, but we'll be staying in the live action superhero TV arena. Next week: The Challenge of the Superheroes!, the insane 1979 live-action DC superhero TV special, one of two produced that year. The second, The Superhero Roast, we'll be doing the week after. 

    Great news: you can watch this free on Tubi. See you next week!

    And by the way, if you want to hear us talk about Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness the only place for that is Watch Men, our monthly superhero deep dive podcast. It's available at the $5 and above levels of the Patreon. Join now at www.patreon.com/cinemasangha!

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    MOON KNIGHT: "Asylum"

    MOON KNIGHT: "Asylum"

    This week Moon Knight heads into the endgame with a... clip show?!? Well, not a clip show but a solidly surreal flashback episode that fills in a lot of the gaps in Moon Knight's history and the origin of Marc Spector's split personality.

    First we have a bunch of news to go through, including the sad loss of the great Neal Adams. While discussing this we recount an Adams story but get the specifics wrong - it's not Green Arrow who is weirdly racist... it's The Flash!

    Here's a link to the true version of the story!

    We also talk about live theater and a whole lot more, but jump to 42: 38 if you don't care about that. That'll bring you to the main episode, where two Catholic boys weigh in on Jewish law. 

    We will return next week with the finale of Moon Knight, and in the meantime consider getting more of us by joining the Patreon - www.patreon.com/cinemasangha. For $1 a month you get The Bad Batch, our Star Wars TV show podcast, where we're gearing up for the new Kenobi show. For $5 a month you get that podcast and Watch Men, our monthly superhero deep dive podcast. The next episode will be about Doctor Strange In the Multiverse of Madness, so don't miss out!

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    MOON KNIGHT: "The Tomb"

    MOON KNIGHT: "The Tomb"

    Are ya ready to bust some tombs? This episode of Moon Knight takes us deep into adventure archeology, one of the great genres and one we see all too rarely. Then it takes a hard left in the final minutes, giving us some surreality we were not expecting. And all of this without a single appearance of Moon Knight!

    In the intro we hit the latest comic book movie news, including the continued plight of Ezra Miller, the new Thor: Love and Thunder trailer and more. If that stuff doesn't interest you, skip to 33:52 to get to the main Moon Knight madness.

    We shall return next week. In the meantime, check out our other shows at www.patreon.com/cinemasangha - The Bad Batch, a Star Wars TV show podcast available to $1 and above subscribers and Watch Men, a monthly superhero deep dive show for $5 and above subscribers. The last two episodes have been about Morbius and The Batman, and the next will be Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Check it out!

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    Marvelvision: MOON KNIGHT: "A Friendly Type"

    Marvelvision: MOON KNIGHT: "A Friendly Type"

    This week we have some questions, including why is that guy tugging on Moon Knight's cape and why is Marc Spector asking rando guys in the street about the location of a sarcophagus? And isn't there a website that will let you look at what the stars were like in the past?

    But don't take these questions for complaints; Moon Knight episode three continues the show's streak of feeling a lot like a comic book, complete with things happening because they're cool as opposed to logical. And we love that!

    It also shows that this program is hard to pin down - this episode feels like a totally different show than the last two. If your main character has split personalities you have the option to have split genres on your show.

    We talk Marvel and DC news in the intro, which lasts until 35:17. so if you don't want to hear our witty banter, skip right to there to get the meat of the episode.

    We'll be back next week. In the meantime find us at www.patreon.com/cinemasangha where we have two other podcasts: The Bad Batch, a Star Wars TV show podcast for $1 and above subscribers and Watch Men, a longform monthly superhero deep dive podcast for $5 and above subscribers. Check us out!

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    Marvelvision: MOON KNIGHT: "Summon the Suit"

    Marvelvision: MOON KNIGHT: "Summon the Suit"

    This week we summon the soup as we continue our adventure in the world of Moon Knight, the new MCU show currently on Disney+. 

    Moon Knight so far has been pretty darn cool, and it feels very unlike other previous Marvel stuff. This episode in particular leans into some cool horror stuff... that, weirdly enough, echoes imagery seen in this weekend's latest Marvel masterpiece (please read the sarcasm), Morbius.

    In this episode of Marvelvision we talk about Marc Spector's different identities and how they work, we enjoy his new suit, and we sing the praises of Ethan Hawke and May Calamawy, as well as loving on Oscar Isaac as per usual.

    Want more Marvel from us? Join the Patreon at the $5 or above level to get Watch Men, our monthly superhero deep dive podcast. The latest episode is Morbius, and next month's will be Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Click here to join!

    • 1 hr 21 min

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4.9 out of 5
60 Ratings

60 Ratings

Miggymack ,

Love the podcast

I’ve been a huge fan of Devin’s writing from back in the CHUD days, so having a weekly Marvel love-fest between him and his brother is amazing!

sanch2288 ,

10/10 podcast.

The faraci brothers.
Americas new odd couple.

Nixim Own ,

Love it

Been following Devin’s work for years and very much enjoying hearing Derek’s thoughts too. I appreciate the deep dives week to week

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