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The goal of this podcast is to add value to your daily commute and to add some happiness and smiles to your day! Selfishly, my goal is to learn from people I respect and admire -so I can string together one "perfect day" after another in this crazy ride we call life!

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The goal of this podcast is to add value to your daily commute and to add some happiness and smiles to your day! Selfishly, my goal is to learn from people I respect and admire -so I can string together one "perfect day" after another in this crazy ride we call life!

    Ep. 75 - TCL & Colorado's Ride

    Ep. 75 - TCL & Colorado's Ride

    Today's show is a bit different in format than past interviews -- here, I invited Andrew, my new partner-in-law at TCL, and also Bill Plock, owner of 303Endurance and host of the new cycling event, Colorado's Ride, to join me in more of a roundtable type discussion! !

    Effective earlier this year, fellow lawyer and cyclist Andrew Phillips joined the team with me at TheCyclist-Lawyer.com. We introduce him and talk a little bit about how we teamed up and why it matters for the cyclists we help. It's exciting to have a teammate now after 13+ ish years of going it solo and it's really great to have his passion and energy on our team!

    Be sure to check out Colorado's ride and register (join Andrew and me on the ride!) here: https://coloradosride.com/ they are almost full so hurry up and SIGN UP!

    I also reference the new film I'm involved in called THE ENGINE INSIDE and I would LOVE it if you'd (1) watch the trailer and share it with everyone you know; (2) come join us at one of the premiere events and/or host one of your own in your town; and (3) once the film goes live on itunes in late July, please download and gift 1-2 NONcyclists in your life with the film as well. #engineinside

    Website to view the trailer and check out the TOUR of shows: EngineInsideFilm.com

    As always, a HUGE thanks to Stu at Relish Studio https://relishstudio.com/ for helping us edit and produce this show and this episode!

    PS --we talk about when cyclists can ride 2-abreast in Colorado -- read here to learn more! https://303cycling.com/when-is-it-legal-to-ride-bikes-two-abreast/

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    Danielle: out of the darkness and into the light

    Danielle: out of the darkness and into the light

    “This experience taught me that I have value apart from my work — accepting my mistakes as learning experiences… I had this mindset that it was all or nothing, which was a driving factor to accomplish a lot of things, but the dark side was that I couldn’t accept mediocre as ok. But I’m human- and as a human I have the same limitations as everyone else who is a human. That means I need sleep and breaks. Taking time to relax, journal, slow down…. “

    Friends… meet this powerhouse of drive, authenticity, and Vulnerability- this amazing woman, Danielle. Like me, Danielle is a lawyer and she’s also a partner of her law firm in WI. She’s a mom of 3, wife, friend, boss, mentor, leader, runner, and soooo much more.

    I’ve been getting to know Danielle more and more in recent years and as we’ve peeled back the layers of life, I’ve loved watching her share her experience of dropping down into the darkness (the culmination of burnout, overwhelm, anxiety, and allll the things we throw at ourselves just to see how much we can stack on) and then pull herself back up into the light!!! As a leader in our field as well as a mom and leader in her communities and her circles, I feel her story is so powerful and LOVE that she’s willing to share it with us and with other women in law. I know you’ll find her as powerful, inspirational and incredible as I do! As they say, the hardest and bravest thing we can ever ask for, is help. “Help me.” And I’m so glad Danielle asked for help and now spreads the good word about helping ourselves by slowing down, feeling our human-ness, and cutting ourselves some slack.

    From Danielle: "Here are some resources that helped me on my journey out of the darkness:

    Undistracted by Bob Goff

    The Enneagram Institute

    The Road Back to You

    Business Made Simple /Hero on a Mission book

    Brene Brown - Values Test

    Her contact information:



    Bio: https://www.hq-law.com/attorneys/danielle-schroder/

    Instagram: @wellnesswomenclub


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    THE Ryan Avery

    THE Ryan Avery

    OK so... this guy and I - -we broke a doggone WORLD RECORD back in December 2019 - -we pedaled on our indoor spin bikes for 28 hours and broke the record for "longest static cycling class." It was an insane and amazing adventure and endeavor -and even though our record was recently broken (30 hours!) this event will always be one of my proudest achievements and most triumphant experiences as an adult.
    Working on the event with Ryan in the months leading up to it and then working alongside him through those 28 hours - as well as being a fellow EO (Entrepreneur Org) member, I've gotten to know Ryan and his family these last four or five years and I just find his energy SO contagious. I always appreciate his outlook on things, his advice, his nuggets of wisdom... talking to him never fails to uplift me. SO of COURSE I wanted to share his uplifting spirit with YOU all! I really hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did.

    Here are some links to find more about Ryan:
    Ryan Avery, The Keynote Speaker
    Ryan Avery | Tel: +1-409-200-4774 | Ryan@RyanAvery.com
    www.RyanAvery.com | PO BOX 1516 Englewood, CO 80150 USA

    Join Ryan LIVE every Tuesday at 12:00pm ET for 15 minutes of motivation, inspiration and tangible takeaways thanks to Bellevue University! Register now (here: https://tuesdays.bellevue.edu/).

    See also https://breakinghistory.tv/
    Ryan mentions this book: Stretch

    Books I mentioned in my intro:
    4 Thousand Weeks
    And (re being impeccable with your word):
    The Fifth Agreement by Don Miguel Ruiz & Don Jose Ruiz

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    Ep.71: Sharon Madison: Just. Keep. Going.

    Ep.71: Sharon Madison: Just. Keep. Going.

    Meet Sharon Madison: She’s a survivor in more ways than one. Life has had its challenges along the way for sure, but specifically since election night, 2016, she’s endured and survived some of life’s greatest challenges - any one of them would have us all down on our knees- and she’s made it through several.

    She could spend her days asking, “why me,” but instead she focuses on giving freely to others, using her time and talents to be of service and to build community… she’s called to give back in big ways, and for all these reasons (and so many more!) I find Sharon to be a true inspiration. Hear how this second-to-youngest of 10 kids growing up in a Nebraska town (pop : 100) went into the fashion industry and has blossomed into her current love: running a cycling team which functions as a non-profit and has the mission: we ride to give.

    Check out her episode — and then visit her team page www.weride4.org and her other links below to learn more!




    Thanks as always to RELISH STUDIO for their help in producing this podcast and for being a show sponsor!

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    Ep. 71: Maureen O'Keefe: my cycling crash lessons

    Ep. 71: Maureen O'Keefe: my cycling crash lessons

    Meet Maureen O’Keefe: Wife, Mom, cyclist, community member, employee, nature-lover…. badass. Tenacious with a never-back-down attitude, if you ask me.

    That’s what made her perfect for the show.

    Also, meet Maureen O’Keefe: victim of a crash caused by a negligent motorist. Maureen went for a bike ride one day and she came home weeks later a very different version of herself. She sustained serious injuries, including a shattered shoulder and knee, in the collision.

    Instead of finding a justice system ready to punish the person who did this- a young driver (who to this day has yet to apologize to Maureen) - Maureen was appalled to find the system all-too-eager to blame HER. She witnessed both the DA and defense counsel victim-blaming HER and she experienced a criminal/traffic case where the players in the game seemed more concerned with keeping the young driver driving and going to school, than it did with punishing the driver who left Maureen forever maimed, impaired and altered.

    Maureen’s tenacity from day one is what left such an impression on me and given the various hurdles faced in her case with the DAs, defense counsel, even the cops’ body cam footage, we felt this interview would be hugely informative and helpful to anyone who may ever find themselves in a similar position.

    Interested in getting involved in bike advocacy in the Colorado Springs area where Maureen lives and rides?

    Check out Bike COS: https://www.bikecoloradosprings.org/

    Thanks as always to RELISH STUDIO for their help in producing this podcast and for being a show sponsor!

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    Tony Lupo: on alternative energy, interviews with veterans and being jolly

    Tony Lupo: on alternative energy, interviews with veterans and being jolly

    HI listeners!!! Please meet my JOLLY and optimistic friend, TONY LUPO! I am sooo stoked to bring his insights, enthusiasm, and most importantly, OPTIMISM -- and thoughts on alternative energy and fuel sources (he's a Chief Geophysicist !!!) and he also works on an amazing podcast in which he features and tells veterans' stories-- all while absolutely EXUDING the essence of JOLLY. He truly is a JOLLY giant, and I'm so thankful to call him a friend and to know there are humans like him in this human existence making a real difference for all of us!

    "... my outlook on life is that human beings are amazing – I am grateful that I’m one of them. Our ability to understand our surroundings, to communicate, I think human beings are destined for great things, that we’re going to overcome a lot of the things that we see today - I mean how can you not be enthusiastic about that?" -- Tony Lupo




    He references this Book – Herodotus- The Histories
    Also he recommended to me this one :
    Alchemy: The Dark Art & Curious Science in Creating Magic in Brands, Business and Life.
    By Rory Sutherland

    Find him on LinkedIn here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tony-lupo-48524535/

    • 1 hr 12 min

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4.9 out of 5
25 Ratings

25 Ratings

Geophysicist ,

Great podcast!

What an appropriate name for a podcast hosted by Megan! I really like the wide range of topics that are covered. Awesome podcast!


Soup hat ,


Megan continues to inspire me with her poscasts and guests. I am usually on the go but really stop and listen, truly impactful!

~stubert. ,

Great Podcast!

Megan always has interesting guests, asks fantastic questions, and brings a ton of value on every show.

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