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The goal of this podcast is to add value to your daily commute and to add some happiness and smiles to your day! Selfishly, my goal is to learn from people I respect and admire -so I can string together one "perfect day" after another in this crazy ride we call life!

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The goal of this podcast is to add value to your daily commute and to add some happiness and smiles to your day! Selfishly, my goal is to learn from people I respect and admire -so I can string together one "perfect day" after another in this crazy ride we call life!

    Joe Howdyshell: Badass Coach

    Joe Howdyshell: Badass Coach

    If you listened to guest Walt’s episode, you know that his coach Joe played an important part in his discovery of his heart issue and need for surgery (which likely saved Walt’s life). Given all that Walt told me about Joe, I had to host him on the show!

    Joe’s website: https://www.summitenduranceacademy.com/about-me/

    “I enjoy watching & helping people have those breakthroughs. It’s about when the light goes on and I can tell somebody just did something they didn’t think that they could do, and getting to that point where they start to question all of their other limitations – when they start to see that they did this one thing that wasn’t on their radar before, and they look around saying, what are other things I could do?!” - Joe Howdyshell

    Books Joe recommends:

    Atomic Habits: James Clear & Ryan Holiday: The obstacle is the way

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    Ep.50: Corey "the courier" Hilliard

    Ep.50: Corey "the courier" Hilliard

    "I came up on this mountain. Then I realized the universal truth – the thing that I learned is that you always have to have a positive mindset. Because if you don’t, everything will be difficult, it will be a challenge. If I started griping about the mountain, I would’ve probably been stuck at the next few mountains.  Keep your head down, keep plugging away, eventually you’ll get to your destination- but you gotta have a positive mindset about it. "

    My guest this episode is Corey Hilliard, aka “Corey the Courier.” (https://www.instagram.com/coreythecourier/)

    We met out on the race course at Gravel Worlds in 2015 and then again as we rode up a hill side by side in the 2018 Dirty Kanza 200 mile race. I was on my singlespeed- and I looked over at his bike and he was on his FIXIE! I’ve been following along with Corey and his adventures and endeavors. He is inspiring and funny and it seems there is NO challenge that he won’t tackle! I was so excited to pick his brain about cycling, diversity in this sport that we love, how and why he does these crazy bike events and challenges and what keeps fueling his fire.

    Book that I mentioned I am reading: Together by Vivek Murthy, MD

    Also check out more about Corey here:

    https://www.pledgereg.com/ride-for-the-future — please consider donating to Corey’s fundraising effort - he just wrapped up a weekend of attempted- Everesting to raise money for his Ride For the Future.

     Not So Friendly Laps- Prospect Park



    Sponsor: Today’s episode sponsor is my local bike shop here in Golden, C3 Bike Shop! Stop in and visit them at their shop here in Golden and be sure to tell them you heard about them on the Maximum Enthusiasm.

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    Ep.49: Cajardo Lindsey: Black Face the Movie And So Much More

    Ep.49: Cajardo Lindsey: Black Face the Movie And So Much More

    Friends, I am so excited to introduce you to my friend Cajardo Lindsey... Lawyer, husband, Dad, actor, and now movie-writer and producer!

    Prior to this podcast I did not know about the events that led to Cajardo’s decision to attend law school. This event- traumatic and awful - led to him becoming this powerfully-persuasive and compassionate attorney with his acting background lending itself to him being an amazing story teller and very effective advocate. He’s incredible to witness in the courtroom.

    Learning about Blackface The Movie also really touched me - the premise behind this movie really really impacted me. The anti-racism movement is on FIRE in our country right now and this movie is on point with that movement and frankly on point as we all decide what we will do about it to make our world better - and also perhaps, how we will choose to live life differently coming out of COVID as well.

    From the movie website: https://www.blackfacemovie.com/

    How many of us struggle with feeling like an impostor, asking ourselves questions like:​
    Who am I to start a business? 

    Who am I to go to college? 

    Who am I to try to make a difference in this world? 

    Who am I to do one of the millions of things we as human beings desire for ourselves? 

    ​This film flips those questions on their head and asks, who are you not to do one of the millions of things we as human beings desire for ourselves? And if, and when, you do - what does it mean?  


    I am proud to say that I contributed $1000 to this movie and I hope you’ll consider supporting it as well.

    Here are a few of the film festival awards he mentions:

    Austin Film Festival:


    We ScreenPlay:


    Cajardo’s Bio: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm1540125/bio?ref_=nm_ov_bio_sm

     The book that Cajardo and I reference and both appreciate at this time in our lives: The Surrender Experiment

    Finally -the scholarship I mention in my intro is now called the Megan M. Hottman scholarship at Creighton University School of law and if you’d like to get involved we’d love to have your involvement! My contribution was matched and a few others have also added to it, so we’re now up to $11,200/year for three years!

    This episode SPONSOR: Aspire Medical Spa ! Check out the Maximum Enthusiasm podcast bundle here:


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    Steve Bitter: Athlete Branding Consultant

    Steve Bitter: Athlete Branding Consultant

    Today’s episode features guest Steve Bitter, Athlete Branding Consultant. Read more about him at his LinkedIn bio here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/steve-bitter-04b9239/

    His business website: http://www.athletessoul.space/athlete-personal-branding.html and see also, http://www.stevebitterbranding.com/

    We talk about how COVID is affecting athletes of all levels in all sports … the TDF and Olympics have been postponed, many events and races have been cancelled, so what do athletes who rely on racing and endorsements doing right now? Well, Steve and I talk about how athletes can use this pause and reset time to really ramp up their ambassador-athlete-brand game in this time of an extended-off-season. How can athletes be better at branding themselves - at leveraging their image and influence? Well - Steve has a few thoughts about that. And spoiler alert: it has a LOT more to do with the athlete as a person and their entire platform, than it does about just the results and performance alone.

    SPONSOR: Runners High Golden - check them out here in Golden CO or call them to order shoes and goodies for delivery! Listen in to this episode for some discount codes to save money on your next shopping trip there! https://runnershighco.com/

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    Demi McConkie: Breakdowns & Breakthroughs

    Demi McConkie: Breakdowns & Breakthroughs

    I welcome back guest Demi McConkie, my wonderful friend, coach, and soul sister. We talk about the COVID-induced breakdowns that many of us are experiencing and how it can actually create space and opportunity for breakTHROUGHS. Because in the slow down, Demi believes, we can discover the magic meant for us. If you missed her first episode awhile back (https://www.maximumenthusiasm.com/ep-16-demi-mcconkie-soul-purpose) , be sure to listen in to that one as well.

    Demi is working on her website and socials but for now you can find her on Insta at @wealthywomennow. You can also read a blog I wrote about her and the SP Live we did back in February, 2020, here: https://www.meganhottman.com/blog/2020/2/6/wonder-women-demi

    I hope you enjoy this one and feel renewed and refreshed as much as I did after speaking with her.
    Books that we discuss:

    Inside Out Revolution & Surrender Experiment

    SPONSOR: This episode is sponsored by RELISH (https://relishstudio.com/) - the folks who help me with the editing and compilation of this podcast. Check them out if you want help with a logo, website, socials, or marketing emails, and more. Be sure to ask for Stu!


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    Here is the link to register for Soul Purpose Live. Use code VIRTUAL for savings.https://mailchi.mp/bd9bb6ad63ab/soulpurposeliveregistrationRegister for Soul Purpose Live June 11-12 2020.

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    Ep.46: Walt Bleser & The WidowMaker

    Ep.46: Walt Bleser & The WidowMaker

    “I consider myself really lucky and really blessed - to even be on this podcast today. I have this strong desire to get this message out to as many people as possible... if just one person hears this story and can live, I feel like I’ve done the world better.” - Walt Bleser

    Today’s episode is an interview with my friend Walt. Walt and I met through cycling- specifically, bike racing, back in the early 2000s… probably around 2004, when I was living in Kansas City racing bikes in the midwest and he was doing the same. I moved to Denver in 2006 and a few years later Walt and his wife “Mel B” also moved out here and we’ve been riding bikes ever since. Walt takes part in our Lookout Week every June, and if we get our schedules aligned, we usually nab a few other rides together here or there. Last year, Walt and Mel B welcomed Freddie B into the world, he’s the CUTEST little guy.

    So yeah - as you’ve probably guessed from the title of this episode, we’re talking about a near-death experience related to heart health… except the catch is this- Walt is HEALTHY. He’s only 40 and he’s been an endurance athlete for the last 20+ years…. cycling, running, skimo …. he’s an exercise fiend. So to say that this problem doesn’t fit the patient, is an under-statement. Hence, our desire to get this message out, in case it does impact you or someone you know. Hopefully this will help you pay closer attention to the subtle warning signs — the signs that Walt tried for a couple years to rationalize away….

    Walt also did an article with our friends at 303 Endurance, check that out here:


    Related Books- Haywire Heart by Leonard Zinn –Walt hasn’t read the book yet and it may not even apply to his actual situation, but this also points to the glaring absence / rarity of info about this topic out there.

    At the end of the day, I’m so glad the stars aligned for Walt to get the care and intervention he needed— there were many opportunities for this to have gone MUCH worse. I’m so thankful he’s been fixed up and is healthy and around to parent that cute new son of his and so stoked to ride LookoutWeek 2020 with him!

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4.9 out of 5
20 Ratings

20 Ratings

Soup hat ,


Megan continues to inspire me with her poscasts and guests. I am usually on the go but really stop and listen, truly impactful!

~stubert. ,

Great Podcast!

Megan always has interesting guests, asks fantastic questions, and brings a ton of value on every show.

Bfrie17 ,

Soul Purpose...WOW

Have listened to a few episodes and enjoyed them but this morning was a game changer! Soul Purpose really hit home. Been feeling a little lost lately and this episode was exactly what I needed:) A boost back into a teachers step. Thank you Megan for having Demi McConkie as a guest and for sharing a little about your journey. Can’t wait for the next episode!

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