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Mindset is everything. The moment you become fearless, life becomes limitless. I share stories of personal experience to inspire you to live the life you dream about. Use fear to fuel you, not rule you.

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Mindset is everything. The moment you become fearless, life becomes limitless. I share stories of personal experience to inspire you to live the life you dream about. Use fear to fuel you, not rule you.

    You Have Limitless Potential

    You Have Limitless Potential

    Episode #225
    You Have Limitless Potential
    Ryan Matthews joined me for today’s interview in which he shares that we all have limitless potential. For some, it takes a major life event to wake us up – and that’s exactly what happened for Ryan. At just 30 years old, he found out he had stage 3 colon cancer followed by two separate heart attacks.
    Much of society takes time for granted. And, as Ryan says, we’re wasting time. Your potential is unlimited but your time is not. How do you want to be remembered? What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind?
    Our conditioning
    A higher source – God, the Universe, whatever resonates with you is always speaking to us. It’s up to us to listen. Society has conditioned us as well as our environment to live from fear, scarcity and doubt. The truth though, we have limitless potential.
    Go back to a time when you were full of imagination. There was nothing stopping you from acting, playing or creating. We’ve all placed barriers on ourself for what’s possible and the barriers can be removed. Ryan shares the importance of living in curiosity. Come from a place of interest and intrigue rather than limits and fear.
    Wake up call
    This is your wake up call – are you where you want to be? Are you living the life you’ve imagined? The message here is to wake up – it’s a choice. You are choosing your current reality. In any given moment you can change and know this – you have limitless potential!
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    7 Steps to Declutter Your Mind

    7 Steps to Declutter Your Mind

    Episode #224
    7 Steps to Declutter Your Mind
    Spring has sprung – so, you know what that means…time for some spring cleaning! I’m not talking about your base boards or the KonMarie method, but rather, spring cleaning to declutter your mind. I’m sharing with you seven steps to help you do just that!
    Your physical environment
    First of all, start with your physical environment. Whether it’s your home, office or car, it’s time to tidy up and get rid of the clutter. Your external environment is a direct reflection of your internal environment. 
    Write it down
    Next step for decluttering your mind, write it down. Rather than try to remember your grocery list and your to-do list in your head, write down your thoughts in notes on your phone or on a tablet. If you’re anything like me, trying to remember it all, you’ll inevitably forget something and end up spending more time going back to finish the task.
    This may sound counterintuitive, but, multi-tasking isn’t that productive. In fact, trying to do a little of a lot, creates a lot of internal stress. Instead, go all in, complete a task and then move on to the next.
    Limit media intake
    Whether it’s social media, the news, or Netflix, limit the amount of time you spend consuming these outlets. There are apps you can download to your phone to track, or simply be mindful of how you’re spending your time.
    Find an outlet
    Choose an outlet in which you can release stress or overwhelm. Some ideas include, journaling, walking, talking about it with a friend or going for a run. Whatever works for you, make sure you make time in your regular routine to find an outlet.
    This step is a three-parter. Take inventory of your lists and have-to’s and figure out: what can you eliminate, delegate or automate? Not only will this step help you to become more productive, it will provide a sense of relief.
    Quiet the chatter
    The final step in decluttering your mind is to quiet the chatter. The easiest way to do this is focus on your breath and/or meditate. You can do this for as little as 60 seconds per day. By focusing on your breath and providing yourself with quiet, it allows the chaos to settle and clarity to come in.
    During this period of downtime, or on a regular basis for that matter, I hope you use these seven steps to declutter your mind to help create mental clarity and ease the inner chaos. 
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    3 Steps to Stay on Track and Reach Any Goal

    3 Steps to Stay on Track and Reach Any Goal

    Episode #223
    3 Steps to Stay on Track and Reach Any Goal
    Mario Porreca joined me in this interview to share the three steps to stay on track and reach any goal. There are SO many golden nuggets in this interview – I highly recommend listening more than once. In order to reach any goal, you have to have a solid mindset and belief that number one, you can and you will.
    Become aware of your thoughts
    It’s overwhelming to think we have 60,000+ thoughts per day. There’s no way to monitor every thought and most are on repeat from the day before. What you can do is to become aware of your conscious thoughts and choose which ones you back emotion with. As Mario says, a thought backed with emotion is infinitely powerful.
    Don’t identify with your limiting beliefs
    Every human, even uber successful entrepreneurs have limiting beliefs. Really successful people have learned how to be aware of these limiting beliefs and choose to not identify with them. Mario recommends being aware of the “I’m not good enough” thought and then acknowledge it by saying “that’s interesting” or simply laugh it off and move onto the next.
    Allow inspired thought
    I’ve shared this many times before and I’ll share it again – meditation gives you the space to connect with inspired thought. You can also connect with this driving, or, for Mario, in the shower. When he’s completely relaxed, ideas come to him. Most people are occupied with being busy that the inspired thought doesn’t have the opportunity to be noticed.
    Adjust your approach
    Mario shared three steps to stay on track and reach any goal – take action, measure results along the way and then adjust your approach. Simple, right? Most people get stuck on measuring results – if they haven’t met their end goal they may quit and give up. Instead, Mario suggests not getting emotional with data, instead use it to improve and grow.
    To sum all of this up, we create our reality by thoughts which create our beliefs. Learn to be aware of your thoughts and know that you have the ability to choose again. If you’re not where you want to be, be flexible in your approach and open to other avenues. And, finally, back your desires with emotion and grit, and you WILL achieve your desires.
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    To connect with Mario Porreca directly, visit him below:www.marioporreca.comInstagram: @mario.porreca

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    How to Adapt and Overcome Any Challenge

    How to Adapt and Overcome Any Challenge

    Episode #220
    How to Adapt and Overcome Any Challenge
    Today’s post is timely as I want to provide you with tools on how to adapt and overcome any challenge. We’re all facing unknown territories right now. There’s still a lot of fear, panic, chaos and confusion around the coronavirus. Mostly, we don’t know how long this will go or how bad it may get.
    Focus on what you can control
    Life is happening FOR us right now, not TO us. It’s a choice to look at the current situation with fear or faith knowing we’re all going to recover – at some point. I highly suggest spending your time and energy wisely by focusing on what you can control – you.
    Have a Marine mentality
    Whether your business is suffering or your sanity, it’s time to improvise, adapt and overcome. The Marines are made for this. I want you to take on the mentality of a Marine. Choose to adapt to the circumstances and do your best by being present and focusing one day at a time.
    Stick to your regular routine as much as possible. By creating structure and routine, it will help to shift your mindset from fear and worry to focus and execution. Get up at the regular time. Make sure you’re getting at least 30 minutes of movement each day.
    Tackle your to-do list
    Use this time wisely. See it as a gift to tackle that never ending to-do list you seemed to never have time for. Clean out your closets. Start or finish that online course. Make your health a priority including what you’re choosing to consume via your news feeds. Spend more time in nature and less on technology.
    I want you to look back at this event and be proud of how you adapted and overcame the challenges and circumstances. This is your time to step up rather than shrink down. You CAN adapt and overcome any situation!
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    The Tipping Point From Misery to Transformation

    The Tipping Point From Misery to Transformation

    Episode #221
    The Tipping Point From Misery to Transformation
    Jen Gagnon joined me to share her tipping point and how she went from misery to transformation. Like many people, Jen fell trap to wanting a quick fix. From yo-yo dieting to following the latest trend, nothing ever lasted. After the birth of her third child, Jen came to her breaking point and wanted lasting change.
    Find the root cause
    Society has conditioned us to focus on the exterior. The fitness industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. Whether you’ve been inundated by pills, fads, or diets, it tends to keep you in a vicious cycle looking for the next quick fix. The thing is, all of these approaches only help the symptom, never the root cause.
    If you’re seeking long term results, you have to look into the root cause. Why do you overeat? Even though you’ve accomplished and achieved so much, why are you miserable? Without figuring out the root cause, you’ll stay in the vicious cycle.
    Implement what you learn
    Jen’s own journey lead her to a holistic approach and ultimately into personal development. She started implementing what the books were teaching by taking small, yet consistent steps. Most importantly, she became aware of her internal dialogue and was able to shift her thoughts.
    I preach often that the only way to long term results is through habits and consistency. Each time Jen had created a solid new habit, she continued to the next. As they say, slow and steady wins the race. Honor where you’re at and give yourself a little grace along the way.
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    To connect with Jen Gagnon directly, visit her below:www.jengagnon.rocksInstagram: @whole_health_with_jen

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    3 Steps to Overcome Mass Fear

    3 Steps to Overcome Mass Fear

    Episode #220
    3 Steps to Overcome Mass Fear
    The global consciousness is currently consumed with mass fear over the coronavirus. Part of me didn’t want to talk about the subject because everywhere you turn – social media, the radio, your email – it’s a constant barrage of fear inducing hysteria.
    Instead, I wanted to shift the focus. I want to provide you with ways to shift your mindset and choose again. That lead me to today’s podcast – 3 steps to overcome mass fear.
    The power of fear
    If you can sit back and simply observe, it’s amazing at how powerful fear can be. It’s literally taken over the world, affecting every industry, crashing markets, and creating mass hysteria. The only way around this is to stop adding fuel to the fire. To, choose again.
    Faith over fear
    For days I sat in my own disbelief and awe at what was going on. I ventured out to the grocery store and was caught off guard with the negative and fearful energy. Observing people hoarding supplies like the world was ending. Since we have little control in this situation besides taking care of ourself, I have chosen to sit in faith over fear.
    The three steps I want to provide you with to help overcome the current circumstances are this:

    Quiet the noise
    Take inventory of your thoughts and emotions
    Focus on what you CAN control

    Choose again
    You have two options – you can fall prey to the mass hysteria and fear induced by others, or, you can connect to a source greater than you. Choose to have faith over fear. Focus on abundance over scarcity. Think about your wellness instead of illness. You get to create your reality.
    What will you focus on?
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Great inspiration

What a great show with incredible real life story inspirations! Love the applicable steps given and the real world application of lessons learned. Keep shining your light!

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I’ve been following many people and am always pleased when I come across powerful women. Heather is one of those women and I’m enjoying her journey and insights.

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Mind + Body + Spirit, all aligned in a podcast

I am so grateful to have come across this podcast. My favorite episodes are the short and simple reminders each week of changing our perspectives on the way we are living. So much value packed in each and every episode, and Heather provides the blueprint to bring inner peace, ease, and stability in your life when you apply the principles and experiences she shares into practice.

Living a Balanced Life is the way to living your BEST life.

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