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This is a show about putting dicks down your mouths brought to you by world's smartest and prettiest transsexuals. Welcome to NYMPHOWARS

NYMPHOWARS Theda Hammel, Macy Rodman

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This is a show about putting dicks down your mouths brought to you by world's smartest and prettiest transsexuals. Welcome to NYMPHOWARS

    The Out 100: Episode 3 "Traitors"

    The Out 100: Episode 3 "Traitors"

    Two podcasts. Two books. Two spouses. Two Out 100s. Two paths in life. Two trans. 
    Having parted ways after the events on the West Bank, Theda and Macy have dissolved their S-Corp and moved on. Macy's husband, a real estate shark, helped Macy claim all the assets from the old podcast, so Theda is recording her new podcast "F*ck ______." on a microcassette player with her wife Hadar, an Israeli ex-patriate. Meanwhile, Macy's star continues to rise with bookdeals, podcasts, and wealth. The two are further apart than ever, but could an email from Andy Cohen be the thing that brings them back together?

    • 1 hr 12 min
    The Out 100: Episode 2 "Real Gays"

    The Out 100: Episode 2 "Real Gays"

    The girls join the permanent cast of Andy Cohen's latest Bravo reality tv show "Real Gays of New York" in an attempt to rehabilitate their image, but quickly discover that doing so puts them in an extremely precarious ethical position. Macy and Theda differ in their approach to the delicate situation, and both pursue their own strategy to mixed effect. 

    • 42 min
    The Out 100: Episode 1 "Mockery"

    The Out 100: Episode 1 "Mockery"

    The girls are back with a three episode miniseries to lead up to their live events at the Lyric Hyperion in Los Angeles, February 7th and 8th, 2020. 
    On the morning of a Blow Jobin' Experience broadcast, Theda feels a little down because the podcast wasn't included in the Out 100, but Macy has a special plan to cheer her up. Meanwhile, Theda's got an idea for how to make the show more palatable. But after one major on-air blunder, the girls get into even worse shape than before. Will ANYONE help them?

    • 50 min
    20.5 Season 2 Epilogue

    20.5 Season 2 Epilogue

    Macy and Theda look back at all the highs and lows of season 2 of Nymphowars! The gals talk everything from RuPaul cooking behind the scenes to GaGa's mom crashing the bi orgy. Also a slightly crass reminder that our Patreon content will still be coming out even though the main season is over.  Thank you all for listening. Breed each other into compassion...have a wonderful day *kiss*
    Also special thanks to Amy Zimmer who is definitely not heard on this episode but aided in behind the scenes stuff...

    • 32 min
    The Fisting Special Fisting Special

    The Fisting Special Fisting Special

    The epic sporting event you've all been waiting for. Three rounds. High stakes. A gathering of beloved friends. Will the wrath of Dua Lipa be appeased? Tune into find out. Thank you all for another wonderful season. Love, Macy and Theda. 

    • 1 hr 44 min
    Bon Appetit

    Bon Appetit

    America's favorite kitchenista Claire Saffitz is back with an all new episode of the hit series "Gourmet Makes" from the Bon Appetit test kitchen. At the insistence of her friends and colleagues, she's taking on her hardest challenge yet...a confection so crucial and beloved that some of her tasters might literally die if she messes up. Can she succeed, or will she break down once and for all? Find out on this week's Nymphowars.  

    • 54 min

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4.9 out of 5
363 Ratings

363 Ratings

Jakemercier32904 ,

Lady Gaga’s Bum Knee


pencilpuberty ,


Ladies, this is hysterical, groundbreaking stuff here! For the good of basically ALL MANKIND/PERSONKIND!!!!!…….Get back together for more episodes! Happy Holidays! 🤡🍆

omeglecamgirl ,


i’m begging for more, i was nearly crying in public listening to a morph of kendall, kylie and gigi hadid talk about caitlyn jenners proclivity to smear mac russian red lipstick on her face in order to take her poops.

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