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The R Weekly podcast offers a quick description of the latest highlighted stories and other stories from the latest R Weekly issue, as curated by the R Weekly team and R community.

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The R Weekly podcast offers a quick description of the latest highlighted stories and other stories from the latest R Weekly issue, as curated by the R Weekly team and R community.

    Issue 2022-W32 Highlights

    Issue 2022-W32 Highlights

    A wealth of R content from the UseR! 2022 conference is now available, focusing on accessibility in the diffify tool, and a great recap of rstudio::conf(2022) from TidyX.

    Episode Links

    This week's curator: Batool Almarzouq (@batool664)
    useR2022 recordings are now on the conference YouTube channel
    Theming diffify for accessibility: Part 2
    RStudio::Conf 2022 Recap
    Entire issue available at rweekly.org/2022-W32

    Supplement Resources

    UseR! 2022 Program: https://user2022.r-project.org/program/overview/
    Fundamentals of Data Visualization: https://clauswilke.com/dataviz

    • 24 min
    Issue 2022-W31 Highlights

    Issue 2022-W31 Highlights

    RStudio re-brands as Posit, the shinytest2 package continues to make waves in the Shiny community, and more Quarto tips to boost your workflow.

    Episode Links

    This week's curator: Kelly Bodwin (@KellyBodwin)
    RStudio rebrands as Posit
    {shinytest2}: For testing Shiny apps. (slides)
    One Quarto tip a day
    Entire issue available at rweekly.org/2022-W31

    Supplement Resources

    JJ Allaire and Jeremy Howard 2-way AMA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxVVSxcjNQs
    Tom Mock's Welcome to Quarto online event (August 9, 2023): https://www.addevent.com/event/Eh13574863

    • 30 min
    Issue 2022-W28 Highlights

    Issue 2022-W28 Highlights

    Another great use case for Docker containers with interactive R-Markdown reports, a recap of RStudio's presence at the Appsilon Shiny conference, and building an interactive point-and-click game with Shiny.

    Episode Links

    This week's curator: Jonathan Carroll (@carroll_jono)
    Containerizing Interactive R Markdown Documents
    RStudio Recap From the Appsilon Shiny Conference
    How to build an interactive point-and-click game with {Shiny}
    Entire issue available at rweekly.org/2022-W28

    Supplement Resources

    Appsilon Shiny Conference playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLexAKolMzPcrYjGA1PULfm7-P12qjKmPb
    R Workflow by Frank Harrell: http://hbiostat.org/rflow/
    Albert's video on styling a Quarto blog with CSS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ErRX8plZpQE

    • 31 min
    Issue 2022-W27 Highlights

    Issue 2022-W27 Highlights

    Advice on building Docker containers for Shiny applications, an R-centric tutorial on fundamentals with shell, and tips on evaluating GitHub activity for contributors.

    Episode Links

    This issue's curator: Tony ElHabr (@TonyElHabr)
    UseR!2022: Best Practices for Shiny Apps with Docker and More
    Shell vs R Fundamentals – From Syntax to Control Structures with Zsh & BASH
    Evaluating GitHub Activity for Contributors
    Entire issue available at rweekly.org/2022-W27

    Supplement Resources

    Hosting Data Apps: https://hosting.analythium.io
    slim.ai: https://www.slim.ai/
    {dockerfiler} - Easy Dockerfile creation from R: https://github.com/ThinkR-open/dockerfiler
    Data Science at the Command Line: https://datascienceatthecommandline.com

    • 37 min
    Issue 2022-W26 Highlights

    Issue 2022-W26 Highlights

    Flexing new table-creation capabilities in the latest flextable update, how less is more with Shiny application processing, and the RainbowR community shines once again.

    Episode Links

    This week's curator: Jon Calder (@jonmcalder)
    {flextable} 0.7.2 - Framework for easily creating tables for reporting and publications
    Offload Shiny's Workload: COVID-19 processing for the WHO/Europe
    (Re)launching RainbowR: a community of LGBTQ+ R users
    Entire issue available at rweekly.org/2022-W26

    Supplement Resources

    flextable gallery https://ardata.fr/en/flextable-gallery
    The officeverse https://ardata-fr.github.io/officeverse
    SHiny and Arrow: Mike's guest post on the RStudio Blog https://www.rstudio.com/blog/shiny-and-arrow
    RainbowR https://rainbowr.netlify.app

    • 32 min
    Issue 2022-W25 Highlights

    Issue 2022-W25 Highlights

    Previewing the upcoming rstudio::conf, why you should (or shouldn't) build an API client package, and monitoring Shiny application usage with Hotjar.

    Episode Links

    This week's curator: Colin Fay (@_colinFay)
    rstudio::conf(2022) Conference Schedule
    Why You Should (or Shouldn't) Build an API Client
    R Shiny Hotjar – How To Monitor User Behavior in R Shiny Apps
    Entire issue available at rweekly.org/2022-W25

    • 25 min

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