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The show for overwhelmed creatives to stop hustling and finally create balance between work, life, play, and rest... to make progress toward their dreams.

Run Like Hell Toward Happy Caitlin Liz Fisher

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The show for overwhelmed creatives to stop hustling and finally create balance between work, life, play, and rest... to make progress toward their dreams.

    Community, Conflict, and Cancel Culture with Sarah Dixon | #58

    Community, Conflict, and Cancel Culture with Sarah Dixon | #58

    "If we're trying to get out of violent culture we have to figure out how to not be so violent ourselves when we're trying to do some good."   

    Let's talk about community, conflict, and cancel culture. In our earliest form as humans, we had communities, villages, and tribes numbering just a few hundred people that we would have known for most of our lives. The village has gone digital in 2022, which makes conflicts more common and means managing hundreds or even thousands of friends, followers, and strangers. It's no wonder the comment section gets contentious!   

    Join me and Sarah Dixon in this great interview where we talk about the evolution of community; how, when, and why to call people out (or "in") for harmful behavior; how to promote good allyship without being white saviors; and the generational divide in online communication. Plus, Lilith and cops.   

    As an artist, facilitator and coach, Sarah Dixon's work supports individuals, communities and institutions to evolve and adapt, creating a more inclusive, healthier and equitable future for us and generations to come. Her approach is deeply relational, exploratory and responsive. It gives us the opportunity to do profound and meaningful work on the themes and patterns that affect us all, in a curious, playful and creative way.  

    Get in touch with Sarah at SarahDixon.studio and on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn!  Sarah mentioned a great paper that you can see here — White Supremacy Culture by Tema Okun: https://www.whitesupremacyculture.info/characteristics.html   

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    Sunshine in the Storm: Handling Inner and Outer Conflict with Petra Vega | #57

    Sunshine in the Storm: Handling Inner and Outer Conflict with Petra Vega | #57

    How do you access your power and show up as you want to? How do you define healing? 

    Join me and the incredible Petra Vega on a journey this episode! We start off talking about how to recognize and translate red flags in dating bios and move on to how to embrace passion, pleasure, business, and creativity in the context of our world being a giant trash fire. 

    Next, we're untangling trauma, talking about WHEN healing is done (hint: kinda never), and how to ask for what you need in relationships. Petra also flips the script and asks ME some questions about healing and how to develop the healthy relationships you deserve after a life of toxic crap (hint: it's boundaries and consent).   

    Petra Vega (She/Ella) is the Founder and Liberatory Leadership Coach of Create More Possibilities. Petra helps marginalized leaders (think BIPOC, Queer, neurodivergent, basically folks who’s mere existence challenges the status quo) cultivate liberatory power so they can show up powerfully and fully to make deeper impact in the world. Petra is also a Facilitator, Radical Social Worker and Emergent Strategist. Petra’s background includes over a decade of experience in building power with parents and neighbors, challenging toxic workplaces into care-centered spaces, developing facilitation as an art for consensus-based decision-making and inclusive, participatory engagement, as well as training the next generation of social workers to trust the people as experts in their own lives, interrogate the savior complex within us and to heal ourselves in order to heal the collective.  

    Find Petra on Instagram and Facebook @CreateMorePossibilities and her website CreateMorePossibilities.com! 

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    Owning Your Story with Hina Fatima | #56

    Owning Your Story with Hina Fatima | #56

    "You have these different elements in your life, which become your triggers or you can make them your anchors." 

    Hina Fatima is a doctor and NLP practitioner and Trauma Relief Coach who coaches people to own their own stories to see themselves in a new light. In this episode we discuss how to separate yourself from the emotion of your experiences to start to see the power in your story and take a more active role in creating it.  We're talking forgiveness, trauma processing, and living in your authenticity, integrity, and self-worthiness!

    Sign up for Hina's self worthiness 3-day intensive taking place September 28 - 30, 2022 here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/3-day-intensive-workshop-on-self-worthiness-tickets-416485057017 

    Learn more about working with Hina at HealWithHina.com and follow her at @HealWith_Hina on Instagram! She also has a Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/healthetrauma and an in-person meetup in the Fresno Clovis area in CA: https://www.meetup.com/fresno-clovis-trauma-healing-meetup-group/.

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    Social Media Boundaries with Alexis Bushnell | #55

    Social Media Boundaries with Alexis Bushnell | #55

    Instagram has just dropped an all-new algorithmic bombshell and IG expert Alexis Bushnell has broken up with the platform for at LEAST a month while they get their shit together (or not). So let's chat all about it! Join me and Alexis as we talk about social media boundaries, online activism, and how to stop doomscrolling and absorbing the constant horrors of our modern age. 

    Love Alexis? Me too. Find her all over the socials at Alexis Bushnell, and join her FREE Facebook group Acorn: a nourishing environment for small biz at this link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1113646632168497

    You can also listen to her podcast Social Media for Humans on all podcast platforms. Upcoming "WTF Do I Do with My Social Media Now" workshops are being held on the 19th and 28th of September 2022, so check out the Acorn group for the details as those become available!

    Ready to dive in and join the Social Media for Humans Club at an incredible discount? Boom: https://socialmediaforhumans.club/


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    Creation is a Radical Act | #54

    Creation is a Radical Act | #54

    Your creativity is a radical, fundamental part of you. We explore what that means in this episode of Run Like Hell Toward Happy! 

    First, a couple notes about upcoming trainings and programs that might be just what you need to take the next step into your best creative life. On September 13, I'm offering a free training to Be Creative Without Self Sabotaging! Sign up here: https://www.learn-caitlinlizfisher.com/be-creative-without-self-sabotage

    Then, in October, we are starting the next cohort of the 90 Day Goal Glow Up goal incubator! It's PERFECT for writers and online creators who are ready to push a bit beyond their comfort zone and achieve something amazing in just 90 days. Buy once, KEEP FOREVER. https://www.learn-caitlinlizfisher.com/90-day-goal-glow-up

    Onto the episode! First we define "radical" as either going against the status quo (aka capitalist patriarchy) or relating to the fundamentals of something. How can you take simple, radical action that supports yourself and your energy? Your creativity is itself a radical action - but there's also so much more. Keep listening to find out. 

    This episode discusses The Nap Ministry and Tricia Hersey's upcoming book! You can pre-order that here: https://www.littlebrownspark.com/titles/tricia-hersey/rest-is-resistance/9780316365215

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    Renaissance: The Time for Your Creativity is NOW | #53

    Renaissance: The Time for Your Creativity is NOW | #53

    There is no denying that the world is pretty sucky right now. We're still living through a global pandemic, human rights are being rolled back in "the land of the free," and we're still living in a racist, sexist, all-the-phobic kind of society. BUT THAT DOES NOT MEAN YOU STOP CREATING. The hard parts, the dark times, the absolute chaos is where creativity and passion shine a light to guide us through. In this episode you'll hear my personal experience with reaching a rock bottom point in life, when I wasn't creating and was totally detached from my creative passions entirely — AND the renaissance that has grown from that personal dark age. Come along with me, this season is all about connecting with your inner knowing: your creativity, passion, integrity, joy, love, compassion, and so much more. 

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4.9 out of 5
27 Ratings

27 Ratings

Cr1creed ,

We don’t hustle in this family!

Yes, I’m leaving a review for my own podcast. It’s my glorious love letter to creators — a reminder that your gifts and talents are not accidents, that you do not need to achieve perfection, and that you deserve to put your passions on your schedule for real. Love you!!

Defeater-99 ,

Dangerous misinformation

First off, I’m a former fat person. The information in this podcast is not in line with modern science. Yes, there are certain social and psychological factors that contribute to the stigmatization and shame of being overweight. Not acknowledging even a single negative health outcome resulting from obesity is disingenuous and unproductive to actually raising awareness of what it means to be healthy.

Kmilfffy ,

Highly recommend

These podcasts really help break things down to a simple and understandable point of view. Caitlin does an amazing job of keeping me engaged and excited to make moves in my own life.

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