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The Scaling Therapy Practice podcast exists to inspire therapists to scale their business with systems, people, community, or opportunity

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The Scaling Therapy Practice podcast exists to inspire therapists to scale their business with systems, people, community, or opportunity

    Marketing Your Mental Health Products and Services | STP49

    Marketing Your Mental Health Products and Services | STP49

    Scaling Your Therapy Practice: Enhancing Impact and Growth with Laura Long

    Join host James Marlin and co-host Steve Biso in this episode of Scaling Therapy Practice. They have a guest conversation with Laura Long, who shares her insights about her practice - 'Your Badass Therapy'. They discuss the importance of authentic representation, focusing on serving particular groups, and the relevance of community-building in growing therapy practices. The discussion also delivers advice for practitioners considering launching a new service, with an emphasis on solving real problems and building authentic relationships with clients. Also, Laura shares a powerful quote and a must-watch YouTube video recommendation, explaining its influence on her perspective on business. Tune in for these enlightening perspectives on therapy practice! 

    Visit the web page for full show notes and the Dream Client Cheatsheet Download. 

    00:10 Introduction and Welcoming Guests00:40 Getting to Know the Guests02:24 Introducing the Topic: Marketing Your Services02:40 Tool Tip or Tech of the Week Segment03:24 Discussion on the Importance of Showing Up04:17 Transition to Main Topic: Marketing Your Services and Products05:18 Sharing Personal Experiences and Motivations09:58 Advice on Starting to Offer Services16:56 Unpacking Seth Godin's Quote17:35 The Importance of Targeting Specific Demographics18:32 The Power of Focusing on One Person's Life Change18:46 Building a Community Around Your Message19:33 The Journey of Serving One Real Problem20:00 The Bus Analogy: Taking People to Their Desired Destination23:38 Creating a Legacy Through Your Work24:17 The Role of Community-Based Marketing24:49 Sharing Success and Failure Stories25:21 The Importance of Learning from Failures27:42 The Impact of Tracking Numbers and Vanity Metrics34:21 The Legacy You Leave Behind34:32 Final Thoughts and Takeaways36:36 Contact Information and Closing Remarks

    • 38 min
    Marketing Your Therapy Services: Networking at Conferences | STP48

    Marketing Your Therapy Services: Networking at Conferences | STP48

    Maximizing the Value of Conferences: Perspectives and Insights from Therapists & Entrepreneurs

    The episode explores the value of attending conferences as therapists and entrepreneurs. It features insights on getting the most from your conference attendance. The episode also discusses post-conference experiences, the importance of post-conference follow-ups, work, action plans, networking, and maintaining conference-inspired motivation. The episode concludes with the realization that the biggest value of conferences often comes from the actions and networking accomplished after the event ends. The discussion is enriched by multiple guests sharing their experiences and perspectives on networking practices and strategies for maintaining momentum after the conference.

    Visit the web page for full show notes and a link to the Podcast Download. 

    00:06 Introduction and Overview00:08 Exploring the Soul Care for Therapists Podcast01:24 Welcome to the Scaling Therapy Practice01:27 Live Reaction to the Wise Practice Summit01:51 The Value of Networking at Conferences02:49 Maximizing Your Return on Investment from Conferences03:08 The Importance of Reflection and Action After Conferences03:39 Avoiding Overwhelm and Maximizing Learning from Conferences04:33 Acknowledging Contributors and Preparing for the Episode05:15 Live Reactions and Takeaways from the Wise Practice Summit06:22 Sharing Personal Experiences and Insights from the Summit08:04 The Power of Connection and Collaboration at Conferences09:45 Reflecting on the Impact of Conferences on Personal and Business Growth11:10 The Role of Conferences in Overcoming Imposter Syndrome and Embracing Growth13:23 Post-Conference Reflections and Takeaways18:05 The Importance of Post-Conference Action Planning and Networking20:55 Dealing with Post-Conference Blues and Maximizing Conference Benefits29:39 Conclusion and Final Thoughts

    • 32 min
    Marketing Your Therapists | STP47

    Marketing Your Therapists | STP47

    Navigating the shift from Solo to Group Therapy Practice: A Discussion on Marketing

    Visit the Web Page for the complete show notes and a link to download questions to ask yourself when deciding to market your therapists. 

     The conversation on 'Scaling Therapy Practice' involves guest Allison Pigeon and hosts Steve, Lisa, and Dawn. The group discusses the transition from personal to group therapy practice, particularly focusing on the challenges and strategies of marketing a mental health practice. They highlight the importance of having a strong marketing strategy and budget, being present on online platforms, and spending money on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), having a well-structured website, and sometimes even hiring a branding consultant. The episode also emphasizes the significance of considering regional tendencies, monitoring the success of marketing strategies, and being prepared for trial and error. They recommend hiring a business consultant for best results in group practice and shared their experiences in rebranding as their businesses grew.

    01:22 Introduction to the Show
    01:36 Marketing Tips for Mental Health Practice
    02:11 The Importance of Business Consulting
    03:20 Introducing Guest: Allison Pigeon
    04:30 Discussion on Marketing Strategies for Solo vs Group Practice
    04:36 Experiences in Marketing Solo Practices
    05:13 Transitioning from Solo to Group Practice
    10:19 The Importance of Branding in Marketing
    12:00 The Role of SEO and Website in Marketing
    31:24 Takeaways from the Discussion
    35:49 Conclusion and Contact Information

    • 38 min
    Marketing Your Mental Health Services with Social Media | STP46

    Marketing Your Mental Health Services with Social Media | STP46

    Strategies for Marketing Your Therapy Service on Social Media
     In this incisive episode of "Scaling Therapy Practice", host James Marland, with esteemed colleagues Lisa Mustard and Steve Beso, shares insights on marketing therapy services using the power of social media. The discussion dives deep into the significance of having a well-crafted marketing strategy that harmonizes with the unique personality of individual therapists.

    Understanding Your Audience
    For any therapy practice looking to grow, understanding the target audience is the first step. Steve articulates the importance of appealing to a specific audience and navigates the conversation to the concept of personal branding. He states, *"[if] you start off with a question or offer a solution in your response, I think that's what's important."* He underlines the value of having a consistent theme, concluding, *"[if] you're consistent with your message...then you’re on the right track."*

    Harnessing Your Unique Personality
    When it comes to nurturing a unique personal brand for your practice, authenticity is intrinsic. Remember, people are attracted to individuals and services that resonate with them. Lisa speaks on the power of authenticity when she says, *"[if] you’re going to build a brand, you’ve got to put yourself out there…and if your stuff is good, it's shareable."* She reminds listeners that social media can be beneficial when used as a stepping stone to forge more personal connections — like growing an email list.

    Using Social Media Effectively for Your Therapy Services
    A fundamental factor in efficacious social media marketing is of a keen understanding of the platforms each practice uses. Lisa advises selecting two platforms where your target audience is mostly found, and focusing on becoming proficient at using these selected platforms. James, in agreement, believes that creating a strong unified personality can generate a robust social media presence.


    The Power of Levity and Authenticity
    Steve shared his personal experience with making his social media content more relatable and engaging. He noticed that posts with an approach of levity, consistent with his personal brand, performed better than posts that were more clinical. Steve shares, *"[if] you use levity, creating this consistency, that’s what is important."*

    The Need for Consistency
    Both James and Lisa, underscore the importance of consistency in your posts. Lisa says that having an interactive presence on social media — providing consistent value — is what makes you memorable. Adding to this, James shared how he connected with his audience on a personal level, realizing that showcasing his love for Legos and Marvel movies made him more relatable to like-minded individuals. 

     In conclusion, to effectively market your mental health services and grow your therapy practice, providers should understand their audience, harness their unique personalities, use appropriate social media platforms, and maintain content consistency while incorporating a degree of levity. This strategy will help them strengthen their brand and scale their therapy practice more effectively. 

     Marketing Download of the Week

    Social Media Sel-Evaluation Worksheet

    Episode Resources

    Lisa mentioned this show: How Therapists Can Identify and Engage Their Target Audience with Rebekah Hudson
    Buffer - post once and let Buffer take care of the rest

    Connect with our Hosts

    Lisa Mustard - The Therapy Show with Lisa Mustard
    Steve Bisson - Finding Your Way Through Therapy
    Dawn Gabriel - Soul Care for Therapists
    James Marland - Course Creation Studio 

    00:12 Introduction and Welcoming the Co-hosts

    00:37 Discussing the Importance of Social Media in Marketing Mental Health Services

    00:45 Sharing Personal Experiences and Challenges

    03:04 Introduction to Social Media Tools: Buffer

    06:03 The Role of Social Media in Business Growth

    06:17 Choosing the Right Social Media Platform

    06:26 The Power

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    Marketing Your Mental Health Services by Conference Attendance | STP45

    Marketing Your Mental Health Services by Conference Attendance | STP45

    In the latest episode of "Scaling Therapy Practice," James Marland, MBA, delves deep into the transformative power of conferences for therapy professionals. Alongside Lisa Mustard and Dawn Gabriel, they discuss the nuances of choosing the right conference, the art of in-person networking, and innovative marketing strategies for attendees. By tuning in, listeners will gain insights into the essence of boutique vs. clinical conferences, effective marketing techniques for introverts, and the unparalleled value of face-to-face interactions. For a detailed breakdown of the discussion, be sure to view the show notes.

    Read the Show Notes and Get the Episode Marketing Download Here

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    Marketing Your Mental Health Services by Serving a Niche | STP44

    Marketing Your Mental Health Services by Serving a Niche | STP44

    Discovering Your Niche in Therapy Practice
    In the latest episode of “Scaling Therapy Practice,” James Marland, MBA, delves deep into the concept of niching down in the therapy business. Joined by co-host Steve Bisson and special guest Ira Hays, LCSW they explore the journey of finding one's niche and the importance of specialization in the therapy field.

    Ira Hays shares his transformative journey from working with oppositional defiant youth to specializing in school phobia and OCD. His story underscores the organic evolution of a therapist's niche, often shaped by the challenges they face and the solutions they develop. As Ira puts it, "I spent about four or five years figuring it out... that became my niche." This sentiment is echoed by James, who emphasizes the importance of patience and allowing oneself the time to gravitate towards a specialization naturally.

    The Power of Specialization for Mental Health Professionals
    The conversation shifts to the broader implications of niching down. Steve Bisson highlights the pitfalls of comparison, noting how it can be a "thief of joy." He emphasizes the importance of recognizing one's unique strengths and not measuring oneself against others. Ira adds that confidence in one's niche is built over time, stating, "The more you help... then you're like, okay, now I really have something." Confidence is built after you have the courage to move forward. James Marland underscores the importance of courage in the initial stages of finding a niche. He notes, "You gotta have courage to start and confidence comes after." This is a crucial takeaway for therapists who might be hesitant about specializing, fearing that they might limit their practice.

    Action Steps for Finding Your Niche

    When searching for your Niche, say yes: Getting exposure to new opportunities can lead you to fall in love with a service or population. 
    Stay Updated: Continuously educate yourself. As Ira suggests, "keep reading books... stay up to date with everything that's going on."
    Engage with the New Generation: Taking interns or teaching can provide fresh perspectives and keep you updated with the latest trends and theories.
    Practice Patience: Allow your niche to develop organically. As James advises, "Be patient with yourself, but once you find it, embrace it."

    Finding your Niche is a Journey for Therapists
    Finding one's niche in the therapy business is a journey of self-discovery, patience, and continuous learning. It's about recognizing one's unique strengths, addressing specific challenges, and offering specialized solutions. As therapists embark on this journey, they not only enhance their practice but also provide more targeted and effective care to their clients. This episode serves as a valuable guide for therapists looking to carve out their niche and make a meaningful impact in their field.

    Marketing Download of the Week

    Download the Pumpkin Plan Summary - if you don't read the book, take a look at the summary

    Episode Resources

    Center For Wellness and Hays Health and Wellness
    Heyes Health and Wellness
    Ira Hays on LinkedIn
    The Pumpkin Plan Web Page
    The Pumpkin Plan on Audible

    Connect with our Hosts

    Lisa Mustard - The Therapy Show with Lisa Mustard
    Steve Bisson - Finding Your Way Through Therapy
    Dawn Gabriel - Soul Care for Therapists 
    James Marland - Course Creation Studio

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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
7 Ratings

7 Ratings

ChrisfromNC ,

Fantastic podcast!

Janes offers amazing value on this podcast. I've learned so much from him and his guests. There is a wealth of information provided on scaling your practice in addition to advice for issues you may find along the way. I highly recommend this podcast for anyone looking to scale their practice

dfava25 ,

Great conversations to help you grow

James has nack of asking great questions that make for amazing conversations and stories that you can apply to growth in your life and business. I'm excited to see where this podcast goes in the future. Great work, James and David!

Whitney Owens ,

Learn how to grow your practice with ease

I am excited this podcast is out! These guys teach you the basics to practice growth without all the headaches. Enjoy!

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