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Sound Investing Paul Merriman

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Some of our listeners have reported trouble accessing their subscription to our podcast. Due to a change at iTunes, we seem to have acquired two links. The current correct one is:

    What path are your investments on?

    What path are your investments on?

    Many investors are worried about their future and what’s happening in the markets. In this podcast, Paul focuses on a series of new tables. He believes these tables represent one of the best pieces of historical information for understanding the likely path that your investments will take in the future. They were created by Daryl Bahls, Director of Analytics for The Merriman Financial Education Foundation.

    See the Tables here: https://paulmerriman.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/Sound-Investing-Portfolio-Quilt-Chart-1928-2021-V1.3-1.pdf

    They provide the picture of five different portfolios over their history from 1928 to 2021: 1. All S&P 500; 2. All Small Cap Value (USSV); 3. All Value (USAV) half Large Cap Value and half Small Cap Value; 4. 4-Fund (US4F) with 25% of each of four major asset classes; 5. 2-Fund strategy (US2F) with half USSV and half S&P 500.

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    What should you do next?

    What should you do next?

    To help answer the many recent emails asking, “What should I do next?” Paul offers his “sound investing" ideas. He begins with a reference to a a recording by JL Collins  in 2019, titled "A Guided Meditation for When the Stock Market Is Dropping," (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OOGU94eL07E), and then walks you through the importance of examining and understanding the historical tables provided at his Foundation’s website (https://paulmerriman.com). He also shares information that relates to JL Collins' view of the future and how his view differs, as is meaningfully illustrated in the accumulation tables for the same portfolios.

    See link to the Fine Tuning Your Asset Allocation table for the S&P 500: https://paulmerriman.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/02/Fine-Tuning-Tables-50-50-2022-1.pdf and https://paulmerriman.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/12-Fine-Tuning-Tables-70-30-2022.pdf

    See link to U.S. 4-Fund table:  https://paulmerriman.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/2-4-Fund-Equity-Returns-1928-2021-C.pdf

    Get your free copy of We’re Talking Millions at: https://paulmerriman.com/signup

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    Strategies for Financial Success—The Roadmap After Graduation

    Strategies for Financial Success—The Roadmap After Graduation

    What are the challenges facing university graduates, and all young people, entering the work force? Paul addresses students at Western Washington University with clear information on how to become well-informed and successful investors over a lifetime. He warns about the role of emotions and importance of creating an informed investment plan to have more than enough, because life rarely goes according to plan. He explains the huge impact of an additional .5% in annual returns over a lifetime, mutual funds and target date funds, and the steps to follow in his book, We’re Talking Millions—12 Ways To Supercharge Your Retirement and the strategy of “5 Years Can Make You A Multi-Millionaire.” This and much more in this podcast/video.

    The Powerpoint in the video illustrates many of the concepts. Click here to watch.

    Read the article: “Save like mad for five years—retire with millions”

    Watch the video: “How A 5 Year Investment Can Make You A Millionaire”

    Listen to the podcast, “5 years of investing and you can become a multi-millionaire”

    Get your free copy of We’re Talking Millions at: https://paulmerriman.com/signup

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    The Future of Investing: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    The Future of Investing: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    In this new presentation, Paul addresses seven of the biggest investment decisions, provides a brief history of investing and makes predictions for the future. Through the evolution of Wall Street, he shows what savvy investors believe today in terms of saving on fees, diversification and asset class investments, and he elaborates on recommended portfolios and how “5 years can make you a multi-millionaire!”  

    This was presented to Bainbridge Island’s Oatmeal Club, of which Paul is a member. The Oatmeal Club is a group that’s been meeting weekly on Bainbridge Island for 40 years to share “stimulating conversation, intellectual presentations and, before Zoom, a real oatmeal breakfast.”   You can read more about The Oatmeal Club here: https://theislandwanderer.com/bainbridges-oatmeal-club-is-the-home-of-stimulating-conversation-intellectual-presentations-and-before-zoom-real-oatmeal/

    Watch the accompanying slideshow on the video.

    • 1 hr 18 min
    5 years of investing and you can become a multi-millionaire

    5 years of investing and you can become a multi-millionaire

    Young investors can build a retirement worth up to $50 million from an investment of just $6,000 per year for the first 5 years of contributions to a Roth IRA or Roth 401(k).  Paul Merriman, Chris Pedersen and Daryl Bahls show you how — with or without the help of parents or grandparents. 

    Paul discusses a strategy for young children that requires monthly contributions of just $25 to fund the $6,000 investment in early-Roth IRA or Roth 401(k), and each shares his recommendation for young investors after the first 5 years.  They address the challenge of getting a young investor to “stay the course” when the market is in decline, and Paul shares the story of an uncle who requires three promises from family members he helps get started in investing for retirement. 

    Referenced Links: 

    “5 Years Can Make You a Multi-Millionaire” shows the impact of an all-equity portfolio using Small Cap Value or a 50/50 balance of Small Cap Value and the S&P 500. 

    This new table shows the percentage of time that Small Cap Value makes long term returns of 12% to more than 14%. 

    See video, “How To Use Portfolio Visualizer” by Chris Pedersen 

    Watch this as a video.

    • 58 min
    What’s New for Social Security 2022

    What’s New for Social Security 2022

    This is MUST LISTEN presentation for everyone yet to claim Social Security and/or survivor benefits, and otherwise learn how to maximize your benefits. MaryBeth Franklin, author of Maximizing Social Security Retirement Benefits, shares her expertise in this interview with Paul Merriman and answers a number of viewer questions. This presentation is part of Financial Literacy Month, sponsored by the Bainbridge Community Foundation (https://bainbridgecf.org/) and The Merriman Financial Education Foundation (https://paulmerriman.com/the-merriman-financial-education-foundation/)

    You’ll learn:
    • How claiming age affects the amount of Social Security benefits received by retirees and their surviving spouses;
    • How earnings from a job can reduce benefits if claimed before full retirement age
    • Strategies to reverse early claiming decisions and create larger future benefits.

    Links mentioned in the presentation:

    Mary Beth interview with retirement researcher Wade Pfau, titled, “Retirement income strategies for 2022 and beyond”:  https://retirement-repair-shop-with-mary-beth-franklin.simplecast.com/episodes/retirement-income-strategies-for-2022-and-beyond-DeARkylF

    Mary Beth interview with Joe Elsasser, founder of Covisum, discussing Social Security’s solvency, possible reforms, taxes and benefit strategies. Covisum has a free calculator to help people make better decisions on when to start taking Social Security. https://www.investmentnews.com/podcasts/retirement_repair_shop_mbf/joe_elsasser

    Here is a link to her book, Maximizing Social Security Retirement Benefits:www.maximizingsocialsecuritybenefits.com
    Which covers:
    – The ABC's of claiming Social Security
    – How Social Security benefits are taxed
    – What survivors need to know to maximize their benefits
    – What claiming strategies are disappearing for most new retirees
    – How recent changes to Social Security claiming rules affect married couples and divorced spouses
    – Plus, much more including new rules & strategies to help maximize benefits

    • 1 hr 20 min

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4.6 out of 5
191 Ratings

191 Ratings

Blubdhaputy ,

Great Podcast!

I've been listening for years. It's a great podcast to learn and keeps me on track with my strategy.

NickNam e ,

Thank You!

Paul & team:

Thanks for all you do! I’m 62 and in my 3rd year of retirement. Listening to the podcast for at least that long now. I use the Best In Class WW 50/50 Ultimate Buy and Hold strategy. I really look forward to Wednesdays. It’s not that I’m going to do anything with my investments other than periodic rebalancing but listening each week is almost like going to church. Helps me to have realistic expectations and helps me to remember there are hard times coming too but never react emotionally to a down period. I really admire your commitment to educating the public.

You guys are saints,

Listening in the DMV ,

One Big Commercial

Just another investment management firm using their show to nominally talk about investing, but their main goal is to get customers. So many other good/great investing shows. Don't waste your time with this one.

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