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Conversations for the curious spirit: exploring the intersection of spiritual ideals and societal wellbeing. Where critical thinking meets sacred virtues.

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Conversations for the curious spirit: exploring the intersection of spiritual ideals and societal wellbeing. Where critical thinking meets sacred virtues.

    How To Turn Your Pain in Your Super Power with Intuitive Healer and Reiki Master Golebahar Tabatabai

    How To Turn Your Pain in Your Super Power with Intuitive Healer and Reiki Master Golebahar Tabatabai

    We all have wounds. How we choose to view and integrate these wounds determines how we experience the world. What modalities are available to address and cope with life’s pain and suffering? How can we use trauma to our advantage? How can we step into our power despite a traumatic past? Listen as we explore these questions.

    Focus Virtues: Awareness, Vulnerability, Curiosity

    In my conversation with Golebahar, we touch on the spiritual virtues of awareness, vulnerability, and curiosity. Awareness of where you are emotionally, and where you want to be is an important facet to addressing our wounds. While moving through this awareness, we must be vulnerable with ourselves (perhaps in our journals) about our hurt, and how situations have influenced our feelings and beliefs about ourselves. Curiosity about our pain and suffering allows us to move through our pain in a productive way and offers a new perspective in understanding ourselves as more than a victim of circumstance.

    About Our Guest:

    Golebahar "geniusbahar" Tabatabai is an Intuitive Healer and Reiki Master Teacher. Her soul’s purpose is to teach you how to awaken your intuitive healing power, heal your trauma, and cultivate deeper self love. She empowers her students by gaining clarity on where their blocks are [with compassion], breaking through them [with gratitude], and stepping into the highest version of themselves [with unwavering joy].

    Golebahar does this through blending her training in Reiki energy healing, self love + empowerment coaching, meditation, yoga, the chakra system, moonology, numerology, inner child healing, shadow work, dream interpretations, journaling, channeling, and oracle card readings. She is inspired by her own healing journey, having overcome abandonment, abuse, anxiety, and depression using the very tools and practices she teaches her clients and students.

    Golebahar mentors those who work with her to co-create a unique and personalized healing journey that empowers them to turn their biggest pain into their most magical superpower. She lives by the mantra, “We are not who we are in spite of our past. We are who we are because of it.” She offers private 1:1 coaching, trains Reiki healers, and leads workshops for companies and communities across the country.

    Outside of her purpose as a healer and teacher, Golebahar is most aligned when she is spending time with her loved ones, traveling, dancing at a festival, making music with her partner, being in nature, and playing with her kitty, RÜFÜS.

    Spirisoity Event with Golebahar - https://www.spiriosity.com/shop/p/pain-power

    Connect With Our Guest:
    http://www.geniusbahar.com/ | @geniusbahar
    Sign Up for My Newsletter (and receive a free Chakra Cheat Sheet) - https://mailchi.mp/f685e5f7d3f3/chakra-cheat-sheet-geniusbahar
    Instagram (for meditations, healing tips, and connection) - http://instagram.com/geniusbahar
    YouTube (for meditations and longer healing lessons) - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRd7D-NtFgyirAMr9euTOXA/
    Interested in working together 1:1? Check out my Private Coaching + Healing - https://geniusbahar.com/offerings

    Blending Sage Wisdom and Contemporary Knowledge with Elizabeth Armstrong

    Blending Sage Wisdom and Contemporary Knowledge with Elizabeth Armstrong

    There is wisdom in ancient truths. There is power in modern day technology. Both ancient and modern traditions have attempted to answer moral questions that transcend time. How can we blend the wisdom of age old traditions with the truths of the 21st century? How is maintaining a sense of curiosity about “accepted truths” essential to wellness? Listen as we explore these questions.

    Focus Virtues: Awareness and Curiosity

    We must have awareness regarding concepts, ideas, laws, and procedures that are deemed as true. Bringing our awareness to different ideologies that are accepted as true (example: it is normal to get married and have kids) allows us to separate the idea itself from our own thoughts and opinions. Awareness of what we accept as true then allows for curiosities about these concepts. Why do we believe these notions? Who is behind the marketing of these laws? Is anyone financially benefiting from this being the dominant belief of society? This awareness and curiosity then allows us to tap into our own intuition around such constructs.

    Our Guest:

    My name is Elizabeth and I am the founder of BodyMagick and Vehemence & Emergence and co-founder of Otherworld Retreats. I have a specialization BA in English, I am a certified yoga teacher and reiki practitioner and I study Celtic Shamanism and practice intuitive and channeled divination. I identify as a Poet & Shadow Worker, understanding that both are ways of guiding and teaching people through the use of metaphor, language, and movement.

    I believe we teach best what we most need to learn and as a person who has made a lot of mistakes in my life I have had many first-hand learning opportunities and experiences. I value integrity, authenticity and alignment and understand that my role as teacher and guide is a responsibility. I take that responsibility seriously and it is important to me that people feel safe no matter what trauma or crisis they may be experiencing when they come to me. I also believe that cultivating a great sense of humor is part of spiritual growth.

    I offer public events and classes and private Shadow Work sessions that involve everything from energy work and movement to divination and discussion.


    BodyMagick: Guided energy healing sets this practice apart. Offers AstroMovement or witch, pagan, shamanic yoga practices to compliment any and all spiritual practices. I believe that our shadow-work and self-actualization cannot be integrated without a physical practice. BodyMagick has POET. a line of magickal products to help people hold space for themselves and their work.

    Vehemence & Emergence: Poetry, Divination, Blog, offering guidance and seminars on special topics to help people with the mind & spirit connection. Explores mythology, omens, Ogham, various life themes, special journaling experiences to explore the subconscious. A "celtic shaman" is a poet which doesn't strictly mean that we write poetry but that we use language and metaphor as our primary tools for teaching people through healing themselves.

    Otherworld Retreats: Celtic mythology inspired workshops and Retreats to facilitate personal growth and deeper spiritual connection. We co-facilitate ecpeirences using all of our skills, research and teaching, energy healing, movement, dance, journaling, community

    The Ethics of Ambiguity by Simone De Beauvoir:

    The Wisdom of Yoga by Stephen Cope:

    Debunking the Myth that God Created Man Above Woman

    Debunking the Myth that God Created Man Above Woman

    Eve bit the apple. Woman was the first to sin. How has this biblical story spiraled into the notion that women are inferior to men? How do we use scripture as evidence against this long standing fallacy? How can women tap into their divine nature, while maintaining faith in both science and a Supreme Creator? Listen as we strive to answer these questions.

    Focus Virtues for this Episode: Awareness, Curiosity, Humility and Interconnectedness.

    Awareness of myths (false truths) perpetuated by society. Curiosity about why these myths persist. Humility for playing a role in perpetuating dysfunctional or marginalized ways of thinking. Interconnectedness of the spirit and the body.

    Audrey helps women overcome their PMS symptoms naturally. After struggling with hormonal imbalances that lead her to exhaustion, uncomfortable periods, and weight gain, she successfully addressed her root causes and was able to live a radiant life, free of her previous symptoms. Using her background in biblical studies and her experience in being a multicultural child, she explores femininity from a holistic point of view, incorporating mind, body, and soul. She is passionate about helping women discover the joys of their femininity so they too can create the life they want. When she is not coaching, she enjoys a cozy evening creating something - like a scarf or a piece of art - and watching a movie.

    Website: spotlessgirl.com
    Instagram: @deyygerber

    Psychedelics as Medicine with Medical Anthropologist, Lucia Terpak

    Psychedelics as Medicine with Medical Anthropologist, Lucia Terpak

    Lately, psychedelics have gained traction in the mainstream media. With decriminalization laws, new documentaries, and the electronic music scene, psychedelics have gained popularity as a medium of transcendence and healing. How can psychedelics be effectively utilized as medicine? How can we integrate such an elusive experience into Western Healthcare? How do psychedelics help us integrate ideas of mind, body and spirit? Join us as we strive to answer these questions.

    Lucia is a medical anthropologist interested in substance use and addiction, harm reduction, and psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy.

    Lucia Marie Terpak earned her B.A. in Religious Studies with a minor in Psychology from Wake Forest University in 2015. As an undergraduate, Lucia rediscovered her love for understanding and expanding her consciousness, and in the fall of 2012, Lucia spent a semester studying Buddhism and practicing daily meditation in a Burmese Buddhist monastery in Bodh Gaya, India. In 2018, Lucia received a Source Award from Source Research Foundation to support her research on ibogaine and addiction at a detoxification clinic in Mexico. Lucia successfully defended her master’s thesis and graduated with an M.A. in medical anthropology from The University of Colorado Denver in December 2019. Lucia presented research at the 2017 Society for Applied Anthropology annual meetings on explanatory models and barriers to care experienced by low-income Type II diabetes patients. She also presented her research on ibogaine and addiction at the 2020 Interdisciplinary Conference on Psychedelic Research.

    Focus Spiritual Virtues: Awareness, Curiosity, Interconnectedness

    In my conversation with Lucia, we brought awareness to the growing field of psychedelic medicine. With this awareness, we opened the door for curiosity into how psychedelics can serve as vehicles for healing for those with unprocessed trauma, addiction, or mental illness. With understanding the potential benefits of this unique type of medicine, an internalization of the interconnectedness of your mental, emotional, and physical pain ensues.


    Lucia’s Research: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vMPiR53QOqg&t=695s

    Intro to Psychedelics: https://michaelpollan.com/books/how-to-change-your-mind/

    Healing Trauma: https://www.amazon.com/Body-Keeps-Score-Healing-Trauma/dp/0143127748

    Addiction: https://www.amazon.com/Realm-Hungry-Ghosts-Encounters-Addiction/dp/155643880X

    Spirituality and Mental Health with Nicole Tremaglio

    Spirituality and Mental Health with Nicole Tremaglio

    Spirituality and Mental Health tend to be taboo topics for society. Despite this, subliminal messaging is at work all around us, affecting both our mental and spiritual health. How do we bring this awareness to the surface? How has the “work hard for reward” mentality negatively impacted our psyche? How is this message rooted in the Judeo-Christian understanding of Salvation? Listen as we explore these questions!

    Focus Spiritual Virtues: Awareness, introspect and curiosity

    Our conversation highlights the spiritual virtues of awareness, introspect and curiosity. Awareness is at the core of personal development and self-help. Recognition of a problem, and the fires that are fueling the problem is the first step towards growth. Cultivating introspect, diving deeper into your triggers, what you have been exposed to passively and what you are actively exposing yourself to, fosters a deeper understanding of your own beliefs and internal narratives. Once this inner exploration is activated, you develop a knowing of the direction you want to take in your spiritual and mental health journey. This opens the door to curiosity. Curiosity about how to live a more connected and purposeful life, how to feel aligned in your work and relationships, and how to maximize your human experience. This curiosity creates a path toward a healthier, happier you.

    Our Guest:

    Nicole Tremaglio is driven to inspire others to embrace their originality and live life front row center. She is a speaker, dancer, and brand architect who helps fitness and lifestyle brands navigate the process of building, developing, and scaling their digital platform.

    She’s Millennial Sporty Spice and can be found dancing down the aisles of Trader Joe’s in platform shoes. Nicole is passionate about advancing the conversation around mental health and challenging the status quo of wellness. Curious in the pursuit of knowledge, Nicole loves learning languages, reading, and curating Spotify playlists.

    Previously, Nicole worked in retail operations for global fashion brands, leading design, development, implementation, and communication efforts for retail stores’ systems, applications, and digital products.

    For more, visit these resources below:

    website: nicoletremaglio.com
    instagram: @nicoletremaglio

    Related Resources:

    Existential Kink: Unmask Your Shadow and Embrace Your Power (A method for getting what you want by getting off on what you don't) by Carolyn Elliot


    Aging as a Spiritual Process with John McConville

    Aging as a Spiritual Process with John McConville

    Psychotherapy has not provided adequate tools for the process of aging. Perhaps this is because aging is a process that is spiritual in nature. Aging compels us to look within and ask what really matters. What does it mean to find spirituality in aging? What virtues are cultivated through this process?

    Focus Spiritual Virtues: Introspection/interconnectedness

    Developing introspect, going within and understanding that every part of yourself and your experience is important results in what we call wisdom. Recognition of your own despair and integrity, along with attention to your inner dialogue and subconscious belief systems, is essential in cultivating this spiritual concept of wisdom. This wisdom comes with reflection: looking at yourself and your life from a bird’s eye view, which is inherent in the aging process. In doing this, you are able to understand the interconnectedness of all your experiences, and how you fit into the universe at large.

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5.0 out of 5
49 Ratings

49 Ratings

MattArb8 ,

New Ways it Thinking, Relevant to All

Despite Dr. Alex’s formal education being in the physical body, her intuitive knowledge of spiritual thinking is one of a kind. She reframes everyday concepts such as curiosity and awareness, and highlights their spiritual nature. I am learning about how her “spiritual virtues” relate to each episode and my own life by using the resources posted on the spiriosity Instagram. She has a special way of connecting the dots. Everyone- give this a listen!!

Diebetus ,


Absolutely love the thought-provoking conversations Dr. Alex has in every episode. Almost got in an accident on the freeway because I was so focused on what she was saying that I forgot I was right smack in the middle of the horrible Los Angeles traffic! Absolute gem of a podcast, leaves you inspired in a world full of uncertainties. Always looking forward to the next episode!

Doreming ,

Insightful and thought-provoking

Alex is a chiropractor that leads thought provoking and insightful conversations with her guests. This podcast provides great perspectives and content!

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