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Home inspections, home maintenance, repairs, upgrades, safety, real estate, energy, performance, and durability.

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Home inspections, home maintenance, repairs, upgrades, safety, real estate, energy, performance, and durability.

    Top 5 Home Inspection Finds

    Top 5 Home Inspection Finds

    Today’s show is about the top inspection defects that could make buyers think twice before sealing the deal.

    Reuben and Tessa discuss various foundation problems which can be caused by failed water management systems. This led them to talk about soil conditions in the Minneapolis area. They tackle their inspection experiences with hidden fire or smoke damage, electrical wiring, stucco siding, roof or shingle problems, and sewer issues.

    Bill shares that these defects can be inspected, found, and fixed.

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    • 25 min
    Hazardous locations for appliances

    Hazardous locations for appliances

    People want to maximize space in the house, the bedroom included. What are the allowed appliances in the bedroom?

    The trio talks about having a gas fireplace, natural gas furnaces, room and water heaters, decorative appliances, and others. Reuben establishes that gas appliances are not allowed in sleeping rooms and bathrooms unless specific requirements are met. He highlights the need for a direct vent two-pipe system.

    Reuben talks about compliance with the Fuel Gas Code. They discuss the code exceptions as well as the qualifications of appliances for them to be allowed or disallowed in the sleeping rooms. For more on this topic, check out Reuben’s latest blog post on the topic, Are furnaces allowed in bedrooms?

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    • 32 min
    What makes a bedroom legal?

    What makes a bedroom legal?

    A quality bedroom makes a house more marketable. This episode talks about qualifications, the technical and practical aspects of a bedroom.

    Reuben defines what a bedroom is. Tessa talks about the qualified dimensions, floor area, ceiling height, and headroom. They also talk about the practical and technical requirements such as the heat source, safety requirements such as emergency exits, alarms, and detectors.

    Bill asks about the requirements for bedrooms in the basement, the main floor, and attics. They discuss if a closet is required to have a closet.

    Learn more about the required bedroom dimensions here: https://structuretech.com/floor-and-ceiling-requirements-1-5-story-homes/.

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    • 25 min
    Surge protection, AFCI and GFCI nuisance tripping, and more discussion of bad panels (with Mike Twitty)

    Surge protection, AFCI and GFCI nuisance tripping, and more discussion of bad panels (with Mike Twitty)

    Mike Twitty joins the show to talk about electrical questions that were accumulated from listener emails.

    Reuben asks about surge protection devices. He mentions that Structure Tech doesn't add information in reports about surge protectors. Mike explains the types of surge protection devices, what they do, where they are installed, and which appliance or equipment they're used with. He also shares when and how surges occur in houses.

    They also talk about GFCI and AFCI circuit breakers, as well as nuisance tripping.

    Reuben also revisits the issue with Challenger panels. They also talk about the Bulldog, ITE, and split bus panels. They discuss why and when panels should be replaced. Mike highlights that there is a big difference between repairing and replacing panels.

    Learn from Mike Twitty's blog: https://www.iaei.org/page/2020-07-surge-protection-for-smart-homes

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    • 44 min
    Three simple AC maintenance items

    Three simple AC maintenance items

    Today, Reuben talks about simple air conditioning maintenance items for indoor air quality and air comfort.

    Reuben shares three maintenance tips. He first discusses the importance of changing furnace filters and how it can lead to restricted or reduced airflow. He and Tessa then talk about how an oversized AC system and unchanged filters can also negatively affect the health of the house.

    The second tip is to keep the condensing coil clean. Reuben mentions that the condenser machine is commonly impacted by cottonwood seeds, grass clippings, dirt, dust, and debris. Bill clarifies that rotting of the surface area can impact the cooling capacity of units. Tessa asks for tips on how homeowners can clean condensers.

    The last one is about the condensate line where moisture drains down as condensate. He talks about the approved materials for the line and then highlights paying attention to where it is and where it's going. They also talk about condensation problems from AC being installed in the attic. Rueben ends by sharing a tip on how to fix a clogged condensate drain line.

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    • 29 min
    Handyman Woes (with Daniel Felt)

    Handyman Woes (with Daniel Felt)

    Today's show is about handyman services and its business difficulties.

    Daniel Felt of Kura Home shares that they ventured into providing handyman services for more than a year. While it was booming it also encountered manpower and financial challenges. He mentioned that one of their major challenges is managing expectations with their clients. He talks about the miscommunications they had with clients and the creative ways of addressing them.

    Reuben sought advice for homeowners who are looking to hire a handyman. Tessa inquires about the hourly rates of handymen and the charge for materials. Bill asks about how Daniel drew franchise agreements with local companies.

    Daniel also updates about the five ancillary services in addition to Kura Homes' routine maintenance package.

    Reuben and Daniel are sponsors of a radio program The All-Around Home Improvement Hour on Talk Radio AM 1130 every Saturday at noon.

    • 43 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
36 Ratings

36 Ratings

R. Coy ,

Top Notch

Reuben is the man. Tessa is an inspiration to me and I love her story. I’ve had the pleasure of sitting in on a few CE classes taught by both of these industry giants at conferences over the years and I finally had the chance to meet Reuben at an IEB event in Austin! Great people. Love the podcast guys! I hope to cross paths with ya’ll soon!

Ryan Coy
ProPrecise Property Inspections

Corey Lambrecht ,

Overall a solid podcast

I had given this podcast a 3 star review due to the amount of airtime they give their software vendor. Reuben emailed me and professionally defended their reasons therefore I have edited this review and am giving them 5 stars.

Corey Lambrecht
Blue Line Home Inspections
Norman, Ok

Tomsut ,

Great Stuff

As a Home Inspector in the same market, I enjoy the podcast. I learn a bunch of stuff all the time. It’s a great way to keep up with the information in the home inspection world! Keep up the great work!

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