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Home inspections, home maintenance, repairs, upgrades, safety, real estate, energy, performance, and durability.

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Home inspections, home maintenance, repairs, upgrades, safety, real estate, energy, performance, and durability.

    Electromagnetic Fields Part 2 (with Nate Johnson)

    Electromagnetic Fields Part 2 (with Nate Johnson)

    Today’s conversation with Bill Oelrich and Nate Johnson, consultant for electromagnetic frequency issues is part two of the EMF assessment process.

    Nate discusses the four categories and exposure concerns that Newlight EMF looks at in the assessment. He talks about electric fields, magnetic fields, radio frequency, and the sub-categories of energy. He also shares that the assessment may take 4 to 8 hours. Then, Nate talks about the assessment process where he encourages homeowners to join during the assessment.

    Bill asks about Nate’s electrical training, reverse polarity, gaming computers, wireless technology, and bedroom service panels. Nate discusses how they construct their reports. He mentions that they provide a written and audio summary of the evaluation. He also shares the feedback from clients who slept better after following his recommendations.

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    Electromagnetic Fields Part 1 (with Nate Johnson)

    Electromagnetic Fields Part 1 (with Nate Johnson)

    Today, the owner of New Light EMF, Nate Johnson and Bill Oelrich talk about electromagnetic fields, where they come from, how it affects our bodies, and how to remediate and reduce exposures.

    Nate describes what EMFs are and where these high frequencies and energies mostly come from. He highlights that there has been an exponential increase in these energies in the last 20 years due to wireless technology. Nate then shares about the medical condition that led him to discover man-made EMFs and dirty electricity.

    They talk about the mechanism that affects our bodies. They discuss energies from cellphones, 5G technology, Bluetooth, wifi routers, wiring and powerlines, and electricity. Nate mentions that our bodies don't need extremely powerful energy to disrupt biological functions. He talks about the disruption in the nervous system and body minerals. Nate then shares the process of assessing and some recommendations on how to control energies in the house.

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    Home Warranties

    Home Warranties

    Today the team digs in on some highlights about home warranties. They break down some topics from a discussion with Shelley Johnson with Home Warranty of America.

    Reuben discusses the basic and specific coverage for a home warranty. They talk about coverable cases for PEACH: plumbing, electrical, appliances, cooling, and heating. Bill highlights that home inspections help the warranty situation; warranty companies need to know that these units and equipment work before they provide warranty coverage.

    They talk about testing and documentation for furnaces, water heaters, air conditioners, and air exchangers. . They also talk about ice makers, dishwashers, microwaves, washing machines, and clothes dryers. They also discussed the recommendations for these units. Reuben mentions that some of these are excluded from home inspection standards of practice.

    They revisited other surprising topics and home warranty options discussed by Shelley Johnson. She can be reached at 763-221-1098.

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    Funky Odors (with Vickie Swenson)

    Funky Odors (with Vickie Swenson)

    Vickie Swenson, from Minnesota Mold Inspection joins the show to talk about smells and odors in houses.

    According to Vickie, the most common triggers for a mold inspection are molds found by inspectors, the homeowners seeing or smelling something, flooding, or getting sick. She mentions that they are mostly called for musty odors, mouse urine, cat urine, and sewer gas.

    Moreover, Vickie shares about materials, insects, and household areas that can produce strong odors, and why and how they develop an odor.

    They talk about other factors that cause the development of odor. They discuss cleaning the house, the ducts, and the use of humidifiers; Vickie and Tessa highlight that high humidity and moisture cause the odor to worsen.

    Vickie shares the process of going about the inspection. They also talk about various tests that can be done to find sources of odor and deodorizing techniques in the house.

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    Advanced Radon Mitigation Systems (with Jessie Green)

    Advanced Radon Mitigation Systems (with Jessie Green)

    Jessie Green, former president of the North Star Chaper of American Association of Radon Scientist and Technologists (AARST), and present owner of American Radon Mitigation joins today's session to discuss radon systems.

    Jessie mentions that there is radon in every house, but the levels vary. Tessa highlights that high levels of radon can be present even in houses without basements.

    Jessie talks about the difference between a radon system and the American Radon System, installation, and how it works. He highlights why periodic testing should be practiced. He also talks about digital and mobile monitors. They talk about how to mitigate the radon levels in the basement and in different foundation types. Then he shares the cost for installing the mitigation system.

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    Central Vs Dedicated Return Ducts (with Dr Allison Bailes)

    Central Vs Dedicated Return Ducts (with Dr Allison Bailes)

    Dr. Allison Bailes, author of the Energy Vanguard blog joins the show to talk about air return ducts.

    They talk about heating and air conditioning systems. Allison discusses that the most affected are the bedroom and it's important to have a return air pathway to help with better airflow. He then talks about having central return and dedicated return pathways and how to set these systems up. According to him, common methods include door undercuts and transfer grills.

    Allison also shares about Manual J., a protocol for doing calculations to find the heating and cooling load on the house in the summer and winter. They further talk about the proper sizing of these systems for homes.

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5.0 out of 5
37 Ratings

37 Ratings

R. Coy ,

Top Notch

Reuben is the man. Tessa is an inspiration to me and I love her story. I’ve had the pleasure of sitting in on a few CE classes taught by both of these industry giants at conferences over the years and I finally had the chance to meet Reuben at an IEB event in Austin! Great people. Love the podcast guys! I hope to cross paths with ya’ll soon!

Ryan Coy
ProPrecise Property Inspections

Corey Lambrecht ,

Overall a solid podcast

I had given this podcast a 3 star review due to the amount of airtime they give their software vendor. Reuben emailed me and professionally defended their reasons therefore I have edited this review and am giving them 5 stars.

Corey Lambrecht
Blue Line Home Inspections
Norman, Ok

Tomsut ,

Great Stuff

As a Home Inspector in the same market, I enjoy the podcast. I learn a bunch of stuff all the time. It’s a great way to keep up with the information in the home inspection world! Keep up the great work!

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