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A fun loving podcast showcasing all things firearms and firearms friendly.

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A fun loving podcast showcasing all things firearms and firearms friendly.

    TLP 363 – AK KORNER S2 Ep 12: Markings (If You Find One Give Me a Call)

    TLP 363 – AK KORNER S2 Ep 12: Markings (If You Find One Give Me a Call)


    This is it AK enthusiasts! The Season 2 Finale of the Talking Lead AK Korner sponsored by Century Arms. We bring the heavy Leaducation in this episode. Our topic is AK-47 Markings. Co-hosting is Brian with Occam Defense Solutions & Drew with Century Arms. To help decipher these cryptic markings we bring in special guest James Bailczak with FAKTORY-47 (use discount code "leadhead" for 10% off).

    From functional markings on the sights and selector switch to those obscure markings you find on trunnions, receivers, stocks, barrels, bolts and magazines we dive head first into the murky waters. Factory & Country designation marks, proof marks, inspection marks, beauty marks, counterfeit marks we clear the waters for you. Plus 4 faithful listeners get rewarded! Everyone wins by using code "leadhead" at www.faktory47.com to get 10% off!

    Chinese AK markings

    Yugo AK markings

    Magazine markings

    Selector Switch markings

    North Korea AK markings

    • 2 hr 17 min
    TLP 362 – “Do Not Be The Evil You Are Seeking To Overcome”

    TLP 362 – “Do Not Be The Evil You Are Seeking To Overcome”


    In this episode of the Talking Lead Podcast we get cerebral. Our guests are "J" with The League Of Pirates and Brian with Occam Defense Solutions. We discuss the disturbing current events that are brewing in our Country. What lead us to this point? Who is behind it? What can you do? How should you prepare for what is to come? All this and we tackle some Jackwagons and honor some Lead Head Brigade Heores!

    True democracy is the tyranny of the majority. True democracy is mob rule. Thankfully, we do not live in a democracy. We live in a republic. Article IV Section 4, of the Constitution: “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of government … ” And living in this republic means that every voice matters, majorities do not rule and those with the loudest voices do not automatically win. The will of the people means all of the people.

    • 2 hr 58 min
    TLP 361 – Joseph Garcia: Top Dog

    TLP 361 – Joseph Garcia: Top Dog


    In this episode of the Talking Lead Podcast our special guest is Senior Team Leader Joseph Garcia of the Corrections Special Application Unit (C-SAU). Lefty and STL Garcia talk about C-SAU's specialized services and their effective use of Giant Riesen Schnauzers in close quarter situations. Garcia educates us on the Worlds toughest, most violent and most posh prisons. Garcia also makes a special announcement about him and his K-9s being invited to compete on season 2 of America's Top Dog!

    C-SAU is the nation’s only full-service High-Risk Corrections Special Operations Mitigation Unit.  C-SAU deploys real-world assets, personnel, and logistics to correctional facilities globally to assist in a variety of CSO High-Risk Special Projects.

    No other NGO offers personnel, specialized equipment or resources to meet today’s and tomorrow’s High-Risk Inmate challenges and threats.

    C-SAU’s capabilities make it uniquely qualified to meet any government correctional / prison facility operational matrix and high-risk real-time threats

    • 1 hr 55 min
    TLP 360 – Amy Hall: Her Wild Outdoors

    TLP 360 – Amy Hall: Her Wild Outdoors


    Welcome back Lead Heads! With peak hunting season on the way we've been getting prepared. Hunting is an activity everyone of all ages can take part in and is a growing community especially for Women. On this episode we are joined by amateur hunter and host of "Her Wild Outdoors" podcast Amy Hall to talk about her love of the outdoors, her passion for hunting and "Her Wild Outdoors" podcast. "Her Wild Outdoors" highlights stories of people in the outdoors that we can all relate to! Authentic hunting, fishing and living at its best. Amy shares the stories of relatable outdoors men and women. Amy encourages growth in our hunting and outdoors community by sharing their stories on her podcast.

    Amy Hall "Her Wild Outdoors" Podcast Host

    Amy's "Sour Patch Watermelon" hunting snacks

    • 2 hr 10 min
    TLP 359 – THE AK KORNER S2 Ep11: “The Bad Guy Gun”

    TLP 359 – THE AK KORNER S2 Ep11: “The Bad Guy Gun”


    On this month's Talking Lead AK Korner presented by Century Arms we delve into how the AK-47 developed the stigma of being the "Bad Guy Gun". Joining the conversation with Lefty is Brian Keeney (Occam Defense Solutions), Jeremy Gresham (IWI US) and Andrew Breneman (Century Arms). To fully understand this "Bad Guy Gun" stigma we have to take it back to the AK's origins in 1946, go through the many conflicts and revolutions which were fought with the AK ( focusing on the Vietnam War) and bring it to present day and the impact the AK-47 has on American pop-culture. We discuss the AK-47 in movies, tv, art, toys & music that influenced us growing up and it's influence on the youth today. Lefty and the gang take to social media to field listeners' favorite movies featuring the AK-47 and then 3 Lucky Lead Heads get rewarded.

    "Leaducating The Unleaducated" since 2012

    • 1 hr 28 min
    TLP 358 – Amanda Lynn Mayhew: That Hunting Girl

    TLP 358 – Amanda Lynn Mayhew: That Hunting Girl


    Lead Heads! This week's episode features Canada's top female outdoors enthusiast Amanda Lynn Mayhew. Amanda Lynn is the host of "That Hunting Girl" TV show, featured on Canada's Sports Man Channel, and founder of Just Hunt Inc. Amanda Lynn and Lefty talk about everything from motorcycles, bows, bear hunting, camo to cookbooks. The two of them even find time to take care of a few Jackwagons and honor some Lead Head Brigade Heroes.

    • 2 hr 16 min

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4.8 out of 5
247 Ratings

247 Ratings

SullyNC ,

Excellent content - always entertaining !

Valuable info for all. If you want to learn about great groups, new items, jack wagons and get sweet discounts on great stuff listen to Talking Lead !

KTD Healy ,

The BEST for LEADucation

I’ve been listening to Lefty and his guests for a couple of years now and love every episode. I was a virtual newbie to the firearms and 2A community when I started and love the LEADucation that I get every week. It’s interesting and fresh and fun. I love the new Lefty’s Heroes segments to compliment the Jackwagons. This Lady Leadhead loves this podcast.

rjspillz ,

Get Leaducated!

I’ve been listening to talking lead for about six months and have been absolutely blown away! The host, Lefty, is plugged in to the firearms community and keeps the podcast fresh with guests. Lefty keeps the show laid back, down to earth, and sprinkled in a good amount of laughs. Despite his bulging muscles and chiseled features, Lefty, doesn’t take himself too seriously. Most importantly, Talking Lead gives back to the listeners more than any other podcast I’ve encountered. There are countless giveaways, contests, and opportunities for listener feedback. The podcast is truly listener driven! There are a lot of fantastic 2A centered podcasts that I enjoy, but Talking Lead is the only one I look forward to the most each week. Give it a listen and participate in the conversations. -J. Spill

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