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Taylored Talks provides a space to create conversation around controversial and complicated health based matters making them simple, fun and easy to understand.

Taylored Talks Taylor Sappington

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Taylored Talks provides a space to create conversation around controversial and complicated health based matters making them simple, fun and easy to understand.

    Two T's in a Pod: Growing Pains

    Two T's in a Pod: Growing Pains

    The feeling of instability when life throws curveballs can be overwhelming, especially when it involves moving homes, pivoting in business, or dealing with unexpected health issues.
    Sometimes, it takes hitting pause and taking a deep breath to realize that the path you're on might need redirection. If you're feeling stuck in a place that doesn't serve you, it's time to advocate for yourself and take bold steps toward a better environment.
    In this episode of Taylored Talks, we dive into a raw and unpolished conversation about two major life events: relocating to a new home and rebranding a business.  Two T’s share their personal stories, highlighting the importance of listening to your intuition and knowing your rights as a renter, as well as the power of creating a supportive community.
    In this episode, you’ll learn:
    👉 How to recognize when it's time to move on from an environment that doesn't feel safe.
    👉 The importance of advocating for yourself in rental agreements and ensuring your living space is healthy.
    👉 Why rebranding and business pivots can lead to more aligned and fulfilling outcomes.
    👉 How to support team members and business partners during times of significant change.
    Change can be daunting, but it can also lead to beautiful new beginnings. Join us for an honest discussion about finding stability amid chaos and creating a space that feels like home—whether it's a new residence or a business reimagined.

    • 51 min
    Client's Corner: Journey Through Distance - Love, Health, and Finding Balance with Alexa

    Client's Corner: Journey Through Distance - Love, Health, and Finding Balance with Alexa

    Have you ever felt torn between the exhilarating highs of love and the crushing lows of distance? Or found yourself struggling with health issues that seem to have no clear cause?
    Many of us have experienced the challenges of long-distance relationships and the physical toll it can take on our bodies, whether it's due to stress, lifestyle changes, or even medication side effects. Additionally, navigating health issues like gastrointestinal discomfort can be overwhelming, especially when they seem to worsen over time.
    In today's episode, Alexa shares her journey of navigating both long-distance love and unexpected health struggles. From the emotional rollercoaster of maintaining a relationship across states to the physical impact of birth control on her well-being, she unveils the layers of her experiences. However, through trial and error, Alexa discovered ways to prioritize her health and find balance, ultimately leading her to reclaim control over her life.
    In this episode, you’ll learn:
    👉 The emotional and physical toll of long-distance relationships.
    👉 The potential impact of birth control on overall health and well-being.
    👉 Strategies for prioritizing self-care and navigating health challenges.
    👉 The importance of listening to your body and advocating for your own health needs.
    Connect with Alexa:
    Instagram: @arenayd10
    The emotional rollercoaster of long-distance relationships: coping mechanisms and growth.
    Uncovering the hidden impacts of birth control on mental and physical health.
    Practical tips for prioritizing self-care amidst life's challenges.
    Understanding and addressing gastrointestinal health concerns.
    Navigating the complexities of nutrition and dietary choices.
    Overcoming obstacles to maintaining a healthy lifestyle in college or during major transitions.
    Advocating for one's health needs and seeking personalized care.
    Reflecting on past experiences to inform present and future well-being.
    Building resilience and finding strength through adversity.
    Cultivating mindfulness and listening to your body's cues for optimal health.

    • 1 hr 10 min
    Aligning with the Cosmos: Transformative Power of Astrology and Intuition with Rachel V

    Aligning with the Cosmos: Transformative Power of Astrology and Intuition with Rachel V

    Ever felt stuck, unable to break free from a pattern of control and anxiety? What if there was a transformative journey waiting for you on the other side of surrender?
    Many of us find ourselves trapped in cycles of control, anxiety, and a desperate search for answers. We invest time and money in areas that promise solutions, only to find ourselves more lost and disconnected than ever.
    In this episode, Rachel Varitimos shares her profound journey from a life dominated by control and anxiety to discovering the power of astrology and surrender. She reveals how the unseen forces of astrology can guide us towards alignment, intuition, and transformation. Learn how Rachel found the courage to step into her North Node, break free from the overdone patterns of her South Node, and embrace a life rooted in authenticity.
    In this episode, you’ll learn:
    👉 The transformative power of creating space in your life.
    👉 The significance of North Node and South Node in astrology for personal growth.
    👉 How surrender and intuition can lead to profound transformations.
    👉 The importance of resourcefulness in building the life you desire.
    Join us in this eye-opening episode as we explore the untapped potential within you, waiting to be unleashed through the magic of astrology and the courage to surrender. 
    Connect with Rachel:
    Instagram: rachel_varitimos
    Rachel's journey from being stuck in her business to finding alignment through astrology
    The power of astrology in connecting with intuition and understanding energetic influences
    Astrology creating a masculine container for the feminine to flow
    Rachel's personal experience using astrology to make major life decisions
    The significance of the Pisces blue moon in Rachel's journey
    Rachel's decision to take a four-month break from her business and the challenges she faced
    How studying astrology intensely during the break led to unexpected self-discovery
    Rachel's realization that she is an astrologer and the positive feedback she received
    Reaffirmation of her decision to take a break and the subsequent relaunch of her business
    Rachel's journey from ego-driven thinking to spirituality, trust, faith, and intuition
    Childhood struggles with obesity, social isolation, and the quest for weight loss
    The impact of attending a weight loss camp, gaining friends, and learning unhealthy eating habits
    Rachel's obsession with nutrition and dieting, leading to anxiety and control issues
    The decision to study nutrition in college to find answers and freedom from body image concerns
    Facing anxiety and a month-long anxiety attack in the final month of college
    The realization that the pursuit of nutrition did not bring the expected answers
    Seeking further education in functional diagnostic nutrition and the disappointment of the results
    Taking a step back, working for her dad, and finding solace in growing cannabis
    The role of cannabis in managing anxiety and sleep issues
    Rachel's experience working at a dispensary, meeting her partner, and the impact on her life
    Leaving the dispensary, starting their own businesses, and the challenges faced in 2020
    Rachel's decision to take a month off, creating space, and the power of resourcefulness
    Hosting retreats as a way to align with her astrological guidance and finding success
    The importance of surrender, trust, and stepping into the North Node in astrology
    Rachel's transition from nutrition coaching to astrology-based coaching
    Reflecting on the significance of space and resourcefulness in personal and professional growth
    Encouraging others to embrace the unknown, take courageous leaps, and build resilience

    • 1 hr 4 min
    Breaking the Silence: Unraveling the Myth of the Fertility Deadline

    Breaking the Silence: Unraveling the Myth of the Fertility Deadline

    Welcome back to another episode of Taylor Talks! Today, we have the pleasure of connecting with Dr. Aumatma Simmons, a naturopathic endocrinologist, best-selling author, and host of the Egg Meets Sperm podcast. Join us as we dive into Dr. A's journey into naturopathic medicine and unravel common myths surrounding fertility.
    Have you ever felt overwhelmed by conflicting information about fertility? Are you struggling to navigate through myths and misconceptions, unsure of the best approach to achieve your family planning goals?
    Today, we're addressing the pervasive myths surrounding fertility, particularly the misconception that fertility drastically declines after the age of 35. Dr. Aumatma challenges this belief, shedding light on the historical origins of this myth and offering evidence-backed insights into fertility at different ages. We'll explore how naturopathic medicine provides holistic solutions to support fertility, debunking the notion that natural approaches take too long or are ineffective.
    In this episode, you’ll learn:
    👉 The historical origins of the myth that fertility declines sharply after age 35.
    👉Insights into the true impact of age on fertility and common misconceptions surrounding geriatric pregnancies.
    👉How naturopathic medicine offers holistic solutions to support fertility and address underlying concerns.
    👉The importance of personalized, comprehensive approaches to fertility care, debunking the one-size-fits-all approach.
    Join us on this eye-opening journey as we debunk fertility myths and explore the empowering potential of naturopathic medicine. Don't miss out on valuable insights that could reshape your perspective on fertility and guide you towards informed, holistic approaches to achieving your family planning goals.
    Connect with Dr. A:
    Instagram: @holisticfertilitydoctor
    Listen to her podcast: Egg Meets Sperm
    Dr. A’s journey into naturopathic medicine
    Exploring the misconception of fertility decline after age 35
    Historical origins of fertility myths and misconceptions
    The impact of age on fertility and geriatric pregnancy misconceptions
    Naturopathic medicine's holistic approach to fertility support
    Addressing underlying concerns in fertility through naturopathic practices
    Personalized and comprehensive fertility care strategies
    Challenging the one-size-fits-all approach to fertility treatment

    • 1 hr 3 min
    Puff...Puff...Pass: Dishing On All Things CBD + THC

    Puff...Puff...Pass: Dishing On All Things CBD + THC

    Ever wondered about the intricate dynamics of the cannabis industry and how it's evolving?
    Many individuals may overlook the importance of education and science-backed approaches when it comes to cannabis consumption, leading to potential health risks and uncertainty about product quality.
    In today's episode, Val and Aiden, the founders of Gold Leaf, share their journey and insights into the cannabis industry. From the stigma surrounding cannabis to the importance of quality control, they shed light on crucial aspects often overlooked by consumers.
    In this episode, you’ll learn:
    👉 The significance of education and science-backed approaches in navigating the cannabis landscape.
    👉 Cultural perspectives on cannabis consumption and its implications worldwide.
    👉 The driving factors behind the shift from medical to recreational cannabis legalization.
    👉 The benefits of purchasing cannabis products from regulated dispensaries for quality assurance and safety.
    Join us for a deep dive into the cannabis industry, and discover the insights that could revolutionize your understanding of this complex yet fascinating field.
    Connect with Val and Aiden:
    Website: https://shopgoldleaf.com
    Instagram, Tiktok, Pinterest: @gldleaf
    Importance of education and science-backed approaches in the cannabis industry
    Cultural perspectives on cannabis consumption and utilization worldwide
    Shift from medical to recreational cannabis legalization and its implications
    Benefits of purchasing cannabis products from regulated dispensaries for quality control and safety assurance
    Challenges and stigma surrounding cannabis use and how education can address them
    Personal stories and experiences of Val and Aiden in the cannabis industry
    Insights into the regulatory landscape of cannabis legalization in different regions
    Comparison between traditional market cannabis products and those from regulated dispensaries
    Impact of taxation and regulations on the accessibility and affordability of cannabis products

    • 1 hr 16 min
    Clients Corner: From Stress Addiction to Self-Love - Embracing Your True Identity with Kristy Wagner

    Clients Corner: From Stress Addiction to Self-Love - Embracing Your True Identity with Kristy Wagner

    Do you ever feel like you're drowning in the expectations of others, struggling to find your own voice and identity in a world that demands conformity?
    Many of us, particularly women, are conditioned to prioritize the needs of others above our own, leading to a sense of emptiness, overwhelm, and even despair.
    But what if I told you that by setting boundaries, seeking support, and building genuine connections, you can transform your life and reclaim your sense of self?
    Join us on this episode of Taylored Talks as Kristy Wagner shares her inspiring journey of overcoming stress addiction, finding her voice, and embracing a life of authenticity and fulfillment.
    In this episode, you’ll learn:
    👉 The importance of recognizing when something needs to change in your life.
    👉 How to navigate the journey of healing and self-discovery, even in the face of resistance.
    👉 The power of community and genuine connections in supporting your growth and well-being.
    👉 Practical steps for setting boundaries and prioritizing your own needs without guilt.
    Connect with Kristy:
    Instagram: @rootedtoself
    Email: rtsdoula@gmail.com
    Recognizing the need for change in one's life
    Navigating the journey of healing and self-discovery
    Overcoming resistance during the healing process
    The importance of community and genuine connections
    Setting boundaries and prioritizing one's own needs
    Dealing with expectations from others and societal pressure
    Transforming relationships through boundary-setting
    Prioritizing family time and personal well-being
    Reclaiming a sense of self and authenticity in life

    • 1 hr 13 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
46 Ratings

46 Ratings

OlgaG... ,

The best podcast that doesn’t sugar coat all things related to health, wellness, healing trauma

If you’re looking for aim incredible, raw, real, authentic and deeply thought-provoking podcast, look no further!!! This is IT!!! Taylor is a fellow Integrative Health Practitioner whose some of the formal educational experience came from the same program I was fortunate enough to be a part of too… Taylor’s wealth of knowledge in the Integrative Health & Wellness space, as well as Emotional Trauma Work, is next to none, on top of her personal incredible transformation story and journey. Listening to Taylor’s podcast myself had given me so many nuggets of wisdom and insights and ideas. Taylor continues to impress me with her message delivery skills on her podcast and also giving it to her listeners straight - without sugar coating the rough parts and real struggles. I can’t recommend enough going back to episode 1 of this podcast and binge listening to every single one of Taylor’s podcast episodes that have been released to-date. Put off Netflix binge watching and switch to Taylored Talks podcast binge listening - your better & future version of your SELF will thank you for it!!! 1,000%!!!

Sandy V. Atical ,

Such a genuine and passionate soul

Meeting Taylor online a few years ago and, then, experiencing her
passion for health for all of mankind is palatable! When she took her knowledge and clever interview style to a podcast, I was giddy to think of how her reach would be expanded to so many who need her message! Being a guest was simply the cherry on top.


I’m a world of misinformation, you can trust Taylor!

Taylor, I’m SO glad you started this podcast. You’ve changed my life over the last year and now friends and family from across the world can tune in, learn from you, and make life changing modifications to their health and overall well-being. Thank you for pouring into PEOPLE with TRUTH and KNOWLEDGE.

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