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Taylored Talks provides a space to create conversation around controversial and complicated health based matters making them simple, fun and easy to understand.

Taylored Talks Taylor Sappington

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Taylored Talks provides a space to create conversation around controversial and complicated health based matters making them simple, fun and easy to understand.

    Featured Replay: Learn to Track Your Cycle the Way Mother Nature Intended You To (Ep. 103)

    Featured Replay: Learn to Track Your Cycle the Way Mother Nature Intended You To (Ep. 103)

    If you are currently consuming cottage cheese, you may want to finish it before pressing play. Just a friendly heads-up as we enter into a true and potentially graphic cycle health discussion but news flash... it's your body. You should know what's going on and this episode could potentially be a wake-up call for you. I want to share with you how you can naturally track your menstrual cycle and why it's important whether you are wanting to conceive right now or not.
    Time Stamps:
    (0:40) Episode 1 Importance
    (1:39) Naturally Tracking Our Cycle
    (3:45) How Our Body Communicates
    (5:28) Basal Body Temperature
    (9:30) Cervical Mucus 
    (15:15) Progesterone
    (17:20) Definitive Signs
    (19:35) Recap
    (20:38) What are YOU Going to Start Tracking?
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    • 21 min
    Featured Replay: Are you Full of S!*%? (Ep. 102)

    Featured Replay: Are you Full of S!*%? (Ep. 102)

    We are talking Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS for short today and I hope the title grabbed your attention because this topic is one I love to cover and by that I mean debunking the diagnosis. IBS only needs symptoms to reach a "diagnosis" and it comes from a process of elimination and not actually pinpointing what's actually going on. If you know me, this annoys me to not end which is part of the reason why I left the hospital setting and I hope through today's episode you'll understand the concept of IBS from a better lens.
    Time Stamps:
    (0:42) It Beats the Shit Out of Me Diagnosis
    (2:40) What’s Not Taught in a Hospital Setting
    (4:10) My Experience with IBS
    (10:23) Of Course the “Solution” was Laxatives
    (13:57) Tubes Were Put Everywhere
    (18:10) “Wishing You Well”
    (22:00) Ancient and The Original Practices
    (24:00) Bowel Movements and What’s “Normal”
    (28:50) My Formal Educational Journey
    (34:48) Quick Rant on Mold
    (41:55) Do You Have IBS?
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    • 43 min
    Organic or Inorganic: Does it Matter? (Ep. 101)

    Organic or Inorganic: Does it Matter? (Ep. 101)

    Does organic matter? I want to approach this topic by looking at it through food consumption with children. I also want to take cost, quality and the research into consideration while also sharing my practices and experiences.
    Time Stamps:
    (0:36) Organic vs Non-Organic
    (2:08) Organic Food Consumption with Children
    (12:45) House Crowding
    (16:20) The Dirty Dozen
    (26:08) Would Love to Hear From You




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    • 27 min
    Kids Got the Short End of the Stick (Ep. 100)

    Kids Got the Short End of the Stick (Ep. 100)

    Our kids are suffering from the events that took place 2 years ago and no one is talking about it. I will though because this deserves the spotlight and what we need to do going forward. I want to share some frightening statistics on the decline of childhood development, reading and math scores, social decline issues, and much more we need to be a lot more cognizant of.
    Time Stamps:
    (0:47) Detriment to Our Children Via the Pandemic
    (2:39) Social, Mental, and Emotional Health of Children
    (6:42) Do You Have a Normal Life Now?
    (7:48) Social Cues and Child Development
    (10:24) Mathematics Scores
    (17:17) Communication Help
    (20:24) The Silver Lining





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    • 28 min
    For the Love of Food (Ep. 99)

    For the Love of Food (Ep. 99)

    The FDA has failed us at every turn recently and it's time you know the truth. I'm not going to stop exposing the truth and the change will have to come from us. I'm going to share how the FDA has failed us in enforcing science and what that means for you and your health.
    Time Stamps:
    (1:18) The FDA’s Failure to Enforce Science
    (2:31) New Analysis
    (6:45) Filter in a Fish Tank Analogy
    (10:20) Topo Chico
    (21:33) We Have to Create Change
    (22:14) Our Safe Space/Immersion Program



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    • 24 min
    Impacts of Poor Sleep (Ep. 98)

    Impacts of Poor Sleep (Ep. 98)

    Taking a minor break from ruffling the f*cking cages and feathers of what we call modern society these days and I wanted to talk about something a bit more conventional but important nevertheless and that is sleep. I have a multitude of studies for you to do your own research as I want to present this topic as clear cut as possible.
    Time Stamps:
    (0:28) Are You Enjoying the Podcast?
    (2:30) Going On a Journey With Sleep
    (6:40) Adverse Effects From Poor Sleep
    (16:30) Stress and the Blood-Brain Barrier
    (18:50) Naps
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    • 23 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
42 Ratings

42 Ratings

OlgaG... ,

The best podcast that doesn’t sugar coat all things related to health, wellness, healing trauma

If you’re looking for aim incredible, raw, real, authentic and deeply thought-provoking podcast, look no further!!! This is IT!!! Taylor is a fellow Integrative Health Practitioner whose some of the formal educational experience came from the same program I was fortunate enough to be a part of too… Taylor’s wealth of knowledge in the Integrative Health & Wellness space, as well as Emotional Trauma Work, is next to none, on top of her personal incredible transformation story and journey. Listening to Taylor’s podcast myself had given me so many nuggets of wisdom and insights and ideas. Taylor continues to impress me with her message delivery skills on her podcast and also giving it to her listeners straight - without sugar coating the rough parts and real struggles. I can’t recommend enough going back to episode 1 of this podcast and binge listening to every single one of Taylor’s podcast episodes that have been released to-date. Put off Netflix binge watching and switch to Taylored Talks podcast binge listening - your better & future version of your SELF will thank you for it!!! 1,000%!!!

Sandy V. Atical ,

Such a genuine and passionate soul

Meeting Taylor online a few years ago and, then, experiencing her
passion for health for all of mankind is palatable! When she took her knowledge and clever interview style to a podcast, I was giddy to think of how her reach would be expanded to so many who need her message! Being a guest was simply the cherry on top.


I’m a world of misinformation, you can trust Taylor!

Taylor, I’m SO glad you started this podcast. You’ve changed my life over the last year and now friends and family from across the world can tune in, learn from you, and make life changing modifications to their health and overall well-being. Thank you for pouring into PEOPLE with TRUTH and KNOWLEDGE.

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