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This is a podcast designed to give you an approachable take to help you grow in all things health, wellness and fitness.

The Adapt Effect Amber Dupree

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This is a podcast designed to give you an approachable take to help you grow in all things health, wellness and fitness.

    Why hiring a PT based off of how they look is STUPID

    Why hiring a PT based off of how they look is STUPID

    Welcome back! Episode 18 is all about what you should look for in a personal trainer, why you should hire one and why you should not hire a trainer solely off of their physique
    1:18 My opinion on why hiring someone based only off of their looks is stupid
    4:30 A real life example
    9:15 when I was in my physical prime vs. now: which was a better trainer?
    12:03 What you should look for in a trainer

    • 27 min
    F**k Your Feelings

    F**k Your Feelings

    Hey Guys! Today’s odd day is all about mental health, not letting your feelings and emotions dictate your decisions, Covid-19 predictions and how to get yourself out of a funk. If you like the episode and podcast, leave a rating and review!
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    00:43 “F**k your feelings”: the meaning
    1:36: What I tell my clients when they say they don’t feel like they’re seeing results
    2:02 Give credit where credit is due
    3:47: What to do when you’re lacking motivation or discipline
    5:29: Why you shouldn’t let your feelings/emotions control your actions
    9:00: Honesty hour... I’ve been really struggling lately
    11:54: Snowball effect into a depressive
    16:17: F**k you feelings — do it anyways
    17:47: My Covid predictions v. How things played out
    20:55 How I find motivation + the importance of morning routines
    23:57: Why you should tie all of this into your relationships and friendships as well

    • 29 min
    How to Overcome Your Poor Body Image

    How to Overcome Your Poor Body Image

    In this episode I dive into poor body image issues and how to overcome them so you can step into your confidence. I also touch on body positivity and how it can potentially be destructive to your health. I talk about where I stand between the two and give you steps to take to help yourself. I also give advice to other fitness professionals as to where I believe our next steps should be taken.
    2:45 Poor body image issues
    3:55 Why you shouldn’t rely on external sources to fix your body image issues
    6:45 How to fix your poor body image issues
    7:30 Why you need to dig deeper into your insecurities
    9:07 Why I was always self conscious of wearing shorts and how I overcame it
    13:20 Finding your light and stepping into your confidence
    13:45 You will have bad days — let’s talk about it
    16:55 The body positivity movement
    17:20 What body positivity means
    18:15 The problem with body positivity — or the lack of understanding what the movement is
    21:00 What I stand for
    22:20 Putting it all together — finding a balance between poor body image and body positivity

    • 27 min
    Why you’re outgrowing your relationship

    Why you’re outgrowing your relationship

    This episode is all about outgrowing relationships. It also touches on letting go of expectations, and why you need to align yourself with people who share the same core values.

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    (1:15) Why it is common to outgrow people while you’re on your fitness journey
    (5:00) Why space is important in relationships
    (7:45) Why we need to condition our brain to accept change
    (9:10) Why partners start seeking other people
    (12:00) What to do if your partner feels insecure about your growth
    (13:00) Why the people closest to you don’t support your goals
    (15:00) Why you shouldn’t expect others to clap for you or be excited for you
    (17:30) Why expectations lead to disappointment
    (18:00) What to do if you’re in a different “season” than your partner
    (21:00) Why you shouldn’t stay with someone just because you feel “stuck”

    • 29 min
    Help, I’ve fallen off track. What now?

    Help, I’ve fallen off track. What now?

    This episode is all about what to do if you’ve fallen off track, how to get back on track and proving that you can’t f*ck up fitness! Don’t forget to follow me on IG @amber.dupree & leave me a rating/review!

    (1:16) This is a journey, but why does that matter?
    (2:09) The importance of your mindset
    (3:40) Why progress looks different for everyone
    (5:29) Staying in track for birthdays/holidays/special events
    (8:45) Vicious cycles you find yourself in if you restrict yourself too much
    (13:16) How to get back on track
    (15:47) Are you lying to yourself
    (18:07) How do you stop f*cking up?
    (23:15) My message to people who think food is strictly fuel

    • 29 min
    Barbell v. Dumbbell Training

    Barbell v. Dumbbell Training

    This episode covers dumbbell and barbell training. What it is, if one is better than the other and which one gives you the most bang for your buck! Everything from testing your one rep max to correcting imbalances is covered. The big debate: dumbbell v. barbell will be settled for once and for all. Don’t forget to follow me on IG @amber.dupreee and leave me a rating and review!
    (1:10) What are free weights
    (2:42) Range of Motion
    (3:20) Training in full range of motion bs. 90 degree angles
    (7:00) Training for your 1 Rep Max
    (9:22) Weight stabilization
    (13:37) Correcting and preventing imbalances
    (16:45) Are barbells or dumbbells easier on the joints?
    (19:02) Which puts you at a higher risk of injury?
    (21:38) So, which one is better?
    (22:36) Coughing attack
    (24:35) Unilateral training
    (25:30) The importance of a training program that mimics the way we live
    (26:45) My personal favorite

    • 29 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
7 Ratings

7 Ratings

carlybbbb ,


Amber is amazing! She has helped me so much. I truly believe in leaving people better than you found them, I believe whole heartily she leaves everyone better than she found them.

Jalva792 ,

The time has finally come!

Amber is one the most down to earth fitness professionals in the area and I’m glad she’s finally getting that message out. If you’re a woman that’s looking for real no BS information, this is the podcast you need to listen to and add to your weekly routine.

El332321 ,

Informative. Educational. Inspiring!

Loved it!! It’s honest, direct and no BS! Informative, educational and inspiring (:

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